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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I just checked the standings - the Giants are in 4th place.


Q has done whats expected out of a backup cant really complain. He might be a little goofy slightly twitchy. Kind of surprised so soon.

With Ruiz back who will hit the DL next? Rollins?

Q is a backup's backup.

Lerud's gone! What are we to do when we need that all important strikeout to avoid a GIDP situation?

Yankees signed 33 yr old former Reading "great" Randy Ruiz, who clout claimed would be an allstar by this age.

I wonder at any point this season we will see Ruf, Asche, Ceaser (again), Susdorf, Fields, Castro called up and played.

I confess missed some of the recengt games Lore. Q didnt seem too bad for a backup. Besides his slight twitchiness what he do wrong?

nothing wrong, just stating that he was signed to be a backup's (Kratz) backup.

That makes Lerud a backup-backup to the backup..

The gangs getting back together!

Now just tread water until Halladay comes back and lets make a run at this thing!

-Iceman, June 2012

Got it Lore...Ever notice that goofy smile he cracks when he does something right...Throwing out a runner, hitting a single whatever the case...

Corn - Perhaps if the Phillies execute a fire sale. Otherwise, the only one I see getting any playing time is Ruf, later in the season. The rest could be up in September but won't get much playing time if the Phillies are still in contention.

Iceman - This season does feel a little too much like 2012, but I think 2012 was worse with Wiggi playing third, and Utley/Howard both nowhere in sight until July.

Free Lerud!

As far as Ryno goes, I think it would be amusing to fold his leg up behind his thigh, and strap a pirate's pegleg on, and send him up to the plate that way. Couldn't hurt...

They should stop saying anything about Howard being less than 100%. It hurts his trade value. He is a "big bat about to break out."

The schtick is getting old.

And Howard has no trade value.

"At the very least, pitcher Cliff Lee appears to be 100 percent."

This sounds like a surefire jinx to me.


Why would Ruiz not be at 100% this season, eventually? Do hamstrings really take 6 months to heal?

"Why would Ruiz not be at 100% this season, eventually? Do hamstrings really take 6 months to heal?"

Depends on what PEDs you are no longer on. Yeah he got nailed for Adderol, but maybe if he'd been on one of those Dominican 'vitamin supplements', he'd have been back sooner?

Nixon - Chooch may as well get a prescription (if he hasn't already), he would be stupid not to. It's very easy to get.

Chooch is back! But, more importantly, Utley is on his way back this week. The #1 reason that's more important? Michael Martinez can be demoted once again.

Apparently Lee developed a blister on his finger last start, so he's probably about 99% max right now.

Therefore, game = loss

Ruiz back in the 8 hole.


I love Chooch in the 8 hole. He does good things in that spot.

Jake: not being specific to the phillies lineup, what exactly would a player do in the 8 hole that is good, but not as good elsewhere in the lineup?

Frandsen with another start vs LHP. Charlie is a genius.

lorecore - It just seems he does well in that spot. Walks a lot to turn over the lineup, gets the occasional big hit when the opposing team is least expecting it (etc). I'd like to see his splits for batting 8th vs. other spots.

Mets hang on. Phils pick up half a game.

Lorecore: Phillies win World F8cking Championships with Ruiz in the 8 hole!!!!

Jake - Chooch's career OPS is actually lower in the 8 spot than anywhere except 2 and 9.

And Mini Mart's OPS is lower than whale poop no matter where he "hits".

you can, at by selecting Ruiz's player page and then clicking on "Splits".

Batting 4: 1.008 OPS in 138 PA
Batting 5: .787 OPS in 147 PA
Batting 6: .904 OPS in 177 PA
Batting 7: .822 OPS in 661 PA
Batting 8: .720 OPS in 1394 PA
Batting 9: .691 OPS in 118 PA

I'm not making the case that he does better when moved up, i'm just saying that he does NOT do better when he hits 8th.

Chris - Can't argue with that. Do you have a link?

It would make sense that his numbers improve as he moves up in the lineup, since the reason he is moved up is because he's hitting well.

And also to your point, "turning the lineup over" is just another way of saying - does not make an out. Not making outs is the most important thing a hitter can do, so whoever is good at that should be batting as much as possible.

Now what happens if we subtract his stats from the drug-induced 2012 season?

Scroll down to "Batting Order Positions."

I don't much buy the idea that hitters do better in certain lineup spots. I'd tend to think that, over time, Chooch's numbers (or any player's numbers) would be about the same in the 8-hole as anywhere else. For me, it's enough to say that I want my better hitters hitting near the top of the order. And Chooch is certainly one of our better hitters, even if he hasn't shown it this year.

I'm all for moving him up if he starts mashing, maybe Chooch in the 8 hole just reminds me of better times.

Jake: He took Adderall. It's a stimulant, not a performance enhancer. He may THINK it enhances his performance but the scientific evidence says it doesn't. It may even hurt his performance.

Hey DONUT actually "Produced" last night

Well from what I can see in his splits, when he's batting 8th he walks a lot more (to be expected...the pitcher is usually batting behind him) and I would guess doesn't get as many pitches to hit, which would explain his low babip of .270 in that spot...but that's total conjecture.

The only spot in the lineup where you are pitched differently is the 8-hole...having the pitcher behind you makes a difference (as evidenced by the 37 IBBs he's received in that spot).

Does it make sense to rush Chooch back? One would think more than 5 rehab AB would be necessary after missing nearly a month.

BAP - Have you ever taken adderall? If a player takes enough of it, it would give him razor sharp focus at the plate, and behind the plate (in Ruiz's case)

Adderall isn't a PED in the conventional sense, in that it doesn't give you any more muscle or power. But it can slow everything down for your brain, and greatly enhance a players overall ability during a game.


I think it's just the reminder of better times. For whatever reason I saw Chooch hitting 8 and thought the same thing you did.

I wouldn't be surprised if his better numbers have a little to do with moving him up when he's hitting well. I think it also might take him time to find his swing again, so on a team that hits well maybe you wait to move him up.

We don't really hit well so I'm great with moving him up. That said, Howard/Brown don't appear to be moving anywhere ever regardless of how they hit. I kind of like Rollins 2nd and Young somewhere back in the order.

I do find Young hitting 2nd funny as he's hit into 14 double plays this year.

rock - I agree about MYoung. He needs to be down in the order. He's not a bad hitter, he just doesn't produce much of anything.

Jake: I've not taken Adderall. And, yes, it can improve alertness or focus over a very short time period. Over the longer term, the adverse side effects outweigh any benefits.

I found this write up on Adderrall and baseball:


"There are, of course, ways to misuse Adderall or other medications for ADHD. Some people crush the pills and snort them (with effects much like those that stem from snorting many other amphetamines). Others take the drug in pill form, and sure enough, it goes to the pre-frontal cortex, where it stimulates the parts of the brain that regulate focus and reasoning. College students are known to use the drug when pulling all-nighters. The result is increased focus and clarity of thought—perfect for finishing that term paper.

And maybe perfect for that game of baseball, because baseball is a game where attention is at a premium. You have to be able to focus on the field for each pitch, even though nothing might happen that involves you for 10 minutes. That's rough. You have to be able to make split-second decisions about that fastball coming at you, and that's easier when the part of the brain that figures out patterns and plans a response is operating in high gear. And maybe some guys take a pill to try to capture that. For catchers like Ruiz, there might be an extra incentive. Calling a game is like a three-hour final exam where you are constantly trying to balance what is working for the pitcher, what he can throw, what the batter is vulnerable to, and what he might be expecting on this next pitch. I’ve never done it, but I have to assume that it’s mentally exhausting."

BAP - Here is the part that backs up your point about long term side effects:

"There will, of course, be negative side effects for someone who takes Adderall, even if it isn't needed. When neurons are stimulated beyond what they should be, there's a greater chance that they will burn out."

Hey DONUT actually "Produced" last night

Blind squirrel; nut, etc.


So how many close italics tags do I need to post to fix this old thread?

Jake: There have been past studies that showed that amphetamines do not improve sports performance. But I don't think the studies were specific to Adderall, so it's possible that Adderall is a different kettle of fish.

I know that Adderall is the current drug of choice for college students who are cramming for finals. And I can believe that it might help increase alertness in that context. But if you took it every day so that you could cram for your finals for the entire semester, then I would imagine that, as with other amphetamines, the side effects would soon start to badly outweigh the benefits & your ability to study would suffer. The same would presumably apply for baseball.

With Chooch, we have no idea if he was taking it all the time or if he simply took it once or twice. But if it was the former, I would tend to think it would HURT his performance. And if it was the latter, then the benefits would wear off very quickly & certainly couldn't explain his entire 2013 season.

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