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Saturday, May 25, 2013


mike w: thanks for the explanation on the RBI single.

When the Nats threw to the plate to try and get M. Young out, D. Young should have taken 2B. Or is he too lumbering?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 3m
"That's pretty impressive, actually," Michael Young said about Delmon Young only going to first on the decisive hit.

DYoung's incentive are based on weight, not on running to 2B on a batted ball in play.

He makes Howard look like a fast baserunner.

(Snark will be recalled if it turns out he was injured on the play)

Glad we didn't trade D. Brown to the Cubs for what's his name.

the last time a Phillie scored from 1st on a single was Chase Utley on a 2 out single by Ryan Howard 9/24/2009:

disclaimer: I only checked on singles with a man on first only.

Seriously, lorecore? Not since 2009? Not even Jimmy or Shane? Or Juan Pierre?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
The Phillies are 14-8 when Ryan Howard strikes out four or more times. Baseball.

Huh. Maybe that $40+K was money well-spent tonight after all.

gbrett: In almost any instance of a player scoring from first on a single, it is usually going to happened because of the batter's lack of speed moreso than the runner's superior speed.

I'd bet that 2009 instance was Howard assuming he had a HR and trotted while Utley busted with 2 outs.

Good ol beerleaguer archives:

"Utley was running on the pitch, Howard hit a gapper to RF that was cutoff by the center fielder, who slipped a little when turning to throw. Utley just kept running, but Howard didn't want to make an out on the bases and pulled up.

Posted by: SmokyJoe | Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 08:21 PM"

I'll have to pay attention to that, lorecore. Why is that? I'm trying to see it in my mind's eye and think it through.

If you make the 3rd out at 2B before the runners hits the plate the run does not score.
A very slow runner(DYoung or Howard)need to consider that if the play at second will be at all close.

Love the win, at this point, I'm just happy to grab on to anything positve - a clutch hit or play, someone not being injured as bad as we thought they were, a win. Not any great wxpectations at this point. Just pleased to take what we can get.

As we get older, the famous quote will become, "Get me to the plate, I can strike out!"

Watching Delmon Young hobble around the bases and the outfield is painful. And it's not easy to empathize with Delmon Young in any way.

This guy should still be rehabbing and yet, he looks like a superstar compared to most of the lineup.

And it looks like Domonic Brown is finally out of babip hell. He was hitting line drives right at people, and now his hits (other than the HR's) are finding holes. Nice to see.

Something else to look for: Just because DeFratus was warming up does not mean he was available. Hopefully this isn't a case where he couldn't get loose and the DL is around the corner. Because Charlie can be a bit slow on the uptake, but I don't think he's usually this bad.

I don't know if Young's still injured. There was some film of him running with some friends posted, but I don't know how old it is. Maybe prior to injury.

I hope D Young isn't hurt.Was starting to like the guy and he was just getting his timing also have been pleasantly surprised with his defense The one article said when he got to 1st he called for a pinch runner? Does any one know?

Oh is there any way they can lower Revere more like to the bench. Just having problems liking this kid. But they did see something in DB that I didn't too so hopefully/maybe he'll do something sometime.

I didn't think DYoung looked like he was calling for a PR because he was hurt - his look was more like "You are pinch running for me, right?". Just something that he expects to happen at this point (especially with the versatility available on the bench).

Dom Brown has not walked this month. that's kinda mindblowing.

.291/.291/.570 for the month of May.

zp: Excellent point. To the horror of all BL posters, the Phillies basically told Dom to stop being selective and start swinging. This has produced two results: Eliminated his best strength (OB) and turned him into a 30 HR hitter.

I suspect the Phillies are happy to make that trade.

Despite what Andy says, I still agree with MG that Delmon moves like a yak out there.

2014 Phillies?

CF Ben Revere
2B Cesar Hernandez
RF Dom Brown
1B Ryan Howard
LF Darin Ruf
3B Cody Asche
C Tommy Joseph
SS Freddy Galvis

SP Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, Jonathan Pettibone, John Lannan

BP Justin De Fratus, Michael Stutes, Jeremy Horst, Mike Adams, Antonio Bastardo, Jonathan Papelbon

clout - you didn't see my video?

Arbuckle - If Rollins, Ruiz and Utley are gone, there will be upgrades to that order in some places - presumably CF, SP and RP. I would also expect that Joseph is not starting - or actually even on the big league roster - by 2014.

While obviously the Phillies would take HR/RBI over any other stat, I would also agree that DOM hitting over 30 HR a season is worth 50 or so points of OBP.

I'm hoping that flashing the ability to hit for big power will only help his overall offense in the long run, and not strictly be an 'either or' approach. So far he was a passive singles hitter for two partial seasons and an aggressive slugger for another.

zp: Excellent point. To the horror of all BL posters, the Phillies basically told Dom to stop being selective and start swinging. This has produced two results: Eliminated his best strength (OB) and turned him into a 30 HR hitter.
Horror is an accurate description especially in light of several of us praising his play in the game thread.

~rolls eyes~

"Just something that he expects to happen at this point (especially with the versatility available on the bench)."

Yeppers! Versatility™

Andy - agreed. The roster Arbuckle posted is missing $52M in Doc, Utley, Rollins, MYoung, and Ruiz.

If Ruiz can't get back from injury and perform enough to get traded for any value, then his FA value will presumably be weak as well and could be back on a short term deal. Brain McCann will be a FA as well. And I'm sure Amaro is drooling over the chance to add a 89 OPS+ 34 yr old catcher coming off a a big HR/RBI season in John Buck on multi year deal.

It'd be great if Dom starts walking more and he likely will given his track record. Part of it is that teams are challenging every guy in our lineup because it mostly sucks so there is no concern for them. If he keeps driving the ball like this they will start pitching around him and he'll start racking up the walks.

Well yeah, if you think Dom can sustain a .280 ISO, sure, I'd happily say screw the walks.

But unfortunately, I don't think he developed Miguel Cabrera's power overnight, so if he doesn't regain the OB abilities, he's going to turn into, gasp, Delmon Young. A player with some power, but no on-base abilities, and given his defense and baserunning, that's not a good ballplayer.

But since the Phillies obviously like Delmon Young, perhaps clout is right: they'll take the trade.

Dom is not walking less simply because he's just being challenged all the time. He's seeing the same amount of strikes that he's seen throughout his career, he's just swinging a lot more, and swinging at more pitches out of the zone.

Dom could be walking more. He's obviously decided to swing for the fences more, and has sacrificed walks as a result.

I personally don't think the power surge will keep, nor do I think that the uptick in power justifies a sub .300 OBP.

Excuse me, his OBP is at .301.

All is forgiven....

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the display of power, but I think that what keeps him a viable MLB hitter will be a balance of OB/power, not just all power.

Hey Wawa-boi: your schtick is now officially unfunny. You're not here on merit. It's our insane GM and his asinine office politics that has you on this roster.

I'm still seething that a legitimate RH first basement/left fielder/DH rots in LV while your useless uniform robs the dugout of oxygen.

Amazing how you hang around. At least Acyclovir can treat herpes. Evidently, there's no cure for you.

"basement" = "baseman" Wow. There's a slip for the ages.

Fair enouhg, I'm sure other players would be acquired if utley, ruiz, rollins, and halladay are gone. So i'll amend that heading to: Most Interesting August 1, 2013 Phillies Lineup. Caveat that the catcher would be Katz rather than Joseph.

much more intriguing 70 something win team than the current blend, don't you think?


Vs Strasburg


I feel like people are obsessed with (1) rebuilding and (2) the idea that the hope of winning a championship is the only reason for a baseball team existing. That lineup will win ~10 fewer games than the current one. I like when the Phillies win games, even if it's 80 instead of 70. Sometimes I feel like the only fan who feels this way.

Also, it is perfect that we've loaded up on versatility while having Kevin Frandsen starting at 1B, with two AL games coming up. Would've been nice to get Ruf 3 starts in a row - might've been more helpful to the team than a pinch-running appearance.

We used to worry about the occasional black hole at the bottom of the lineup. Now, it's the entire lineup. 3 runs would be a minor miracle.

Cholly hates Nix. It's official.

Starting DYak (and batting him 4th!!!) and Frandsen over Nix against a RHP that throws 98 MPH...sometimes I really think he just doesn't care anymore.

fastpuppy: the video of the single (which calls a double) shows Delmon Young signaling to the dugout. It looks very much to me like he's calling for a pinch runner, but it could be something else.

I'm all for rebuilding because, if we don't find some good young players, the Phillies are going to be in a cycle of mediocrity/sub-mediocrity for a long time. On the other hand, many here just want to dump the regulars & call up our AAA starters at every position -- without regard to whether those AAA starters are top prospects or ready to play in the majors. That lineup would be "intriguing," for about the first week -- due solely to the novelty factor. Once we started losing 65% of our games, it wouldn't be too intriguing anymore.

Sometimes the devil you know is better...

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