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Saturday, June 15, 2013



I believe Corey actually watched the game. Though he didn't mention how Galvis's triples bounced, hmmmm

Anyone know Freddy's ISO? I wonder how it compares with Yak's.

Since April 18th:

Phillies 27-25
Braves 26-26
Nationals 24-27
Mets 17-31
Marlins 17-33


Yak - .183
Albatross - .172
Freddy Lightweight - .170

(DOM - .288)

Rollins - .118

Frandsen - .187
M Young - .086 (!)
Revere - .038 (!!)

And just to show why Revere would bat ninth for LaRussa:

Phillies Pitchers - .052

Team ISO

DOM .288
Kratz .207
Utley .203
Frandsen .186
DYak .183
Mayberry .177
Howard .173
Galvis .170
Rollins .119
Nix .096
MYoung .086
Ruiz .039
Revere .038

Reposted from last thread:

Mariano Rivera is walking away from an amazing amount of money and going out on top. Would that a few of the Phillies felt the same way. Sadly, I can see every one of them playing long enough that we'll start to forget why we used to enjoy watching them.

Revere's career ISO of .043 is the lowest in the majors since he's debuted.

If Revere reaches 1500 PA, he'll have the 6th lowest career ISO of anyone since the mound has been lowered.

Rafael Belliard has the worst, at .038 ISO

lorecore - Please stop criticizing Ben Revere. The truth is no defense. Or Delmon Young is. I can't remember now.

Seriously, it's almost impossible to believe anyone would defend Ben Revere's offensive prowess. I actually like the guy. If he were a consummate small ball skill set guy, I'd be fine with him. But his fielding is erratic and his offense is anemic as it is undisciplined/unrefined, to say the least.

All of which is to say, I declare BL Bankruptcy on Ben Revere. I was completely, horribly wrong about him. And I will never criticize him again.


Ben Revere is a singles hitter.

If you've taken notice of how Worley and May have been doing this season, you wouldn't be so upset at Revere.

Essentially, he cost us nothing. If he works out, great. If it doesn't work out, that sucks, but it's not like his presence prevents the team from improving.

With Ryan Howard on this team, complaining about Revere is like being on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and complaining that the food is cold.

I am tired of a this negative Ben Revere talk. I just traded him for Geoff Jenkins.

lorecore: Don't flatter yourself when it comes to my opinion of things you say. You say some douchey things- so do all of us. The header thing was just incredibly dumb yesterday.

Had Worley performed at even a mediocre level, this trade would be reviled as if it were the first Lee trade. However, Rube lucked out by trading his Worldcom just before it crashed back to the minors.

Ben Revere is not a singles hitter. He is THE singles hitter. He is an historic singles hitter. And yes, Howard is hitting on one leg and the rest of the lineup is relatively devoid of on base skills. That is not an indictment of Ben Revere. The fact that he is a weak part of a very weak lineup is an indictment of Ruben Amaro Jr.

I'm sitting in a café in the south of Vienna, Austria as I write this but my bros back in Phillytown say that Cliff Lee doesn't want to be a Phillie anymore. Say what??

Cliff Lee is a Phillie. Us Phillie fans have been so loyal to him ... no matter where on the globe we are .... Cliff is the dude! Cliff say it ain't so! From Vienna Austria - Go Phils ... Go Cliff Lee as a pitcher for my beloved Phillies!!

CLiff would love to be a Phillie. He just doesn't want to be one of THESE Phillies. Can't say I blame him. If they suddenly go on a ten game winning streak, he'll be happy again. And so will everyone else. Of course, the subsequent ten game losing streak will see many jumping from bridges and Cliff pitching in Boston or New York.

To lots of us Phillies fans scattered around the globe - Cliff Lee is special. We love that dude. He can never pitch for New York or Boston .... he's a Phillie! He's actually the best pitcher in baseball!!

I do not agree. How do you say...I think Cliff is over rated? Is that the word? They pay too much money for this man. We need some man like Joe Blan-ton agin.

Can Sandberg please stop sending Young?

Michael Young. Oh, boy!

I'm stupid, too!


Clearly Dom needs to be more aggressive at the plate.

revere is looking whitey-ish again.

clutch cargo.

This is going to be painful.

I believe the fate of Cliff Lee is out of our hands. It is in the hands of Allah now. We must pray that he is protected from elbow injuries or trades within the NL.

Bullpen time?

Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of our BP again today. Asking them to hold the score, while simultaneously asking our offense to come back from a big deficit, is asking for the moon.

Got them right where we want them.

Let's add some crappy defense to the mix, shall we? As though an offense incapable of scoring and a crappy pitching performance isn't ugly enough already.

Cue the Benny Hill music!

I really didn't like the Phils' chances tonight but not I don't like the Rockies at +160 either.

Wait tomorrow to bet against 'Day Road' Hamels although I do think the Phils will split these final 2 games.

Damn shame they couldn't do more on this road trip. Hoping for 6-4 given the matchups and how some of the teams they faced were playing.

It's a good thing I'm a hispanic jew, or I'd never get another job!

Tune in and it is already 5-1. Ugh.

lol, NEPP. i remember when LA used too regularly make that joke.

Pettibone even going to make it out of the 1st? Leave him in today to take a beating if necessary.

Has Cholly given up on the Yak?

It was said yesterday that Delmon wasn't going to play the field in this park.

Cargo's OPS against PHI up to 1.030 after yesterday. Might go up today, too.

I am working on bringing back Pedro Martinez or Carlos Perez as a long man.

Pettibone is getting boned.

Why go to the bullpen so early? Sure, Pettibone is not pitching well, but now we need 6 innings out of BP. And thinking that pinch-hitting with Michael Martinez with no one on and two outs is going to make some difference?

You know things aren't going well when Mini Mart makes an appearance in the 4th inning.

Batting practice.

Horst is not a major league pitcher. He needs to be sent down to the minors after this series.

Horst better be pitching his way to a DFA

'white flag' horst is in. BOHICA!!!!

This pitching is un f'in believable. Horst is Hor[se]s[**]t.

nice hustle jroll

Today's positive Jeremy still sucks and won't be on the team in two days.

nice stretch howard

the blind spot is expanding.

Diekman does need to stay up when Lannan is activated. Horst just has got nothing.

cuddy would have made a great phillie too.

horst needs to be sent out to pasture.

Que Pela..

cuddy would have made a great phillie too.
Posted by: bullit | Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 06:03 PM
So would Jason Grilli & and Brandon Moss and Gio Gonzalez

still watching, so I guess I'm a masochist

i guess we are, Cyclic. btw, my apologies for screwing up my narrative when i linked to the 2008 phillymag story on the phillies secretive ownership group. it was bill giles (not monty) who parlayed $50K into a 10% stake, now worth nearly $100M.

Esto es una mierda de toro

Cuddyer sucks. He would be a very minimal upgrade wherever they'd put him.

Ice: How much do you discount Cuddyer's stats for Coors? Or, what would they be at CBP?

Time for the comeback.

if only a patient dom had walked.

Cudd would be better than Yak, but that isn't saying much.

Cuddyer is streaky but he is not a fat load sumabitch like Yak.

que era una mierda-tastic!

This is Amy "Don't send me those baby recliners, that ain't me" Fadool...

At least the Mets suck worse than the Phillies!

The Pirates have designated left-hander Mike Zagurski for assignment, the team announced via press release. In a corresponding move, the team selected the contract of righty Brandon Cumpton and announced that he will make his MLB debut this afternoon against the Dodgers.

Is it legal to have two Big Zs in the pen?

Zagurski was mistaken for a beach-ball on the feild.

I say a buyer or seller, neither be! Wait for the off season and trade for better players.

the mets and phillies
rosters added cleverly
might win in Reading

That whole criticism of Revere thing, based on my ISO question, was bizarre. I mainly was criticizing the power hitters, noting how close Howard was to Galvis. (And Yak not much better.) Every team needs a few guys with ISOs over .2.

Oh well.

As for Horst messing this game up? Well. Surely when COL scored it's tenth run the game really was over. The Phils haven't (68 games in) scored in double figures all year.


The. Phils. Have. Not Scored. In. Double. Figures. All. Year.

Hate being on the wrong end of a Woolworth's score.

Horst has to be sent down. Petti's go around the league is probably done with. Anyone else down in LHV that can help Jimenez? Now Lannan is coming and of course the obligatory Im rusty (or is it that i wasnt really that good) first few games off injury.

Is Humberto faster than M. Young? I think he is watching the replays.

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