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Sunday, May 19, 2013


A good day to spot-start backup CF Ben Revere.

If they get the game in, I'm predicting a similar result to yesterday. Bailey's coming off a CG against the Marlins where he struck out 10. He dominated them a month ago. Whatever money you have in your savings account, withdraw everything the bank will allow you to on a Sunday and put it on the Reds to win today.

I won't complain letting howard get a day off, but at this point I'd make sure it was purely vs LHP, but ah well, losing his whopping .767 OPS vs RHP isn't even that big of a deal. Freddy Galvis' glove at 3B probably makes it an even move anyway at this point.

Galvis at 3B batting 8th? I thought Manuel just mindlessly put someone's replacement into their lineup spot? In that case, Galvis should be hitting third.

per the Phillies and beat writers, Seidman has the lineup wrong. Utley is cleanup.

M.Young batting..4th?
Glad to see him at 1B, he at least has experience there unlike when they play Frandsen at 1B.

My lineup would be

1) Rollins
2) Utley
3) Young
4) Brown
5) Galvis
6) Nix
7) Ruiz
8) Revere

Whoops, typo

No issues with that lineup. Sit the scuffling guys (Howard/Mayberry/D. Young) and roll the dice with a couple of different players.

Actually like the offense's chances to put some runs on the scoreboard today against Bailey.

Just can't say the same for Pettibone vs this lineup. Hard to see him doing any better than 6 and 3 and likely something a bit less (say 5+ IP and 4-5 ER).

Jack and others harped on Pettibone's likely collapse vs Indians last start, but he continued pounding the strikezone and getting head of hitters. 62% strikes last start, and has averaged 62% for the season.

Gotta try and be positive. A win today and it's a successful series.

Hope Galvis keeps raking left handed. I didn't realize he was having such a good year as a lefty...

.351/.415/.514/.928 in 41 PA.

Very happy to see MY at 1B. Maybe we can stop some of the out-of-position silliness we've been seeing with Galvis till now, and get Howard some more days off vs. LHP.

No Amaro today pre-game and it is Cholly instead talking to Wheeler.

eh kind of take back that 62 strike% for Pettibone, its basically league average and nothing special.

Cholly says Howard is 'pretty banged up' and it is why Cholly is giving him a day off today.

Not having to watch Howard, plus seeing Galvis get a few ABs? I'm for it.

Adams 'MIA' and Lannan out until at least June. No surprises there although I do wonder who is going to be the starter until Lannan return.

Since Lannan likely won't be back until mid-June given he will likely need at least 1-2 rehab starts, that means 4-5 GS for whoever the Phils decide upon as their 5th starter. My bet is that it will be Zambrano.

Need a win today and fish next three then nats

Today's somewhat tolerable lineup ALMOST offsets the feeling of impending doom with the looming Cloyd recall, after his last outing. Thankfully the Marlins may actually be worse than that AAA team that lit him up.

Also, if you watch Howard trying to leg out his double last night, it should be obvious to you that he's a bit more than "pretty banged up". He looked like he could barely walk, let alone run.

This is interesting - all those changes today! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

Here's an interesting piece about Sandberg & his fielding practice.

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 1h
Sandberg already making his mark in Philly.

Who doesn't enjoy reading about Chase Utley?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1h
Chase Utley found serenity on a college campus in San Fran. His success is both welcoming and vexing for Phillies.

Hopefully Nix will get a couple of hits today and gets back on Charlie's radar. He needs to push NoD down the Manual depth chart dart board, if that is even possible.

Choo's crappy CF defense cost the Reds the game on Friday. I bet if we watched the reds more often, we'd see many more plays he can't make.

slap hitter

Really slapped that one.

Revere's obviously on the juice.

Just caught up with the game. Guess he really was working on his power stroke!

Utley's numbers slowly cratering back to earth. Still has decent numbers, but it was a matter of time before his power numbers regressed. And he's just not walking that much this year, nor is he getting his trademark HBP.

3 out of 4 hitters smashed the ball, so of course we have nothing to show for it

Welp, Bruce got all of that one.

Wow. Hearing loud boos already from a sparse Sunday crowd nonetheless.

Here's hoping Revere has an excellent day.

Cloyd v. the Marlins' Fernandez? Hm. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Another ball smashed

Trying to figure out how many runs we'll need to be up to hold the lead when Pettibone has to turn over the game to the 'pen. I say 6.

Nice that our two bench guys are the only two to get on base so far.

Honestly can't wait until the Spurs/Grizzlies game at 3:30. These Phillies just depress me.

Oh geez. Now Chooch looks hurt.

Assemble an old roster....

Ruiz just injured himself, welcome back Q.

another bad break. This should be tied. And oh great chooch is hurt

Stupid umpire.

Oh man. Just what we need.
On the better side, glad to see Freddy get on.

Phils just can't catch a break.

Regulars, lifeless, listless

Subs, 3 for 3, should be 2 XBH


I was thinking maybe hammy, but Gelb thinks groin. And Kratz is in.

Oops, sorry, that was Murphy speculating groin.

And just when Ruiz had started to hit, too.

Freddy needs to suit up and start getting some practice behind the plate.

Matt Gelb @magelb
"Lots of talk about Darin Ruf. He is 0 for his last 17 with 9 strikeouts at triple-A Lehigh Valley. He's at .267/.349/.447 for season."

Lovely. It's Kratz

I would guess it was a groin/hamstring pull for Chooch. Just as he was starting to hit too.

Right off any production at C for the next few weeks I bet as Chooch heads to the 15-day DL.

That is the problem with any injuries right now. There is zero organizational depth almost everywhere.

Nobody can replace Adams and it means a stiff like Rosenberg is on the roster. Nobody can replace Chooch and now it means Kratz/Quintero for the next few weeks.

What? A first baseman that CAN throw to 2B to turn a double play?


Dickie, don't harsh my buzz like that.

Its gonna be a long year.

MG, if Howard goes down, I know who can replace him...

Love to watch MYoung.

Replace Ryan Howard? Are you mad???

No-defense 1B that post 90 OPS+ dont just grow on trees you know.

geez! Phils are spanking the ball...into outs

they are hitting the piss out of Bailey right now, but nothing to show for yet.

Bailey is looking shaky here early. A lot of stuff is up and catching too much of the plate.

Phils have hit six balls hard today and have nothing to show for it though including the ump getting in the way of a surefire double by Galvis.

Eventually these hard-hit balls have to turn into Production™.

... right?

Our other catchers had to be protected on the 40man but neither is mlb ready... Ugh.

I love that the Production™ meme has taken off...I've very proud of that one.

It wouldn't have mattered even if the ump did avoid the ball; there's no way Chooch would have scored. Phils just can't catch a break.

Rauuul has 3 doubles, 8 HRs and 20 RBIs in 89 ABs.
.562 SLG, .838 OPS

Howard has 10 doubles, 6 HRs and 22 RBIs in 151 ABs.
.430 SLG, .713 OPS.

That's kinda depressing. But hey, Howard will heat up and Raul is certainly streaky.

Cousin is at the game today with my tickets and he says it is 'Completely dead'

Understand why the crowd is subdued on a misty/damp Sunday afternoon with no offensive highlight so far.

I consider that we've already won today just by getting Votto to finally hit into an out - and a DP, at that.

Chooch - Right hamstring strain.

Nice cutter to get Bruce there 3-2.

Now the question is whether the Phillies are stubborn enough to essentially play w/ one Catcher, or give in & use the damn DL for a change.

Hey guys I can been working as a catcher in my spare time in the bullpen!

This roster definitely needs my versatility.

Humberto packing his bags I bet.

Brown completely whiffed on that one. Embarrassing.

Brown's crummy defense. That should have been out 3.

chooch was on a 9 game hitting streak, 10 for his last 30.

Dom Brown once again leaping wildly at a ball. Just sailed right past his glove.

He's fun to watch play the OF. In a bad way.

did brown just overrun/jump another one? Christ...

Brown has made some nice plays this year but he still misses too many routine plays because of poor misreads and routes.

I'm not sure I'd call that routine play, but yeah, wish he would've cuaght it.

Is he teachable? Does he need more practice? Revere could use some practice with routes, too, it sometimes seems.

Pettibone though continues to show decent composure though even when his defense lets him down.

Made Pettibone waste another 5 pitches though and more importantly prevented him from going against the bottom of the order next inning.

More likely to exist: Bigfoot or any of the various people MG mentions ( friend who is a scout, cousin, friends in seemingly every MLB city, etc.)

I'm far from a dirt shoveler but losing Ruiz and going back to a Kratz/Quintero platoon means the fat lady is starting to tune up on this season.

You watch Brown in LF and it is just kind of baffling. He gets really bad jumps on balls and seemingly has strange reads on the arc of the ball because of some of his badly mistimed jumps.

He's either going to hit enough to earn a full-time job or he is going to be a role player. Defensively he just isn't good and isn't a very good baserunner either despite his speed.

TTI - I'm in St. Louis now. My uncle and my cousin took my tickets for today as part of the Sunday package in 420.

leadoff walk. Leads to runs for most teams. Let's see...

I'm not sure what to think if the Phils manage to win this series

Domonic Brown is just a poor baseball player., and until he starts showing reason for me to feel differently, I see no reason to change my mind.

The one thing he used to have, plate discipline; even that's gone by the wayside. Now he's just a below average hitter, baserunner, and pretty awful fielder. And he's playing the least important position on the diamond.

In other words, he fits right in with the 2013 Phillies.

leadoff walk. Leads to runs for most teams. Let's see...

Posted by: Cyclic | Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Most offenses don't have "try to hit into as many double plays as possible" in their game plan.

First SB attempt in 2 years.

This team has just really frustrating to watch offensively the last 3 weeks.

MG: You spelled "years" wrong.

Love when the crowd at CBP booes someone who drops a fly ball. Such a Northeast thing.

Pettibone continues to do a nice job of pounding the strike zone and has had a pretty good cutter/changeup combo going today.

Nice 1-2-3 there for the 'bone.

When do I need to start to warm up?

Shame they have to waste a start like this

At least Pettibone is pitching well.

'Phillies Fan Pack' inning

On the bright side,found a positive for Sarge. He makes Wheels tolerable to listen to.
Sad to say he probably only has a job to fill the quota.

Nice AB, & nothing to show for it. Pretty much par for the course this afternoon.

Nice throw from the ground by Votto.

14 scoreless innings and counting.

another fine half inning

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