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Thursday, June 13, 2013


For cryin' out loud.

Maybe Ruf gets the call.

I was hoping Ceasar was going to see more playing time considering how bad Galvis has been offensively.

It ain't gonna be Ruf, and it wouldn't matter if it was.

Iceman: You're right, probably MM.

Immediately prior to coughing up the lead: two on and one out. The four and five hitters strike out and pop out.

When they didn't plate those insurance runs, you knew the Brewers would score in their half.

They did. Game over.

Cesar wasn't getting playing time, so it kind of makes sense to send him down. Of course, the other solution would be to keep him and give him playing time -- especially since Galvis seems like he hasn't gotten a hit since Utley went on the DL.

I would be shocked if anyone other than Mini-Mart gets the call, since he not only plays the same position but has been hitting at AAA. RAJ is absolutely convinced that, behind Mini-Mart's .187 career average, there lurks a future star that's just waiting to break out. You just have to be a little patient & keep giving him opportunities.


Howard took an 0fer tonight vs Pelfrey. Didn't see any of the ABs but this year Howard isn't even hitting RHP he used to own.

Yet another night in Zombietown. This team is only watchable if you are a masochist or are into very slow moving car wrecks.

Help is on the way....


I'm pretty sure that 6 singles, one double and a lone walk rarely add up to a W.

Yeah we are not blowing this up. We have the players to compete, but they just need to produce.

Why option a bench guy for another bullpen player? Option Bastardo or Horst before pulling from our pitch runners! I wake daily hoping for numerous roster moves.

This team can't compete even with Utley and Chooch. They haven't played a good team in a month and are still 4 games under. Howard is a shot fighter and DYoung needs to go. The Bullpen might be worse than last year. Adams not getting it done has ruined any chance of a decent pen. Detroit needs a closer, let the fire sale begin with Pap who never pitches since we can't get to the 9th.

It seems they gotta bring up another arm with teh bullpen in shambles. Papelbon must be saved for when they have a lead in the 9th (or when they're down 8 runs) and that's not likely to happen very often.

Is Papelbon incapable of pitching more than one inning? Especially when your 8th inning guy is obviously hurt and your other options are sh88ing themselves recently.

Now today, Papelbon will pitch in a (+/-) 5 run game. Charlie's response when inevitably asked why: "He hasn't pitched in awhile and he needed to get some work in."

As they have all season, the Braves and Nats are again providing the Phils an opportunity to make up ground while playing two LAST PLACE teams for seven games. Boy, have they failed miserably.

I hope St. Louis wants a SS. My bags are packed and ready for stretch run

The look Rollins gave when Howard decided to eat the ball rather than throw it to second was classic. It's getting to a pretty sad point with Howard now where he can't/won't make throws to second even when the runner is less than halfway.

I can't watch anymore

If Gillick is still alive bring him back immediately.

If I'm Amaro I'm on the phone with Detroit this morning asking what they'd give up for Papelbon.

Where have the Pollyannas gone? Is there no one left to make the case that we're only __ games out of the 2nd wild card and Utley and Ruiz will be back soon, and Rube will be a buyer, etc etc.? BL is just not funny any more.

The only problem is that Kevin Correia is one of the best young arms in baseball.

Rube you can have Nick Castallaos and Rendon for Papelbon and Ruf.

Actually, when Ruben gets set to deal, it's not a hard job. He simply looks at the career RBI numbers for the other team and picks the highest guys.

"Obama is still trying to take our guns and our insurance runs, man."
-J. Papelbon

Video representation of what the next GM needs to do to this team:

Kill it with fire.

There were plenty of times to use Cesar over the last week or so, but since they didn't, I'm glad he's going back to the minors to actually play.

Rube: But Homer, on your way out, if you want to waive somebody, it would help me a lot!

And as for the corresponding move, I'm thinking it'll be a reliever since half the pen has some type of mild injury it seems. Thank god Rosenberg is on the DL so we don't have to see his awfulness anymore. Does Diekman get a chance with Bastardo being so terrible?

kudos to andy. I never had the commitment to repeatedly badger clout with a misrepresentation of something he said as he does with everyone else. I like it.

Rockies Designate Eric Young Jr. For Assignment

We're about to get Young-er!

Just wait until we sweep the Nats next week

I'm starting to feel angry that Charlie will be made to walk the plank before Ruben.

Last two nights' games have been the most frustrating this season for me. They highlight the problems of the team thus far featuring ineffective bullpen, schizophrenic hitting, lack of run support for Hamels, on and on.

Most distressing to me is the play of Ryan Howard. The inability to get the ball to second was icing on the cake. But at the plate, at the plate it has gotten to the point where every time the big guy comes up to bat, I mentally chalk up a K. So sad, remembering days past when A-Rod and Jeter were at the dugout rail watching as he hit his third home run of the night against the Yankees. We knew pitchers would adapt to him, but figured he would make the adjustments he needed to as well.

As a matter of fact, I remember circa 2007 a national magazine ranked him as the 4th best player in the majors.

We'll see. Despite the above, I have not given up on the team, and am enjoying watching the emergence of Dom, Utley's comeback (when healthy), and Lee's mastery. We can argue about what Papelbon is being paid to do his job, but you can't argue that he hasn't done his job well. Some good things to watch.

Castellanos for Papelbon is pretty far fetched I believe, even if they ate most of his money. He's far and away their top prospect and they've even moved his position specifically so they can add him to their MLB plans sooner than later. He would headline a Cliff Lee package, not a Papelbon one.

They've got a big surprise prospect in their OF right now filling in for Austin Jackson, Avisail Garcia. He went from a basically a C level prospect in high A ball to a mlb world series roster in a matter of months last year.

He's getting by in the majors at the plate because of big time tools, but has a pretty undeveloped approach. Low BB High K type right now, but great contact and raw power are making up for it even at the mlb leve so far.

He's miscast in CF, but the fact that he can fill in there for a short time is impressive. He's 6'4 230 with 20/20 potential, a good glove in the corners, and big time arm.

Phils should pay up on Paps salary to try and make that trade happen.

Rockies Designate Eric Young Jr. For Assignment

We're about to get Young-er!

Posted by: Ruben Amaro Jr | Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 09:23 AM

Well, let's look at RAJ's checklist:

1. had one great season w/ positive WAR, that I'm sure he can attain again w/ Phils - check
2. surname of Young - check
3. Second-best available player from other team (Span/Revere effect) - check (Fowler)
4. "Toolsy" speedster w/ "versatility" - check
5. Seventh most similar batter on BR: Ricky Otero - check

Yep, it's a no-brainer!

Just found out my Fathers Day gift is an away game trip at the Nats. Holy sh8t

I'm tired of tools guys that underachieve and don't pan out.

All your Youngs are belong to us!

also garcia just turned 22, so the poor approach he has could certainly be improved upon. As always the Tigers are letting a guy learn on the job, for better or worse.

Isn't there a pitcher recovering from an arm injury out there that we could take a flyer on cheap or does Rube wait for the offseason for that?

RichW: The team is sellers. What do you expect to get, proven veterans?

LEW: Brian Wilson?

The pooch has been screwed: Atlanta gets swept by the Padres and we not only fail to take advantage against flawed teams Milwaukee and Minnesota, we dig a deeper hole for ourselves -- and look like the Bad News Bears in doing it.

I await the re-tooling that will be guided by RAJ, the Big Tool himself.

Maybe Diekman gets a callup? God knows we need someone different in the bullpen. I'm not even saying better. Different would be acceptable. These guys just aren't at all effective.

So with that logic stated, when does Mini arrive at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport this evening?

"Lannan sharp in rehab outing, says he's ready"

Good news, he only hit three guys on the wrist and two on the forearm.

The Rockies score 5.4 runs a game with a .804 team OPS at Coors Field.

What an exclamation point that series will put on the road trip.

It's time for this state to become "Mini-sota!"

Jim Salisbury (@JSalisburyCSN)
Hearing Michael Martinez on his way to Minn. Looks like he could replace Hernandez in simple bench move. Nothing official, tho. #Phillies

Wow they really don't want to win in bringing mini back. What did he exactly do well? Wow.

Since minimart got demoted on June 4th, Cesar has had 4 PA and a PR appearance over a span of 7 games.

It's almost a foregone conclusion that MM will get more playing time than that, which is absurd.

Well, now I feel much better about the team's chance of making a run. Insane, but predictable.

Who thinks it's ok to continue to use Bastardo when he's caused countless games over the last 2 seasons?

Hahahaha we all knew they'd bring his sorry @ss back up. So he gets the start in CF tonight, right?

Not mentioned that much on BL but I can't believe how much the defense has gone south this year. Even when Cliff or Cole "blow a lead" there are errors, plays that should be errors, over or under throws to fielders, catchers booting the ball at home etc.
That's what has me convinced this is going to be an ugly season more than Ryan Howard's lack of production or almost anything else.
It's also what makes them approaching unwatchable for the baseball purists among us.
The offensive and defensive sloppines is even starting to get to a company man like Wheels.

I really hope Mini Mart is a Biogenesis customer

I meant to mention balls they just don't get to but should at every position.

I have a solution to be rid of Mini forever: figure out a way to clone Ruben Amaro Jr., then con another MLB team into hiring him as their GM. Fire our Ruben, then trade Mini to Clone Ruben's team for their best MLB-ready prospect.

I'm back again, bitches!

Now I want some AB's, Skip. I want run! Get my skills in the lineup and I'll lead the club to the promised land!

There's no point in having Hernandez rot at the end of the bench if Cholly isn't using him. Mini-Mart is just as capable of collecting splinters.

Charlie in post game interview: "I don't know what I can do about it. The only thing I can do is put them out there and let them play."

While Charlie is way down on my list of blame, you can't see these words publicly. If you admit you are doing nothing to help/improve this team, then you basically have no defense when you are fired.

It baffles my mind how Mini Mart keeps seeing meaningful team on the MLB roster.

I wasn't around here (BL) for the entire Brunlett era, did you guys hate him as much? I hate them both the same. I equate it to the hate I had of Tomas Perez when they would pie each other after another win after they were 20games back.

Galvis was hitting so well they couldn't use Cesar. And Mini was batting close to .350 so how could we hold him back?

Personally I would have played Hernandez 5 days a week and put Galvis in the utility role. Galvis is hitting .182 in June.

I was half kidding but looking at his numbers Mini is hittig well at AAA. But, why make a roster move and again ignor your shotting bullpen.

"Not mentioned that much on BL but I can't believe how much the defense has gone south this year."

Oh yeah, the appalling defense is how I knew early on this crew had no chance. Some nights, I go from position to position and make a "can't" list for each...can't run, can't move, can't throw, can't catch, can't read, etc. I've managed more skilled girls softball teams. I'm sure our pitchers are frustrated. There was a game not long ago where KK had to get 4 outs in 4 different innings, and he managed to do so until the 4th one.

Listened a bit last night to the assistant GM call in show before the game - and in between the inane calls someone did ask (in so many words) what the team sees in Delmon Young.

I don't know if Proefrock was just spitting out rhetoric, or if he actually believes the crap that was spewing out of his mouth. If it's the latter, than the FO really just doesn't get it.

Well, now I feel much better about the team's chance of making a run.

Heck, they've made more than a run in the majority of their games!

Sad Guy: Bruntlett is a folk hero. WFC runs, triple plays, rain delay face.

Tell me I'm wrong but I've even noticed Freddi Galvis not getting to a lot of balls this year.

Okay...Amaro can go fvck himself.

Steve - From what I'd see I think you are wrong. Very small sample UZR has him as flat out terrible this year though.

How does the ownership group feel about doling out 85 million for the next 3 seasons to a guy that at this point doesn't belong in the major leagues? Does it piss them off as it does the fanbase? If so does their anger extend to the the guy that created this calamity in RAJ? The fans need to start boycotting this team as long as its run but an incompetent bafoon.

Maybe with MiniMart's versatility having been used in other valuable spots, the team has been hiding his excellent ability as a relief pitcher. But now we must bring that skill forth to unsuspecting competitors who may think that a tie in the 8th is the same as a win for them. Ha! Gotcha!

It amazes me how much the tone of the BLer posts change depending upon the outcome of yesterday's game. Let's establish some immutable facts: 1. They will not make the playoffs; 2. The offense stinks; 3. The bullpen stinks; 4. Every player on the team except Dom Brown can be traded; 5. Amaro created this mess and should be flogged then fired; 6. Cholly is an idiot who "leads from behind;" and should be canned; 7. no matter what Dave Montgomery decides to do, this will be a lousey team for the next few years.

On lorecore's post about trading Papelbon to Detroit:

Detroit has to make a move soon, and Papelbon would be a fantastic fit for them.

So then: who would you rather have Eric Brunlett or MiniMart?

Bruce Rondon
Nick Castallanos
Avisial Garcia


and 5mil a year on pap's deal

They need a closer and theres a good chance there SS will get taken down in the biogenesis issue.

Detroit is in complete control of the AL Central. They have a month and a half to figure out a move. I doubt they give up a top prospect for Papelbon.

CS: I'd throw in Mini-Mart & Delmon Young, and see if maybe we can get Miguel Cabrera too.

This too shall pass

They made the very Rubenesque (read into it either meaning) signing of Valvelarde before the season. How can that go wrong?

BAP: I think they'd demand Savery in that deal.

CS: Seriously need to water down those expectations for a Pap return. Also, Galvis? He barely has any trade value at all, and to a contender he is useless.

Garcia alone is probably the highest price the Tigers would pay in a Papelbon deal.

CS, I'd be stunned if the Tigers dealt Castellanos. He'll be starting in their outfield before the end of this season. I also doubt you'll get Garcia - certainly not until Austin Jackson is back and proves he's healthy.

More likely we'd be looking at a 2- or 3-prospect grab bag. Something like Danry Vasquez (power-hitting LF prospect), Casey Crosby (who was their top prospect but has stalled out in AAA due to control issues), and maybe Evan Reed (26-year-old rookie reliever with late-inning stuff) is probably a more reasonable expectation.

I think Papelbon can bring back a good prospect. Relievers always get over-valued at the deadline. Won't be Castellanos good though. Garcia is probably a fair return, though I'd be worried about adding another hacker to this club.

Howard for Trout? Maybe throw in our entire minor league system. That might work.

CS's post is exactly why I don't envy the job of GM. Fans too often have completely unreasonable expectations about what players are worth in a trade. And those are the dopes that shout the loudest so even a good deal can be viewed as bad by the unwashed masses.

If Amaro called Detroit's GM with that offer...once the Tigers GM stopped laughing out loud 20 minutes later, he would tell Amaro to call him when he has a real offer and hang up.

ctom: i could see Crosby and Melvin Mercedes package if the Phils don't eat any money.

Crosby as a back end starter with good stuff but control problems, and Mercedes as a flame thrower reliever with fringe secondary stuff.

I just don't see a huge market for Papelbon at the deadline. Who else other than Detroit would deal for him and his remaining contract? The Phils might pick up some of this year's remaining salary, but I doubt they'll want to pay him to play for someone else beyond that.

Maybe St. Louis, though they're getting excellent late-inning work out of Mujica and Rosenberg now. A return to Boston might be a possibility if Pap hasn't burned too many bridges. Still, I doubt we're getting a top-25 prospect. If they could get Avisail Garcia, I'd do that in a heartbeat.

Olney on the possibility of Papelbon to the Tigers:

Leyland's losing patience. Who knows, maybe we could be on the right end of a lopsided deal for a change.

St. Louis

That's a pretty nice list. What we really need is for guys like Rivera or Nathan to get injured - then we're in business.

Arizona could use both a closer and a 2nd baseman, & they have a surplus of good, young outfielders. They might be an ideal trading partner in either an Utley or Papelbon swap.

Cleveland's not going to add another eight-figure annual salary after signing Swisher and Bourn a few months ago. Arizona will wait and see if J.J. Putz is effective upon returning from the DL. Tampa's not going to take on Papelbon's contract.

Still, the other three - Detroit, Boston, and St. Louis - are reasonable targets.

Arizona could use both a closer and a 2nd baseman

Aaron Hill is swinging a bat and should be back in the lineup soon. Putz is more questionable because he's dealing with elbow issues, but they have plenty of depth to cover for him (Hernandez, Ziegler, Reynolds, Sipp) if Kirk Gibson would let go of the "proven closer" thing with Heath Bell.

I would trade anyone to Arizona. The odds you win the deal are rather high.

Altho wtf is Didi Gregorious doing over there? Towers looks like a genius so far.

2009: .708 OPS rk/A
2010: .666 OPS A/A+
2011: .753 OPS A+/AA
2012: .717 OPS AA/AAA
2013: .879 OPS AAA/MLB

Trading Papelbon is a no-brainer and I hope Amaro does it soon. Move his contract, his value won't be higher, and as a first-mover you get the best price.

Kevin Towers is a great GM. Changes his approach based on where he is GM. Also, seems to have good philsophy about constructing a team.

And he got mocked roundly for trading Upton but got back some nice pieces in that and every trade he made all winter. Also, the team is in first place even missing a big bat like Upton (who has dropped off considerably since his hot start). Probably a top 5 farm system AND a contending team. Can't argue with that.

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