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Friday, May 03, 2013


A week ago this series looked like a battle for last place and now we are close to catching the Nats. Imagine if we did anything worthwhile in Cleveland.

Also whoever had Chooch with a stolen base to be driven in by Revere with a liner down the RF line wins the office pool.

Fun game tonight, it's always good to enjoy baseball.

I just wanted to stop by to personally thank Sophist for his continuous bashing of me recently.

And I certainly wouldn't want to forget to thank the long list of BLer geniuses who opined that driving ball to the base of outfield walls is an indication I'm now a punch-and-Judy hitter.

And last but not least, I'd also like to thank Jack (aka J-troll) for hating me as much as he does. Go Braves!, eh Jack?

Wow! This guy Pettibone might be the real walks! It is just like old times with Utley & Howard homering,with a bonus homer from Dom Brown. I will sleep easy tonight.

Bastardo does not get out of that jam against a quality opponent. Other than that, psyched to see Howard and Brown staying hot.

Set'em up, knock'em down. All the Phils can do against the Fish and they have done so.

Wow! Sounds like I missed a good game! Nice to read all those positives.

Here's an interesting question - will baseball this year have two teams that will each lose more 115+ games?

Fish are 8-22 and on pace to win 42 games

Astros are 8-21 and on pace to win 45 games.

Fish are the crappier team but they play in a weaker division.

If that is the case, Selig should be embarrassed that 2 owners were allowed to pocket money hand over fist while putting such pathetic products on the field.

Going back reading through those Lee/Halladay trade threads is trippy.

-NEPP ripping Rube for including Drabek, saying he should be fired for it, and saying that the worst thing about the deal was that we didn't have a spot starter for 2010

-BAP slamming TTI for calling him negative, and saying "Iceman has recently showed up to join in" on slamming him

-GTown saying there would be no appreciable difference between Lee and Halladay during the regular season because of how good Lee was during the playoffs in '09. Halladay was 3.5 WAR better than Lee in 2010

-Lest I spare myself, I said I'd eat my hat on webcam if Halladay didn't pitch on three-days rest in the playoffs (whoops) and, way back in 2009 in the Lee trade thread, I suggested flipping Rolo- the pitcher, not the commenter- and a prospect for Chad Qualls (double whoops).

Awesome stuff. I have a feeling that day in December of 2009 will be debated long past Howard's 'elite power' or the meaning of spring training stats on Beerleaguer.


He still is limping around notably when he tries to go around for an extra bag. Sadly I think this is what Howard is at this point. Really should be a full-time DH at this point and best case scenario he would be a 2-3 WAR player.

Not worth $20M but he would be close if he pushed ~3 WAR this year if he didn't take such a huge hit for his defense.

MG- I'd have my money on the Marlins. My perception is probably skewed from only seeing them without Stanton, but their lineup is truly one of the worst I've ever seen assembled.

Houston at least has a few interesting young players. Miami has Stanton and 7 #8 hitters (many of which shouldn't be in the league at this point).

"but their lineup is truly one of the worst I've ever seen assembled. "

What gave it away? Dobbs batting clean-up?

Brown on pace to hit 27 HRs. Nixberry is on pace to hit 22 HRs. That's more than adequate power numbers for the corner OF spots.

They just need Revere to producing at a level that is better than the bottom 10 everyday players in MLB offensively.

A few weeks ago when Pettibone started it looked like he had a favorable schedule lined up for him if he spent 8 weeks replacing Lannan- and so far he has with PIT, NYM and MIA. Here are his upcoming matchups:


That would take him right up to 8 weeks and Lannan's probable return. So he gets Miami twice more, a terrible Minnesota team, and gets to pitch in ATT Park against a mediocre Giants offense. Three tough games home against Cleveland (ugh), at Washington (who actually has been putrid offensively), and Milwaukee (who has scored 39 runs in 12 games on the road).

When Lannan starts rehabbing, there's a good chance- with 4 or 5 very favorable matchups, and Pettibone clearly pitching with more confidence, pounding the strike zone, than he was early on- that Pettibone's got some pretty decent numbers.

So what do you do? Personally, I make Lannan the long man in the bullpen and let Pettibone pitch until he proves he doesn't belong.

Just watched the highlights on That was a nice single Revere hit. Good for him! On his birthday, too.

It was Howard who tried to stretch a triple? I liked how Cole and Jimmy were laughing at Howard thinking he was fast enough to try that.


Michael Hill (1:32 AM EST): Helllloo? (half asleep fumbling for his smart phone)

Ruben Amaro: How about Biddle, Joseph, Quinn, and Franco for Stanton?

Hill: Sighs.

Amaro: Did you see Pettibone pitch tonight? How bout I throw him in too!

Hill: Ruben I am going to have your number blocked. Don't call me again at this number.

Iceman - I would mind that at all especially if it means this team has a capable middle reliever.

I just noticed that the team is 1 game back of the Nats, 3.5 back of the Braves.

For all of the consternation and the blowout losses, that's pretty incredible.

Young's catch tonight was nothing special at all either. He was already playing really deep.

If the Phils are going to insist on putting a square peg in a round hole everyday in RF, I would rather have Young play deep as he has been doing in RF. Yeah things are going to drop in but better to give up a single most times instead of an XBH.

D. Young moves like a yak in the outfield. Lumbering with no grace and takes a while to get going to even a moderate gait.

MG, watching DYoung run back to the dugout between innings was even tough. His RF defense is going to give us agita all year long.

I think thats why he is more comfortable in RF, at CBP the dugouts are closer.

Beerleaguer told me wins against the Marlins don't count. Phillies still suck, guys.

What about a 2014 rotation of:


Trade Lee and Halliday -- get prospects to load up for a Stanton trade. Use the Lee and Halliday money for a FA star.

Rob: Personally, I'd rather keep Lee and not have to depend on Pettibone and Biddle to be good next year. That's a lot of question marks. Kendrick's looking like he might be a #3 starter though.

Did anyone take points away from the Cardinals for playing in the same division as the Astros, Pirates and Cubs all those years? That's 50 games!

Can Phillies still get Wilton Lopez for Tyler Cloyd? Just checking in on Lopez and so far at least he has not walked anybody nor given up a HR this season. How long before he hits the DL? Will it be before Cloyd is off the 40-man.

TGFTMM - Thank God For The METS and Marlins!

From Jayson Stark's latest column:

"The buzzards are already starting to circle over the Phillies, a team that's now 5-14 this season against everyone but the Mets and Marlins. But Phillies officials have told teams that have checked in that they still expect their club to contend and won't even think about selling for another two months.

The biggest buzz from teams eyeing the Phillies revolves around whether a sell-off, if it happens, would include Chase Utley, who is in the last year of his contract. One exec who says he's done some reconnaissance on that topic says his impression is that the Phillies would approach Utley first and get a feel for whether he wants to go elsewhere. Utley's contract allows him to block trades to 21 teams. He'll be just short of 10-and-5 trade-veto rights at the deadline."

I don't see the Phils as a team, but as a collection of individual performers, as the sports equivalent of a musical jam session. Crazy as it may seem, I think the organization is still feeling the loss of Harry The K because he did more than call the games; he humanized the players and made us like them, at least some of them. Nobody is doing that now.


Lannahan made me spit out my cereal. Well done.

It's really, really disheartening to see this lineup, which needs all the offensive help it can get, continually mismanaged before and during the game.

M.Young batting third is a travesty to begin with, but one compounded by the fact that he is on a historic GIDP pace. He hits in front of the one guy in your lineup who, as a manager, you most want to have bat with men on.

Twice Young comes up in the early innings with top-of-the-order runners on in a DP situation, and neither time does Charlie start them. At this point this is not an error in judgment: it's rank malpractice that repeatedly occurs and diminishes this team's ability to score runs. The foreseeable consequences of doing nothing are just ignored, and repeatedly Albert comes up to lead off the inning.

If there is one thing this team should focus on, particularly when Albert is hitting, is getting him to the plate with men on. For a couple of reasons. Yet this does not seem to be an emphasis.

Forget trading Halliday and Lea, we need to get maximum value from that Petticoat guy while he's hot. Same for Kandrisk. I bet we could send them direct to Miami for Stantin right now.

Oh and there's this:
The Phils should petition the Commissioner's office to play the rest of their games against Miami. Not only would THEY win more games, the Fish would probably win more games, too.

It's a win-win.

As crazy as it seems. D young would be better for three spot. Only because he has better ability to hit extra base or homer. M young should be 5/6. If he hits into DP with Howard on no biggie. Hits one with jimmy and or chase on base big problems starting to devolp. With Howard and brown really starting to square up the ball, they serve better to drive them in.

timr. gotta agree with you on Bastardo but it might(it might be a slim might)give him the confidense that he can.

Howards thundering gallop to 3rd was all about trying to make us think they are they are trying!

Howard was trying to get to third base with one out, a reasonable proposition under ordinary circumstances. Probably he shouldn't try that again.

If Bastardo does not revert to near-top form (his first 5 mos. of 2011 were borderline historic), that's another mini-disaster waiting to befall this team. He's absolutely crucial to their success. He's gotten by beautifully this season so far, but he just doesn't look like the killer he once was.

For full-on historic, here's Dennis Eckersley's 1990 line:

73.1 IP
73 SO
4 BB
0.69 ERA
5.0 H/9
0.614 WHIP

this is an almost unfathomable season (though I remember it well)

Bastardo had a 4.3 H/9 in 2011 and a .931 WHIP for the season. The numbers were considerably lower on Sep 3. Bastardo gave up nine hits and seven walks over his last 4.2 IP that season.

Utley since April 12th (the 10th game of the season): .257/.300/.473/.773, 4 HR/12 RBI

Howard since April 12th: .333/.360/.638/.998, 4HR/13 RBI

... whoever had Chooch with a stolen base to be driven in by Revere with a liner down the RF line wins the office pool.

If anyone predicted that I'd love to take a look at your Derby picks.

Howard's bid for a triple wasn't outrageous when you see the play. The ball kind of stuck in the corner and it took awhile for Ozuna to dig it out. What Howard may not have realized is that Ozuna has an absolute cannon for an arm. Even with that it required a perfect throw and that's exactly what happened.

Ozuna is one of the better power prospects in baseball, but he also runs well and has a great arm for RF.


They are in the same rotation as that guy Hammels we see mentioned here frequently.

I think the comparisons between KK and Pettibone are apt as both rely on command/control to fool batters. But I don't recall KK, when he first came up, having the ability to change speeds the way Pettibone does, which is why Pettibone has a higher K rate.

Pettibone seems to have 2 speeds on his fastball and I saw a couple batters swing through his slower fastball even though it wasn't in a great location. He's also got a wide gap in speed between his fastball and his slider and then down another 3-4 mph to his change.

I can see why he's not a top prospect, working a fastball in the 88-90 range, but the combination of good command and 4 pitches with good speed separation seems to yield better results than you'd expect from him.

bittel: Do you think Bastardo's 5 months in 2011 is his norm or the 19 other months of his career, which suggest he has command problems?

Chooch's steal last night is yet another reason he should bat leadoff.

Here's the Phils' Malaprop rotation:

Coal Hammels
Ray Halliday
Joan Lannahan
Brent Meyers
Ken Kendricks

With Bastardo I think it's mostly about his stuff. Even when his was great, he still walked about 4 batters/9 innings. But his stuff was unhittable.

In the beginning of September that year, there was a point at which he had pitched 53+ innings and given up 19 hits. That's not human. One can tolerate walks in that sort of environment because chances are, they're not coming around to score.

So if he has his top stuff (which it appears he doesn't), then command is less of an issue for him. He'll get enough pitches in the right places to get most anyone out.

and Roy Ozwalt

"Selig should be embarrassed that 2 owners were allowed to pocket money hand over fist while putting such pathetic products on the field."

MG, you are correct that Selig "should" be embarrassed, but he's not.

Selig is 'still' the commissioner because he's put billions into owners' pockets. As long as they collectively make money - and they do - that's all he cares about.

You see, if he really cared about the fans would it cost $7.75 for a decent beer at the Zen? Would a hotdog cost $5 as Sh8tti Field? Would a crappy baseball cap cost $20 at Fenway?

Fans be damned.

New thread.

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