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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I think we can stop quoting pitchers' mediocre career numbers against the Phils. Those numbers were not accumulated against THESE Phillies.

Positive: they're at least giving another reliever an audition to try to improve the wretched bullpen, meaning one of the losers may be demoted.

Negative: the next best reliever on the minor league food chain is Jake Diekman.

Kevin Correia is, clearly, one of the best young arms in baseball. At least for tonight.

I'm back, bitches! You seriously thought I'd languish down there in LHV?

A lineup to strike fear into the hearts of all but the most mediocre of pitchers.

Thank goodness for Cliff Lee.

"Three thwacks of a bat and the robbers all lay face down on the bank floor. Even as the tellers even recognized they were now safe from jeopardy, they made out the back of a red ball cap atop a pin-stripe uniform receding inhumanly fast."

- from Life of a Baseball God, by "R. A. Marrow, II"

Diekman's been throwing strikes consistently the last few weeks. If he can keep that up, his stuff is outstanding.

I figure Pettibone will be sent down after Saturday's start, as they have an off day and can skip his next turn.

If the Phils shuffle the #5 starter slot right, they can carry an extra bench/bullpen guy for the next couple of weeks. Cloyd probably gets called up for the day to make the 6/25 start in San Diego (they can't recall Pettibone for 10 days unless they DL someone in the move). Then if Big Z is ready by 6/30, he gets a shot against the Dodgers before his opt-out date.

Carry an extra bench player? Please! They'd rather have more dead weight in the bullpen. Someone explain why Bastardo can't be optioned?

This is (not) encouraging.

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 8m
Howard has 1 HR in his last 111 plate appearances. He had 7 HRs in his first 112 plate appearances of 2012 (July 6-Aug. 12, 2012).

Diekman has been pitching better and rather role the dice with him than Horst.

Still have no idea how Horst has stayed on this roster all year. Speaks volumes about bullpen and how crummy relief middle has been.

As for betting this game, the Phils at -140 or the Twins at +125 doesn't do much for me either way. Betting against Lee has been a tough proposition since April. Staying away from his one.

Love it, Andy. Posts like yours should never, ever go unacknowledged. Caps off to you.

I am Rick Ankiel mothaf8ckas. Bow Down.

How many terrible LH relievers can one team hold? More than 4?

The team needs help in the pen, badly, and should be looking at Zambrano in that role. He should not be in any big league rotation. Of course, I think it's more probable than not that he will be starting for the Phillies before June is out.

Cloyd should have stuck as the long man.

That should be his role in the major leagues (if he indeed will have one).

Save for one lousy game in Boston, he did just fine this season in Philly.

Why the hell is Horst still here?

I think Z will throw a fit and they will grant him his release and somebody like Colorado will allow him to ply his starter craft.

Why the hell is _________ still here? is a question that could be asked about, by my count, five players on the current roster. It will be six if Papelbon is still here on August 1st.

Good point about Cloyd. His mlb future is 6th starter/long man. He can at least throw strikes, which sometimes is all you need out of a low leverage reliever.

"Rodriguez got an indignant look and shook his head at the interviewer:
"You guys really don't get it. All them shots and pills and creams and what not, they don't do all that much for you anyway. Really. I don't they had all that much impact on any of my stats. Not like that 15 minute talk I had with Michael. After he showed me what I was doing wrong, well, it changed my life."

- from Life of a Baseball God, by "R. A. Marrow, II"

Nice to see the Phils make those roster moves today.
Not that the moves, of themselves , have much significance, but I envisioned the front office being in a catatonic state, not being able to do anything but stare at the train wreck .

I actually count only 3 "Why the hell is he still heres" on the active roster: Laynce Nix, Jeremy Horst, and Delmon Young -- although some might add Bastardo to that list. I also count 3 "Why the hell is he here agains" (Mini-Mart, Joe Savery, Jake Diekman), and two "Why the hell isn't he on the DLs" (Howard, Adams).

So, BAP, what you are telling us is: "why is X still Y?" applies to virtually the entire roster?

"Love it, Andy. Posts like yours should never, ever go unacknowledged. Caps off to you." maine rob

Agree totally. I'm here each day as more of a reader than a talker, but Andy, I always appreciate the language in your insightfully creative posts (haikus included.) As one who somehow sees the odd poetic nature of baseball (both good and bad baseball) I tip my red cap to those who can capture this creatively.

time to reread this 2008 phillymag article on the secretive ownership group. interesting how monty parlayed a tiny pile of money and this notion that he would be their public face into a huge stake.

I included Bastardo and Mini on my list. Nix, DYak, Mini, Bastardo, Horst.

And I know they don't have a choice, but I might consider Quintero there, too. Sure, none of the other options might be MLB material. But Quintero has proven he isn't, offensively or behind the plate. The true definition of a zero tool player.

I never bought much into the "well you have a $160 million payroll, you should NOT have a hole on your team anywhere," because it's impossible to have a roster without one or two holes. You can't find a roster in the last 50 years that didn't have a spot or two with sub-MLB caliber talent. But this current roster has at least five or six guys that literally bring no skills to the table and don't belong at this level. They bring nothing positive to the team in any area of the game. That's 20% of the roster. This doesn't include the many, many guys on the roster who only do one thing well.

It's embarrassing, and a huge indictment on Amaro. The team is now almost entirely of his making.

He always seemed like the "black bag ops" guy to the Gileses of the organization.

You know its not your year when you're hoping guys (utley & Ruiz etc) come back from the DL just so the team can trade them. I'm definitely comeing around from the reload bandwagon to the rebuild one.

My favorite part of the story

"Is there another KK in the system?"

Don't have all that great of an idea of Detroit's depth chart. Would they have a use for Utley?

I'm not sure what Chase could get in a trade by himself. Probably not much. But if you coupled him with Papelbon, you might be able to get them to spread their legs and give up Castellanos.

Just a thought. Not sure if they'd have any use for him.


"Heck," said Mays of Bonds, "He ain't even no Hank Aaron, much less Martinez."

- from Life of a Baseball God, by "R. A. Marrow, II"

Here comes the DP into the shift.

Oh, right. There's no shift if a guy's on 1st. Which is why that was a hit.

Estoy disponible para lanzar fuera del corral de toros, mis amigos. Llámame, Rubén.

Dom 0 for his last 11. If you think that's bad, just you wait how bad it's gonna look if he ever falls into a rut.

Ni habla espanol,solemente englais, por favor.

Was under a rock today but did I hear mini mart going called back up?

Do you really want to know, Corn?


Rut over. At least it would be over if it had been a rut -- which it wasn't.

Rut over, bitches!!!

The Phillies look bad even when the hit.


Nix...really? Wow. Shame he didn't get more playing time once in a while. At least to keep him somewhat on the game then ice freaking cold.

If he goes 1 for the Rockies series, then I'll call it a rut after going 1 for the Twins series.

Andy's agonies
are manifested via
pro-Mini Mart tomes

On a team which includes Steven Lerud, Delmon Young, Jeremy Horst, Humberto Quintero, and Mini-Mart, Laynce Nix somehow manages to stand out as the single most useless player on the roster. Not the worst. But the most useless.

Dead in here. Guess we have a lot of frontrunners...

BAP - I think im clinically depressed after reading your comment.

On the bright side, Cliff Lee perfect through 2.1

Jinx it early, jinx it often.

Perfect through 2.2

Cyclic - its hard to watch the Phillies, let alone blog about them.

9 up 9 down. Here we go!

the big truck got released, go get 'em Rube!!

C'mon, b_a_p, Laynce is the killer RH... er, umm, that is, ahem...
left handed power stick off the bench. Or something. No, not really. Never mind.

r00b's ability to hoard mediocre LH bats is grounds for something... a public flogging with dried up cheese steak rolls?

In case anyone's wondering how I arrived at my conclusion:

Lerud & Quintero are 3rd/4th string catchers who are obviously terrible, but are certainly not "useless" when your first 2 catchers are injured.

Horst is awful but isn't appreciably worse (and might even be better) than the available alternatives.

Delmon Young is odious but occasionally hits a homerun or gets a key hit.

Mini-Mart is an invaluable Beerleaguer discussion piece.

That makes them all more useful than a backup corner outfielder who literally does nothing well.

Nice hit, Revere!

When Utley and Ruiz come back, assuming Howard goes on the DL, here is my ideal lineup:

1. MYoung
2. Utley
3. Rollins
4. Brown
5. Ruf - 1B (wishful thinking)
6. Mayberry - RF
7. Revere
8. Ruiz

Maybe flip MYoung and Revere if Revere stays hot.

revere looking briefly like richie ashburn. the one rube dreamed of.

The only slower Phillie than DYoung is MYoung, that was pathetic.

Revere 5 straight hits, too bad the triple was with 2 outs.

It doesn't matter if the triple was with zero outs. The 2013 Phils would find a way to make sure that run did not score.

Big ZZZZ, was just 'meh' tonight for LV.

5 IP, 2 ER, 4 BB's and 5 K's. 101 pitches in 5 innings, isn't real impressive either.

No clubhouse or dugout fights yet, that we know of.

Perfect through 3.1

Cliff Lee is so good. I want to keep him.

Cliff Lee is great, but he throws too many perfect strikes to pitch a perfect game

bullit - Richard "Whitey" Ashburn was quoted several times as declaring that he loved to hit for average -- he was the "Hit King" in the golden era from '50 - '59. You could look it up.

Regardless, Whitey was the consummate hitter. He'd hit for power, but no one thought it necessary.

Paul? Ben? Revere is best left tending to horses. At least he won't turn his back on the ball. In this ideal case, there are no baseballs. Just the end result of horse metabolism.

How can a team's leadoff hitter be 3-3 through only the fourth inning, including a triple and a stolen base, and the team only have one run?

7 LOB through 4... Ugh

Jpop, we missed you. No energy anywhere in the lineup. Sad times.

Now y'see, Howard swung the bat and hit the ball, and thats was he needs to do.

you don't have to swing here, DOM.

bittel - that's your 2013 Phillies. They are also known for getting 4 hits in an inning and not scoring a single run, never scoring a runner from 3rd with 1 out, and swinging at the first pitch after a walk.

I have defended plenty of 3-0 green lights, but those were the two stupidest i've ever seen. Charlie is so lucky it resulted in two base runners.

Oops, forgot to change my name back


Laynce Nix did everything he could to kill that 2-on, no-out situation with an inning-ending DP.

Can't we lift D Young and have Lee bat in the 6 spot?

Incoming DP?

It's a crime that the Phillies have only one run in the books with so many runners on base.

Delmon is not providing much of a boost to our offense. Of course, he's in good company.

Really frustrated that Howard's power has gone like Popeye's without his spinach.

I need a new hobby.

No idea there was 2 outs lmao

I can't take much more of this ineptitude.

I stand corrected. There were already 2 outs. But I like this outcome better, as it pads our LOB total. Maybe we can set a single-game record.

But seriously, anyone who was expecting them to score there, hasn't watched many games this year.

8 hits, 2 errors, 1 walk in 4 innings = 1 run.

Galvis used to have a clue about the strike zone. He is now lost in lala land. He gets himself out way too many times.

I had some hope for him, but, like so many prospects who have become suspects, he is among the middling.

Every time Yak approaches the plate (or right field) I can hear a giant sucking noise.

10 LOB in 5 innings. Futility

Galvis may have a great glove but talk about out matched at the plate. He really looks like he could use more time at LHV. Pathetic indeed.

BAP - If you're watching the Phillies broadcast, you can blame it on Sarge. He was talking about how that was almost a double play (even though there were 2 outs). The Phillies broadcasters are rubbing off on the fanbase.

Apparently Corn & I both thought there was only 1 out. When 2 people are confused about the number of outs, we can probably infer that the first out happened so quickly as to easily escape notice. And sure enough, the boxscore says it was a 2-pitch pop-up.

Jake: I'm actually watching the Twins broadcast. So that makes 3 of us who were confused about the number of outs.

I'm with you, Gbrettfan on Howard. Just about every time he seems locked in on a fat pitch, the best he can do with it is hit a top-spinner that has no loft and settles in between the shift. Love that a clean-up hitter hits line singles on rare occasion.

lol, cut. i didn't follow ritchie until 1958 when i was 11 and he was 31. but he became and remains my favorite phillie.

i was being ironic about ben. but rube did have a glimmer in his eye. they both are 5'10, 170 lbs, bat left, throw right.

Lee has faced the minimum through 5. Too bad its just a shutout.

Lee @ 64 pitches thru 5.
Keep the BP out of this game Cliffie!

6 LOB in scoring position thru 5. That's hard to happen.

Sabastian Valle can't be worse than Quintero.

Q going for a Sombrero today.

Phillies franchise record of Team LOB in a 9 inning game: 17, vs Braves in 2010.

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