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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Feels like a loss.

Rather than tipping my cap even one more time, I took my cap out back to the barbecue yesterday and it is no longer in tipping shape. In ashen form, it is much like the ashes of this forgetful Phillies season. Yes, feels like a loss. Gone are the days when Curt Schilling would to into Coors Field and shut down the mighty zero gravity fueled Rocky bats.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 2m
Ryan Howard, who has 1 HR in his last 126 PA, is on pace for 16 HR and 77 RBI.

GBrettfan: Take the under.

Smitty has said a ton the last few days without actually saying anything. I'm surprised he's not part of the lawyer contingent on BL.

Going to see the Phils at Nats (Fathers Day gift).

I have a few months but are there any precautions I need to take time-wise getting down there or anything I need to see in the park area?
Years ago my wife gave me and a buddy Eagles-Skins tix and I was totally unaware you had to shuttle in and it took forever. Missed first quarter.

Iceman - I didn't say the Phils should dump Revere and that they need to keep starting him. I wouldn't mind in the least though if the Phils do make a trade that it includes a CF prospect either.

As for his defense, here are Revere's rank (MLB among 28 CFs who have played at least 300 in CF this season

FP: .994 (t-10th with 4 others)
UZR/150: 4.2 (13th)
RZR: .929 (t-15th)
OOZ: 41 (5th)
DRS: -1 (18th)
RF/9: 3.00 (3rd)

Pretty much what I expected. His speed and athleticism although him to cover a ton of ground but because he isn't good at positioning himself/routes he takes it undermines his great range. Further dragged down a bit by his lack of a throwing arm.

We should just think of him along the lines of a Pre-juice Marlon Byrd

This series has been bizarro world for our pitching, for the most part. The starters have been horrible, and the bullpen has pitched well (except for Horst, he's always bad). Methinks it might be a case of the Rox shutting it down some after clubbing our starters like so many baby seals.

Heading south:

Here are some numbers since May 1st as the offense has really struggled

M. Young: .244/.315/.333 (.649 OPS) with 1 HR in 149 PAs in 35 G

Balls that were getting through the infield in April aren't now and he's fried. Basically nothing more than a backup player at this point especially given several limitations.

Cholly has kind of acknowledged this a bit and been playing Galvis there a bit more. I wouldn't even seeing Frandsen get some more starts at 3B vs LHP. Can't bench Young but he is a guy at this point that should be sitting 1-2/week.

Good to see Frandsen getting the start, good to see Yak out for the 3rd straight game. Hopefully he's lost the job for good.

When Utley returns it should be the same lineup as this, with Utley in the 2 hole, and 3B (Galvis or Young) in the 7 hole. Chooch off drugs should bat 8th.

MG- you did say that. I mean, it wasn't even that long ago. Why you would try to just make up that you didn't say it is just bizarre.

And Revere's UZR/150 puts him 11th, not 13th, among qualified CF. His DRS is 14th out of qualified CF, not 18th. His RZR is 12th, not 15th. Not going to bother quality checking your other stats, but those are wrong. My guess is you grouped him with unqualified CF to prove your point.

The fact that he gets to more balls out of zone than all but four guys in the league speaks to his potential. He's already an above-average CF, as proven by those rankings against qualified CF, and can be elite with his great range.

Jake- they said DYak wouldn't play the field at Coors. My guess is he'll be back tomorrow batting 6th.

I'm no Mayberry fan, but he's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he should be in there instead of DYak.

And for good measure, Revere is tied for 7th with 4 others- not 't10'- in fielding percentage among qualified CF. He's also made the 5th most put-outs in the league.

So MG batted about .333 on his rankings there, getting 2 out of 6 right.

Travis Ishikawa or D Young?

Off to the movies because my husband is not a baseball fan, but hope the Phillies win!

Happy Father's Day (in case you didn't see my post in the last thread saying that)!

Hamels throwing a crapload of pitches already.

"Travis Ishikawa or D Young?"

Travis Ishikawa is left-handed and he's not an outfielder. The question should be: Darrin Ruf or D. Young.


Might as well have put that one on a tee.

nice pitch, ace


What's our pitch differential? Gotta be terrible. Just horrible approaches so far. We seem to be down 0-2 always while Hamels has had a ton of 3-2 counts

That's qualified CFs and only 24 have played enough innings.

I used 300 innings as a cut off because it had 28 CFs so basically it represented just about every team and the rankings are accurate.

Phillies are hacking early in the count today after showing good plate discipline the last 2-3 games. Is this the game plan against Chacin, or are the players tuning out the coaches again?

I guess another outing where the offense doesn't score.

Chacin has an ERA well above 5.00 since the start of '12 at home and a career 4.40 ERA here. You think the Phils would be able to scratch a few runs against him.

Only 21 players have played in CF to qualify for formal stats BTY coming into today.

Seems like teams are fouling off and spoiling a ton of pitches against Hamels this year. He's had trouble putting guys away, guys he's just blown away in the past.

Not even halfway thru the game and Kreskin has foretold that the Phils will not score today.

Everyone, find something else to do with your day.

It is pretty ridiculous the way the players refuse to score runs for Cole Hamels. I don't care how many of their kittens he has drowned, they're just cutting off their noses to spite their asses.

That being said, Jhoulys Whatever is one of the best young arms etc etc.

At least when pitching to the stupid ass Phillies hitters.

The Phillies score when they run deep counts and take a methodical approach. They're not good enough to ambush a pitcher and swing at first pitch fastballs.

If Hamels loses this game 1-0 he should demand a trade.

Awesome, the Fightins on pace for an 82 pitch shutout. Now that Dom's hot streak is over, there's nothing duller than a Phillies game.

Why is that Phillie standing on the base instead of going back in the dugout where he belongs?

Gosh. Rollins.

You stink.

Jimmy anxious to get home for Father's day

curt - Dom is a young hitter going through a learning curve. Give him a few more days or a week, and he'll start launching them again.

Having said that, I do agree its tough to watch the offense when he's not hitting.

So, Chacin CGSHO then?



Plane already has engine running.

I will see you all again after Amaro blows up the team. (OR Ownership blows up Amaro.)

Andy - please let it be the latter.

This is a bad team.

Highest OBP coming into today (besides Frandsen) was JRoll at .322 and every guy in this lineup has % BB that is below the MLB average right now besides JRoll who is just slightly above it.

I would say that Rollins needs to be benched or dropped in the order until he stops playing heartless lackadaisical baseball, but there are no alternatives in the lineup. None! Ruben Amaro is a complete failure of a GM.

I wouldn't say JRoll is playing 'lackadaisical baseball' but yeah he's a guy who should be hitting no higher than 7th right now in a decent lineup.

He hasn't had that much pop so far this year & I wonder how healthy he is playing with that banged up hip/foot right now.

Screw the starting 8. Save for Brown and Rollins I don't care if I ever see any of them again.

If Ruben makes it through the offseason, I will be shocked.

These guys just plain don't like scoring runs, at all - not just in games Hamels pitches. 2-10

Jake: Can you give an example of this "heartless lackadaisacal baseball?" He hit into a DP. It isn't an act of intentional malfeasance.

Cole is about to punch someone in the face.

Let the bloops begin. Nationals game all over again.

5 time runner-up, mickelson, eagles to take the lead.

We can call Rube a failure now when they suck because he said he is responsible for the offense.

Phillies hitters tormented Lee last year. Now it's Hamels' turn.

Not scoring a run today, so whatever.

Tough decision: Lackadaisical Rollins or energetic Galvis, one of the worst hitters in baseball?

BAP - I love what Rollins has done for this team, but he plays heartless no-hustle baseball quite often. The Phillies finally got a leadoff runner on base, Rollins promptly swings at the first pitch, trying to be a hero.

At this point I just think Hamels is saying WTF....if nobody else is doing anything I'm not busting my butt either.

Cole 2 and 10. No chance they come back

Hamels giving the clown, I mean ump, the business. Love it.

MG- including part time players in rankings with defensive statistics, over a 2.5 month period of time, is just stupid. Even using metrics for full-timers is stupid over that amount of time, but it's all we have this year right now.

Over the past three years (coming into today), only 25 CF have played 1500+ innings in CF. Revere's UZR/150 is 8th out of those 25. He is an above average CF, period, the end.

The more impressive stat, to me: he's made 142 OOZ (Outs Out of Zone) in 1577.2 innings since 2011. That's one play out of zone every 11.11 innings. That is more frequently than every single qualified CF, including guys like Carlos Gomez, Denard Span, and Austin Jackson.

There's a strong argument to be made that he's the fastest CF in the league by the amount of ground he covers and the amount of balls he turns into outs that others simply don't get to. It also points to his potential going forward: if, at age 25, you're getting to more balls out of your zone than any other player in baseball, with just 1500 innings at the position, his ceiling is a top 3-5 CF in the league.

Jake, save it for Crossing Broad.

Hamels ran out of gas there and got hurt by a couple of weak infield hits.

Ball game and another series loss. 3rd straight and 4 of the last 5 with the only series' win this month so far vs Fish.

Just a horredous offensive team and I wonder how much of a lift Utley/Chooch can provide at this point.

gobay- they are going to give him at least one more year. So prepare yourself for that.

Iceman - I agree but I love how you reframe the argument because the numbers don't look favorable at all for Revere.

He's hasn't been a top 10 defender in CF the last 3 years and so far this year he hasn't shown that ability either.

Jake: Swinging at the 1st pitch probably isn't a great idea. But I'm struggling to see how it translates to heartlessness or lack of hustle. Methinks you're p*ssed off about the results of his last AB & are, therefore, projecting all sorts of character flaws onto him that have no basis in fact.

I would think Utley and Chooch would provide a pretty nice lift from Quintero and Galvis. Just a guess.

And when Howard gets back, it will be a huge boost from..hold on, what?

Hamels is on pace for a 22-loss season after he loses his 10th today.

Didn't have his 'A' stuff today but he pitched more than well enough to win too. Ridiculous how bad the offense is when he has been on the mound the last 6 weeks.

Iceman - It will and I swear have no idea how Quintero is above the Mendoza line. Every time I see him hit is seems like a weak fly ball or ground ball.

What's the Phils record on Sundays this year? It seems like they have lost a ton of games.

MG- what am I reframing? Instead of using numbers from a 2.5 month period of time, I'm using 2.5 seasons of data that has him 8th out of 25 in UZR/150. There's no reframing going on here. What's more predictive for you, 2.5 years of defensive data or 2.5 months?

Not easy to get shut out in Colorado. But if anyone can do it, these guys can!

That's only a single measurement and you need to include mroe players than only the qualified players over that time.

Looked quickly and the Phils are 6-5 today if they lose on Sundays. I thought for sure they would have had a losing record.

BAP - Not exactly. You're correct that his last at bat wasn't particularly "heartless" or "lackadaisical", and that I am p*ssed off about it, but my criticism isn't baseless. Perhaps that wasn't the right time to dish it, but its true.

Quintero, the zero tool player, strikes again.

Batting third in right field for your Phillie Killers...Carlos Gonzalez!

A tired Defratus gives up an expected bomb.

Yep another laugher. Go 2013 Phillies

33-37 on June 16th isn't the end of the world. I just hope that Ruben doesn't expect Utley to light the team on fire. He needs to add pieces if he wants the team to start winning consistently.

Anyway, I find it hard to care if Rollins sometimes doesn't run out ground balls. Utley goes full bore on every play and he hasn't played more than 115 games since 2009. Maybe the Phillies would be better off if he took a page from Rollins & didn't run out every ground ball.

I'm far less concerned about Rollins' lack of hustle than I am about his diminishing skills.

Hitting clinic......EeeSh!

June 16th 2012, the Phillies were 31-36, dead last in the NL East.

Who would ever have thought Hamels would have double digit losses by mid-June?

MG- I have no idea what you're trying to say. If you make it min: 1000 innings, he's 11th over that time (with Nyjer Morgan, Trout and Gentry moving ahead of him) out of 34 qualified.

UZR/150 is the closest you can get to a be all, end all defensive stat. And according to that he's a top 1/3 CF getting to balls hit out of zone more frequently than any other player in the league.

BAP - Its not about running out ground balls, and its not just about Rollins. Several guys on this team don't play at their highest level anymore, and you can't just blame it on "diminishing skills" they aren't 38 years old. They just don't take the game as seriously as they used to.

Chacin only at 79 pitches with one out in the 9th. What a f#@king joke.

Jake: How would you, or anyone, know that they don't take the game seriously anymore? It IS just diminishing skills. When players get into their mid-30s, their skills diminish.

Too little, too late.

So Howard and Utley aren't diminishing with age and injury, they just don't care? Rollins too? Do D Young, Mayberry and Revere just care less than Werth, Burrell, Ibanez and Victorino or are they worse players? Help me out here. Who exactly doesn't care anymore?

gobay - They care, just not as much as they used to.

Well if that's it, Ruben should just get people who care more? Does Ruben care as much or is he a lackadaisical GM?

Chacin really cared a lot today. Good work. He cared really well and hard. Good action on his care-ball.

BAP - Its just my opinion, but it seems plainly obvious to me.

I'm so glad we are paying Cole $20 mil for the next 20 years so we can't win for him. Is it safe to say Dom is in a rut and has come back to his norm?

gobay - Every player cares when they get on the field, but not every player cares enough to put in the time, preparation, and practice that enables them to play at peak levels when the game starts.

Dom looking horrendous again

gobay making me laugh, which I'd have thought impossible after what I just watched.

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