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Friday, May 24, 2013


Sickening. Absurd. Insulting.

It's lack of creativity from this organization. The team is familiar with Mini-Mart so therefore he gets called up. I don't understand it whatsoever.

On another note, was BL the origin of the nickname Mini-Mart? I see reporters using the nickname now.

Well, I guess the question I posed on the last thread is now moot.

Shocking...but not really, I guess.

I mean this with all sincerity- F**K Ruben Amaro Jr.

Charlie is one happy camper now

Ruf makes the most sense to me. On a team with Galvis and Frandsen, there's no immediate need for another IF. If one of them gets hurt, make another roster move. What's the big deal?

What does the guy have to do? He started off slow, but is hitting well recently. He can play LF in a pinch and can spell Howard at 1B. Am I way off base, here?

Oh, now I get it. Ruf doesn't offer very much in the way of versatility. It all makes sense now.

Kevin Frandsen and Freddy Galvis are capable backups, so Utley's roster spot is wide open...for Michael Martinez. I can't believe this crap. Amaro is dumb and getting dumber. Mini-Mart sucked in 2 seasons with the Phils (.188/.512) and sucked this year down at Triple-A (.226/.570). He been a terrible hitter his entire career, both minors and MLB. Amaro and Manuel's man-crush on him is inexcusable. This is proof that Rube shouldn't be a GM. His insistence on keeping Martinez around should have him publicly flogged. Good thing the Phils aren't at home tonight, or I'd start a campaign for eggs, rotten fruit and vegetables to be hurled onto the field in protest of this move. I'd call it Campaign Chagrin. What are the alternatives? Cesar Hernandez, Darin Ruf, Josh Fields, a 3-legged dog, the corpse of Bea Arthur, John Kruk's uni-ball...anything but Michael f'n Martinez!

Sometimes my rational side says "These are big organization executives. They must know what they're doing and more than we know."

Then this. Unconscionable for all of the reasons above. Now I am SURE that this passive-aggressive-to-the-fan-base GM does things just to show that he can. Even if it hurts the team.


Yes, "Mini-Mart" was coined here at Beerleaguer.

I think Murphy was the first beat guy to pick up on it.

Someone please tell me how you tell Darin Ruf he’s not yet good enough.

OK, let’s pretend some cog in this pathetic organization has just called Ruf into his Coca-Cola Park office (It’s a really nice office):

    ...Son, we realize you led all of Major League baseball in home runs last year; we also realize you've given your all to master left field, and play a fine first base. Yes, we know that our regular first baseman is really scuffling now; he's got a knee issue, and his bat has slowed at bit.

    Darin, we know that despite less than impressive numbers this year, you would be an extremely valuable RH bat off the bench; and help us solve the DH riddle posed by the upcoming Boston series. Yes, yes, we know every game counts now.

    Except for 1 little thing. Our general manager can do no wrong in the eyes of the limited partnership, and is signed through 2015. When Mr. Amaro makes a decision, he makes it work. No, no, no, I can't tell you exactly why you were passed over by one who's got practically no baseball skills, as documented by his laughable BA and Iron Pigs-leading error total.

    You take care now, hear? And start producing! You and I both know that’s what Mr. Amaro likes. Hang in there, big fella. Your time will come.

Ruf leaves office.

The anonymous baseball executive mumbles "...your time is bagging groceries in a few years. Too bad your acquisition was never !@#$%^ Amaro's idea. What a fvckin' waste.

Anonymous exec with really nice office in Coca-Cola Park starts whistling "High Hopes".

Fade to black.


"...and I think all 4 guys spent time as part-time players in the major leagues before transitioning to a starter role."

DHPhils, the Phillies did the same thing with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.

How soon they forget.

This is going to be sacrilegious in these parts, but I'm starting to pine for the days of Ed Wade.

Now that I've calmed down from my morning caffeine high, a little perspective:

This team does not have a problem with "versatility". They already have one very versatile guy in Freddy, and two other guys in Frandsen and DYoung who can play multiple IF positions. Freddy may be the starting 2B in Utley's absence, but he's also the backup SS so you don't need another one. If that is their excuse for bringing up minimart then they are even dumber than anyone here thought. Are they seriously going to make the case that they'd play minimart at SS and Galvis at 2B if Rollins gets dinged up - instead of Freddy (SS) and Frandsen and his bat (2B)? Seriously?

This team is having trouble scoring runs - not with "versatility".

If they call up minimart they really are as incompetent as many here think, and I find myself - a sometimes defender of the FO - in a place where there is no way I could contort an argument to defend this. None. Period.

Ruben Amaro Takes a Math Test:

1+1 = 3
11+11 = 33
111+111 = 333
1111+1111= 3333
11111+11111= 33333

TTI grades the test as an F and tells him don't worry about getting 1+1 wrong, it is only 1 question on a 5 question test so it doesn't really matter.

In real life, MiniMart is 1+1 and all of the other important moves in running a ball club are the bigger questions, that are being made wrong because of the logic behind getting 1+1 wrong.

Bringing back Mini-Mart just proves that Amaro is trolling us.

Martinez has hit .188 since 2011, which is the lowest batting average in the National League among players with at least 350 plate appearances. His .241 OBP is also worst in the NL during that span. And his .272 slugging percentage is second-worst to Paul Janish.

This says it all. How does this guy fit on an MLB roster?

lorecore -- That's really clever. Great metaphor for the logic behind so many decisions around here.

Couldn't they have called up Hernandez and just told Charley that it was Martinez?

There have been a whole bunch of a stupid moves made with this team lately. Deciding that Michael Martinez belongs on a major league roster trumps them all. And you know, come Sunday, we'll see him starting at shortstop against a team we're trying to steal 2nd place from. Just a stupid stupid STUPID move.

I'm going to answer a few questions that Corey asked in the header:

"The strange move is, of course, bringing back Martinez. What does he add to a team that already has Freddy Galvis and Kevin Frandsen?"


"Why not at least see what 23-year-old Cesar Hernandez can do for a short while?"

No sh8t, Sherlock. But the problem is even Sherlock Holmes couldn't deduct any sense in this move - because there isn't any. NONE.

"Or what about Darin Ruf, who recovered after a slow April and is hitting .262/.339/.433 at Lehigh Valley?"

What about him? Could he be the DH against LHP in Boston? Sure. But obviously this front office thinks this team HAS A BETTER CHANCE TO WIN with minimart.

Actually, Corey, how about one of your buddies at Comcast ask r00b that directly and on camera: "Do you really think Michael Martinez gives this team the best chance to win over Ruf or Hernandez, and if so, why?"

Corey, you wrote an excellent header, but you missed something when you typed this sentence, that ssadly, occurred to me this morning:

"This is the definition of a status quo move."

No, my dear, young Mr. Seidman. It's not a "status quo" move. It's something else entirely, and something that it pains me to type on BL:

It's the definition of a move an FO makes when they realize they don't have a contending team.

Therefore, they don't make moves that give the team the best chance to win. Other considerations come into play - bogus excuses like "We want the young guys to play everyday" or "service time clocks", instead of putting the best 25 guys in the locker room.

Make no mistake, boys and girls...

This move is a clear indication that the Phillies FO has packed it in.

Enjoy something else this summer.

Seidman: "Why not at least see what 23-year-old Cesar Hernandez can do for a short while? He wouldn't play everyday but he'd be able to get maybe a game a week, and also pinch-hit."

Why couldn't he play enough? Because Freddy Galvis needs to play everyday?

Then why did Freddy Galvis sit on the bench for the first month of the year if he needed to play everyday?

***Then why did Freddy Galvis sit on the bench for the first month of the year if he needed to play everyday?***


I, like most others here, had hoped that Mini's exclusion from the 40 man this season had finally signaled that the FO had some sense; had a clue.

But somehow, we all knew this would happen. Despite the shocking amount of extensive evidence why it should not now or ever happen, we all knew it would, somehow.

Once again:

It's the definition of a move an FO makes when they realize they don't have a contending team.

And again:

This move is a clear indication that the Phillies FO has packed it in.

(And if r00ben Amaro, Jr. says anything to the contrary he a f88888g liar. Stone cold f88888g liar.)


I think it's worse. The FO thinks that it DOES have a contending team and made this move

Sil, I thought the same - that they had gotten a clue.

I know this contradicts a previous post of mine, but it does make sense if you believe the FO has packed it in. That's the only way it does make sense.

What a message to send to the MLB team.

I see a full 40 man roster. So someone has to go.

Zach Collier, Tyson Gillies, Sebastian Valle, Raul Valdes, Maurico Robles are all candidates to me.

I would keep Maurico Robles over Chad Durbin, but that's a whole different story.


I think it's worse. The FO thinks that it DOES have a contending team and made this move."

Then God help them, MR, God help them.

Guess this means our right handed DH for the Boston series is DYoung.

DYoung is the starting RF, he can not DH.

Nix and Frandsen will DH...Nix against RHP and Frandsen against LHP.

Somehow though, Mini Mart will get a start.

Come on now guys, this is obviously a bad move. The entire fanbase knows this is a bad move. There's no challenge to the status quo in ripping Amaro (and/or the FO in general).

This is Beerleaguer. This is supposed to be Alternative viewpoints on the Phillies.

Rather than perpetuate the status quo, let's offer some alternative viewpoints. Let's really challenge ourselves.

In 100 words or less, provide some sort of real justification for why this is a good move.

Because really, if we can't laugh, we'll have to cry.

I knew we hadn't seen the last of Mini Mart. Last fall I said, as long as he's in the organization, we'll see him again - it only takes an injury and he's back with the club. And here we are.

This is absolutely indefensible and should be a fireable offense. As everyone else here has already said, he brings nothing to the table. Versatile? He doesn't play ANY position well. He can't hit a lick, and he's not even "young" anymore.

I can understand not wanting to burn an option on limited playing time for Hernandez. Fine. I can also understand the same sort of thinking for Ruf (though I'd really like to see him up here). Fine. But then go with Orr. He can hit better, is a decent runner and has some IF versatility. What else is there to see from Mini Mart? Honestly. It really is irresponsible for RAJ to make this move and it's this sort of thinking that should have him fired immediately.

This is a prime example of why I do not want to sell or dismantle the core. I know there's a lot of anger towards Utley, Rollins and Howard on this team, but is this the man you want making those moves? You will end up with Mini Mart playing every day. Careful what you wish for.

Finally, how much PT do you think Mini Mart will get this weekend? I predict at least one start this weekend, maybe in CF.

Just a disgrace.

I'll go first.

Sure, Martinez is slumping right now, and only hitting .226/.297/.274 in AAA, but he's only 25 games removed from having a .450/.500/.500 slash!

Mini Mart?


Has there been anyone on Beerleaguer in support of this decision?

It makes no sense.

The thing about extortion is that if you keep twisting the screws to extract something from the victim, eventually they snap and stop cooperating. As Ed Wade has proved, you may be the league's whipping boy, but it's really, *really* hard to totally fall out of a job in baseball. So, just do it Rube. Spill the beans. Release the photos. At this point, there's nothing to lose. Pride went flying out the window like a Brad Lidge gopher ball when you brought Mini Mart back last year. So please, just save us all from any more Mini Mart inflicted suffering.

Lore: Hahaha. Good point.

If I were manager, I'd refuse to play Mini one inning. Something like Pop Fisher in The Natural: "I'll pay his contract. But I ain't gonna play him. Never."

I'm not a UC hater, but he seems to like MM for some reason; an inexcusable notion.

Justification #2: Martinez may not be very good with the bat, but remember in July of 2011, when he would miraculously only get hits with RiSP? That added up to a sizable number of RBIs (24 in 234 PAs).

Over a 600 PA season, that would net 62 RBIs. Isn't that the sort of prodüction you'd want from your backup utility infielder?

Whoa wait this isn't a joke? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This is all kinds of awesome. I love that he has been recalled. Another level of high comedy to this already comedic season.

It wouldn't be using an option on Hernandez or Ruf.

They're already on the 40-man, so they've used the option for this year to have them in the minors already.

It would start the service clock, which I suppose would be a concern for Hernandez, but there's no issues with options.

In fact, in the 12 games he played between July 5th and July 23rd (2011), he had 14 RBIs in 45 ABs. Over a 550-AB season, that would equate to 171 RBIs

Prodüction indeed.

I can make spectacular catches in Center Field, which keep the Braves from beating us on the last game of the season... allowing the Cardinals to nab the WC. Who wouldn't want that?

I seriously thought this Martinez move was a joke. How great is that?

The actual decision to recall Martinez isn't going to ruin this entire franchise, but the logic it represents will.

Posted by: lorecore

Joe D: Minimart is no joke. I mean, he is, but he isn't.

Get it?

Buster, I'm afraid you may be onto something w/ the RBI projections over a full season. No one else can match that level of Production™!

I'm also afraid of a DYoung-esque moment: Mini-mart gets a broken-bat bloop single in his first AB, which immediately validates his presence on the roster (in R00b's eyes, anyway.)

What a way to kill the small momentum that had been building *sigh*

The actual decision to recall Martinez isn't going to ruin this entire franchise, but the logic it represents will.

This is a great, but my question would be: if the move lacks any logic whatsoever, how can the non-logic be representative of their thinking?

My head hurt typing that.

What more is there to say about Amaro and this FO?

I can't believe we've been so negative this year. Really. Perfect opportunity to call up Ruf with DH games and some lefties on the horizon.

lorecore: What a ham handed analogy.

Look- we all agree that Ruf or Hernandez was a better option here. No doubt. There is nothing in his career profile that indicates that Mini Mart deserves a spot nor should be on a major league roster. That would be fine to say. It's a rational opinion based on stats and logic.

However- "This is what will ruin the franchise" is ridiculous and completely over-the-top. I mean let's take Amaro at his word (which many on here do) on why not Ruf or Hernandez. They want them to be everyday players. That would seem to indicate that Hernandez is someone they see in their plans going forward. Ruf too.

I mean the egregious part to me is- what are you waiting for on Ruf? Yes he may be in your future but is it really going to be a bad thing that he comes up now?

I stand by my statement. If the Phillies can't add 1+1 then what makes you think they can do calculus?

Mini Returns = BL Postotal

Anyone heard from MG? I'm kinda scared for him.

nokwurst: Come on, you're not trying hard enough. There's got to be some things we're missing here - or at least things we can imagine being the case.

For instance, with Galvis starting 2nd everyday (presumably?) until Utley returns, we've lost our supersub. Who else could we use in extra-inning games after we've already made several PH/pitching-change moves, and suddenly end up with an outfielder playing 1B because Howard got ejected for arguing a strike-call? Especially if he's also going to be the backup SS earlier in the game?

Meyer: The awesome thing is that could be either "BL Postal" or "BL Post total" and it would still be right.

Have any of the beat reporters asked the organization why Mini-Mart and not someone else?

lorecore: How do you know you're not looking at a different equation than what they are?

Can anyone name a single game in which the Phillies have used two bench infielders in the field?

I mean, it seems to me this is their calculus here. For whatever reason, they've decided they need a second utility IF.

So I'm asking--since they've been carrying two utility IF this year (Frandsen and Galvis), have those two been used as defensive subs in the same game? I can't imagine they have, but maybe I'm wrong.

Probably not Red. They talk a big game on twitter but they never sack up and rip the organization to their faces. They don't want their press passes stolen. David Murphy is the fakest hard ass ever.

Just a matter of time before some alternative viewpoints here become mainstream out there again.

Yeah when I saw the amount of comments on the Utley DL thread, I knew what must have happened.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror ..."

TTI: I think you missed the point of lorecore's analogy.

Red: I can't say whether it was in response to a direct question, but CSN Philly does have an article that's presumably paraphrasing Amaro?

Also, it's possible Amaro hasn't held a press conference on the move - merely announced it through standard channels - so perhaps nobody had a chance to ask him a question about it yet.

Jack: Do a game-search sorting for both Frandsen and Galvis?

It's likely happened at some point this season. Probably a day-after-night or Sunday.

Buster: good point, b/c in that scenario, we no longer have Oswalt to play LF while DBrown moves to 1B. So yeah, I guess we do need MM. (BTW, thanks for reminding me of that game, such an awesome memory!)

I seriously love your proposed idea of trying to come up w/ reasons to validate the move...I just can't seem to do it. To quote a very wise man:

"I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."

David Murphy ‏@HighCheese 8m
Had a dream last night that Martinez is spanish for Mendoza

Good one.

I hate this front office.

I didn't see. What was the 40 man roster move they made just so they could defile us?

Re: Beat writers. I've had WIP on in the background all morning (working alone on a report) and so far NOTHING on the move. There was a recent 30-second mention of Hamels not talking to the media (ho hum...creating an issue much?) but absolutely nothing about this move.

There was more discussion about Michael Vick on the morning show than about the Phils.

I realize WIP is not the local authority on baseball, but this astounding move would at least merit mention, no?

They could just move Halladay to the 60 day DL. Still doesn't excuse the stupidity of bringing up Mini Mart in the first place.

4/13: Galvis starts, Fradnsen PH.
4/17: Both come in for 6th inning (double-switch likely).
4/18: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.
4/19: Both start.
4/20: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.
4/25: Frandsen starts, Galvis PH.
4/27: Both PH.
4/28: Both start (pulled in 7th).
4/30: Both PH (likely-double switch).
5/4: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.
5/8: Frandsen starts, Galvis PH.
5/12: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.
5/14: Frandsen starts, Galvis PH.
5/15: Both PH.
5/19: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.
5/21: Galvis starts, Frandsen PH.

TTI: I am unsure if we should be terrified of the Phils' equation itself or the data going into it. There are three options:

#1. They are calculating decisions right, but starting off with bad data - Garbage in, Garbage out.
#2. They have the right data but are in capable of carry out the necessary calculation.
#3. They have wrong data AND can't calculate it right either.

The saving grace for this franchise is that it is option #3, and that miscalculating incorrect data will accidentally result in a right answer every once in awhile.

See...back in da day, me and Angie Bruno woulda taken care o' dis Mini-Mart guy, like, right away. He'd be meetin' fish (or whateveh else lives der) on the bottom o' da Schuylkill by now,an' we'd never hafta see his skanky little butt on da field no more. Geez, Lousie. I cannot believe you guys is puttin up wit dis garbage. Sickenin.

TTI- you know in Beerleaguer West Side Story, we're both on the same side. But I really caution you about doing anything that would defend this move. I personally never got the hate for Martinez, but objectively this decision is the worst personnel decision Amaro has made during his tenure.

1) The 'role' he's filling is redundant. They have a surplus of IF, many of which can play different positions. There was no need to call up an IF, period, no matter who it was.

2) Even if they were misguided and decided 'We have to call up an infielder," there are other candidates vastly more qualified than Martinez. Orr, for one. Cesar Hernandez, for two. Personally I'd pick Hernandez in this situation, as he's been swinging a hot bat and could prove to be a bit of a spark plug. Not in a million years would I consider Martinez.

3) He has done nothing to warrant a call-up. He's been putrid at AAA this year both offensively and defensively. He shouldn't even be on the radar for a call-up unless the team bus to Washington crashes, and even then I'd probably leave him at LHV.

4) Right now, this team needs help offensively. There's no one really in AAA that's going to improve the team vastly on the defensive side, so they had to really focus on offense with this call-up- especially with a DH series coming up in Boston. That considered, they couldn't have made a worse choice in the entire organization than Martinez. He is the worst hitter in the MLB- and that's not even an exaggeration. He is literally the worst since 2011. They not only failed to make the team better with this call-up- they actually made it far worse.

I'm usually 100% on board with the idea of trying to find the rationale behind a decision, and you know that. But there's no rationale here. It'a idiocy of the highest order. And there's no counterargument to that.

I think the fanbase should flood the front office with phone calls to complain, and they should also consider boycotting games. Michael Martinez is the worst baseball player of the past 20 years and helps the team lose more than he helps them win. I already spoke to a secretary and left my name and number and sent a follow-up email to their basic email service.

Another thing I'm thinking about(then I'll go away to calm down focus on work): Marketing.

Given the southerly direction of ticket sales, it would make sense that the chance to see/cheer a highly-anticipated minor leaguer would motivate some people to head out to the park. At least there would be a new story line, some mystique, and some excitement.

If it makes anybody feel any better, neither nor ESPN has the MM contract purchase on their transactions list yet.

I envision Amaro making some sort of secret deal with the Nats' stadium production crew - a favor for a favor. In return for an unspecified (but minor) boon to be granted during the next series in which the Nats come to Philly, MM is the only Phillies player to get walk-up music.

Only, when he steps to the plate, he looks eerily like Darin Ruf, and the music is as follows.

buster: The question is whether both backup INF were subbed in defensively at any point in the same game.

When 1 or both start, then they are no longer a backup for that game.

Welcome to the 2013 National High School Debate Team Competition.

Question 1 for our participants: in 100 words or less, explain why the Mini-Mart call-up was a wise move.

Question 2: in 100 words or less, defend the record of the Hitler presidency.

Lore: They were in a few, yes. In several of the games where both PH (or at least both got ABs), they remained in as defensive substitutions - finishing the game from the 6th or 7th.

BAP: I can answer both questions with only 8 words total.

Both increased the versatility of their organizations immeasurably.

"I would keep Maurico Robles over Chad Durbin, but that's a whole different story."

Never happen. Chad Durbin is a "Proven veteran". I'd say something about "Production" but I don't know how to put the TM thingie on the end...

I mean, is there any doubt he'll be in the starting lineup at least once in the next 2-4 weeks?

'Cause he will.

From the Bob Ford article:

In the meantime, in these two months before Amaro obtains whatever leverage he can from the urgency of the deadline on those teams still competing, the Phils have to keep playing. He has two options to choose between: limp along as they have been, learning nothing new and playing around .500; or try something new, maybe learn a few things, and probably play significantly worse.

That's the second part of the two-part question: Does the organization have the courage to move past the familiar core of the team and use the rest of the season to give substantial playing time to all the maybes and might-bes about whom they will have to learn eventually? The best example is Darin Ruf. In this season that means nothing, wouldn't getting him 350-400 at-bats against major-league pitching be a good idea? It would either help him improve or give the team a clearer view of him. Either is a better outcome than the alternative.


Amaro learn? HA!

I believe I read that they did move Halladay to the 60-day DL.

nokwurst: Consider it a critical thinking exercise. Or perhaps a study in human psychology.

Surely there must be a nugget of nougat-y value somewhere in MM's record to justify this call-up (in Amaro's mind). He's just left it up to us to figure out where it is!

If we can't figure it out, then we'll have to leave it to MENSA, and those bums never explain anything.

Hitler built the Audobahn was the model used by Eisenhower when he build the National Highway System. WWII also led directly to the USA's preeminence as a world power.

NEPP: Excellent write-up. Unfortunately, I still can't give you an A because you skipped the first question.

Martinez will probably leadoff and play center tonight. Galvis will hit 2nd.

Haven't seen Fatalotti around much lately. I suspect he might have a thing or two to say about this move.

"However- "This is what will ruin the franchise" is ridiculous and completely over-the-top. I mean let's take Amaro at his word (which many on here do) on why not Ruf or Hernandez. They want them to be everyday players. That would seem to indicate that Hernandez is someone they see in their plans going forward. Ruf too."

TTI, I frequently agree with you, but you are flat out wrong on this one. FLAT.OUT.WRONG.

This isn't "forever". Utley isn't DL'd for the rest of the season - it's 15 days. That's all.

Utley is eligible to come back in less than 2 weeks. Do you REALLY think that Ruf's and Hernandez's development is going to be hurt by semi-regular playing time with the big club for less than 2 weeks? Seriously?

minimart is not the best player to call up if their goal is to put the best 25-man together. He's simply NOT.

Unless, of course, I misunderstand you and you think he IS the best guy? Do you?

So, what this move tells me is that the Fo is NOT COMMITTED TO WINNING this season - that is, they've packed it in - because they're more concerned about service time clocks and other nonsensical issues like
playing time over a two week period as if it will ruin the guys development and career.

TTI, you're wrong. They've packed it in. enjoy the Shore or something else this summer, because this franchise isn't committed to putting the best product on the field for you to enjoy. Period.

Maybe Rube is looking for an entertainment dollar beyond baseball. You know, Mini can leadoff tonight sporting Jheri curls again and moonwalk to the plate. Test it on the Phillies fans gone south for the evening.

From a text I just sent my Phillies fan friends:

"So remember way back when we signed Papelbon and I tried to defend RAJ's thinking there and cited some of the other decent moves he's made? Well, now I feel like people in the '30s who tried to see the bright side of Hitler's fuehrer-ship. I was blind, but now I see..."

I'm going to continue watching and hoping for the success of individual players (Rollins, Howard, Hamels, Lee, Kendrick, etc.), but I can't help but hope for anything that leads to Ruben's firing.

Couldn't agree with awh more. The move reeks of not caring. They better be prepared for an empty park from July on. I fully expect that they will sign Utley too. They'll tell us that his knee issues are behind him and ignore the fact that he is still old. The future is dark, really dark.

minimart is Amaro "excrementing" on the fanbase. Period.

Is tonight a GM call-in show pregame? I don't know the schedule for those. I'll seriously go out and open 20 new cell phone accounts just to try to get through.

Also, I hope this hasn't driven Fats, MG, and GTown away permanently... I like them even when I disagree with them and I'm going to need some good analysis and acidic humor to get through the famine years.

Charlie said I'm going to DH against Boston!

When Martinez is in the starting lineup tonight I won't know whether to laugh or cry. I am bracing for it.

awh: I love the rants this morning. But I'm not sure I agree with your conclusion. If the FO has really packed it in for the season, that would be even MORE reason to call up Ruf or Hernandez and see if they are guys who might be able to help us going forward. But I tend to think that the FO called up Mini-Mart because they HAVEN'T packed it in for the season, and they believe he helps the major league team more than any of the other options. Which is actually a far more frightening scenario than the one you're suggesting.

I'm sure Mini-Mart's recall is just a gambit to improve his trade value before the coming fire-sale. Once other teams get a look at his versitility we'll probably be able to squeeze out a dented fungo or a AA level batboy for him.

I have one positive thing to say about Mini-Mart. His play at 3B looks good to my eyes.

That's all I can say.

How sad is it that I just went to b-r and looked to see if Martinez has faced Zimmerman? Let me tell you why I did such a thing. I seriously thought they would call him up because he was 1-1 lifetime off of Zimmerman because that's the kind of illogical reasoning this front office would use. They would then start him tonight.

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