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Wednesday, May 22, 2013




Cyclic, DITTO!

As long as Galvis keeps his OPS above .800 we'll be fine.

Not pushing the panic button yet.




Maybe all of the people who have been to/are currently in Istanbul can finally confirm for me whether or not life is exactly like that video that awh posted. Because, you know, seeing that as a kid you can't help but be influenced for the rest of your life that maybe... juuust maybe..........


Cliff Lee missed about 20 games when he strained his oblique in April last year. Hopefully that's best case for Utley?

I know the joke is always "hitting guru Charlie Manuel," but how do we know Manuel doesn't talk to Howard about it.

Is he supposed to go up there and hold the bat with Howard the same way you would a 4 year old?

"Same with Delmon Young"

Huh? When was it reported that Delmon was hurt?

He just sucks. It has nothing to do with being banged up.

tti: I'd like to think that if Charlie Manuel was telling Howard one thing and he didn't do it for the 1500th consecutive time, maybe he'd do something about it.

I would think that Oblique injuries are more serious for pitchers than hitters but its a bad injury either way...especially as it tends to be a nagging type of injury that is very easy to reaggravate.

Oh well.

Someone posted this article back when Lee strained his oblique...

"If some of the muscle fibers in the obliques are partially torn, then there is usually pain upon movement of the trunk and the area will be swollen and tender to the touch. The Society for Tennis Medicine and Science says that the pain can be sharp, stabbing or burning and may get worse when twisting, performing sit-ups or when trying to lift the legs while lying on the back. Even gentle movement or stretching will be uncomfortable. This level of injury is called a grade two sprain and can take up to six weeks to get better."

Soooo... 4-6 weeks?

I just got "iminapub alfo" as my image captcha. I wish I was in a pub... Alfo.

If Utley goes on the DL, Galvis moves into the starting lineup, leaving them with only one backup infielder. Cesar Hernandez (.320/.386/.456 at LV) probably gets the call over Ruf.

"Same with Delmon Young"

Huh? When was it reported that Delmon was hurt?

He just sucks. It has nothing to do with being banged up.

Posted by: Jack

I thought the exact same thing. Though I do look forward to him hitting another HR tonight, followed by clout calling me a moron.

Manuel: It's all in the hips, its all in the hips, its ALL in the hips

Howard: Get off of me!!!

Manuel: Just easing the tension, just easing the tension.

Howard: Well, ease it on someone else.

Don't worry, Cyclic. A couple more nights like last night and Galvis won't be threatening that level anymore.

Frandsen being able to play 2B will help - it allows Galvis to still be considered the backup SS and should avoid a minimart/orr sighting.

Ruf is almost a guarantee to be the next call up, with a very outside shot at Cesar Hernandez. Ruf will be back the backup 1B and allow Galvis/Frandsen platoon at 2B.

If only he could get more ABs off bums like Chapman.

lorecore - I don't see Cholly going with a single non-1B infielder on the bench. I agree with your idea, but I'd be surprised to see the Phils do it.

I'm officially too high on Darin Ruf and I need to calm down a bit. I'm actually thinking of Utley's DL stint as a positive if it leads to Ruf.

Of course, Utley hitting .234/.318/.403/.721 over his last 88 PA does contribute to that a little.

Those who follow minors more closely than I, what does Cesar project as? I assume fringe MLB utility guy.

I like it. Bring up Ruf to spell Howard at 1B and give Galvis a few ABs over the next two weeks while Utley recovers.


(It's not like Utley's been ripping the cover off the ball. St. Utley has been anything but recently.)

Hernandez stays at LV. The LH IF bat they will call up, as I stated earlier, will be Pete Orr.

I will bet my genuine plastic Michael Martinez bobble-head Smurf on it.

...and once Orr arrives he will be used frequently. For all kinds of strange reasons. Against LHP, too.

Jack, Cyclic -- There's been talk for over a week that Delmon Young still isn't 100% recovered from his offseason surgery. Though it's been used as more of an excuse for his lack of production than anything else.

If Utley's out for an extended period, it's time to let the kids play. Get Delmon out of here and call up both Ruf and Hernandez. And since we're already having to gas up the LV shuttle, DFA Durbin and call up Stutes as well.

If r00b can save money on a package deal plane trip, now's the time to get the overhaul over and done with.

Cyclic - Hernandez has only shown up on the fringes of a few Phils prospect lists, but that might change after his fast start in AAA. He's been drawing walks at a good clip this year, has speed (12-for-14 SB this year), and while he hasn't hit home runs, has shown gap power (44 XBH last year) and is still young (he'll turn 23 tomorrow).

I fear Andy's fear will prove fearfully accurate.

I wouldn't be offended if they called up Cesar Hernandez instead of Ruf. But I'd damn sure be offended if they called up Pete Orr. Or, worse still, Mini-Mart. I'm surprised no one has suggested it yet.

Also, we probably shouldn't forget about Josh Fields. He can play 3B, and Michael Young could fill in at 2B in a pinch.

it's all shoulds and oughts
but for decision makers
it will be Pete Orr

Cesar is in the mold of a high contact singles hitter, who is an average fielding 2B, maybe slightly below.

His 10.0 BB% and .136 ISO are both well above his average so far this year - good signs.

ColonelTom-- Thanks. When I looked up his stats and saw his age, I was surprised I hadn't heard much about him before this year.

I would agree that Hernandez is an unlikely call up. Remember when we used to laugh at other organizations because they would leave talented players in the minors to avoid starting their service time?

Guess which organization is now among the worst offenders of that policy? Just look at how hesitant this team is to place anyone on the DL, no matter how badly injured and likely to force Charlie to play a man or men short. Tough to watch.

Gracias, lore.

So I'm with bap then. I won't be upset if it's Cesar over Ruf. Pete Orr though... ugh.

I see the Braves are beating up on Vance Worley, en route to their 6th win in a row. Of course, if you throw out those 6 straight wins, and you throw out the 12-1 start, then their record is a hideous 10-17 with a run differential of -16. So I'm not worried.

I'm inclined to repeat as before
the decisions beerleaguers deplore,
that though a crowd pleaser
might be tiny Cesar
they surely will call up Pete Orr.

Even after Cesar cooled off from a blazing start to the year where he was sitting in the .380's - he's still showing good signs.

While only 18-73 (.247) in May, he's stayed productive by walking 13.8% of the time and going for XBH in 6 of those 18 hits.

Hernandez is on the 40 man. Martinez and Orr are not.

Re: Howard's spray chart from the last thread, I'm pretty sure that ground out deep behind 1B happened in the Cleveland series last week - phenomenal play by Kipnis, if I recall correctly.

aksmith: You are talking our your ass. No one is worried about Cesar Hernandez's service time.

I remember Pete Orr hit a triple once.

BAP: I see you and strawman have met. You remember him from when you were introduced to him by clout I assume?

Hugh - They can fix that as fast as you can say Mauricio Robles.

lore-- I don't understand how you can call a player "productive" without referencing his HR or RBI numbers.

Maybe you're using the wrong word?

TTI: Lighten up. You disguised yourself as the PPP PR Department and devoted 2 whole posts to making fun of me and other posters. Surely we're allowed to have a little fun with your posts too.

cyclic: haha I actually paused after I typed the word, it just didn't feel right.

I notice that word every single time now. Yesterday I was watching MLB Now with Brain Kenny/Harold Reynolds and they both kept talking about players production, I couldn't take it. The word has reached taboo status now.

I'd be surprised if we saw Orr, actually, before they know whether Utley is definitely DLed or just "day-to-day" for half a month.

Isn't Orr out of options?

"They can fix that as fast as you can say Mauricio Robles"

Fair enough. Who the f*&k is Mauricio Robles and how did I miss him pitching an inning for the big club this year?


I wonder if Tomas Perez is available.

Manuel - Wow. Wouldja look at that!

Sandberg - What's that?

Manuel - Mr. Amaro's car. That, there, um, whatsit.

Sandberg - I think that's a Ferrari, Coach.

Manuel - Right. That Ferraro. It shore is purty.

Sandberg - Well...maybe. He kinda needs it.

Manuel - Really? What's he need that old thang fur?

Sandberg - You compensation.

Manuel - Like his pay package?

Sandberg - No. Not THAT package. The other kind of compensation.

Manuel - (aghast) Really? You kidding me? You mean Junior's got, got, you know a tiny...

Sandberg - That's right. He's got a small (whispers) production.

bap-- For what it's worth, I found your post hilarious.

I wonder if Tomas Perez is available.


Andy: We have 2 competing forces of nature at work here. On the one hand, Pete Orr would be the quintessential Phillies call-up because he's a known entity. Of course, what's known about this entity is that he's terrible. But knowing that he'll be terrible is better than not knowing if he'll be good or terrible. Because at least you know. And knowing is good.

On the other hand, if they call up Pete Orr, then they'll have to pass him through waivers when they eventually demote him. And if there's one thing that drives fear into the heart of Ruben Amaro, Jr., it's the possibility of losing a scrappy, versatile AAAA infielder via a waiver claim. That fear might just be enough to get us Ruf or Cesar Hernandez instead of Orr. Operative word: "might."

Orr is definitely coming up. I don't have any doubt in my mind about it.

Lorecore - i would normally agree with you that nobody cares about Hernandez' service time. So, it's possible they might bring him up. But it's much more likely they won't, even though he's probably of more help at this point than Orr or Martinez. If Cesar is brought up, it's more likely because of his forty man status than anything else.

I think the problem is that there are really no super prospects in the Phillies system, so we can't exactly know what they'd do with a stud prospect. Biddle is clearly not ready and he's the closest to being major league ready and a stud. I suppose Morgan would have been the top prospect with the nearest proximity to the majors when both Pettibone and Cloyd were called up, and he'd been better than Pettibone up until his callup. Then he went in the tank along with Cloyd, so that wasn't really a surprise decision when they called up Cloyd.

So, it's really unknowable at this point. So, I probably shouldn't have made the assertion.

The system is really really bad.

bap - You don't think Junior can make the quantum leap of logic to "Who the eff would actual waste their leisure time making a waiver claim on Pete Effin Orr"?

I'm betting NO on Ruf.

I think it's either Orr, Fields, or Cesar.

If they bring up Mini-Mart, this site might collapse.

As 'buster said though, all of this discussion is most likely premature as Utley will be "day to day" for the next 4-5 games before they decide what to do.

BAP: Exactly so. It's how we knew Chooch was going to be out for a while once Quintero was recalled, and this is a similar case.

If Orr gets recalled, expect Utley to miss most of a month on the DL. If he doesn't, then they're thinking/hoping he'll make it back after 10-11 games.

Also: who the heck thought it'd be a good idea to add the "Home-and-Home" format to baseball?

I actually hope they bring Mini Mart up. I could go for some more comedy.

Did anyone hear the story LA and Franske discussed last night about Utley sticking up for Cloyd? I was half listening at the time and only caught the last part. Would appreciate a quick re-cap, it sounded kinda cool, and there was a neat anecdote at the end about whether Cloyd worries very much about getting squeezed. Thanks!

"You don't think Junior can make the quantum leap of logic to "Who the eff would actual waste their leisure time making a waiver claim on Pete Effin Orr"?"

Probably not. If there's one thing that RAJ loves, it's versatile, .230-hitting utility infielders. He probably believes all 29 other GMs feel exactly the same way.

If they bring up Mini, everyone in the Phillies organization should be fired.

In re: Fields

I'd bet that he'd be their choice to replace Howard, not Utley. (Which is why I'm not hopeful that Ruf shows up, even if Howard is DL'd)

Andy: No. Or(r) at least I don't. The idea of losing a guy to the waiver system - especially one who's been "useful" for the past several years - is something that Amaro simply cannot abide. Heck, it's why we kept Herndon (although to be fair to him, he ended up better than he started) and MM on the roster their whole Rule 5 seasons.

The fact that he didn't do everything in his power to hang on to Inciarte alone was a minor miracle.

Genuinely hoping for Mini-Mart just for the lulz. I mean, baseball is entertainment, and Mini-Mart offers it in spades purely by pushing this site into a new tier of apoplexy.

No way it's Mini. He sold his pictures to D Young, remember? He's got no leverage.

BAP: I just wanted a reason to use that phrasing more than anything.

If the Phillies manage to win tonight, not only will they be within 1 game of .500 for the first time since [small sample size], they'll also be 2 games over .500 for the month, and therefore more than 1 game away from being "only" .500 for May.

I can see 'premature' as a go-to word for Ruben.

Normal person: Should we think twice before trading for Hunter Pence who will be owed over $12M in 2013 when you need to re-sign Cole Hamels the following year?

RAJ: I don't care about those things, that's premature.

Normal person: Should we really give Laynce Nix a guaranteed 2nd year since we have other OF in the system along with many other similarly skilled OF that could be acquired in 2013?

RAJ: I don't care about those things, that's premature.

Normal person: Should we really let our 2nd best reliever sit out day to day while out current pen is depleted and better options already exist in the minors?

RAJ: I don't care about those things, that's premature.

Anyway, it's woefully premature to be discussing which AAA guy should replace Utley. Obviously, no move is going to be made until Utley has gone at least 10 days on the active roster without playing,

{Suggested} Secret Rube Call Up List

2 - Quintero
3 - Fields
4 - Orr
5 - Fields
6 - Martinez
7 - Martinez
8 - Martinez
9 - Martinez

bap, lol. So true. So f-ing true.

buster: "BAP: Exactly so. It's how we knew Chooch was going to be out for a while once Quintero was recalled, and this is a similar case."

I hate you. I 100% meant to post "and just because Chooch WILL go on the DL later, it doesn't mean you're terrible idea that the Phillies reluctance to lose a player to waivers who already passed waiver a few weeks ago has anything to do with it" just so you couldn't post that stupid post you just did, but I ran out of time/willingness to care to do so.

Lore: Now, now. You know the main reason Ruben says that word, and it has very little to do with baseball.

Production™ on the other hand...

He won't go ten days without playing. He'll go five days without playing, then will come in to PH and make it worse. Then he'll sit out two more and, then, finally, they'll DL him.

Since Utley is having an MRI in Philly tomorrow, I assume whatever move will be made will be made on Friday before the Nats game.

1.Cesar -On the 40 man requires no roster move and can play 2nd
2.Ruf-On the 40 man, others can play second
3.josh fields-got a long look at ST and appears to still have options
4.Orr/Mini-Mart-because they've done this before

Lore: I never said he wouldn't pass waivers - although I did say that there were teams looking for catching depth now that weren't back in April.

What I said (perhaps after you left? You didn't respond before I left, so I suppose that's possible) is that Amaro has an irrational fear of that happening. As such, he will make whatever moves are necessary to minimize potential exposure of any player to being "lost" to waivers.

I'm not saying that's a good way to run a business. In fact, it's one of the more obvious failures of how Amaro handles the MiLB/MLB transition of any player.

I wonder if Ryan Howard will still scoff at the notion that the Phillies are too old to win.

I can't find anything to indicate Orr is out of options.

That said, they've already outrighted Orr once last year. However, in 2012 they had all of 3 DFAs. Qualls, Pridie and Fontenot.

CS: They outrighted Orr last year. That pretty much means he's out of options.

Although I guess he could consent to being outrighted again, if he really likes it here...

Isn't it X number of years service time/three prior years you were optioned?

I've got copies of the pictures, and DY didn't demand the negatives. My phone will ring soon.

Andy's on a roll today. Talk about Production™

BL is a funny place. Every prospect is considered a star in waiting and should be brought up. Then when they, predictably, fail, these same players are garbage and a testament to what a rotten GM Amaro is.

Andy's on a roll today. Talk about Production™

Posted by: Kutztown Fan | Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 02:19 PM

Quick! If we want Ruf called up, not only should we tell him to stop walking and start striking out more, we need to get him well-versed in the art of writing haikus!

clout: You misunderstand. It's not that we expect these prospects to succeed, it's that r00b has been such a terrible GM we cry out for the chance to see different players fail.

Who exactly was called a star in waiting?


The infielders had a conference on the mound with Cloyd and apparently Utley intentionally kept it long to force Vic Caropazza to come out and break it up. Chase then shuffled around the huddle to get next to Vic to say Cloyd was throwing strikes and he needs to hang in there on those pitches. His cutter especially was getting late break onto the corner.

It obviously was an impressive act for a player of Utleys caliber to have an inexperienced pitchers back like that. Reporters also asked Cloyd later if he gets flustered when he gets squeezed, but he said no, as long as he's hitting his spots he'll stick with what he's doing instead of make adjustments and then end up in the middle of the plate.

Good ol' clout...misrepresenting a small portion of BLers' opinion and turning it into a blanket statement that attempts to make all of us look foolish.

In this case, clout, there is an easy distinction to understand. You're too smart no to understand it. The question remains, why can't you just present an opposing opinion without being difficult?

GTown_Dave discusses the distinction in a humorous way, but the underlying point is valid. If a guy is succeeding at the minor league level and a player is hurt or completely ineffective, why not give the guy a chance? If it's within reason, of course (ie already on the 40-man, options remaining, etc).

If Ruf does get called up, maybe we'll be lucky enough to see a lineup like this against LHP:


You can mix them up any way you like, but with Utley out that's about the best they'll be able to do (and, yes, I think Howard should sit against most LHSP).

Cesar will be here. If not this yr def next. He's out of opt after this year. Been protected on 40 man. If chase is out we are def done. Start the young boys. Wow we will go from oldest to youngest!! After reading that cliff lee article. I think he has his bags packed already.

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