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Saturday, June 22, 2013


The Mini-Mart project will never be over.

That Ramirez is considered the best arm available should be a complete and utter indictment of the man who has built this roster. Fire Rube.

That wasn't a bad final retort, for Charlie. It beats "I already done growed up", at least.

For the Mini-Mart project to be over, someone would have to claim him on waivers. And since Ruben Amaro Jr. is the only GM in baseball who thinks Mini-Mart is worth having on a roster, it's unlikely someone else claims him.

So he'll be back in AAA, and will be called back up to the big leagues the next time Chase Utley or Jimmy Rollins hits the DL (or get traded).

When can my project be termed over? I'm already the dumbest piece of trash on this website. I need to get back to my daily posting at Talking Chop! Tomahawk all day everyday baby!

Ramirez that dude was doing horrible last time i checked. Jimenez was doing pretty good. Is this some sort of reverse Rube logic? Jack im pretty sure Mini will be back. Im figuring with Hernandez, Galvis, Orr down there maybe Rube finally figured out theres no need for him. Mike Adams is going to be a bust

I could tell Manuel was visibly frustrated in that dug out. There's not much he can do. These guys will probably press tonight which make matters worse.

Mini Mart, Michael Myers, and myself: things that keep coming back even though everyone wishes they would just go away

Some might find this incident with Manuel/Eskin funny, but I find it extremely sad.

Manuel has made his fair share of mistakes this year (and others), but he didn't put this team together. He is one of only two people to have managed this franchise to title. He deserved a better ending than this. He won't get it, but he deserves it.

I too am saddened/embarrassed with the Eskin/Manuel incident. I really hope he doesn't get fired mid season battling insults with reporters.

I think Manuel has been pretty poor this year, but he's earned better than that. It's a shame.

If anyone is worse than the Phillies at their profession, its Howard Eskin.

I don't even know what to say about the JC Ramirez call up.

Wait. Is the Phillies' own manager implying that the offense has been bad? That's preposterous. These losses have all been on the bullpen -- except for last night's loss which was all on Cole Hamels.

(Obligatory disclaimer: Hamels pitched like crap, and has pitched like crap all year, & deserves plenty of blame for last night's loss & many other losses)

This kind of thing lets Rube and the gang off the hook if they fire Charlie. They can call him unprofessional now. I don't think Charlie has any effect at this point but I hate to see a baseball lifer canned for threatening this piece of sh-t.
This is going to be a sad stage now.

eskin should be shot

imagine, a guy you can call up and send down as many times as you like, without ever having to worry that he'll be picked up off waivers. what a weapon.

When BAP does his clout impression (as attempted above), it reminds me of someone doing a bad Christopher Walken impression. Not funny, and actually kind of pathetic.

There can only be one clout.

Personally, I really like the guy doing the Jack impression. It's really dead on.

BAP: I assume you are a smart guy. You do understand there is a world of difference between "the offense has no blame" vs. what I have said.


I don't follow the farm closely (because, really, how often is there someone worth following?), but I truly hope JC Ramirez isn't the best we've got down there.

JC Ramirez? Good thing that this organizational bullpen depth that Amaro touted in spring training has really carried the team.

Maybe if Amaro hadn't signed a gimp (Adams) and a chump (Durbin) this team wouldn't forced to call up guys like Savery and JC Ramirez for extend stretches.

Truth: I actually DON'T understand that at all. That's the whole point of this debate.

After last night's loss, you said things like "a loss here tonight would be on Hamels." You didn't qualify the statement in any way, so the implication was that the loss was ALL on Hamels. And, you didn't say anything to suggest otherwise when you followed up by asking me, "What is the acceptable amount of runs an offense should score in a game for you? 5? 6?" What else could such a statement imply except that 3 runs is an "acceptable" offensive performance?

I'm not trying to put words in your mouth/on your keyboard. Nor am I trying to single you out. I've just never understood the idea that there must, or can, be a single identifiable cause of a particular loss. The Phillies are bad in a lot of different areas. If the offense had been good last night, Cole's bad pitching wouldn't have mattered. If Cole had pitched better, the bad offense wouldn't have mattered. And if our bullpen and defense were better, we'd have a lot more wins despite the bad offense & starting pitching. It's all interrelated.

Cesar Jimenez, Mauricio Robles, and even Raul Valdes are all better than J.C. Ramirez, but all 3 are left-handed. On a bullpen that already has Bastardo, Diekman, and Savery, that's a deal-breaker.

Of course, there's Zambrano who no longer has any use as a starter but might have some use as a reliever. But the Phillies seem intent on either using Zambrano as a starter (to replace Pettibone) or not at all. If they end up choosing "not at all," after calling up a RH reliever who had a nearly 2.00 WHIP at AAA this year, it will go down as yet another in a long line of utterly bizarre roster management decisions that have marked RAJ's tenure as GM.

Like I said last night, I put 75% of the blame for last night's loss on Hamels...When you get a 3 run lead against the Mets, and you're an ace, you don't lose that lead.

Eskin deserves to be knocked out...he's a schmuck. And WTF is JC Ramirez being called up for? He's been terrible in AAA, how does that merit a call-up to the big club? UGH, so frustrating! This team is killing happy I didn't pony up for this year for the first time in a while and stuck to the At-Bat app only.

I'd photoshop a picture of Charlie coming off the top rope onto Eskin, but that would require looking at pictures of Howard Eskin, and I am not doing that to myself. I have enough suffering in my life.

I don't think I would ever say this in my life, but I kind of agree with Eskin. I really think it is time for Manuel to go. It's end of June. This team has like 3 weeks to get it together or CHUtley, Lee, and Pabelbon will all be gone.

While Cholly isn't a rocket scientist, firing him wouldn't make any difference. And based on what I just read about Monty, decisions aren't totally made by RAJ. If that's the case, Then the blame for the team's shortcomings the last 2 years including this one, has to rest with the entire front office.

David Murphy's column last week about what they could've done vs. what they did proves that. Now I understand that there are payroll limits 7 you can't sign everyone, but there aren't even viable options in the pharm system.

The problem I have is how could the GM, in his right mind think that this team was/is actually good enough? Hell, we phans knew they weren't. How could RAJ not go to Monty and say "what we've done just isn't gonna work?" That being said, how can we phans trust this guy to rebuild what was once great? We can't. But again, firing him based on how decisions are made wouldn't make any difference either.

The fish rots from the head down.

Haren bombed again. Has a 5.44 ERA and has given up 40 HRs in his last 33 starts.

Great low risk/high reward signing by the Nats.

The only sense in calling Ramirez is probably the hitters unfamiliarity with him might buy him a few innings. In actuality im just pulling this out of my !@s.

Let the free fall begin. It is too late for the panic button.
Besides Rube had the panic button installed without hooking it up to the greater panic mechanism. It is just for show.
Mr.Gee pitches a gem tonight even in hitter's weather.

Yep. Nats losing badly in the 9th. Sad thing is that this division could be overtaken by a reasonably decent team. I don't know why I keep watching the standings because at this point it really doesn't matter.

Surprise,surprise,Adams to the dl.
Another great job by the medical staff.
How many more shots can howard get?

Watching MLB Network (Rays @ Yankees). Michael Kay says something about Maddon using his relievers in different roles in different inning, then says 'Well he's in Tampa Bay, so he can get away with doing stuff that's a little bit weird.'

My question: at what point do you think stupid, archaic thinking like this is going to change? I kind of can't believe people like Kay are still able to get away with saying stuff like this in the information age, when Maddon's 'weird' philosophies when it comes to the bullpen are very well documented as being wildly successful over a long period of time.

I mean, it's one thing to have managers being the last line of this dumb 'relievers have to have roles' orthodoxy, because their jobs are dependent on it. If they try something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, they get fired. But talking heads like Kay and basically everyone on television except Brian Kenny (and Dave Cameron, when he comes out of his hole) have tons of information at their disposal that Maddon's philosophies, in fact, work better than the paint-by-numbers approach that 90% of managers still use. Yet they continue to say stupid stuff like this.

I don't know. The comment p*ssed me off for some reason.

***when Maddon's 'weird' philosophies when it comes to the bullpen are very well documented as being wildly successful over a long period of time.***

Add in his wild, crazy theories on the Shift and defense and its almost as if he's a pretty good manager.

Another maddening thing this afternoon about the Eskin exchange: Eskin himself has admitted many times he's not a "baseball guy." I have no problem with a respectful disagreement between the media and a player, provided the media person doesn't have disdain for the subject being covered.

I am glad that Mini Mart is off the 40 man roster. Good riddance. I am also happy to see Cholly get mad. Cole Hamels has been a real disappointment. It has got to be all in his head now. His contract will be BL fodder for the upcoming years, just like Howard's.

"That Ramirez is considered the best arm available should be a complete and utter indictment of the man who has built this roster. Fire Rube."

Best arm available? Not to defend RAJ, but it's not like Ramirez was called up before DeFratus, Diekman, and Stutes. They also already tried Valdez, Rosenberg, Durbin, and Aumont. Add Adams, Horst, Bastardo, Savery, and Papelbon, and it makes Ramirez 13th on the depth chart. Other things to worry about.

I think it would be more productive (TM etc) if Manuel got mad at his players instead of the press. Eskin is not the guy failing miserably to score runs. (Of course, Eskin is not the one who has to bat against a constant diet of the "very best young arms in all of baseball history in this and all universes, known and unknown".)

Eskin's question is exactly right on point. At almost halfway through the season this group of overpaid guys has failed to score more than nine runs. Ever. In any of their games.

The Phillies have often, over the past ten years, had mediocre to sucky bullpens; but they have not failed so miserably because they could, at least, score once in a while.


If Manuel is displeased, he needs to express that displeasure in a direction that will do some good. They are professionals, sure. But they may need a boot in their asses.

The '64 Phillies would made the playoffs. Hell...the '61 team would have too!

Andy, Manuel didn't build the roster. He can't shout at Delmon Young until he unlearns to be Delmon Young. WIP-type comment from you.

Good job by the veterans to start the game!

gary - It goes without saying that the GM has done an abominable job of roster creation. But it is the Manager's job to manage what he has. Of course, if you think the line-up is being as productive as it can be, the bullpen is being as well used as it can be, and so on, well okay. I guess Charlie's only responsible for making his mediocre team look mediocre. So then, maybe that's what he should say:

"Hey Eskin. These guys stink. It's not my fault. I can't do nothin' with this crap."

I could go with that. If I didn't think that the Manager is supposed to inspire his team occasionally.

Clearly other think he's fine just sitting by and letting them fail miserably.

I'm thinking it might be time for me to start posting here again. Maybe I'll give it another couple of weeks to decide.

"When I knock you out, that's when."

How anyone can not love Charlie is beyond me.

Yoo Hoo! Jack? Where d'ja go?

If knocking out Eskin would get this team fired up, shouldn't that be Charlie's next move?

It should be Charlie's next move whether it fires the team up or not.

At the very least it would fire up the entire fan base.

This marks the first season in which Howard has more doubles than HRs.

it's the eskin "knock out" game

Funny how Jack just disappeared.

OK. I am definitely thinking it might be time to start posting here again.

Anyone seen Jack? I'm wondering what his opinion would be.

Revere is not what you'd call a graceful fielder.

How much did Revere play center in the past?

He is still awkward but he seems to me to be playing it better than earlier in the season.

Brown also seems to be fielding better as well.

I like to lick men's balls when Phillies have an off day.

Pettibone injured. It's all set up for Zambrano now.

Pettibone goes 6IP/1ER against these guys. Could've gone more if he hadn't hurt himself.

Hamels should be even more ashamed of himself for last night. A putrid performance that should be an automatic win for a pitcher being paid like a #1 starter.

Nice work on the bases by Revere today. Also nice to see opposite field home run for Howard.

Revere up to .281 on the year with 20 steals. Not bad for a non-MLB player that the team should probably dump in the off-season.

Real glad that another run was wasted by his placement in the 7-hole, stealing second only to be stranded by the impotent 8-9 hitters. That's two runs in two games that Manuel has cost the team by batting him 7th.

I can't wait until the bullpen blows this lead and Jack, BAP and others explain to everyone why it was the offense's fault for not scoring more.

pettibone injures himself pretending he's a batter. bring on the DH.

What happened to 'Bone?

BAP's right. Loss here definitely on the offense. Offense weak today.

I can't wait for the people who didn't watch the game saying that it is on Cholly for pulling Pettibone after 6.

it looked initially like bone tweeked his back, swinging. but in the dugout he and dubee were looking at his upper rib cage next to the shoulder.

Solid bullpen work tonight.

Holy crap. They're going to blow it all in one inning!

Even for the worst bullpen in the league, that's a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Iceman/clout: No, if we manage to lose this one, the offense which scored 7+ runs will be 0% at fault. On the other hand, if we manage to win this one, it will be an excellent illustration of how, with a good offense, it is even possible to win games in which your bullpen stinks it up -- a point which neither of you has ever acknowledged.

lol phillies..

Well, judging from that one AB, Diekman should be well ahead of Bastardo on the 'get LHB out' depth chart.

At least Howard showed up.

BAP- yes, you've stumbled upon a profound point. An offense that scores 7 runs per game would absolutely win more games.

it would be great to win this one for chollie. i'm sure he feels embarrassred about the eskin kerfuffle. howard really pushed his button with his "they'll be fine?"

I am wrong about everything, always. I think I should just quit beerleaguer but I have no life.

lesse: Phils 11th in the NL in runs allowed, and 11th in the NL in runs scored.

And at BLer, pitched battles are waged with some arguing vehemently that clearly the offense is to blame for the poor record, and others arguing vehemently that clearly the pitching is to blame for the poor record.

Amusingly enough - as is often the case - BLers on both sides of an argument are clearly just flat out completely wrong.

The afternoon that I do errands is the game when they score 7 runs?!

I didn't even DVR it so that I can go back through and actually believe it happened

Missed 2 Ryno bombs Gbrett

Anyone else nervous about another Pap blown save?


Good for him!

I picked the wrong day to misse the game.

I just read the header post. I'm laughing at Charlie's retort to Eskin! I missed this yesterday.

One was a true oldtime bomb to right. The other stroked to left about4th row.

Now I'm reading the Twitter feed. Stutes gave up 3 runs...that's 3 not very good outings in a row for him, isn't it? I think there was at least one great outing before it, but is he going to get himself together and help this club, or not?

Re: Howard's bomb - very sweet. I'll look for that on the highlight reel. Was anyone on base for either of these HRs?

"And at BLer, pitched battles are waged with some arguing vehemently that clearly the offense is to blame for the poor record, and others arguing vehemently that clearly the pitching is to blame for the poor record."

Phlipper: You're almost right, but here's where you're gone wrong. Those who harp on the offense -- i.e., Jack, lorecore, Fatalotti, GTown_Dave (before he disappeared), and I -- are always quick to acknowledge that other areas of the team, most notably the bullpen, are also terrible. However, we believe that it's fundamentally inane to say things like, "This 2-1 loss is on the bullpen" when, in reality, there can be multiple "but for" causes of a loss & an offense which scores 1 run is clearly one of those but-for causes.

On the other hand, those who harp on those who harp on the offense believe that there can only be one cause of a loss. They, therefore, believe that when people harp about the offense after a 2-1 loss in which the bullpen allowed both runs, it's the equivalent of absolving the bullpen -- even if the poster who harped on the offense came right out and said something like, "Obviously, the bullpen was terrible."

GBF - Nope...all solos. MYoung also had one.

Oh, wow, this looks like a fun game.

* M Young and Howard w/back-to-back HRs.
* Ben Revere with 3 stolen bases
* beating the Mets & BP makes people sweat but manages to hold the lead

Q: Did Mayberry start, or is he Delmon's/elmn's defensive replacement?

Claiming that GTown can have a nuanced opinion on anything based in reality is one of the funniest things I've ever heard(/read).

Mayberry started. Maybe DYak the message is finally sinking in.

Revere looks comfortable, and it's good to finally see the potential that we were told about early in the season.

Don't know if you saw it, but MiniMart was DFAd earlier today. They needed room on the 40-man for JC Ramirez to replace Adams, who went on the DL.

paps opponents are batting .000, .240 and .200.

Unfortunately no, Gbrett.

I miss GTown's humor, especially when the games are frustrating. He made me laugh a lot.

And reading BAP's 7:01 post again, that is one of the best works of BL fiction ever written- eclipsing Andy's Mini-Mart 'Life of a Baseball God' posts.

Jack spent the first two months of the season attempting to absolve the bullpen (specifically Bastardo) from any blame whatsoever and the names BAP listed joined him on numerous occasions.

Jimmy has looked quite agile today.

Terrible fundamental play by Mayberry to let that ball get into the stands.

Thanks for the info, Hope & can_of_corn.

I did see the news about MiniMart and Adams.

Papelbon will NOT blow a 3rd save in a row, will he?

Maybe today Eskin can ask Pap a question about dissing his teammates he himself (Pap) is floundering in what he is paid to do.

Maybe I should leave again.

Valdespin is to Papelbon as the spy is to the Marshal in Stratego.

DYak wouldn't have had that.

LA just said there have only been 2 games since June 5 in which the BP did not allow a run in either the 7th, 8th, or 9th inning. Ugh.

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