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Saturday, June 22, 2013


The deep bomb that Howard hit to RF was nice and all, but that 1st HR to the left center gap on a ball towards the outer lower part of the plate is vintage, and has traditionally been the true "sign" of a hot streak.

Howard snapping into form will do nothing for the 2013 Phillies chances, but it is a great sign for the next few years if he can prove he still has the ability to tap into his prime for stretches.

Any chance Pap is trying to pitch bad to avoid going to Detroit...?

Fast pitches thrown by a starter in 2013:

Gerrit Cole: 101.8
Gerrit Cole: 101.0
Gerrit Cole: 100.8
Gerrit Cole: 100.6
Gerrit Cole: 100.1
Matt Harvey: 100.1


What the hell is up with Pap?

I know he pulls this crap every year where he completely loses it for a week or so but this is killing his trade value right now.

Howard's OPS+ is probably up around 120-125 at this point...where about where our best case scenario's had him doing for 2013.

Someone on here told me the Phillies wouldn't get any closer than 7.5 back.

If Amaro can fix the bullpen (fat chance, I know) the Phillies can take the division.

NEPP - Good thing if you ask me, we'll need Pap for the pennant race.

Just heard McCarthy's awful, awful call on the Frandsen homer. You great big phony-ass. There was absolutely zero drama, it was gone when it left the bat. Ten seconds later, after a deep breath and all the spontaneity of toaster oven, he simulates a joyous 'GOOOOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!' Spare us.

McCarthy is a NY fan, Yankees first and Mets second. It took him a minute to gain his composure .

Jake- Amaro had the chance to fix the bullpen in the offseason. He failed.

The reason I continue to harp on the bullpen is because I believe it was fixable this winter. The offense had virtually no chance of repair, with the guys still under contract, and was resigned to being average/below average no matter what. Many wanted Amaro to sign Hamilton in a panic move after the Revere trade. Wonder how that would have worked out?

The bullpen was a much simpler fix. Three signings would have at least made it MLB average. Instead he signed a guy that we had hoped he did his homework on health-wise (Adams) and didn't, and a guy who was not a major league pitcher (Durbin).

Meanwhile, Uehara (now Boston's closer), Lindstrom and Howell all went elsewhere for reasonable prices and short-term deals. While it may have seemed like going overboard to some to sign three FA relievers, many of us saw the writing on the wall that the organization didn't have three arms internally that were MLB quality, let alone 7. Amaro knew this, ignored it, and now we're stuck with them for the duration. And they've already burnt through like 4 contingency options at AAA!

Take a look at the numbers of those three and tell me they wouldn't have a handful more wins already this season if they were signed.

Hypothetical question.

If your favorite tavern had 2 dart boards. One with Jon. Papelbon's face on it and the other with Howard Eskin's face on it. Which one would have more wear?

The Phillies should claim Valverde off waivers. There's no way anyone could tell me he is worse than JC Ramirez.

Excellent summary by Mr. Finger. Thanks.

Scherzer first pitcher since Roger Clemens in 1997 to start 11-0. As of 2011, the dbacks looked like they made a steal to get Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy for Scherzer, fast forward to 2013 and it's the exact opposite.

Wonder what they going to do if it turns out Stute and/or Petti are hurt?

On my dart board Papels will receive more wear since baseball is the main dart game. Any bulls eye game wears a hole between Eskin's eyes.

If you throw darts like our bullpen, you won't have any dart holes in the bulls eye!

Can't explain papelbon- a hellva time to start blowing saves....Justin time for the trade deadline

Maybe he's feeling the weight of carrying the BP on his shoulder

Wonder if Manuel's tirade the other night sparked the phillies' hitting yesterday.

Guess well see if Mr.lannon will pitch up to his ability later today..


Even the wins feel like a lose.

Halladay suited up and celebrating Frandsen's home run. What's the scoop on that?

Scoop on what? If I know Ruben, and I think we all do by now, Doc Halladay is already penciled in as his opening day starter for 2014. Book it now and buy your tickets. In fact, opening day next season there may be a lot of tickets available.

I thought Hamels was # 1 in the rotation?

I'm the king . Cholly approaches me agin like that, and I'll stick my foot up his a$$.

Doc may not want to come back asksmith. He wants to win a WS.

Don't worry fellas, I will be available for a Durbin-like reunion with the squad next year.

Post-Cortisone Howard: (5/19)


***Wonder what they going to do if it turns out Stute and/or Petti are hurt?***

Its more likely that Stutes just sucks...

Wait...the bullpen stank and they won anyway? How is that possible?

Step right up and meet the Mets.

Hate early games much rather watch baseball in late evenings.

Lore -Valverdes meets Rube's criteria 35yo/or older. Possibly near the end of his career running on E but we see if his fumes are good enough. Its the perfect storm.

Why is everyone so troubled by my frankness? I gotta be meeeeeee, I gotta be meee.

Since 2012

Papelbon: $24 M, 98.2 IP, 52 Saves, 169 ERA+, 0.993 WHIP, Cost 1 1st Round Pick
Nathan: $14 M, 95.2 IP, 61 Saves, 181 ERA+, 0.993 WHIP, DID NOT cost a 1st round pick

lorecore - I agree. It can't hurt to give him a shot. The Phillies bullpen is so bad right now. Maybe, by some miracle, he does better without the pressure of closing out games. Its worth a shot.

You know I might still have a few bullets left in my gun too.

There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Nathan would have had a career ending injury by the all star beak last year if he signed in Philly.

Anyone think Pettibone can be a decent addition to the bullpen?

Let's scour the records to see if there's any relievers in baseball who might have brought a better return for the money than Paps.

Then we can whine and be miserable rather than be glad that we have one of the best relievers in the game.

Not sure Jake this is presuming Zambrano gets called up which is looking more likely if he is hurt.

Yeah, Zambrano would take his spot in that scenario. Pettibone has pretty good control and velocity. Two things you want in a reliever.

In effort to curb the bickering of "whose to blame/credit", here are the 2013 numbers when team's score/allow:

runs Ws Ls WP%
1 runs 21 212 9.0%
2 runs 85 245 25.8%
3 runs 131 208 38.6%
4 runs 153 132 53.7%
5 runs 161 72 69.1%
6 runs 160 47 77.3%
7 runs 127 25 83.6%
8 runs 85 14 85.9%
9+ runs 191 8 96.0%

Score 3 or less, blame the offense. Score 4 or more, blame the pitching - if needing to blame one part of the team is something you must do.

Zac green 3rd base put this name on file.

Why haven't they rested Brown yet? He's not hitting and hasn't had a day off all season.

Just posted the lineup but my comment isn't showing (?)



CS - Didn't Brown go 2-4 yesterday?

Feels like a loss with DYoung in the lineup.

CS: DOM just had a day off on Thursday. He is 6-19 on the homestand (.316/.381/.474).

8 game home stand vs BOS/MIL/MIA: 1.627 OPS
10 game road trip vs MIL/MIN/COL: .689 OPS
5 game home stand vs WSN/NYM: .855 OPS

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