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Monday, June 10, 2013


May the good lord take a liking to this team and blow it up real good.

Blow it up.

Fire him then blow it up

The reason he's not trading Lee isn't because he doesn't want to "blow it up." It's because he already threw the guy under the bus the first time he traded him away, and then got lucky enough that Lee would sign at a discount to come back. Lee really, really wants to be here, for whatever reason, and Rube would be a real d8ck to trade him for peanuts again.

*(previous post should not be misconstrued that Ruben Amaro, Jr is not a d8ck)

“Domonic has allowed guys to work with him -- Steve Henderson, Wally Joyner, Chase [Utley],” Amaro said. “I wish some of our veterans would take advice like that. It doesn’t happen all the time. They get locked into their way of doing things. They know what they need to do to have success, but sometimes a new voice helps.”

Gee, I wonder who he's talking about there.

I don't need your crummy muthaf8ckkng leadoff spot anyway, rube

I'm not so sure that Cliff Lee has nearly as much trade value as everyone thinks. For one thing, his remaining salary is massive; unless the Phillies are prepared to eat significant sums of salary, there is a very small universe of teams that can take on that kind of salary. He's also turning 35 in a couple months and, unlike RAJ, most GMs are going to be very leery about taking on between $62 and $77.5M of additional contract for a pitcher that old. Finally, he has no-trade protection and, while I doubt he'd actually veto a trade to a contender, he will certainly use his leverage to make additional demands -- which could make trading him even more complicated.

I'd definitely listen if the right offer came along. I'm just very skeptical that the right offer is actually going to come along.

If you were the Secret Ownership Group, would you rather:

A)Have Rube blow it up, get whatever and let him fall on his sword to take the heat. Replace him next year.


B)Can his ass and then reveal to the world that indeed, you, the ownership group are blowing it up and use a puppet to make the trades and replace him next year


Sad Guy: I don't really understand the question but any answer that includes the phrase "Can his ass" is the one I'm going to go with.

“Delmon has had success in fits and starts,” Amaro said. “By this time I had hoped for a little more consistent offensive production. How patient can we be? I’m not sure. But we’ll be patient until he improves or somebody produces more than him.”

Consistent Production.

The only thing we're blowing up here is the farm system.....muhahahahahaha

How can someone have a chance to "produce" more than DYoung when he starts every game?

No sense in "blowing things up." After all, TBag did a good job of reminded me over the weekend that D Young is only 27.

Who are we going to "retool" around? Dom, Cole, Lee and Kendrick? Utley and Ruiz are FA. Howard is below-replacement. We have the same holes - CF, RF and 3B - we had last offseason and nothing at the minor league level that looks ready to step in (maybe Cody Asche, maybe).
Rollins is still a top-10 SS, but he's one of the few players you have a *viable* replacement for in Galvis. And with a decent contract at a premium position, he could attract interest.

A lot of people, clout in particular, harp on the low odds of turning any of these players into prospects of value. That's true. But the key for the Phillies is deepen the talent level in their system in order to increase the sample of potential MLB players down the road. There is no short fix for them. They have had injuries and bad luck to key players, many of whom they are paying a lot of money to now and have committed to in the future. But to stay married to them and not understand the opportunity cost of doing so is simply foolish.

Retooling? I'll retool you!

""Boston didn’t blow it up last year," Amaro said. "They retooled. That’s the challenge we have whether it’s July 31 or November 1.”"

Boston didn't blow up their roster? What do you call trading three big contracts to one team in exchange for prospects?

He can talk about not trading Lee all he wants. I think he clearly has it floating around as a possibility. The rumors the last few years didn't come out of nowhere. As for the notion that Lee couldn't fetch anything worth trading for because of his salary, it totally misses the point. He should be shopped and a specific price should be put on his head, both in salary and prospects. If someone meets the price, great. If not, hang on to him until someone does.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that if a team like Texas found out he was available and a certain price was set, they wouldn't eventually cave and meet the asking price. But again, that's beside the point. If Amaro is interested in doing his job, Lee will be actively shopped at the deadline without desperation (like was done with Pence last year). I think suitors will definitely be there.

I also hate the Sox comparisons on the "retool." Ellsbury, Pedroia, Bucholtz and Lester are all 28 & 29. Lee, Howard, Paps and Rollins will be 34 & 35. That age gap is a big difference.

A) Allow Rube to run the blowing up. Can him afterward to satisfy the critics when he gets nothing. Blame it all on him.

B) Can him now. Run the mop up yourself with interim folks. Blame him for the crap that results. Replace him.

I also can Charley no matter what. I don't need another year or two of the current crop with him. I also don't need a bunch of young fellows easing into a "warm bath" atmosphere with a cozy players' manager.

Baseball teams are flush with money. Lee, unlike many players with $80 million or more left on their contracts, is a very, very good baseball player.

Someone should bite, and most likely will.

Rube should be slapped for comparing Boston vs Philly. Boston core younger and healthier. Rube wake up

I was asked if I had thoughts on the debate about the Phillies being closer to first than fourth right now on June 10th.

Yes I do. It is fvcking June 10th you jagoff. Also, I won't get near as much enjoyment should I be right as the other person will if they are and the Phillies tank.

The RedSox are a bad comp, not only for the reasons Corey stated, but also because their 2013 success has obscured the fact that their off-season "retooling" efforts are not really the reason for their success.

Among their FA signings, the only ones who have hit are Napoli & Uehara. Otherwise, they threw big money at Vic, Gomes, Dempster, and Drew, and none of them is doing particularly well. The real reason the Sox are in first place is because Bucholz has been outrageously good, Ellsbury has stayed healthy, Lackey has bounced back with a big year, & holdovers like Ortiz, Pedroia, & Saltamacchia are performing even better than their norms. Is there anyone on the Phillies' present roster who can reasonably be expected to put up the kinds of numbers in 2014 than Ortiz, Pedroia & Salty are putting up in 2013?

@Willard Preacher: "Lee really, really wants to be here, for whatever reason..."

I'm not so sure this is true anymore. I know that he wanted to be here 2 years ago. But a few of the comments he has made after some games, can't remember exact quotes, have left me with the impression that he wants to play for a contender. Stuff you don't say if you know your offense is merely slumping, but know that it won't take you anywhere this year.

“Domonic has allowed guys to work with him -- Steve Henderson, Wally Joyner, Chase [Utley],” Amaro said. “I wish some of our veterans would take advice like that. It doesn’t happen all the time. They get locked into their way of doing things. They know what they need to do to have success, but sometimes a new voice helps.”

WTF Isn't a Charlie supposed to deal with this?

Charley = Tito, the Return

Boston would be good this year whether they retooled or not. That's the point. We won't be because we don't have enough good players.

The next time this team is a contender it will have a different C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CF, manager and GM. And at least 3 of those new players will be products of our farm system. Yes, we're talking years. Dom could possibly be that team's Burrell, Freddy its Rollins.

I don't think the mention of Boston is supposed to be considered a 1 to 1 comparison. But it doesn't surprise me that so many people on here take it as such considering Amaro said it.

On a semi-different note: I agree with the general consensus that I'd rather not have Amaro conducting the potential firesale.

TTI- are you really surprised he's gloating already? This means so much to him. If he ends up being wrong, at least he'll get some gloating in before the fact.

He also said the Mets will be a lot better than people think, which was the big reason for the prediction. They're 23-35 and have been swept twice by Miami.

sneed - You make a couple of great points and if you look at the AA/AAA rosters there isn't a single player on them right now who is a lock to be an Opening Day starter any position for the Phils next April.

Bunch of question marks and largely what looks like role players or part-time players.

Iceman: I'm not surprised. It is what earned him the DWOS moniker. Well that and implying I was a racist. Just ignoring him and not conversing with him makes this site so much more pleasant.

I just figure he is a moron with the attention span of a gnat and thinks the season ends in a week or two.

Amaro is going to be here through the end of '14 and very likely until the end of '15 when his contract is up.

I really didn't disagree or find fault with anything Amaro said in the interview except the point about D. Young producing. Just an executive trying to do some basic media PR.

Amaro thinks D. Young is obviously some of kind of power hitter which I simply don't get. He hasn't been his entire career.

No retooling,guess not.Durbin,Dyoung,Revere,how'd that work out.
I'd take the over on any of the Pigs OFers given the same ABS,would produce more than DYoung.If that doesn't tell you how bad he's been nothing will.That doesn't even take Defense into the picture.

I love all these questions.
Regarding the Mets, is it a worse sign for your team that you have to send Ike Davis down? Or is it worse he is playing on your big team squad to begin with?

Can the same question be asked if at least 4 current starting Phillies?

As for Rube, get rid of him and do some real soul searching or recruit some outside brains before you blow up the team.

asked of, I mean

Amaro is delusional. It's clear as a bell that his ass needs to be fired. The person who put the team in this hole cannot be put in charge of getting us out of it. If allowed to keep his job, we will be treading water in place for a long, long time. And for that, the responsible party would be Dave Montgomery.

Reading between the lines here is what Amaro is saying:

- 'I had hoped that some of the veterans we have would bounce back this year, we would be a little north of .500 right now, and we could push that we were in the heart of the playoff race (as a WC) to keep the ratings up & juice movement on the tickets"

- "When I mean retooling what I am saying is that I realize this team is going to be rebuilding and this is jut a matter of semantics."

- "I can't trade Lee because I want to have some semblance of a decent team over the next year or two until the new TV contract is finalized. Moving Lee might help the club over the longer term but it will almost certainly hurt us over the short term to field a competitive enough team to keep ticket sales/ratings above certain internal thresholds we have benchmarked in '14 and '15."

"Looking forward to the final chapter of Rube's new book next month: "How to Decimate a Franchise in Two Years."

A little nit here (being OCD): people misuse 'decimate' all the time, as if it meant 'wiped out' or 'largely destroyed', whereas in fact, it means 'to eliminate one in ten', from ancient roman army discipline. Carry on then...

When I saw the comment about 'Can his ass' (in reference to R00b), I first read it as 'Cane his ass', and thought "yeah, that sounds righteous!"

Two quick thoughts. Amaro isn't going anywhere. This team is nowhere close enough to rock bottom for ownership to sacrifice Amaro, regardless of how bad he's been. Look at Ed Wade's tenure, Amaro's here to stay.

As for trading Lee, and what kind of haul you might get in return, the Mets trade of RA Dickey is probably a good place start. They received three real prospects (two in MLBs top 30 and one in the team's top 15). You'd probably have to eat salary to get that kind of return, as Dickey is incredibly affordable. Of course then you're relying on Amaro and his staff to identify top prospects, and that's where things get dicey.

Hitman (how ironic a name),
Can we "get rid of" Monty and Giles too?

Amaro on Phillies: 'There's no blowing up'

Just blowing.

Just blowing.>


I predict that after the new TV deal is finalized or close to it that Monty and Co will finally cash out. They would kind of be foolish not to.

"As for trading Lee, and what kind of haul you might get in return, the Mets trade of RA Dickey is probably a good place start. They received three real prospects (two in MLBs top 30 and one in the team's top 15). You'd probably have to eat salary to get that kind of return, as Dickey is incredibly affordable. Of course then you're relying on Amaro and his staff to identify top prospects, and that's where things get dicey."

I agree with all of this. And for me, what the Mets got for Dickey is right on the borderline of what I'd take for Lee- and that's if the team agrees to take on a large portion of his salary. Dickey had no track record and no guaranteed years on his deal when he was dealt. A team trading for Lee is getting a top 10 pitcher at the top of his game for 3 years, with a five year track record of success at the top of his profession. Asking for the moon for this guy is not at all out of line. And if you don't get it, keep him and go through the exercise again next year (or in the offseason with the terrible FA pitching class this year).

But like Brad said, all of this is depending on Amaro and company properly evaluating talent and getting a proper return in a deal for Lee. The chances of that happening are as close to zero as mathematically possible.

RN: thanks for the info on 'decimate', never knew the origin.
Although, many dictionaries now list the common useage as an alternate definition. Therefore it's not really being "mis-used".

Oh yeah, and "season = over"
(phew, almost forgot the obligatory comment)

Use of "decimate" to mean "reduce by one-tenth" is so archaic and out of popular use since the 1800s that I briefly thought for a moment that you did actually have OCD. (Bonus for BL: Algorithmic support for my position)

Then, I saw that you used the phrase "being OCD" which is a bit perplexing. I mean, OCD is a noun, right? Being disorder? Surely no one with OCD would play so fast and loose with grammar like that, no matter how colloquially accepted it is.

It's all good. :-)

Directv should get the new Phillies TV contract and then refuse to do business with Comcast.

No, that was just typing too fast :) Just because people sloppily pollute the language doesn't make it any less correct! So there :)

Iceman: "And if you don't get it, keep him and go through the exercise again next year."

I generally agree with you that the Phils are in a nice position and have leverage here to get what they want.

But the issue with waiting until next year is that the agrument you laid out well above is reduced. You're now marketing a pitcher for only two more years instead of three, and he's now 35 instead of 34, and you're hoping he's still at the top of his game (given how well he's pitching right now, it'd be hard for him to be better--more likely he's either pitching the same or not as well).

The point is, it's a balancing act. Yes, the Phils should have the leverage to walk away from a deal they don't think is top end. But there's a lot of downside risk to doing that. The odds are that Lee has his peak amount of value right now. It's hard to imagine a better offer coming along a year from now, even if you don't think this offer is totally ideal.

Texas is offering me Profar and Olt for Lee, but there are several toolsy, borderline prospects in low-A ball that I'm thinking of instead. One of them was a quarterback in high-school, and another, a point guard. Decisions, decisions.

A math lesson. Ten games behind at mid-season projects out to 20 games behind at season's end. Now I doubt that it will be that bad, but 15 behind doesn't feel much better. As for attendance, how many fans will want to see a team on a steep downward glidepath? So, the choice is really between a bad team resulting from a selloff and a bad team resulting from adding a few "pieces." I would much rather see a young, rebuilding team than an old, declining one, even though the result may be the same in terms of winning percentage.

We're really not that great. clout may come by the locker room and literally steal our underwear but we are not worth it. Galvis is much better. Just being honest.

Jack- I actually think there's a good chance he reaches the peak of his value in the offseason. Look at the list of available FA pitchers (Kuroda/Burnett/Lincecum are the best guys available). If he's shopped, he will be at the top of the class by a wide margin. Not only will he be at the top of the class, he'll basically be the entire class.

Of course there's a chance he blows his arm out between now and then, but it's a risk I'd take if I didn't get what I wanted by July 31st.

I think I was misquoted. A reporter for ESPN asked me about the team, and I said 'This team blows', and he apparently heard that as "This team should be blown up'. Tragic, really...

My scouts tell me we're only 1 more quality starter from making a run at the whole enchilada! They tell me that Roy Oswalt is available, and would LOVE to play in Philly again! I am a little worried though, since I heard he's Jewish and Delmon might get a little agitated - can't have stress reduce Delmon's Productivity™ - decisions, decisions...

It might be easier for teams to budget for a guy like Lee in the off-season, after some of their own payroll obligations have ended. Plus, your universe of suitors could increase in the off-season since ALL teams are generally in buying mode at that time -- as opposed to mid-season, when you're only dealing with contending teams. And seemingly every off-season, there's some previously low-payroll team which suddenly decides to start throwing money around like gang-busters.

Of course, the risk of holding onto him until the off-season is that he could get injured or simply have a bad second half, thereby decreasing his value.

I love how the interviewer has to quote OBPs while Rube talks about production.

Why in the hell would Amaro want to trade Lee? He's the worst flesh-swapper in baseball, and would never get sufficient compensation for Lee.

Blow it up. Play the kids and see what they can do. A couple seasons of growing pains is better than watching the current crop of crap. I hope that both Youngs, Utley, Papelbon at least are gone in July.
Ruf? He isn't a 26 year-old minor leaguer for no reason.
The good times are done. Too bad they didn't win another WS as they should have. Not unlike the 1976-81 team.

Which intrepid Phillies beat writer will be the first to ask RAJ the question that every Beerleaguer poster wants to ask: "You keep mentioning production. Can you define what that term means in your mind?"

He mentioned Jimmy in that article. Rollins has basically been Rollins. With one main exception I thought hew would have 2-3 more dingers than he has. Did he think or hope for J-Roll to be the 04-07 versions?

Sorry guys, but anyone who wishes to blow the team up is sadly misguided.

First off, look who will be in charge of the fire sale. Does anyone here have faith in Ruben Amaro selling off high-priced talent for a good return?

Second, this is a big market team, the Phillies don't need to cut payroll for the sake of cutting payroll. The Phillies can absorb a few bad signings (Adams, Howard, Halladay, etc) and still go out and get good players to compete every year. The collective attitude of the fanbase seems to be stuck in the 90's when the Phillies had their own self-imposed salary cap. Instead of demanding a fire sale, we should be demanding moves that enable the team to compete every year, including this year! The Phillies need 2 quality bullpen arms and one very good outfielder to put them on equal footing with the Braves.

Even accepting the questionable claim that the Phillies need 2 quality bullpen arms and one very good outfielder to be on equal footing with the Braves, that isn't nearly good enough. They need to be 9 games better than the Braves over the next 98.

The Braves are on pace to win 100 games. To win 100 games, this team would have to finish 69-29.

Allow me to "edit" my last sentence. The Braves are not the best measuring stick. I meant to say that 2 quality arms and one good outfielder would make the team a legitimate contender.

However, Jake, I do agree with most of what you say. With this team's financial advantages, they aren't that far from competing, and it's not inconceivable that Cliff Lee is still around for the next contending Phillies team. It isn't likely to be this year, though.

The Phillies don't need to be 9 games better than the Braves. If they improve before the deadline and only make up enough ground to win the WC, its a brand new season.

Sorry, Jake. Blowing up the team will allow talented youngsters to show their stuff and develop, not unlike the core of Howard, Utley, Rollins, Hamels, Ruiz (sort of) did years ago. Nothing will help this team this year as long as both Youngs, Howard, and a 3rd string catcher are in the lineup and Pettibone and Cloyd are in the rotation. Get a grip.

The current WC standings are CIN, PIT, SFG (3.5 GB), COL (3.5 GB), WAS (5.5 GB), PHI (6.5 GB). I would argue the WC is even tougher than the division.

"The Phillies can absorb a few bad signings (Adams, Howard, Halladay, etc) and still go out and get good players to compete every year."

They went into the off-season in desperate need of a RH power bat. They signed Delmon Young. They also needed bullpen depth. They signed Chad Durbin. They needed a center fielder. They passed on Upton, Pagan, Vic and Bourn and traded for Ben Revere. Those 3 moves, in and of themselves, pretty much refute the idea that the Phillies are able or willing to just absorb all their bad contracts, without any resulting harm to the team.

Bert - The prospects should get time filling in for injured regulars (like Galvis 2012) and force their way into the lineup if they deserve it. Utley & Howard had to prove themselves before getting starting jobs, why should Hernandez and Asche get a free pass?

I'm not advocating for DYoung, Quintero and injured Ryan Howard to be in the lineup. Michael Young im ok with, Delmon should be a bench player (or gone). Ruiz and Utley are coming back over the next 2 weeks. The sky isn't falling.

BAP - The problem this offseason wasn't cheap ownership. The problem was an incompetent GM.

Jimmy has been a slightly lesser version of what he was last year. A little more OBP, which is nice, but less power, and some odd baserunning (caught stealing a few more times than you'd expect). Solid defense. Overall, a similar player, if just a little bit down.

Of course, he's 34. You would expect a slightly lesser version of him. Unless you're Ruben Amaro Jr. and you think baseball players peak "production" occurs at age 37.

"The problem this offseason wasn't cheap ownership. The problem was an incompetent GM."

I didn't say ownership was cheap. I said that bad contracts DO impair the Phillies' maneuverability (as they do with all teams). And I pointed to the 2012-2013 off-season as an example of that impaired maneuverability in action.

Besides, no one is advocating a sell-off to get rid of bad contracts. The Phillies only have one truly horrendous contract, and it's pretty widely accepted that they ain't getting rid of it.

The purpose of a sell-off is to re-stock the farm system with some top prospects -- the likes of which we have very few. It's much easier to absorb bad contracts when you have an influx of top prospects at AAA, who are ready to assume key roles in the near future, while costing very little. The Phillies don't have that.

@Jake: The kids can prove it in the minors and maybe in the bigs, like the Latin Connection. Howard proved it w/ Thome's injury. Just play the kids. They CAN'T make the playoffs. PERIOD. Time for growing pains and some empty seats.

The Philadelphia Sports Gods wont let us have another championship team till 2025. We be bought to the finals or on to the brink of winning and lose. The gods just let us have this one in 08 to mess with our heads. Mwahahaha, Wuwhahaha.......Sigh!

I haven't seen something so disingenuous in a long while, BAP. Re: CFs, there's a difference between passing on someone and losing out on them. The only one of those four that the Phils truly passed on was Vic, as there was never much interest in a reunion from the FO's side. The Phils were otherwise in on all three of the others: The overpay for Upton and Bourn was too great at the time, while Pagan demonstrated no real desire to leave San Francisco. That context is important, as Revere was traded for after Upton and Pagan were off the board and Bourn was still asking for nine-figures. The Revere trade made sense at the time, no matter how much revisionist piling-on is done.

The same applies to the search for a RH power-hitting corner outfielder. It's not as if the Phils' first choice was Delmon Young. They flirted with Josh Hamilton, Cody Ross, and even Ichiro, but came up short due to a combination of money and personal intangibles. Young was ultimately the best of the remaining crappy alternatives after the first five or six choices were exhausted. Now, I suppose you could argue that the Phils' old signing of bad contracts with Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, and Johnathon Papelbon prevented them from signing new bad ones with Josh Hamilton and Nick Swisher, but that argument is more than a little self-defeating, don't you think?

Juums: As it happens, I'm glad we didn't sign many of those guys I mentioned. But Jake claimed that these large contracts don't hamstring us. The fact that we got out-bid on all of these potential FAs surely suggests that what Jake says is incorrect, and our ability to spend IS being hampered by our many large contracts. I mean, whether for better or worse, RAJ never used to let himself get out-bid by anyone.

I thanked the stars they did not sign BJ. Not because he has been struggling. Just saw him as another version of what Howard has been the last 1 1/2 years. Then we would have 2 KO strikeout kings with low BA and low OBP and outrageous contracts. I had a feeling Pagan did not want to leave SF. I also had a feeling that the FO (for whatever reasons) did not want Shane back. Im assuming theres some bad blood or sorts there. Whomever they had to potentially sign was going to be overpay. Swisher and Ross havent set the world on fire. Hamilton has sucked and no way I would of gave him that contract. That leaves lets see hmmmm?

At least the draft is getting great reviews. And if we can sign our top ten guys then farm system will look a little better. Three top 100 players are in the mix. And that awesome cool guy law even said we nailed it. Who knows where we go from here. Just have another .500 year and go from there. Shame Nelson Cruz was in the ped crap. He would look a lot better in RF then demon. Morse can't stay healthy so free agent class doesn't seem to good either. So u either trade paps and lee and get up to 6 players back. That u hope 3 top 50 guys and other pcs. Love the St. Louis farm system. Pipe dream, but that is what we have to look forward from here on out.

Kratz should have stuck with real bacon.

BAP - All I'm saying is that the Phillies have the luxury of a big market and a fanbase willing to fill the seats, they should emulate the Yankees approach to winning. We all want a strong farm system, but first and foremost, we want a winning Major League team. With a $180M payroll, the Phillies can and should compete every year without dumping contracts at the first sign of trouble.

Jake, while on it's surface, I agree with you in concept (i.e. big market team, shouldn't be hamstrung by existing bad contracts, etc.).

However, the one point that I'm not 100% behind you on, and what seems to be the sticking point that BAP is discussing relating to these FA guys, is this one - "The collective attitude of the fanbase seems to be stuck in the 90's when the Phillies had their own self-imposed salary cap."

Candidly, after seeing how the FO didn't spend the money that came off the books last season, despite being well under the luxury tax, and instead went after Delmon Young and his weight incentive clauses, Ben Revere and his team friendly salary and Chad effing Durbin, you'll have to forgive me if I'm not a little bit dubious that the 2-3 years of increasing payroll to win hasn't seen a shift back toward some old habits...

Willard Preacher: You're a loon. They just gave Hamels $144 Million last year. Cheap?

I'd have preferred them sign the first guy they apparently went after in FA- Torii Hunter. But he chose someone else. Oh well.

I don't lament losing out on anyone with the exception of Swisher, who they apparently weren't in on in the first place. My first choice still would be Pagan for CF. I would definitely take Bourn at the price he went for, but all things being equal I'm glad they got Revere instead.

But like I said yesterday- they couldn't have signed any combination of players that would make up for what they have (or haven't) gotten from Halladay and Howard this year. So in hindsight, it's good that the biggest contract they handed out was to Adams (even though hindsight also dictates that they should have spent that money on Uehara).

If they were a bit more careful (if not intelligent) about throwing around money this offseason, it probably has a lot to do with how much is already tied to this roster.

The Hook: Is English your native language?

dllhunter, I didn't say they were cheap. They're smart enough to know to sign a guy who helps put butts in seats. It's the NBA-esque tactic of filling out the roster with cheap role players that is a bit different than the past few years. Just curious to see how Rube is planning on "not blowing up" this team and what kind of new blood it means...

Iceman: "(even though hindsight also dictates that they should have spent that money on Uehara)."

Yeah, why sign Uehara for 1/$5 million when you can sign Adams for 2/$12? Everyone knows it's better to lock up guys for more years and more money. Especially when you're talking about guys past age 35. And by everyone, I mean "Ruben Amaro Jr., and nobody else."

So their career AAA backup catcher will get surgery for a meniscus tear, but their $25 million man has to play through it

This team performs as well as most if not all the posters .500. And only have maybe one gem.

Steve, my man. You got to think about the future

No I speak TTI

I speak rube myself

Yeah good question there. Why is kratz getting surgery?

Okay so The Hook is a troll posting under multiple names.

They are not going to resign Ruiz because he used ADD drugs and hurt his knee and he will cost too much. Kratz is cost effective for non-blowing up team.

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