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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


"A welcomed sight." Those pitching match-ups could easily lead to 3 losses.

What the hell has gotten into Kevin Slowey? 2.15 ERA?

Slowey hasn't given up more than 3ER in a start this year. He's gone deep into games- his shortest start was actually against the Phils (5.1IP, 9H, 1ER). His K/9 is just a touch under 7- his BB/9 is 1.4. He's only given up 3 HRs. Righties have a .541 OPS against him.

Again, what the hell?

Thank goodness our ace is going for us tomorrow.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb
Lee: "We have to have a little more pride than that and figure out a way to at least get back into games and make it somewhat competitive."

Yes, please!

Oh. I just realized Lee qualified that: "somewhat competitive." So, he's not even going to pretend that they can be wholly competitive.

I expect there will be a huge crowd at the airport to welcome home our conquering heroes.

I really didn't expect KK to be our staff ace at the beginning of the season. People on BL used to complain about having tickets for games that he started.

Never mind. Lee was speaking specifically about making games like the two we just played "somewhat competitve" - not speaking about the season as a whole.

Now Cholly says NoD will be limited to PH this weekend.

They have plenty of pride, I imagine.

What they need is talent.

And me.

Whenever I hear Kevin Slowey's name mentioned, I immediately associate him with Pat Burrell. Must have been around 2006 or 2007 that the Burrell-for-Slowey rumors were rampant.

Bubba: That was me, & I still would. The difference now is that I wouldn't want to sit there & watch a good start wasted by a pitiful lack of hitting.

From if you really want to cheer up: "The Phillies are 5-13 in games started by three pitchers - Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Halladay - who will make $65.5 million in 2013. They are 5-14 against teams not named Mets or Marlins. Their next four games are against hapless Miami at Citizens Bank Park, and that was about the only positive on this night."

I would like not to emotionally invest in this season, but it's what I've done all my life (I was 11 when we won in 1980). This team, for whatever reason, can't get its sh*t together on a consistent basis. I'm already sick of it and it's only May 1. I'm resigned to floundering around .500 for most of the season, being in not-bad-enough-to-sell or good-enough-to-buy purgatory in July, and the inevitable injury to a productive member of this aging core that will put this team and Chollie's memorable managerial run out of its collective misery. To me, the most fascinating subplot will be to see if ownership allows Amaro to fix this mess he's royally screwed up. Let's hope not, since the joy I've experienced since 2007 were days I wasn't sure I'd ever see again, but fortunately, I'm now old and wise enough to have greatly, greatly appreciated...and if Amaro stays on we coud have some brutually long summers ahead.

"I'm resigned to floundering around .500 for most of the season, being in not-bad-enough-to-sell or good-enough-to-buy purgatory in July"

I wouldn't resign myself to that scenario quite yet. We could easily be bad enough to sell.

They have that shell-shocked, dead-man-walking look to me.


I fully understand this was not going to win the game, but is there any excuse for not starting Revere and Rollins with M.Young, a professional double play machine when he's not hitting singles, has a 3-2 count and you need runs badly? How can you not start them? I mean, HOW??? It's only the 7th inning; you need runs. Start them there, and LOOGY or not, you're probably getting 1-2 runs from Utley and Howard and you're marginally back in the game. With some luck, you'd even bring the tying run to the plate at some point in the 8th or 9th down three.

It's just soul-killing.

If you were to judge by the way most of the team looks you'd think it was mid-to-late August, not May 1st. They act as whipped as they've played.

Conway- did he really say that?

Looks like the clock on my 'Delmon Won't Start More Than 20 Games' prediction won't start for another few days at least.

You guys need to stop panicking...once...wait, who is it who's still injured/suspended/on paternity leave...what's that?...this is the team at FULL POWER???????

Ay Dios mio.

this team needs a serious juju meeting.

Should have been "to see if ownership allows Amaro to fix this mess he's created."

this team needs a serious juju meeting

That would NOT make Delmon happy.

lol Dave. but rube isn't invited.

G-Town- Got your Nix in RF/ DYoung as DH lineup and Nix did make the defensive play of the game. End result was still as bad a loss as Tues.

I have a soft spot in my sometimes cynical fandom for homegrown players so I like to see KK starts.

I wouldn't mind seeing some Howard HR's either.

speaking of homegrown, i see our prize sprout, roman quinn is hitting .202. but then, he is learning to switch hit. and play a new position.

Didn't even think of the fact that Jewish Rube picked up a raving anti-semite as his star slugger.

Perhaps building the team around pitching but without defense (or hitting) was a mistake.

It's always darkest before the dawn. Turnaround is right around the corner.

6 BBs in 5 IP against a guy who couldn't find the plate with all 78 different types of pitches he throws and they still get shut out. Ugh.

It is amazing how inept this team looks when they travel to an AL ball park dating back to the start of Interleague play. All NL teams struggle to some degree but I think I heard the Phils have the 2nd worst record of any NL team since Interleague play began.

Horst allowed yet another run tonight. He has now allowed at least 1 R in half of his appearances this year (5 out of 10).

When is Amaro going to make a move up and shake up the middle relief?

Yeah there is little help at Lehigh but Horst or Valdes should be demoted and De Fratus called up. No reason this hasn't already occured or at the very least doesn't occur when the team is back in Philly this weekend.

Horst/Valdes/Durbin now have a collective 7.20 ERA in 35 IP. On a team that has it shares of collective struggles, this trio has been horrendous so far.

All of this is costing the team millions in attendance, apparel sales and potentially on a new TV contract, etc. Charlie and Rube would be in my crosshairs if I was the owner. Rube for costing me so much to get a team with such a poor showing and it just seems as though Charlie's act as a field manager has become stale.

Time to turn the page on both of these guys so the team can lower its costs now and market the repackaged version of itself. One of the things that occurs to me is that the Phils may be forced to begin its own TV network if they cannot get the number they want from Comcast or whoever else might be bidding on it.

Face it, this team, as assembled by RAJ, is good enough to beat the bad teams, but when it comes to teams on their level or better, well, then, the outcome will only rarely be pretty. That being said, I sincerely hope they wake up and prove me wrong over the next two months.

If you build your team around pitching first and foremost, then you better make damn sure to assemble a team with a top-notch defense, excellent team speed and good situational hitting. RAJ has done little of that.

The Cleveland Indians had seven infield hits. That's crazy. And Give Lee some real runs for a change when he's pitching.

Horst needs to be sent down hopefully he can get it together. Valdes at times seems to be just tossing the ball and hoping for the best.

Time is deadline could be real interesting.

@hook, the trade deadline could mean a howard salary dump to an AL team, a nice haul for utley, a massive return for chooch, solid prospects for rollins, a mid tier prospect for m young, and next to nothing or maybe we could fleece someone that halladay will return to form. Problem is, I don't think RAJ nor ownership has the balls to do what I outlined, even if it gets fugly over the next two months. Plus, I suspect they may want to hold onto Utley and Chooch for the picks, assuming they don't/can't sign them. It will be interesting. Oh, I forgot Papelbon, please send him packing assuming some team picks up all his salary. Gillick ought to be on Montgomery's speed dial.

pblunts, Howard's not going anywhere. No team is taking on that contract, of even most of it. Howard's here for the duration, until we pay him $10 M in 2017 to not come to Spring Training.

And there's no "massive haul" coming for Chooch. You might get something, but let's not forget he's a 34 year old catcher. I don't know what you'd get, but I wouldn't expect it to be "massive".

Because he's a shell of the player that he once was, I don't think that there is a team that would take on Howard's contract, even if the Phillies split it with them financially.

The problem for those expecting a major sell off is that with the two wild cards there is a chance the Phillies absolutely in that "not bad enough to sell, not really good enough to buy" position. Also, they are at this point 4 games back of the Wild Card behind 7 teams- 5 of which they have not played to this point.

Realistically with this team they played a piss poor first month of the season and there were instances where they wasted good outings. However, I don't anticipate to have a starting staff that continues to pitch to a 4.29 ERA the rest of the season.

Amaro needs to get Durbin and/or Valdes out of here and bring up DeFratus. And they just need to start playing some better fundamental baseball. Do that and the team heading into June is much different than the one that came into May.

I do have a feeling though that should this continue that Charlie is going to be scapegoated by Amaro.

Howard isn't going anywhere, and people need to let that fantasy go. His contract is completely untradeable.

Part of the problem is that April looked like a relatively soft month, schedule-wise...and they came out of it looking like one of the worst teams in baseball. I seriously doubt things are going to get better as the season wears on.

I'm willing to bet this team is basically out of contention by the ASB, except to the completely delusional.

So, Kyle Kendrick is our best starter? If you would have told me that KK would be our best starter in April, I would have said: "No way, that would mean the Phils would be around 12-15 -- not a chance with their cake schedule."

I haven't look at it in awhile, but I recall April being far-and-away their easiest month. If we can expect this level of play for the rest of the season, they are in trouble.

The bright side will be that in August, CBP will be reminiscent of the Vet in the late 90s. It'll be so much fun to bring my son to a game in the same way my father took me. In all honestly, I'm really looking forward to it. Like most of you, I'm sure, I love watching baseball no matter what. If the Phils are winning, it's just icing on the cake. A bad day at the ballpark beats a good day pretty much anywhere else.

I get it they are different players and different ages, but if Carl Crawford and his contract along with his injury history can get traded, then Howard can, especially if we eat a lot of it. Stop sounding like it's the most implausible contract to move in the hisory of baseball.

April did look like an easy part of the schedule but when you look at the numbers closely you see this:

They played 9 against the Mets & Marlins who are a combined 19-35 for a .351 winning percentage. The Phillies were 7-2 against them.

Their other 18 games (counting full series) were against the Braves, Royals, Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates- who are a combined 79-57 for a .580 winning percentage and 4 of those teams would be playoff teams today. The Phillies were 5-12 against them.

If anything you can say that they have handled their business against the bad teams but are scuffling badly against the better teams.

These next 4 games are huge. Win 3 (ideally sweep but take 3 for now) and get yourself to 15-17 before the West Coast swing that could be ugly because they had bad pitching match-ups in line in San Francisco and then they play 4 in Arizona where they do not play well at all.

T o be fair I would have thought that Vernon Wells contract was completely untraceable too.

And because someone will come on and say something I'm sure.. None of what I said should necessarily be looked at as me being okay with the way they are playing.

On the Howard thing: Every contract has the ability to be traded it is just that you may have to pick up a ton of cash on it or expect way less back in a prospect return for someone to take on the entirety of the deal. Basically it is for sale but you probably won't get anything back other than not being under the contract's terms.

The Tribe had 7 HRs on Tuesday and 7 infield hits last night. That's very strange. I'm not sticking up for the Phils' awful showing the past two nights, but those are some freak instances in games. Perhaps they did run into a "hot" team. Things like that just don't happen often.

[Again, just an observation. I'm not trying to excuse the lackluster performances by the players/coaches]

TTI: Who did the Mets trade Mo Vaughn to?

"The Tribe had 7 HRs on Tuesday and 7 infield hits last night. That's very strange. I'm not sticking up for the Phils' awful showing the past two nights, but those are some freak instances in games. Perhaps they did run into a "hot" team. Things like that just don't happen often."

This pretty much sums it up. The offense was awful, but they'd have had to score 15 and 7 runs, respectively, to win either game. Cleveland looked like the '27 Yankees out there, as they have for the entirety of their winning streak.

well that settles it. Lorecore found an example from 10 years ago of a guy who got injured and retired...but he was never traded.

40 yr old Bartolo Colon is 3-0 with the A's in 5 starts, with only one BB in his 5 starts. Wow - and he gave them a good 2012 too (115 ERA+ in 152IP).

Yes, they're probably not "this bad." The issue is, they don't appear to be that good either. I sincerely wish it were different, but unless they figure something out, they're looking at struggling to stay at .500 again this year. Whether that puts us "in it" around the deadline remains to be seen.

The synthetic testosterone he was for who knows how long that he finally got suspended for in 2012 could have something to do with 40 year old fatty Colon pitching well still.

tti: I hardly "found" that example, it was the first thing that popped in my mind. I could find plenty more if desired.

Barry Zito made $56M the last 3 years for a 85 ERA+. Go tell the Giants he wasn't untradeable.

The definition of untradeable? How about when the Mets had to just flat out release Jason Bay?

Any teams kicking tires on Arod or Johan lately? Not that I know of.

There are untradeable contracts - and all signs point to Howard as being/becoming one of them.

@PBlunts, I think most people are just being realistic about Howard's contract. Chances are that no one will take it on.

Per Crawford's contract, Crawford was bundled with Gonzalez, and I'm not sure the Phillies have assets that could be leveraged to bundle with Howard. In addition, Crawford was much younger a year ago than Howard is now; he was a plus fielder and baserunner prior to going to Boston; and influx of injuries, rather than depreciation of skills, was the primary driving force in the decline in production.

And not that it qualifies under the same magnitude, but I just want to bash Joe Blanton. He has another $8.5M guaranteed after this season,(he has a option/buyout in 2015,haha!) he is also the definition of untradeable.

Carl Crawford has more HR than Ryan Howard this year.

These guys suck

Two thins:

!) if you trade Ryan Howard, but it means that you take on 90% of his contract and receive a marginal prospect in return, big friggin deal. All you've done is minorly mitigate a complete disaster of a deal.

2) That stupid $10 M option in 2017, in his age 37 season is the worst part of that contract. I mean, you either have to pay the guy $10 M NOT play for you, or $23 M to play for you and probably make you team much worse just by his inclusion. What a lose-lose proposition.

lorecore: You're doing schtick at this point right?

tti: do you disagree with any of the names I mentioned as being untradable?

To be fair, there are 79 players who have more HRs than Ryan Howard.

To be fair, the Howard contract has been listed annually as one of the most untradable contracts in baseball pretty much since the day it was signed.

lorecore: I don't think those situations are the same necessarily.

Saying a contract is tradeable to me means the player under contract is healthy and able to play. So a team probably isn't beating down the door on Arod or Johan because both are injured.

On Zito- there has never been any indication that the Giants have been interested in moving him that I recall. I could be wrong. Bay was released as much as to do with injuries and wanting to go another direction. Plus he looked cooked and didn't have any of his skill set anymore.

I know the new metrics people don't like it but Howard still has power. And there are teams that will still pay a premium for it- right or wrong.

The bigger issue though is what I was alluding to and what Fata said. You are going to be asked to either pick up a large portion of the contract or get low grade prospects back in order to take more money on. At that point- why bother?

When people here talk of wanting to trade Ryan Howard, they are most likely thinking of it in terms of providing either relief from his contract, or for the purpose of bringing back some minor league talent for the future.

But neither of those things are going to happen. So, in that sense, the Howard contract is "untradeable". We may technically be able to move Ryan Howard to another team, but whatever relief doing so brings will be marginal, and it will most certainly not bring back any prospect that is worth a damn.

So in every practical sense of the word, Ryan Howard is "untradeable".

tti: agreed, they are not the same situations as Howard...yet. I see signs of it becoming one of those situations in the future moreso than I see him turning into a player that another team would agree to take on prior to the "why bother" point of negotiations.

in 2 games Delmon young has 1/3 the number of walks Ryan Howard has worked in 26 games (1 vs 3).

If the Phillies kicked in $26M a year, I would trade them my 1992 Topps Ruben Amaro Jr. Rookie Card for Ryan Howard to scorekeep for my softball team.

1992 Topps #269 - Ruben Amaro

Man, he looks smug even back then

If I'm an AL team and I only had to pay Howard $5-ish million a year (and no buyout) I might give up a C+ prospect. Baltimore maybe? Nolan Reimold isn't a great DH.

Man, he looks smug even back then

Posted by: Steve | Thursday, May 02, 2013 at 09:57 AM

A child of privelege.

It's my Stanford education. People assume I'm smarter than they are, and I know it. Now hand me someone else's checkbook, I've got multi-year contracts to give out.

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