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Sunday, May 26, 2013


The fact that this is the first comment of the thread says all you need to know about this team........

I can't post straight. I have the yips.

Beautiful weather weekend and a mediocre team at best that is boring.

To continue from the last thread, I have no problem hanging onto Lee. He seems to have a ton of miles left and is generally awesome.
No problem with Ruiz either. He's a gamer, he'll pump himself full of deer antler extract, he calls excellent games. Even if his production drops off it's better than what most teams have.
Utley I can't imagine losing just from liking him. I guess you see what another team will give you and what they'll offer him. If it's a big contract you can't compete. If it's not, keep him.

***Charlie Manuel said after the game that Ryan Howard did not play because of soreness in his knee again.***

So yeah...basically this tells us that the cortisone shot didn't last and that he should probably go on the DL.

And Delmon Young runs like a 90 year old woman.

Nothing to worry about. Things would be easier if Rube and the team admitted that hte season was over and started looking to 2014-2015.

Seriously. Stop this "Let's see what we have" crap! GET BACK IN THERE AND SELL! SELL!

It scares me to think Rube will be in charge of a fire sale with the evaluation failures as of late

Think of how many more JC Ramirez's and Tyson Gillies we could get in such a fire sale.

I guess it's a good thing we don't get Buchholz, but with efforts like today, it might not matter.

Hewitt is improving alright...39 SO in 122 PA.

Give me a fvcking break. We go from Weitzel to this guy as one of our regular writers? Hewitt is not a prospect, period.

Well it was a good run, and time to blow it up. Really if I think this is a playoff team explain. The cent and west are light years ahead and there is no way we call survive without chase and Ryan. Please Howard get the surgery and call up ruf. Time to see if he can play. Second I'm starting to call around and get teams lined up and start bidding war. Mike young gone jimmy gone. Chase have a talk and see what he wants to do. I bet he wants one more run at a ring. Paps and Adams could be pcs. Lee will bring biggest return. Chooch stays because tommy j not ready. Pcs needed are a corner OF, middle reliever and other lower level pcs. Few teams such as Balt, Pitts, Arizona are going to what to push pedal and our pcs will help.

"And Delmon Young runs like a 90 year old woman."

And Delmon Young runs like a 90 year old woman, in high heels.

NEPP: "Losing Utley for a couple weeks will probably kick off a downward spiral comparable to Halladay's DL trip last year."

100% Agreed. About two weeks ago I said the same thing...this team is just 1 injury to a main contributor before it completely falls apart. Since then, Doc, Adams, and Ruiz have done down - but none were really that big of pieces.

Utley is it. They'll play .200 WP ball vs anyone that's not the Marlins while he's out.

Poor investment by Hewitt's folks. They probably dropped $200k on his private boarding school experience (modest estimate) and when he washes out in a year or so, he will have earned probably another $15,000. I hope he banked the 1.3. If not he's got 40-50 years of insurance selling in front of him.

There has a been a 'Hewitt is turning a corner' post/article twice a year for the last 5 years. Anytime that complete bust puts together 3 XBH in the same week, people think its a sign.

Luckily he only has a week of 3 XBH twice a year so we don't have to see suckers like Finger write about it more than that.

Is Paul Jolly trying to become the new Howard Eskin? I just have WIP on in the background and man is this guy a total dick to callers.

As for the Nats series...losing 2 of 3 on the road to a team ahead of you in the standings isn't really a terrible thing.

If you thought this team had a chance before this series, then it shouldn't have changed your mind too much.

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end…

With extreme apologies to Jim Morrison and the Doors.


Jolly has always been "tough" on callers and had this expectation that you had a extreme knowledge base on the topic before calling. I'm not looking forward to losing to Boston, nor playing non-al baseball in an AL park. Call up another bat to DH and take the red sox on!

Glad I missed this monstrosity. Instead, I spent a beautiful day at AT&T Park watching something I haven't seen much of this year: quality baseball. I even got a Barry Zito bobblehead for my troubles.

I always got the impression that Jolly was one of those radio jock sniffer dorks who never played a sport past LL, add to that he comes across as an insufferable spoiled brat who went to Upenn and had wealthy parents who supported him into his adult years allowing him to take the $4.50 an hour overnight radio jobs to support his dreams and his voice is grating.
When I got layed off years ago I was driving a truck and listening late at night and I got so annoyed by him and the broad who used be on with him that I called the station and asked the producer why he was such a prick considering he sounded like a complete idiot and he confirmed my beliefs.
Big Daddy is a much nicer guy.

Corn: Wait, are you suggesting that a guy who can only play OF and posts a .257 BA and a .303 OB in Double A at age 24 after stinking it up in the lower minors for 4 years might not be the answer?

Tony Jay: Are you related to Ricky Jay?

No, probably John Jay if you can trust a drunk great uncle.

BAP- maybe you should do what you've been itching to do since 2010 and fully jump on the SFG bandwagon.

That article on Hewitt is nauseating. Aside of the 'You oughta see this kid in BP!' quote, here's my favorite:

"He sets own goals and I never talked to him about what they are, but I know he talks about his expectations.”

Inspiring stuff right there! Where do I buy a ticket for the Hewitt bandwagon?

The GM and talent evaluation(scouting) are the problems with this team. I am actually scared for us to sell because there's a good chance we get players that are useless on the major league level and prospects that die in the minors....

I miss Pat Gillick.

***I miss Pat Gillick.***

Gillick's strength wasn't trades either...unless you count Gio Gonzalez/Gavin Floyd for Freddy Garcia to be a good trade.

He also orchestrated the Abreu trade which was atrocious.

I SHOULD jump on the Giants bandwagon. They have a very good team. What's impressive is that their team has actually improved dramatically from the team that won the World Series in 2010. That team's offense was as bad as this year's Phillies. Now their offense is stacked. They don't have a single easy out in the batting order & they have about 4 or 5 guys in their starting lineup who would be the best everyday player on the Phillies.

Alas, however, I can't see it myself abandoning the Phillies -- even if it would be the rational thing to do.

BAP- Rational is not on the list of reasons to be a long term Phillies fan, it's in your blood or it's not.
A rational mind would , however, be an asset if you wanted to be GM.

Yea and the moment RAJ admits season is over he;ll be taking outback an shot. I doubt that will happen this early and let tickets and other sales plummet. Didnt watch the game had company glad i missed this one.

Manager of the AA team went on the record and said that a former top prospect set his own goals and doesn't listen to instruction?

More and more the past year there are tidbits that continue to drip out about how did functional this organization might be under the surface.

I wonder if Cole has told Ruben he would waiver his no-trade clause to go to any team that could hit or field ?

A player that listens to the voices in his own head and not the coaching staff? He's in the right organization for that, eh?

Speaking of Anthony Hewitt, what ever happened to Jiwan James? Not that I miss him or anything. I just haven't seen his name in any minor league box scores this year.

Now what we have to look forward to is losing 3 of 4 to the Red Sox. There are no more excuses that can be made. Our pitchers pretty much have to pitch a SO to win a game.

I don't know why people are so upset. I said long ago it would be this way again. This is what happens when the team is old, hurt, and the GM once again does not acquire the talent he needed to. And to agree with Corn, I shutter at the fact the RAJ still is and will be in charge of this team when the fire sale comes in July. As far as Cholly goes, let him finish out the season. Sandberg couldn't do any better, with and/or shouldn't want to manage this team.

Have a great holiday phans. Let's not forget the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that we have the freedoms we do and always will.

That Hewitt piece is amazing.

Glad I got 18 in and then grilled, got some sun, today. Beats watching these guys.


Putting a competitive winning team on the field is what matters(World Series Title) excluding the fact that the hiring of RAJ meant the firing of our best young talent evaluator Mike Arbuckle and the resignation of another good talent evaluator Chuck Lamar... now look at the state of the Phillies Pharm system and the disaster! of major league rosters RAJ has put together the last few seasons with the money he had to spend. And research this: how many cheap players got away to other organizations because our scouts cant evaluate talent (Y.Bentacourt Brandon Moss, Jason Grilli and the list goes on and on)... oh yeah we were sold delmon young this season as an answer ... this leadership wont even bring up Ruff and let him play and don't get me started on Revere .. another great evaluation by RAJ no thanks Ill take a world series winning GM every time.

Not abandoning this team yet. I'm sure this has been discussed over and over already, but if the Zimmerman grounder to Galvis with the flip play that started the rally had been called right - who knows?

Over a season, this stuff will even out and form a rough approximation of the truth. You can only rationalize away so many bad breaks. But it's still early, and a few breaks the other way thus far, there could be a whole other perspective on this team. I would not condemn anyone for saying the 2013 Phils will be lucky to end up at .500. The evidence is mounting. But neither am I ready- yet - to write this season off. Waiting till July (hopefully) at this stage to render judgment.

I agree with you, Bob. As last year's August run showed, the 2nd wild card makes falling all the way out of contention really hard. I really doubt this team is going to contend, but I haven't mentally checked out of this season yet.

Went to a family cookout. No Phillies, just burgers, beer, horseshoes and wiffle ball. Saw the highlights (lowlights is a better word)later on. Glad I missed this one. Brutal.

Problem is this team doesn't seem capable of putting a run together at any point during the season. Just not good enough. There's too many teams better (on paper at least) than them for even a shot at the 2nd WC IMO. They already lost way too many games they could've won & only a couple they other way around.

I will laugh when they let Charlie go and Sandberg decides to go elsewhere also.


The team was not much before the injuries..
And with the injuries the our HS team could beat em
Injured - most of these guys who are hurt is because of their age, and injury / slow recovery from injuries due to wear and tear on their bodies
Halliday dl -age
Utley. dl - age
Chooch. Ditto
Howard should be on DL
DYoung. OVer weight & out of sHape & injured
Lannan. Normal injury
Adams just back from injury

Durbin. cut
D young - cut
Revere - no arm/bat

Mike young - disappointment in field / plate

Manuel can't manage. - but also raj gave him little to work with

Keep people in farm Sys-- these overpaid on the big preventing ready for MLB from getting the Chance to move up

G night

These kids s be brought up before they're not "kids" anymore

The phillies have drafted so many toolsy, athletic outfielders and traded so many prospects that I honestly forgot that Hewitt was still property of the phillies.

DPat- everyone knew this day was coming eventually. Everyone. Just stop it with your town crier BS.

We are talking about the same Giants that just lost two of 3 to Philly at home, and got taken to extras in their win.

They've improved after their championship, just as the Phils improved in their three subsequent years. It's not exactly a new concept. They have just had the good fortune of catching fire in the playoffs a second time.

Oh, they definitely had the good fortune of getting hot at the right time. But they've also improved their lineup dramatically. It's not unlike what the Phillies did with their pitching when they got Halladay, Oswalt & Lee, to add to an already-good offense. Only difference is that the Giants have done it largely through their minor league system (Sandoval, Posey, Belt), so these guys should be around for a long time. Unless Sandoval eats his way out of the league, which is more than possible.

Generally listen to games on the radio/Internet when I get a chance but yeah it was tough to watch portions of that game while I was cooking/drinking/talking.

Just not a lineup that you had to worry about a single hitter or even a lineup that could manufacture a run. Brown was the only guy in the lineup with any kind of real power. Basically the kind of lineup you see on a 65 or 70 win team.

bap, how is that different than the Phillies developing Burrell, Ruiz, Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Hamels in their farm system?

And Madson for that matter...

Kyle Kendrick wonders what NEPP has against him.

What's really mind boggling is the payroll we're shelling out to have such a crappy team.

Boston smokes the Phils today even with Buch taking a breather.

The Yankees have designated Ben Francisco for assignment, according to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News (via Twitter). The move will create room for the newly-acquired David Huff on the roster.

NEPP: It's not.

Other than the fact that the Phillies developed all those guys 10+ years ago, that is.

It's no longer an argument/debate: Ryan Howard is the worst starter on the entire team, regardless of salary.

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