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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Boy we really dodged a bullet with Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn sitting out. . . .

Make sure to watch Bauer's warm-up before the inning.

"Bauer throws nine pitches, but doesn't command any of them very well."
Phillies 3rd to last in team walks.
Tonight the movable object meets the resistible force.

If each of MYoung, Revere, DYoung and Howard walk tonight, does the universe collapse in upon itself immediately thereafter?

"Bauer throws nine pitches, but doesn't command any of them very well."

He's gonna get 15 Ks.

Whens the last time Revere even had a SB opp? He has 5 singles and 0 BB in his last 41 PA since his last SB. I wouldn't be surprised if a runner was on in front of him in a couple of those - so we're talking around 3 chances in about 11 games. Unreal.

"Bauer walked seven batters in his only start this season and has 20 walks in 21.1 innings at the major-league level."

Setting the O/U for Phillies walks at 1

9 pitches?

What the heck is this guying throwing? Fastball, Change, Cutter, Slider, Sinker, Curve, Knucklecurve, Spitter, Eephus?

Forkball and a D-Battery are actually in his repertoire.

lorecore, great point. Almost as if it's tough to capitalize on Revere's only real weapon - speed on the base paths - when he's not ever really on the base paths.

No gyroball?



cut changeup
run changeup
hard curve
slow curve
dot slider
circle slider
reverse slider

This guy is borderline genius/insane with his theories/practices when it comes to pitching. If you haven't read about him, do yourself a favor and google.

He means nine pitches out of the strike zone to each batter. DYoung still won't walk.

When I read that earlier today on BL that Delmon Young was going to play in the field, I started thinking that Cholly is off his bonkers. Turns out I was right. Cholly must've received a call from Junior with Rube yelling into the phone, "Cholly, you idiot! Why isn't Delmon DH-ing?" Shortly thereafter it was announced that Lance Nix would be playing in the field.

Based on his walk rate, I'm going to with insane for the time being.

Hey lay off Cholly.

He saw Cleveland on the schedule and probably figured the game didn't actually count.

"Delmon Young was going to play RF today but was plunked on his throwing arm last night. It’s sore. No guarantees on RF for Thursday."

So much for Charlie experiencing a brief, shining moment of intelligence.

(The quote in my prior post is a Gelb Tweet)

"Bauer throws nine pitches, but doesn't command any of them very well."

This is awfully redundant. I suppose. I've learned from clout that it's impossible for command levels to differ between available pitches.

awh: Those major league equivalency calculators are about as scientific as phrenology. Here are some major league equivalencies that I posted a couple months ago, based on the player's last full minor league season:

Mike Trout: .238/.327/.334
Ryan Howard: .214/.268/.398
Bryce Harper: .229/.302/.316

Buster Posey: .287/.356/.368 (based on combined 2009/2010 stats at AAA)

Albert Pujols: .223/.261/.298

I'll let a true howard hater have at that last post.

Here's the skinny on all nine of his pitches as explained by Bauer himself:

Sounds like a lot of flailing by the Fightin's tonight.

The pitches he throws are:


Chad Durbin throws at least a dozen different varieties of just the gopher ball.

I propose a formal rename of the gopher ball to the Durbinball.

Dick Durbin might object to that.

We should just call it the Hanging Chad.

bap, I appreciate that info. I didn't see your post.

So, are you saying you expect Revere to continually post an OPS above .700 going forward?

GTown: Chad Billingsly might object to that.

Yasutora Sado also might dislike it.

J.D. Durbin might approve.


    We should just call it the Hanging Chad.

    Posted by: GTown_Dave

    GTown: Chad Billingsly might object to that.

    Posted by: Phillibuster

That's Billingsley's own fault for having such a damnable first name.

Collateral damage rating: Acceptable.

One things for certain: Chad Durbin deserves to be hanged.

Chad Qualls might object.

And then we'd laugh.

What the hell is going on in Milwaukee? Yuniesky Betancourt has 7, count 'em 7 HR! Would anybody have thought he was gonna have 7 major league HR's all year much less on May 1st.

He probably got some "tips" from Braun

awh: "So, are you saying you expect Revere to continually post an OPS above .700 going forward?"

Not saying that at all. I'm just saying: the minor league equivalency predictor spits out lousy stats almost every time. If it had any validity to it, there would never be a player who came from the minors to the majors & had immediate success. Therefore, it has no use as a predictive tool. It is just gibberish.

Little Ollie, I read the article and Bauer seems pretty smart. I think Bauer will be good enough to phool the phightins tonight with his nine pitches and come away with a win. Cliff Lee will lose a 2 to 0 game.

I took the Indians tonight at +140 yesterday and man the line has dropped a bit today.

Clearly, they need to call Inciarte back up for his bat...

Lake Fred - he's definitely thinks a lot, but if his best pitches were worth a damn he wouldn't need so many others. Mariano Rivera does it with one pitch.

Tricky Dick: You mean trade for it?

it'll be interesting to see how gameday identifies bauer's pitches.

bullit - Including his 'meatball'

Pretty good pure game thread, had a few good smiles and I wasn't aware of Bauers stuff.

I wish they expanded more on how the catcher calls the game, seems pretty crazy. I don't know much about using a 2nd set of signs anyway, but that seems impossible to do. A runner probably couldn't help much with all the variations already from the 1st set I guess.

Last thread: "Revere has slightly above average speed. That's it."

Well then. All right.

That's all the response I could draw from you w/ that comment? Disappointing.

Iceman, when GTown goads you like that, you better respond with some tenacity.

Otherwise, what's the point?

PC: Even if the catcher had 9 free fingers, he probably couldn't remember which # = which pitch.

Fata- there's nothing to say to that. It speaks for itself.

This feels like a loss.

Sarge on the radio again. City of Cleveland was apparently serious about its banishment of L.A.

gobay, you ever been to Cleveland? I'm sure he's not too shaken up about it.

What I don't understand is how the addition of Delmon Young made it OK for Utley and Howard to hit back to back.

This guy may have 19 pitches, but he has a terrible delivery.

As advertised.

He has 9 pitches and they're all balls.

I'm guessing that with this guy pitching, we won't really get a good feel on the whole "Revere/first pitch" discussion. He'll be taking the first pitch each AB.

Let's just hope Rollins got a bad jump. Because he was out by a mile.

Oh well. I caught a draw in my inaugural game of Iceman Bingo. At any rate it did help make an otherwise slow afternoon a bit more interesting.

Another awesome radio call in show today, this time with Proefrock.

First call: "When are we going to bring up Cesar Hernandez to play LF?" (Follow up: "Scott, tell Ruben I said hello")

Second call: "Ruben said Delmon isn't going to play until he can play the field competently. You said he can 'catch what he gets to.' Was Ruben lying, or is there a disconnect between the two of you?" (Proefrock: "No disconnect, blah blah, I scouted him when he was 18, his brother is Dmitri Young.")

Follow-up from the second caller (almost shouting): "Well there are problems with this offense. I am an on-record proponent of Yuni Betancourt who has 7 HRs this season- your guy, by the way, has 1 HR! AND BY THE WAY, AS LONG AS BEN REVERE IS HITTING LIKE MARIO MENDOZA, HOW LONG UNTIL YOU REPLACE HIM WITH JOHN MAYBERRY, WHO ISN'T AN MLB CENTERFIELDER TO BEGIN WITH?!" (Proefrock: "Be patient with Revere. He's a slow starter. Thanks for your call.")

Only two good questions:

1) Are you worried about Halladay's health? Proefrock said no. Blamed yesterday's outing on bad location. Something about missing Chooch and his suspension hurt the staff, particularly Halladay.

2) Do you feel since you dealt Pence and Victorino that there's something missing with the offense? Proefrock said something I hadn't heard from anyone in the front-office: not only did they make an offer to Vic in-season, and he told them he wanted to test FA, but they weren't even going to give him a qualifying offer if they hadn't have traded him. I was kind of shocked by this. Why wouldn't they have tendered him a contract at the risk of getting him on a one-year deal? Doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, I'm making this call-in show a must-listen every week for comedy relief, at the very least.

"What I don't understand is how the addition of Delmon Young made it OK for Utley and Howard to hit back to back."

I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw today's lineup.

Wild pitchers often throw those unintentional pitch-outs.

Rollins just had a terrible pitch to run on. A fastball that was so high it was basically a pitch-out. He was DOA.

Iceman, I may have heard it wrong but I thought Profrock said that they would not have made Pence an offer. IE non-tender him.

Not exactly sure how even the skeeviest spin doctor can correlate Doc giving up HR's to Chooch's suspension. It's a handy scapegoat, though, if you can get past the whole thing with it being completely illogical.

Bauer's plan is clearly to throw a bunch of pitches out of the strike zone in the hope that the Phillies will take all those pitches & get a bunch of unproductive walks.

Between last night's game and all of these walks early tonight, Rube has to be livid right now.

Progressive Field is a great place to catch a game...really nice ballpark overall.

2 Ks down, 13 to go.

I expect several more innings just like that from Bauer and this Phillies offense.

I like to think that this guy has RJ Swindle to thank for paving his road to the majors.

2 walks, 0 runs


"Progressive Field is a great place to catch a game...really nice ballpark overall."

It's just so damn hard to get a ticket...

gameday failed to identify that 2-1 "meatball" to howie.

gobay- that makes more sense. I must have zoned out and thought they were talking about Vic.

***It's just so damn hard to get a ticket...***

I went in 2004 (when they really sucked) and we were able to get seats 8 rows back from homeplate 10 minutes before game time. We sat with several scouts so it was quite a unique way to see a game.

The ball looks like it's carrying again tonight. Someone should hide Durbin's glove.

Dom got totally crossed up by that routine fly ball. That could have easily been a disaster.

Sarge on the radio tonight while I have to work. Ugh.

NEPP, yeah, that was actually sarcastic. Unless their fans are dressing up like empty seats, it looks like they're having some issues selling tix this year.

Or maybe the Phils don't draw like they used to...

WP, it wouldn't matter. Every time Durbin throws a pitch, the ball never even reaches the catcher. He generally has plenty of time to casually walk up to the umpire and get a new ball, while the batter is rounding the bases.

BAP, got crossed up, but didn't fall on his face and give up 2 bases. Progress!

All kidding aside, Dom's defense this year has been the very definition of "adequate." For all of the concerns about him, his defense is actually among one of the things you can't really complain about (yet).

Per Franzke, Cleveland is currently last in all of MLB in attendance. That's quite a feat considering the state of the Marlins.

What's crazy about that is that Cleveland isn't in a rebuilding phase. They actually went out and made some really competitive moves this offseason to bring in Reynolds, Swisher, Stubbs and Bourn.

WP: Yeah, he hasn't had more than 1 or 2 egregious misplays. He just looks very awkward any time a ball is hit in his direction.

Franzke also added, correctly, that the weather had been miserable during the first week of the season in Cleveland. In April the weather can really kill attendance. Still, I don't expect the Indians to draw well.

Is there something to LA's absence that I don't know about, other than regular vacation?


Delmon Young's star is fading already.

They snowed out games in Colorado and Minnesota this season. Cleveland's "weather" excuse rings about as true as Proefrock's "Chooch's suspension really hurt Doc" excuse.

I appreciate that Ruiz is still hitting 2 spots behind Delmon Young.

Color me shocked that a young pitcher with control problems is making the Phillies look silly.

Don't give Santana anything to hit here, please. Give him a steady dose of breaking stuff. Let Ryan Raburn hurt you.

That's fine. Smart by Lee there to pitch around him.

Its pretty safe to say that the Dodgers were the big winner of the Carlos Santana/Casey Blake trade.

Well. I said to let Raburn hurt you. Mission accomplished, Cliff.

If Delmon Young were in RF, he'd be getting to that ball right about....

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