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Thursday, May 09, 2013


Perhaps we have underestimated someone's defense...

Cody Ross. Lovely...

Just a reminder:
- Cody Ross
- Russell Martin
- Nick Swisher
- Mark Teixeira
- Dan Uggla
- Jonathan Papelbon
- Buster Posey
- Brian Wilson
- Yadier Molina
- Nyjer Morgan
- Jose Reyes
- Alex Rodriguez
- Bryce Harper
- AJ Burnett

*Bobby Valentive removed from list due to inactivity. Brian Wilson a threat for the same.

Sounds like this Corbin kid is ripe for a regression to the mean via a "welcome to the big leagues" outing. Hopefully the Phillies have used that crack advanced scouting department to get a book on this kid and force him to make some adjustments.

Then again, the Phils aren't exactly known for their proclivity against a pitcher the first time they see him.

Haha, I will admit, Delmon Young has made all the right plays in RF so far. Did not see that coming.

I don't remember hearing anything one way or another RE: D. Young's arm. He hasn't yet made an egregious misplay of a ball in RF, though, which is somewhat of a shock. And certainly he hasn't had a game like supposed elite defender Ben Revere did in CF yesterday afternoon.

D Young and D Brown BOTH have absolute cannons for arms (pretty accurate too). Basically the exact opposite of what we get from the guy who supposedly covers all that ground in CF (but at least he's starting to get on base...).

Revere seems to have the same problem Dom Brown does...very poor ability to read balls off the bat. His elite speed allows him to compensate for this somewhat, but he has been nowhere near the "plus plus defender" some described him as.

WP, how about adding Angel Hernandez to that list. I know he's only an umpire, but the look on his face last night after tossing Melvin definitely deserves some consideration.

Also, CB Bucknor should be on the list permanently.

This is the arm I was expecting on Delmon Young...

Angel Hernandez & MLB have rendered video replay entirely pointless. If you can get a replay call wrong, w/ no repercussions for the incompetent official(s) & no chance for the team which got screwed over to continue play, then why bother having it at all?

Fixed (but bigger)...

Normally I would take the Phils at +110 as a nice value bet but not against a guy they haven't seen who is pitching well.

This guy hasn't given up more than 2 earned runs in a start this year. D-Backs have scored 48 runs in 9 games since 2010 against the Phils at Chase Field. Hamels has given up 6 HR in 34.2 IP at Chase Field.

Whatever money you've got in your savings account, place it on the D-Backs tonight. This has 6-1 or 7-1 loss written all over it.

Did they protest that game?

Teams can't play under protest of judgment calls. Only if you believe there was a misinterpretation of a rule.

There has been some confusion about what a judgment call is. I believe it can be states like this:

If two parties disagree as to what actually happened, that's a judgment call. (Video replay often can rectify this, but not always.) In this case, Hernandez disagreed that the ball cleared the mark for a home run.

If both parties agree on what happened, but the ump does something based on that that the team believes is against the rules, then that's "protestable." Like if Herndandez had said "Yes the ball cleared the mark, but because it didn't bounce over, it's not a home run" or something.

It was bad for this case, but probably a good idea in the long run.

Iceman - Nah. The haven't faced a guy before goes both ways and Hamels surprisingly has good numbers here & Ross the guy who has seen Hamels alot and hits him well. Upton is gone (he had good numbers vs Hamels), Hill is on the shell.

I'd argue that it's a misinterpretation of the instant replay rule to ignore the video evidence. Or something....

NoD also made a very good read/throw that almost doubled up Scutaro in that game as well. Got right to spot on a semi-line drive, gave himself enough room to step into the throw immediately after the catch and made an excellent throw.

"In the opinion of Angel Hernandez, who was last night's crew chief, there was not clear and convincing evidence to overturn the decision on the field. It was a judgment call, and as such, it stands as final.


WTF, was Angel Hernandez looking at?

Angel Hernandez is only one of the worst umpires in baseball every single year. No reason for MLB to do anything about it.

Personally, I think he used that time as a coffee break - or tossed back some beer and a hot dog- said "Screw it, I'm the ump", and never reviewed the video at all.

MG- Ross and Goldschmidt (who is raking) take Hamels deep. Book it. This is as close to a lock loss as you'll see all year on paper. Hide your kids and go to bed early.

BTW, in the last thread, bittel was right, re: record when opponent scores 4 or less. They've had 10 losses where the opponent scores 6+ runs. In 4 of those games the offense has scored 4+ runs. By comparison, they've had 7 losses with the opponent scoring 4 or fewer runs.

No one is claiming the offense has been adequate so far. Not a single person. But the fact is that the starting pitching and the bullpen have pitched them well out of games in over half of their losses- 29% of their games so far. That equates to 47 games over a full season. Way too many for a middling offense.

Have people actually seen DYoung run? The problem with him isn't going to be the balls he gets to, whether or not he misplays them. It's going to be all the balls he doesn't even come close to that a more competent RFer would have.

He does appear to have a strong arm, though.

If I have to see that stupid Ross high-leg HR gallop, I think I may hurl. Guess I'd better get a bucket ready.

I get that you can't uphold a protest over a judgment call, even if the judgment call is obviously wrong (like that called 3rd strike on Ben Zobrist a few weeks ago). But there's something fundamentally different here. I can't quite articulate what it is, but it seems to me that the very use of a replay video is, by definition, a review of a judgment call. I believe the replay standard is whether there's clear & convincing evidence that the judgment call was wrong. I suppose that, determining whether there's clear & convincing evidence is itself a sort of judgment call in some situations. But not this one.

I also get the "we can't open that can of worms" argument. But, again, it's hard to really see how it applies here. How many plays go to instant replay in the first place? Very few. So, by definition, we're talking about a tiny percentage of plays. And the number of times that the ump would look at the replay and still get it indisputably wrong would be miniscule. But, on the rare occasion that it happens, the protest SHOULD be granted.

It's not like something terrible would happen if the league granted this protest, gave the guy the homerun & then resumed the game in the 9th inning from the point of the homerun. In fact, if the A's end up missing a playoff spot by 1 game, I would argue that something terrible happened by NOT granting the protest.

I agree with you, BAP.

* * * Breaking * * *

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 2m

Roy Halladay will have shoulder surgery Wednesday in Los Angeles. #DrNealElAttrache will perform it.

Say what you want about Charlie Manuel as a game manager, he's a good man - confident but not full of himself - who has the respect of players and fans. And tonight makes him the longest-tenured manager of the Phillies.

Congratulations, Charlie!

* * *

The following is from Matt Gelb:

On Thursday, Charlie Manuel managed his 1,332d game with the Phillies, making him the franchise's longest-tenured manager.

"That means my players have been good for a long time," Manuel said. "That's what it means."

The 69-year-old Manuel is already the franchise's winningest manager. He passed Gene Mauch, who managed 1,331 games from 1960-68, for his next milestone.

"I always say, when somebody asks me about accolades, I can never say I accept all of them because there are a lot of people involved in it," Manuel said. "It's a team thing. I was a part of it. How big a part? I don't know."

I don't know either, Charlie.

I can't remember which games, but Iceman's Lead Pipe Stone Cold Iron Clad Locks of the Year are 0-2 so far this year.

lorecore- gd man. The jinx doesn't work if someone mentions it. I'm on fire with it this year.

"Put your life savings on the Cards tonight. This is as close to a lock as you'll ever find in sports.

Posted by: Iceman | Friday, April 19, 2013 at 10:53 AM"

The Phillies recorded their largest win of the entire 2013 season (6 runs) later that night.

mike scioscia has been manager since 1999, wow did not realize its been that long.

I think the other game was Pettibone-Nolasco. Could be wrong though.

Shhhh, lorecore! Don't jinx the reverse jinx!

lorecore can't possibly jinx the reverse jinx.

the only reason i found the other one is because i remembered the phrase "life savings" so it made a google search pretty easy.

There's a #5 horse going off at Calder named "Nasty Charlie" in a few minutes - in honor of Charlie coaching the most games in franchise history - I'm taking him for the win...or at least underneath in a TXX.

This feels like a loss.

I'm expecting Corbin to defeat the Phillies just as easily as he did the Mangalores 16 years ago.

The Mangalores won't fight without their leader.

Nasty Charlie not only was last, he actually didn't even finish. Damn you Manuel.

That's true Mike G. Unfortunately, they don't fight very well even with their leader.

Fata, they don't negotiate very well either.

Gregorius was putting up numbers not much better than Freddy Galvis for his milb career. Their numbers split between AA-AAA were almost the same, and Galvis did it a year younger.

Let's just hope Manuel doesn't share Zorg's fate.

NoD showing the wheels.

Hahahaha, Delmon Young is so friggin' slow.

Nice AB by Howard.

D. Young fits right in w/ the stupid on this team.

Young runs like Howard use too


Ok, that's it. Cut him. I've had more than enough of this ass-clown already.

People sometimes get annoyed that you can be unathletic and still be a good baseball player.

Well Delmon Young is neither athletic nor skilled.

How is HE a baseball player?

When I saw Parra get to that ball, I knew that 1) DYoung would try to stretch it into a doulbe and 2) that he'd be out by a good margin if Parra made even a half decent throw.

I submit Delmon Young for inclusion on the punchable face list.


There's the extreme lack of range coming into play. I know senior citizens who could have gotten to that one.

That punch able face list is spot-on. I'll give it the old tip-o-the-cap.

Michael Young just saved Brown's bacon.

Wow. Their 3B Coach is bad enough to work for the Phillies.

How lucky was that?

apparently stupid base running is contageous

NoD quickly gets dethroned as the worst baserunner of the evening.

I'd say we caught a break there. Heads-up play by M. Young, too.

But Dom Brown seemed to have a hard time finding/picking up the ball.

MYoung making up for his lack of range.

"Wow. Their 3B Coach is bad enough to work for the Phillies."

Got a chuckle from that, GTown.

Brown's slight fumble of the bounce off the wall was probably the reason Prado came in so hard at 3rd.

Chooch played that pretty studly.

GBrettfan: I felt kind of bad after when I heard it's Matt Williams, but the general point still stands.

Unreal. Revere should NEVER be swinging 3-0.

I can understand why Young has the reputation he does (even though it gets mocked here). He puts together some smart ABs and has good instincts in the field that make up for some of his physical limitations. I like what he's brought to the team so far.

GTown: That was 3-1.

It wasn't 3-0. And he ripped the ball.

b_a_p: My mistake. Mea culpa, Ben.

He swung 3-1 and hit a rocket. I find it difficult to complain about that

Dave, he took a strike right down the middle 3-0

Sorry Dave, wasn't trying to pile on. They just beat me to it.

Jimmy better start doing 50 push ups every first pitch swinging. This crap is ridiculous. I know it's jimmy but dude see a strike at least.

Mike G: No problem. I should have paid closer attention before commenting in the first place.

Hamels has pretty good stuff thus far. Hopefully we can squeak out a run or two for him.

Can't afford to have our RHB go 0for tonight - this guy's sinker/slider from the left side looks very tough on lefties and the numbers bare it out.

Corbin's projection as a prospect was actually as a lefty reliever while guys like Skaggs/Delgado were supposed to be in the rotation - but doesn't look like he'll going anywhere anytime soon.

"Can't afford to have our RHB go 0for tonight - this guy's sinker/slider from the left side looks very tough on lefties and the numbers bare it out."

He's just the kind of pitcher I want to be facing on a night when 5 LH hitters are in our starting lineup.

Listening to Franzke & L.A. talk about the Phillies charity auction items is cracking me up. Can't say I really want to have dinner w/ r00b in the "Executive Dining Room", let alone pay for it, but there are some fun opportunities.

does Howard drive manual or automatic?

Goldschmidt just took more pitches in that AB than the Phils have taken all night.

Time travel...?!? Baseball's even cooler than I thought...

Sarge on Howard throwing to 2B: "He's getting better at that."

Hot damn. 8 years in the league and he's finally picking up on that whole 'throwing' thing.

Nice, Hamels and co.!

"He's just the kind of pitcher I want to be facing on a night when 5 LH hitters are in our starting lineup."

bap, correct.

If someone can explain to me why Dom and/or revere are playing instead of Mayberry, please do so.

Also, as much as I love Utley, wouldn't it have been a decent night to sit him in leiu of Frandsen?

Then again, Corbin's L/R splits are not that dramatic at the MLB level - .733 vs. LHH and .744 vs. RHH. Maybe that's what Charlie saw.

OTOH, his splits in the minors were pretty dramatic. In AA in 2011 LHH hit .218 .278 .308 against him vs. RHH's .290 .343 .428. IN AA and AAA in 2012 the story was the same: .209 .284 .284 vs. LHH and .277 .325 .366 vs. RHH.

Maybe the scouting staff should do a little more homework?

Muuurgh: I caught that too. Sarge has got quite a few gems tonight. Also called Howard 'just a tremendous hitter.'

I'm probably an inning behind but, I can't take it anymore. Gary Matthews has a chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth and I think he should be quarantined where he can no longer pollute my ears. Unfortunately, every time I try to switch to the Dbacks feed, I get an indistinct picture.

Yeah this team has a REALLY tough time playing on those dead ball era road trips

awh- I was thinking similarly. Either Rollins or Utley should be on the bench tonight. Wouldn't be a bad night to sit Brown, either. Unfortunate that Charlie has apparently given up on stacking RHB against lefties after it didn't work yesterday.

Hugh: You have your set to "Angel Hernandez". Switch it over to HD.

Iceman, yeah, one game is a huge sample size in Charlie's world.

Did Sarge just say NoD "had to go" for two on that ball down the line?

DYoung reminds me of Pedro Feliz at the plate. When he swings, he's winding up before the pitcher even lets go of the ball- he has in his mind before the ball is even in the air that he's hacking. When he takes a pitch, he doesn't flinch- he hacked at a ball probably out of the zone to start the AB there, then let a fastball right down the middle go right by without even shifting his feet. He looks completely clueless up there.

Basically, he's as advertised.

I think in Charlie's mind, a rookie lefty isn't a *real* lefty. If he hasn't seen him before, he can't confirm that he really is a lefty, so regular lineup it is.

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