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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Nice win. Good to see Howard still has the ability to hit past the warning track. Also nice for Dom to come thru at the end. Hopefully this will lead him out of his "rut".

On a completely different note, I long for the days when posters put more thought into what they actually posted rather than what sophomoric handle they were gonna use.

how sweet it was.

Looking over some minor league box scores, where is the young kid pujols they signed last year playing? Don't see him anywhere.

Pblunts - He will probably be playing in the short season Gulf Coast League. That season starts next week I believe.

I hate being so busy lately. I really wish I could catch more games, especially this series against the Nationals, especially a walk-off hit.

How did Lannan look last night?

Fata - Like a 5th starter. Nibbled too much. Ran a few deep counts early that hurt his pitch count. Had a nice curve going which led to a few strikeouts.

Ryno last 28 days:

.309 .383 .506 .889

Howard just needs a good offseason of HGH/AAS to be back to form. I won't judge,he could use a little help after the injuries. ;)

So I guess Mike Adams is still not right? Didn't see the game but saw he gave up another run.

@redburb thx for the info, I thought all the leagues had started already.

Papelbon showed he was "knucklehead" on Monday in blowing his first save of the season, but Brown turned it into a win by lining a game-winning.....

Frandsen only has 18AB against LHP this season. Should probably utilize him against LHP a little least if he is gonna keep crushing them (SSS)

I yearn to see Papelbon pitching in the AL as soon as possible.

That's Domtastic!!!

Sorry, logged off early last night and watched it on my iPad instead so I wasn't posting.

Nice to see that Stutes is taking this opportunity and running with it. It would be nice to see him and DeFratus solidify the back end.

Nice throwback to the good ol days with Howard hitting an absolute bomb.

It's a tall task performing better than Durbin Horst 8/6 ERA but I think Stutes/DeFratus can handle that. haha

Now that Stutes has been throwing well I wonder if he will be overworked because there are about 2 viable options for Charlie to choose from out there.

Any more on Utley after he took BP last night?

Last night sucked. I was geting a good lather up when Papelbon blew the save and then Brown's game winning hit made me go soft.

Then I had to wait til after 1 to finish as the Braves walked off.

Stutes/De Fratus have given the bullpen a desperately needed lift especially with Bastardo's inconsistency & struggles of late and a hobbled Adams.

If this team had a solid bullpen instead of the horrendous middle relief and shaky backend besides Papelbon, they would be .500 or likely even a game or two over.

One area too where Amaro had money to spend (spent over $8M on Adams/Durbin), there were plenty of moderately-priced options available in FA, and he really blew it.

It was much harder to fix the offense this offseason given the large contracts even modest or declining veterans got but fixing the bullpen was doable with $8M to spend and the FA options available.

I still can't get too bent over the Adams signing. I thought it was a good one. I would just be interested to see how hard he pounded the phone lines about Uehara though because he came to Boston on a one year deal. I know he is older than Adams but it's a one year deal so that doesn't matter.

This team would definitely be much better off if he tried almost anyone instead of Durbin. And of course Charlie got in his time machine and decided to use Durbin in every high leverage situation that presented itself.

Dugan goes deep last night. Any chance he gets some time at AA this year?

Joe - Dugan and Franco will probably be promoted soon to Reading. Clearwater has a chance at the first half title so they're staying there until that is decided.

How did Lannan look last night?

Like a raccoon, with those dark shadows around his eyes.

Cholly only used Durbin in a handful of high-leverage spots in the first 2-3 weeks in April. After he failed a copule of times in a notable way, Durbin was pretty much regulated to gargage time and picking up spot innings often when the Phils were trailing by at least 3-4 runs late in a game.

Raccoon and the Yak. Sounds like a nice kid's story.

Wins are nice. They increase trade value.

Raccoon and the Yak. Sounds like a nice kid's story.

Posted by: MG | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 08:55 AM

Tell it, won't you?

denny b: "DOM needs time off, like now"

DOM after that comment: walk, single, walkoff

poor denny, maybe after the sell off you can finally see all of your AAA heroes, but until then, obey DOM.

In 2013, the Phillies have had a reliever retire every batter his faced for at least more than 1 inning (min 4 batters faced) only 4 times.

Stutes: twice
entire rest of team: twice (valdes 1, aumont 1)

That's just sad.

johhnysanz: "Frandsen only has 18AB against LHP this season. Should probably utilize him against LHP a little least if he is gonna keep crushing them (SSS)"

Frandsen has started vs every LH starter the Phillies have faced since May 17th. They just haven't faced many lefties - fewest in the league by a decent margin.

I didn't look any deeper than just ABs. Makes sense though.

Its odd because teams used to stack LHPs against us to help beat they dont bother because we suck regardless.

Also, SSS applies.

Dugan/Franco likely get promoted in a week or two which is right on schedule for guys performing well at the A+ level.

"I don't do five year plans -- other organizations do, I guess"

that being said, the Phillies next two games are vs LHP (Detwiler, Gio).

5 year plans are for pinko commies...not baseball clubs.

I can see why Amaro didn't hesitate to sign Ryan Howard in 2009 all the way until 2017 - i mean, who bothers looking 5 years ahead anyway?

A guy like Dugan is interesting to follow. Even when he was drafted, it was purely for his bat (and to get cheap tickets to future Adam Sandler films I believe). He was a switch-hitter in prep school and his upside was described as "Lance Berkman" offensively. He took a while to adjust to pro ball and is now exclusively a LHB. He also lost a lot of time to injuries so he fell off the map. Had he been drafted last year as a Junior out of a major school like Stanford and was putting up his current numbers in High A ball, he'd be considered a pretty elite prospect overall.

If he can stick in the OF, his bat has the upside to carry him to the Majors. He was a 2nd round pick in HS for a reason. The ability is there.

Phillies next two games are vs LHP (Detwiler, Gio)
Frandsen should start at 2B, but he probably won't since Galvis had (most) of last night off. Nevermind that Galvis looks like a lost soul at the plate lately.

You would need 6 farm affiliates to hook up Rube's 5 year plan.

I really hope Frandsen gets to start at 2B, because now that Howard is "back", the chances off him sitting are gone.

Jroll's nursing his one leg a little recently, and has been weak vs LHP over recent years. It would likely be a good idea to slide Galvis to SS and let Frandsen play 2B for at least 1 of the next two games.

Nice to see Brown brake out of his mini-slump, 1st multi-hit game in 10-ish days. Still way off the pace for his 120 homerun season though.

As we like to bash Rube quite a bit its only fair to say that we should mention that finding Frandsen on the scrap heap is quite comparable to Gillick finding a guy like Dobbs...maybe even better since Frandsen can actually handle 2B.

Yes, an actual compliment to Rube on a secondary signing.

Papelbon just wanted to give the much maligned offense a chance to score more runs. It worked.

I think it is funny people get hung up on the "I don't do 5 year plans" line when in the next part he basically outlined a five year plan.

Is Pap buying Brown a Rolex for saving his arse along the lines of last year when he did the same thing?

NEPP: now if he could just find a Jayson Werth, we'll be in business.

Though to clarify, Dugan was committed to Pepperdine, not Stanford.

True, Ruben deserves kudos for the Frandsen signing. I will give him that.

I like Frandsen.

I see him hitting a HR off a lefty in one of the next 2 games. Let's hope some runners are on base (unlikely).

Lisalverto Bonilla, bullpen arm given up in the Michael Young deal - currently has a 6.23 ERA in 39 IP for Round Rock of the PCL. Sporting a 1.513 WHIP and 12.2 SO/9.

Frandsen was alledgely spotted leaving a shopping center health clinic in Florida.

Just playin

Small point about baserunning and the place of trust in the relationship w/a third base coach. On Rollins' single Revere broke for second, and then ee saw Revere looking to pick up the ball in the outfield while he was running between second and third, which to me means either he lacks trust in Sandberg's decision-making, or his fundamentals desert him in a high-pressure/leverage situation.

Let the third base coach make the decision for you. What purpose does he serve if you don't trust him to do that?

Post-cortisone Howard (25 G, 5/21-6/17)...

.326/.394/.512/.906, 99 PA, 2 HR, 14 RBI

But it does come with a very unsustainable .456 BAbip(!)

bittel - Good point. I would bet the later although Sandberg has seemingly struggled with getting guys thrown at 3B/Home.

Are there any quick numbers to see how Sandberg compares against other 3b coaches?

I think it has a bit to do with Sandberg taking a bunch of risks because the chances of us getting hits with RISP are so low anyway.

The play was right in front of Revere, wasn't it? It's not like he had to turn to pick up the ball.

Wheels seemed to think he did the right thing (though admittedly not a great endorsement).

Frandsen needs to play more. He earned it after his play last season, even when playing on a busted leg the last month of the season.

He def deserves starts over Galvis right now.

Joe D, re: Utley--

Short of it: No timetable. He doesn't want to rush. All about how he feels during rehab starts. He feels comfortable swinging now, after being apprehensive at first. Amaro guesses rehab will be "a couple of games".

Same article says Ruiz return looking like Friday at the latest. They may move up his timetable.

Fun fact:

In 130 fewer PA, Galvis has as many HRs as Jimmy Rollins.

"Same article says Ruiz return looking like Friday at the latest. They may move up his timetable."

What's the rush? When you've got Steven Lerud and Humberto Quintero on your roster, the catching position is in good hands.

Cyclic - If we're talking about the same play, I believe Rendon was standing on top of Revere, and he couldn't get up for a few seconds, after which there wasn't enough time to break for third.

bap-- The numbers clearly speak for themselves.

52 PA, 3 2B, 1 HR, 5 RBI
.245/.288/.367/.656, 78 OPS+

56 PA, 2 2B, 0 HR, 2 RBI
.235/.286/.275/.560, 55 OPS+

I'm sure clout will scold me, since I'm not allowed to be excited about any Phillies prospects, but I'm actually quite enthusiastic about Dugan. He had a bunch of injuries early in his career but he has had 3 straight years of pretty dramatic improvement. Of course, I'm sure RAJ will trade him away at the deadline for a veteran middle reliever.

Jake - I think Cyclic was talking about in the 9th. The play you're talking about was earlier when Revere stole second.

I thought Lannan started out shaky, but got stronger as the game went on. I really liked his curve ball, he should try using it more, could be a good weapon.

I thought he was talking about the 1st to 3rd on the hit and run in the 9th.

Redburb - Thanks, got it.

***He had a bunch of injuries early in his career but he has had 3 straight years of pretty dramatic improvement.***

A big part of it was that he was terrible hitting from the right side of the plate and he gave up hitting RH after the 2011 season. Since then, he's been crushing the ball.

BAP: You are absolutely allowed to be excited about Phillies prospects. Just not about their potential to play in the major leagues. For instance, I'm excited about Dugan's prospects as a Hollywood stuntman. Should be fascinating to watch.

The Braves walk-off was annoying (God I hate that team) but getting blanked by Dillon Gee for 8 innings, reaffirms my prediction that the Braves aren't as good as their record indicates.

Damn, Dugan is mashing. How's his RF defense?

The Braves record indicates that they play in a rancidly hideous division.

Cyclic - I was talking about the steal earlier in the game. Ball went into CF and Revere couldn't get up quick enough because Rendon was standing on him.

Makes you wonder after seeing those Ruiz numbers, where he will bat when he comes back.

Mike & Ike are talking about that now. What the line up will look like when him & Utley gets back.

I think the about Dugan is the fact that he wasn't really on people's radars before the season. It's good to see a breakout season like he is having though. Especially since there is a lack of depth on the farm right now.

Yeah, I'm also very excited with Dugan. He just hit his 8th HR last night too.

If had clearwater games, I would have bought it by now. I will likely pull the trigger if at least 2 of Franco, Dugan, Altherr, Milner get promoted to Reading.

Altherr is much more of a long shot and Milner is a future reliever most likely - but still like both of them. Dugan and Franco speak for themselves.

i would love for Ruiz to come back and hit #5 so we can get DOM into the top of the order, either 2 or 3.

Corn - The difference between Ruiz and Quintero (are we really doing this?) is that Ruiz was coming off a long layoff and it usually takes more than 56 plate appearances to get your timing back.

I knew Franco and Dugan were playing well, but both have even better numbers than I expected.

Dugan: .351/.426/.589
Franco: .296/.349/.565

For a power hitter, Franco only has 39 strikeouts in his 280 PAs (a K rate of 13.9%). That's better than every position player on the Phillies except M. Young, Utley, Revere, and Frandsen--and none of those guys, save Utley, qualifies as a power hitter. That's quite impressive.

Dugan is two years older, and plays a less important defensive position (and I don't think all that well), so he needs to keep raking and he needs to be promoted soon. But yeah, it's a hell of a season he's putting together.

Gonna need Ruiz to get his XBH stroke back before using him the 5 hole.

I like Ruiz in the 8 hole. I know that doesn't sound right, but he does well there.

Here is my ideal lineup when Utley/Ruiz return:

1. Revere
2. Utley
3. Rollins (gotta split 3 lefties somehow)
4. Howard
5. Brown
6. Mayberry
7. MYoung
8. Ruiz

lore-- Sounds like you're joining awh's club...

I predict that the 8 names in Jake's post never appear in the same lineup no more than 5 times. Actually, since my prediction means nothing, I'll go 0 times.

Let's see how many more lineup posts it takes before TTI blows his brains out

lore-- That's only cause DYoung is the Phillies' everyday RF

Somebody posted it a couple weeks ago and I do the same thing; I never read the lineup posts.

I really wish The Delmon Young Experiment would end.

I never read the posts where people complain about other people's posts.

"I think the about Dugan is the fact that he wasn't really on people's radars before the season."

He should have been. He had a nice 2012 season. I think his season kind of flew under the radar because he has been around for a long time & people probably assumed that, by this time, he's just doing what he's supposed to do when he puts up good numbers in the Sally League. But he's still only 22.

Didn't the Delmon Young Experiment open up at Woodstock?

Yeah, and after them was the Michael Martinez Mistake Band.

All Dugan needs to do is set the single-season record for minor league home runs, and then we'll surely see him in the bigs, right?

lorecore - because of injuries, or because DYoung is still getting starts?

Dom Brown needs to hit a HR or 2 on this homestand.

jake: both.

and trades.

Would anyone here trade Biddle for Stanton straight up?

Is that a joke?

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