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Monday, May 20, 2013


Hechavarria leads the league in triples.

NHL '93 was a classic...great game on Genesis.

Definitely feels like a lost!

A loss even

I can see Fernandez starting in the bigs, because i mean, he's just too damn good not too, but why in the world are the Marlins letting guys like Ozuna burn service time?

This franchise does everything in their power to pay the lowest possible amount on their roster, but then call up their best power hitting prospect after 10 games of AA to play for this crappy team.

lorecore: Nice pic in the last thread. I played that game a ton. I was a little guy, so I wasn't that great at it, but I remember ridiculous high scoring games against my dad. Who probably let me beat him. lol

Remember: If it's in the game, it's in the game.

Damn, looks like I missed the sports video game thread. I would rank MVP baseball, bottom of the 9th, and bases loaded in that order. I was never a fan of RBI baseball, not that anyone asked.

What was the baseball game for the NES where you couldn't throw it from third to first to get a guy on a groundout? You had to throw it from third to second to first.

Norbertoads: You missed our previous comparison of Base Wars and Super Baseball 2020 a few threads back?

One year (maybe 93 or 94?) I asked my family for RBI '93 for my birthday. Not only did I not get it, my uncle got me Tommy Lasorda Baseball instead, which didn't have the MLBPA license (so no real players), and every pitcher got tired after 4-5 innings of work.

On the plus side, the catcher was translucent.

I think Hamels' start is important tonight because I'm looking for improvement from him and because we face Fernandez and Slowey the following two games. Although, I'd really like us to do something against Slowey this time.

Buster: I guess I did. Base Wars all the way. As an owner of an Xbox the 2K games are shite. Haven't enjoyed a good game of baseball since the PS2 days.

Rollins (SS), Revere (CF), M. Young (1B), Utley (2B), Brown (LF), D. Young (RF), Galvis (3B), Kratz (C), Hamels (P).

Norbertoads: That just means you need a PS3 or a Vita. The Show continues to be a spectacular MLB simulator year-on-year.

Revere batting 2nd? I thought we had learned not to bat him high in the order.

Also, what a terrible lineup in general.

Wasn't Revere 2nd yesterday?

Yes, I believe he was. It still doesnt make much sense regardless of how well he's hitting.

I'm surprised there's not more love here for the original Baseball Stars on NES -- it had the memory chip on the cart to actually track stats. I just assumed a lot of us would've honed early analytics there. :-)

Mick O: r00b HATED that game. It lacked Production™.

Fun Fact: Lee & Kendrick have combined for 11 HR surrendered & 25 BB in 124.1 IP. Hamels has 9 HR surrendered & 24 BB in 56.2 IP.

I have no doubt Hamels will shut down the Fish tonight. Hopefully that can score 3 or 4 runs and move on.

For as long as Howard is out, Galvis should be at 3B and Young at 1B against righties, and Young at 3B and Frandsen at 1B against lefties.

Shockingly, I don't think the offense will suffer much without Howard in the lineup. In fact, it may just improve, if Charlie can manage it properly.

Dave, that fact is not very "fun".

For the record, I have never played any of the video games discussed today. I think you kids should go out and play or read a book. Just stay off my damn lawn.

Why has Ruiz not been DL'd yet? Roster mismanagement at its worst. 3 man bench for one game is utterly incompetent.

the 1986 re-enactment is pretty awesome.

***Why has Ruiz not been DL'd yet? Roster mismanagement at its worst. 3 man bench for one game is utterly incompetent.***

What is this DL you speak of?

I honestly hope we have one of those 20 inning games so it brings this ridiculous roster management to a head. Ive never seen a GM handle injuries the way Rube does. There is no rhyme or reason to his madness.

...if Charlie can manage it properly.

That's a BIG "if".

So we have a 22-man roster tonight?

the '86 reenactment is one of my favorite video game clips on youtube.

Still remember watching that game as a kid and being disappointed the Mets were going to win. Disliked them even as a kid.

So to keep track:

Adams: DTD, been out 10 days now
Howard: DTD, MRI on knee today
Ruiz: DTD, MRI on hamstring today

No roster moves made despite going on the road to Miami where its not as if they can call someone up at the last second from Lehigh.

That's some fine roster management by Rube.

So the Phils have 3 guys out and will play with a bench that is 2 players short?

Telling you it is this kind of thing that stands out to me regarding Amaro's competence as a manager. It's operational issue and when you have leaders who screw up/make puzzling operational moves that is a glaring red flag.

I assume they're either going to clear Ruiz to play, or DL Adams to add Quintero.

Gelb: "Mike Adams not on lineup card. Humberto Quintero is."

This basically confirms my fears that they're going to dangle Chooch & Howard in "day-to-day" bullshit limbo.

The best part is that both of those MRIs almost certainly occurred first thing this morning so the FO has a good idea of what if any amount of time they will miss.

The fact that Chooch felt a "pop" in his leg says it was probably fairly serious and that Howard has been gimpy for nearly 2 months means he probably really could use a DL trip.

Will they go short-handed for 5-10 days before admitting it? Will they pull the UC special of PHing with a guy who should be on the DL and thus killing any ability to make the decision retroactive?

The sheer incompetence in roster management we've seen under Rube's GM tenure is just shocking. This crap keeps happening year after year with him. Its as if he simply does not understand the very basics of roster management. How do none of the beat writers never call him on this garbage? If this was Boston, he'd have been crucified by now.

Oh, well, problem solved then. Quintero is here.

Roman Quinn shaking off a terrible start.

April: .202/.253/.303
May: .288/.391/.373

19 SB on the year so far, even after a poor start. Should be in 70's by year end.

Quintero? Problem solved.

Rube will go 5 days without making a move now as Adams comes off the DL Friday (or Sat) I we'll go with a 23 man roster till then.

Astoundingly inept roster management has been par for the course throughout r00b's tenure. He's not qualified for the job, & proves it daily.

Two guys are getting/got MRIs today. In fact, didn't an article state somewhere that Howard was rejoining the team in Miami pre-game today (hence Manuel's "I'd be surprised if he played" comments)?

If both the guys aren't going to miss more than a game or two (assuming MRIs come back negative), why would they DL them and lose them for 15 games?

Adams I can 100% understand the objection, but Howard/Ruiz, where we don't know anything yet? A DL stint seems extremely premature - especially in Chooch's case, since our Quinterro would have to clear waivers before we could send him back down again.

However, if Quinterro is on the official lineup card, then I assume a Chooch DL announcement is forthcoming.

I hate my "R" key.

***If both the guys aren't going to miss more than a game or two (assuming MRIs come back negative), why would they DL them and lose them for 15 games?***

One, you said the same damn thing about Adams not going on the DL a week ago.

Two, Howard has been injured since ST and his performance has been atrocious as a result. He clearly needs a DL trip.

Buster: Quintero is the replacement for Adams, who was finally put on the DL just now.

Phillibuster: Nope. It's what I figured --

Pat Gallen: "Mike Adams on DL with a right back strain. Retro to May 11."

However, if Quinterro is on the official lineup card, then I assume a Chooch DL announcement is forthcoming.

Posted by: Phillibuster | Monday, May 20, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Adams isnt there so its him going on the DL...after 10 days of sitting DTD.

Lore: I'll take the .391 OBP on a base-stealer even if he never gets a hit.

Yeah, I mean, why would you want to lose Howard for 15 games?

It would be impossible to replace his 90 OPS+ and inability to field or run.

You've gotta keep that guy around, just praying he can get in the lineup.

NEPP/GTown/Jack: Because of Quintero's situation vis-a-vis clearing waivers/DFA, I would imagine the primary reason they brought him up is because they expect Chooch to miss significant time.

It's not as if Doc is around to require his battery-mate, after all.

r00b's Phillies pull this same crap year after year. It's as if they believe there's a financial penalty for using the DL. Hey, why not play a man or more down indefinitely? Heaven forfend we admit a player is injured & might need to sit for a couple of weeks!

Quintero already cleared waivers once this year...we likely wouldnt lose him.

Phillibuster: No, the Phillies brought Quintero up because they know they cannot play w/out a backup Catcher. DLing Adams just allows them to crap around & try to avoid placing either Chooch or Howard on the DL for another week (Adams is eligible to return on Sun.)

The Ruiz thing I understand. If he can make it back within a few days, he's a big upgrade over your backups. It's probably worth making sure on that one.

Howard though has been generally terrible this season, and his legs have been visibly not right. 15 days off would frankly probably be good for him no matter what. It's not hurting your team any to have Michael Young and Frandsen man 1B. In fact, getting Galvis' glove in the lineup at 3B and Frandsen against lefties might even make you better.

This Hamels start is an important one to watch. Will he return to form or will he continue to have control/location problems with his pitches, leading to yet more speculation of a possible injury?

GTown: I get that you think poorly of the FO, and assume the worst in this situation. If you turn out to be right, my hat's off to your predictive abilities.

However, I'll reserve judgment until we actually know more. If the MRIs are in, then the FO knows a lot more than we do. If they're not, then the team's hedging its bets until they are.

NEPP: Sure, but injuries/underperformance happens. Admittedly, when you're snatching up Quintero off the waiver wire you're probably grasping at straws while you're at it, but there are a few teams in that situation.

Heck, I could see the Fish or Astros going that route.

Dragon: The Marlins make it tough to tell. A 8IP 1ER start is slightly above average. Anything less is likely an average/below average start.

buster: "I could see the Fish or Astros going that route"

They already passed the first time around.

Lore: Yep. But that doesn't mean they'll pass the second time around if it occurs in June.

Ryan Howard: .282 OBP
Nick Green: .271 OBP

buster: yes it does.

I'm disappointed that Revere isn't 8th again. And not that we have a true cleanup hitter, but isn't Utley still slumping?

Chris Branch: "We'll get a Howard and Chooch medical update in about an hour."

Lore: Hook a guy up with the winning Powerball numbers, while you're predicting the future?

OK fine, some unnamed phenomenon happens to the Astros between Quintero's last DFA and his next release where they all of a sudden need his services.

So what? We call up Steve LeRud instead. How is this a conversation?

I'm with GTown here - you don't DL two starters until you have more information.

Their next roster move is likely optioning Cloyd after Tuesday's start. They have an off day Thursday, so they won't need a 5th starter again until 5/28. That would allow them to call up a corner infielder (hopefully Ruf, possibly Fields). Cloyd can't come back for 10 days after being optioned, but Valdes started on 5/18 and should be lined up to make that 5/28 start for the Phils.

Losing Quintero on waivers would pretty much mean the end of any real playoff hopes.

Phillies logic:

Off-season: Let's sign [Pick Random Veteran Scrap-Heap Player] so we have some depth in case of injury.

In-season: We can't call up [Pick Random Veteran Scrap-Heap Player] because, if we do, we'll eventually have to option him to AAA again & some other team might claim him on waivers.

Amaro really seems to dislike losing guys to DFA waivers. He bends over backwards to find ways around it, as evidenced by his not bringing up any of several vets down in AAA who could have helped cover for some of the injuries to the SPs/middle relief the last several years.

As a result, I expect him to make the moves that are most likely to minimize the exposure of any player to unintentional loss.

Also, the Astros are hardly the only team who might want a backup catcher. Marson is back on the DL again, Jose Molina is doing terribly and day-to-day, Mauer's gimped his way into the DH role for several games this year, Hannigan's been on the DL and is also playing terribly, Ross is apparently still concussed... Ramos and Pierzynski have experienced medical woes since the start of April as well.

Start of May, that should read.

Free Mini Mart!

That is a horrendous MIA lineup. This really should be a sweep. Yet, why do I get the feeling that the Phillies won't even win 2 games?

You keep pushing this argument as if losing Humberto Quintero actually matters. He's a terrible AAAA catcher.

I wonder if Freddy Galvis can catch?

NEPP: I'm not at all making that argument.

I'm making the argument that Amaro doesn't want to lose Quintero, because he's irrationally averse to losing any player to DFA waivers. Hence, I find it unlikely that he'd bring up Quintero for a 1-3-game stint - far more likely he'd bring up one of the guys with options left before he did that.

Instead, this likely means Chooch is headed to the DL as well - if not immediately, then in the next few days.

My thought process was predictive, not value-oriented.

Frandsen is the emergency backup.

Phils should DL Howard and Chooch, and bring up Ruf and another RP, probably Stutes.

Get Howard healthy. We saw last season that when he's hobbled he's suboptimal. If he's so valuable why do they want it to linger and continue to bother him?

WTF is the FO thinking?

Free Uncle Cholly!

lore, I was joking.

"WTF is the FO thinking?"

You just used that word again...

Also, depending on the MRI results on Howard, he might be available for the game tonight. "Howard did not travel with the team to Miami on Sunday evening, but he was scheduled to join the Phillies on Monday after getting the MRI." (Per writer)

Chooch had been expected to rejoin the team tomorrow, but we'll see if that still happens after the test-results announcement.

Lowe just got DFA. I would take him over Rosenberg. It would only cost the Phils $490k.

I don't think there isn't a reliever that I wouldn't take.

MG, what do they have to lose by bringing in Lowe? I agree.

"what do they have to lose by bringing in Lowe"

They might lose Durbin on waivers. So it's a no go.

MG: I wouldn't disagree... Except there's something that makes me grunt in pain at the prospect of going for the guy that the Rangers just DFA'd for the privilege of playing Lindblom as a starter.

Jack: That's why it'd be Rosenberg.

"I don't think there isn't a reliever that I wouldn't take."

A few days ago, I was thinking the exact same thing. Then they called up B.J. Rosenberg.

Tough question actually as to what role Lowe fits in (and thus who he would replace).

On the one hand, he's a veteran who sucks, so he'd fit really comfortably into Chad Durbin's current role as "veteran who sucks."

On the other hand, he's a crappy reliever who at one point started and thus can pitch multiple innings, so he would fit into B.J. Rosenberg's role as "crappy reliever who at one point started and thus can pitch multiple innings."

It's a tough call. I imagine this choice is paralyzing Amaro. I wouldn't expect any action on this front.

Jack: If only we could find a Danys Baez type, our bullpen woes would be over!

Matt Gelb: "Ruiz out 3-4 weeks. Howard is concerning. 'Changes' in his left meniscus. Got cortisone shot. May need DL."

For the Phillies to think 3-4 weeks up front for Chooch is bad. Not sure about Howard. "Changes"? What, did they get his knee wet? Feed it after midnight? Anyway, now's the time to Free Ruf, & I truly hope the team doesn't mess around waiting. With Quintero already up Cloyd will prob. take Chooch's space. Howard wasn't helping, anyway.

Free ruf hahahaha. Boy that contract is looking worse and worse each passing non productive week. And oh by the way prince still raking.

I imagine either Ruf or another BP arm is en route to take Chooch's roster space. I really hope it's the former, since they'll just be optioning Cloyd again after tomorrow, which frees up the necessary spot for another BP arm.

Even assuming they don't DL Howard.

They have to make another move tomorrow for Cloyd. If no one is DL'ed, I would expect Rosenberg to go back down.

Hook: I won't disagree.

But let's see how the Fielder contract looks in 2018-2020.

Per ToZo on Twitter:

Ryan Howard received a cortisone shot in his left knee on Sunday.
The Phillies said that a "change" was found in his meniscus, as well as inflammation. Howard is considered day-to-day for now, but he could require a stint on the disabled list if he doesn't see improvement following the cortisone shot.

WTF does "changes" mean?

Also, you'd think he'd learned his lesson on cortisone shots after the whole achilles debacle.

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