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Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey, Peralta? That 6.35 ERA is about to take a nosedive.

Cloyd won't make through the 3rd inning!

Hamels is the reason why this team isn't above .500 right now.

- 5th straight start where he didn't go at least 7 IP. You have to go back all the way to early '09 (first 4 starts in April, 1 start back in early May) where that happened.

- 5th start this year where he allowed at least 5+ runs in a start too. Did that last in '09 (7 starts total).

- If you take out his 3 GS (20 IP, 2.25 ERA, 0.90 WHIP) vs Fish who might have a historically terrible offense this year, Hamels number are among the worst in MLB this year:

9 GS, 54 IP (6 IP/GS), 5.83 ERA, 1.54 WHIP, 1.3 HR/9, 3.7 BB/9, 7.5 K/9, 2.0 K/BB

Those look a lot to me like a fringe starter and it is getting harder to believe that Hamels is just struggling quite this badly due to some mechanics issues. Worst stretch of his career except early in '09 when he was hurt to start the season and got pounded, skipped a start, and was 'okay' the rest of the way.

Since we seem to be able to hit HR's with the bases empty anyway, there is no reason not to hit Dom Brown leadoff.
Who to hit 2 through 9 is problematic.

Strasburg likely headed to the DL again with a muscle pull (possible slight tear) in his back.

Really going to hurt them a lot because Strasburg had just started to hit his stride, the Nats are already done a starter with Detwiler out (and not ready to return it looks like until mid-June), and it isn't clear who the Nats will bring up to replace Strasburg.

Good to see Domonator continuing to pound the ball.

***Strasburg likely headed to the DL again with a muscle pull (possible slight tear) in his back.***

This never would have happened had they held him to 80 pitches and 5 IP per start....Rizzo should be crucified for not protecting him better.

When does Hamels go on the DL?

tim mccarver on psb w/ charlie rose around 12:30 edt. talking some bob gibson history.

Still having a hard time pinning this on Hamels. He hasn't been on top of his game, but he's not going deep in games at least in part because he doesn't have a team behind him that help him have quick innings. He needs to do a better job of limiting damage, but the bases loaded situation where the Brewers went wild was out of his control. Could have conceivably been a 3-up, 3-down inning.

Here's what I don't get about this team: if they can't hit, why are they trotting out a line-up that can't field either? I don't think of any the defensive liabilities -- aside from Brown, who hasn't been too much of a problem in left -- are really earning their keep.

If they can't score, they should put out a defensive line-up that stands a better chance of winning close, low-scoring games.

We all like to blame RAJ and Manuel, but the truth is this team has a whole lot of players sucking a$s.

Agree that the team behind Hamels was a poor defensive unit, and considering that Manuel knew that Hamels could benefit from the boost of confidence of a win, then how could he put together such a weak supporting cast?

After all this is the manager who is sensitive to his players personalities and pulled a smokin' hot Lee in the ninth just so Papalbon could pitch to Boston fans.

I don't get it. If all Hamels needs to regain his confidence is a victory or two under his belt to get in the groove, why not do the best thing to facilitate it?

Right now the guy needs lightning behind him, not lightning bugs.

You put one foot in.
One foot out.
One foot in.
You take two steps back
And you shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

It's sad that I've gotten to this point by the end of May, but I'm honestly happier that Dom continued his tear than I care about whether the Phils won.

This team is not good, and is not going to be good. The more important thing is whether the young players we have are worth anything going forward. So far, so good for Dom.

I think RAJ sucks as a GM but what is he supposed to do about Hamels' nearly 5 era? Howard s regression in plate discipline etc.

No, this team and those running it is why they aren't above 500.

Hamels has gotten lite up in nearly half of his starts this year (5 out of 12 where he has given up 5+ R) and has had 2 games where he has blown at least a 3-run lead at home.

Defensive behind him has been shaky at times and run support non-existent at times. Hamels should have won at least another 2-3 games though which would put the Phils at 28-27 or so. Still a ~.500 team but Hamels has been a big disappointment so far this year.

The funny thing is that, just 10 days ago, Dom was hitting .248 with a .725 OPS.

Hamels has been the losing pitcher twice when the Phillies were shut out, and four times when they scored a single run. Walter Johnson doesn't win much of those either.

Kuvasz: I'm huge hAmels fan. But his ERA is dar 5. End of story.

I fear Hamels throwing motion this year may be thrown off by his fat wallet.


I don't want to hear that Hamels is struggling because of poor defense. Sure, it's not helping him, but Cliff Lee is pitching in front of the same defense, as is Kyle Kendrick.

Hamels is struggling this year for the following reasons:

1) K%: 21.7% (career 23.3%)
2) BB%: 8.6% (career 6.3%)
3) GB% of 43.8% is not even close to good enough to make up for the other deficiencies

His BAbip is .296, but he has been incredibly unlucky with runners on base. His LOB% this year is 69.4, which is well below his average of 76.7%.

He'll get better going forward, but he's not the dominant pitcher he was signed to be, right now.

i had forgotten that timmeh mac was teamed w/ harry and whitey in the broadcast booth for the 1980-81 seasons. then he went to do color for the mets from '82-'98. wonder what happened to make him leave.

The biggest questiion now is do we try to unload Hamels Or Lee when the sell-off begins? Even last year when Cliff got little to no run support his era was low and kept us in games. Cole has shown me he can't be a number one and can't handle adversity

Cut fastball told us the other day that the team is doing this purposely to Hamels because he hurt their feelings or something.

I love Hamels but he has not been very good this year so far. I think he'll get better but it has to be frustrating for him at this point.

The real bright spot is obviously Brown right now. Before the season I said you need to give him a full time shot if for nothing else but to see what you have going forward. Right now it looks like he is going to be just fine as an everyday starter for the team.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if they had just stuck with Brown the last couple times instead of yo-yoing him around all the time.

At least they didn't trade him before he broke out I there's that.

Fatal: Hamels is struggling this year for the following reasons:

1) K%: 21.7% (career 23.3%)
2) BB%: 8.6% (career 6.3%)
3) GB% of 43.8% is not even close to good enough to make up for the other deficiencies"

So 5 more strikeouts and 6 less walks, with an identical career GB% rate = 12 less ER. (career ERA)

i guess its possible but unlikely.

Hate to say but it looks like Cole doesn't care. I've got ny money. At bat he he looks like,get me back to the bench.
On my bandwagon: How much longer must we watch Delmon flounder and trot around the outfield. The 2 Youngs together can't cover 5 feet to either side of them.

The ace has become the joker.

They can't cut Delmon fast enough for me. And you know just when patience is running thin with him, he hits a home run and buys himself another month. His defense is some of the worst I've ever seen. His at bats are horrific. He runs into one once in a while and that's great but you mean to tell me Mayberry and Nix can't do that? I can't believe I'm defending a Mayberry and Nix platoon but that's the reality we live in.

But we know how Rube is. He'll ride Delmon Young into the sunset if there is even the slightest chance that the high reward of that low risk pans out. The thing is that low risk isn't so low when you play the guy every day and he sucks.

TTI – After this post, I’m done responding to you. Why do I feel you’re stalking?

What I said is simply that up to the time of my post on Hamels is that he was "whiney and evasive" about his problems. In another post - if I recall, and I'm not looking it up - I also made an empirical observation that the Phillies played much looser and more focused when Kendrick was on the hill than when Hamels pitched.

Something about the perception of team as a whole being held responsible for Hamels' woes, and the team - resenting the implied Hamels finger pointing -- being "tight" behind Hamels reflected that.

I also compared my perception of Hamels' attitude toward his highly paid work with the attitude of Doc Halladay. Doc's on the 60-day DL. Yet he still thought enough of his responsibly to the team and the organization to issue a formal apology to the fans. Despite his fairly severe injury, he still apologized.

I get the sense you don't approve of strong opinions. Who cares? Bug off and stalk someone else.

lorecore, he has a 69% LOB%. Definitely, a couple extra strikeouts in some of those key spots could have gone a long way.

Hamels doesn't care? Why would he get so visibly frustrated? A lot of silly stuff gets mentioned when a guy isn't doing well and since we are mentioning it I will go with an undisclosed shoulder/elbow issue which Hamels is trying to pitch (with permission and close monitoring from the team).

Hamels pitched quite well through pain during the summer of '11 until he unexpectedly went to the 15-day DL in mid-August with shoulder inflammation. Wound up having elbow and hernia surgeries that offseason.

Early on in '09, he really struggled his first 4 starts due to a stiff elbow, had it examined, skipped a start, and came back to pitch alright.

Hanmels was an unnecessary over pay. Who could we have had for him in trade? Ugh.

I think I'm going to print and frame this thread as it contains stupidity worthy of such an honor.
What is it exactly about Cole that brings out the sports psychologist in everyone?
I agree with MG that there is this amazing split between doesn't care/he let's it bother him too much in explaining the cause for Cole's struggle. He's pitched better than 1-9 for sure. He hasn't been himself but he'll get it together, don't worry.
As for "trading him when they had the chance", everyone agrees that he's not as good as Lee and look at what Lee has fetched over the years. An ace traded multiple times for various bags of balls but Hamels was going to fetch the franchise changing 19 year old?
Hamels hasn't been great but anyone who watched the game last night knows that No D, "Galvis Lite" and the rest did him no favors on defense. The big inning was 4 or 5 dribblers and a gapper. Not much you can do there.
And then the notion that I'd rather see Dom keep hitting than the team win. Get out of here.

Worth noting: the regulars have largely steered clear of the nonsense. It's the creatures that show up only after a frustrating loss that have contributed most of the head scratchers.

Cut: so you are doubling down on the idea that Cole's complaining (which is your opinion) leads to the team not playing loose behind him and that causes him to struggle? So again- he hurt their feelings and they are doing this purposely.

I will give you the same advice I have given others on here. If you don't like getting called on saying stupid sh!t, stop saying stupid sh!t!!

I have no opinions on this, but the Hamels/Kratz conflict from earlier in the season is rarely discussed. Is Hamels' exclusive work with Quintero (when Chooch not available) any kind of factor?

It's nice to see the return of the real Fatalotti -- as opposed to the fake one the other day, who was singing Mini-Mart's praises.

If Delmon had the same #s he has now in ST would he have made the club?
Maybe,maybe not.
Would he be starting? Doubt it.
That has to be on Raj for giving him the job.

How would you feel if you were Nix or Mayberry.Like busting your butt?

"Hamels is the reason why this team isn't above .500 right now."

To save me time, whoever posts in the future that a single individual player is why this entire crappy team isn't over .500, would you just assume I posted a follow up and called you a fool? Thanks in advance.

Charlie has said in some many words that during Polanco's first stint with the club the front office told him to play Bell and figure out Polanco/Utley at second. Do you think a similar thing is going on with Delmon Young? I might.

Hamels is just having an off year so happens.

Darin Ruf... defensive liability.

9 out of 10 teenagers make that play standing up.

"If Delmon had the same #s he has now in ST would he have made the club?"

That's actually a good point. At the time D. Young was signed, some argued that there was no harm in giving a guy an opportunity to win the job. Even if that logic were sound (it isn't), the problem here is that they signed the guy, knowing full well that he was going to miss all of spring training. So they never had a chance to conduct any evaluation -- which, if they HAD conducted, & he had performed as he has performed to date, would likely have led to his not even making the team. Instead, they just threw him out there as the starter -- and continue to blindly throw him out there as the starter -- based on nothing more that sheer faith.

Ruf seems to be turning into an all-glove, no-bat left fielder.

Harper to the DL. Strasburg joining the DL with Detweiler. Werth already DLed.

This September, Rizzo's going to just wrap them all in bubblewrap since they're a lock for the 2014 postseason, and everyone here will call it a 'bold and courageous move.'

I have to admit- I am actually shocked how bad DYak is. I never thought he would be this bad.

I saw a little of him in Minnesota and he was a free swinger type that certainly didn't live up to his hype, but could drive the ball and get hot for stretches at a time. I thought that was the player we were getting- I mean, he's only 27.

He might be 27 but he plays like he's 47. He isn't healthy, can't play the field and has no interest in developing an approach at the plate. He decides before the pitch is thrown whether or not he's going to swing. Basically Pedro Feliz without the quality defense (and Feliz was RG3 compared to Young).

Is there a slower 4-5 combo in the league than Howard-Young? Talk about clogging up the bases. Everyone who said Young is one of the worst players in the league is absolutely right. The longer he's on the roster, the more that the FO moves from the 'bad' category to the 'laughingstock' category (where I bet they'll be by season's end, anyway).

Before folks compare Lee or Kendrick to Hamels this year they might be wise to consider who he is facing on the mound as an opponent. If Hamels is this team's #1, then more than likely he is facing off against the opponent's #1 with the concomitant affect of poor Phillies hitting.

The worst thing about Young is that he doesn't get near balls that most RFs get to. It's disgusting.

Kuvasz, that is false.

Slightly off topic, but incredibly relevant to the Phils chances:

Nationals 3, Braves 2: Stephen Strasburg leaves early with oblique strain in victory

Any dad out there whose son is pitching at any level where instruction is still relevant should take note. The “inverted W” is not a viable, long-term pitching motion.

To those who say “nonsense” to the inverted W, sooner or later a “theory” is either proven via experiment or overwhelming statistical evidence.

I still see the inverted W in Strasburg’s motion. Amazing he continues to use that wind up.

Too bad for Stephen, and may God help Cole Hamels – I suddenly get the sense the NL East is there for the taking. However, we need all our bullets.

Hamels has made 12 starts. In most of those starts he's struggled to throw his changeup for strikes. He's walked a lot of guys. Yesterday, he got dunked and dunked. There's nothing wrong with Hamels in the sense that I'd bet, over the course of the next 3-4 years, he'll pitch a lot more like 2011 Hamels than what we're seeing now. I don't get the character attacks. Just a pitcher in a funk. Unlike 2009 this isn't a "luck" funk. Clearly something is up with his command. But now reason to jump to wild speculative conclusions because of 12 rough starts.

Sophist, I agree. It is disturbing that anytime Hamels struggles people attack him personally. Wild speculation abounds about his competitiveness, masculinity, maturity and everything else under the sun any time he hits a wall.

Tyler Cloyd is still here? Really?

Brown hitting third today.

Lincecum is a poor comp for Hamels (or anyone ever, really). Very distinct motion and stature and career arc. He never has Hamels' command. In his best seasons his BB9 were right around Hamels' 2013 3.0 per 9. His BB% was even worse. This is when he was a great pitcher.

gobay - Nothing to be done about that. Easier, I find, to just try and elevate the discussion and ignore it.

Jack: Who else would start? Zambrano pitched in Clearwater only 4 days ago.

I imagine this is Cloyd's last start before Zambrano takes over. Then, when Lannan gets back, I imagine one of the starters (probably Pettibone) takes the place of Savery or Horst in the bullpen. Unless, of course, the Phillies think it's more important that Pettibone be "stretched out" at LV -- which would be stupid, but typical.

Cloyd's thrown two QS, right? He's better than whatever the other option is.

Cloyd is good to passable about maybe 60 percent of the time. The problem is, when he's bad, he's horrendous. I suppose that's true of many 5th starters, but his bad starts are a notch worse than the standard 5th starter's bad starts.

Sophist - Anytime a pitcher who's paid like an ace refuses a post-game interview, he's fair game. It's not that complicated. Sure, it's the safe path to dodge the press and stay off the record, but all he had to say was "I need to do a better job". In another sport, a head coach got away with that for about a decade.

In Hamel's defense, he did take questions after yesterday's game. However, he did cite: "...things he can't control...". Cole Hamels did give up 12 hits last night. What did he mean by that remark? My team sucks? Or perhaps the BABIP gods are very angry at me right now? A little humor might go a long way towards helping him defuse any issue he's scuffling with right now.

I am not insulting Hamels. However, I invite you to compare and contrast Cliff Lee's incredible streak of bad luck in 2012 and his "stand up" means of managing his lost 2012 season. In retrospect, based on a season with off the charts crummy results, no one had any reason to question Cliff Lee's character.

Regardless, with a damaged Strasburg, the dynamics of the NL East have changed. Boy do we need a run of great outings by Cole Hamels.

I'm sure if Hamels had tried to attack Victorino in the dugout like Lee did in 2012, it would be erased from the record like cut tries to do in his last post.

Sure, I'd rather grab a beer with Lee than Hamels. Who I want to grab a beer with is as relevant to Hamels' success as a pitcher as his post game interviews. No one talks about Hamels' attitude when he's winning. Was he a different person in 2008? In 2010 and 2011 and 2012?

Brown was moved up the 3rd in the order today. There goes his RBIs.

Why is moving Howard out of 4 like trying to rewrite the consitution?

Yeah, BAP. That's going to be true of any guy they throw out there. If it's 2014, then call up 2014 Biddle, but there is no guy like that in the minors right now. Not even Morgan who's questionable and hurt anyway (right?)

Corn, who was Brown knocking in 5th that he won't be knocking in 3rd? The only difference is Howard and have you seen his OBP? Guy has 6 unintentional BB all year.

You gotta admire how steadfastly cut is holding to his dumb ideas on Hamels. Takes a lot of character to stay that insane and stand behind it.

Cut - not that I disagree that I'd prefer Hamels to talk to the media the way Doc does. I just don't really care. I also hope Hamels' is nice to his dry cleaner and the doorman.

I'll probably miss both games this weekend. As recently as last year, my attitude about Phillies games was, "Whatever I've got planned, I need to be back by game time." Now my attitude is, "If I happen to be home at game time, I'll tune in the game in the background while I catch up on some work."

This just in (regardless of the sport): Attitude is key to wining. If you cant visualize your success, it's not likely to happen.

Anyone is welcome to discuss how this team loses most of Cole's starts this year despite - and all we have as evidence are post-game interviews - Cole's sparkling, upbeat, razor wire tough attitude that he conveys.

If someone had told me in the spring that today's lineup was the Iron Pigs' because Howard's on a rehab, I would have said, "that makes sense."

Coles poor attitude is a big part of why we were swept in the 08 WS. If he were a better competitor we might have had a shot at winning.

Ruf hasn't produced enough in LHV to be called up. They are in a lose lose situation. Dom played rf all spring, moved to LF then struggled after a great spring. Dom now comfortable in LF and on fire. Bring Ruf up, move Dom back to RF and he likely will struggle again.
Should have stuck with original plan Ruf in Lf, Dom in Rf and Delmon goes to the bench. Now it is a train wreck from all angles.

Cole Hamels is about 700th in the pecking order with the problems of this organEYEzation. Yes he has underachieved. Yes he has had bad luck. I don't care who you are, not pitching with a lead for nearly 2 months will mess with you.

Hamels needs to be the ace. But he is the least of my worries

Start with the GM (whom had my full support until now) and work down too 700 Cole

Inverted W? Why don't they call it M?

Miggy Cabrera -juicing or not juicing?

Back in my day, juicing was having 15 brews and going 2 for 4 that afternoon.

Murray: By that definition, Cabrera might well be juicing.

Having watched a couple innings of Hamels last evening, it's pretty apparent he has nowhere near the command he's had in the past. And he's throwing his fastball up to 94 a lot more often than in the past. I wonder if he wouldn't benefit from taking something off the fastball and locating it better?

I haven't sat down with film and studied his motion, but a lot of his fastballs seemed to be up and to the throwing side, which usually indicates not finishing a pitch. Some guys overthrow for velocity and actually pull the pitch to the glove side. But Hamels may not be finishing his pitch as a means of increasing velocity. It's unusual. Whatever it is, his control and command are now in AAA territory. And hitters seem to be sitting on his fastball and laying off of or fouling off the change.

If he's healthy, he needs to look at his old film and figure out the difference. Because he has no idea where his pitches are going right now. And he's much too talented to let this happen.

Mini in RF? Excuse me?

Seguria didn't have the ball and the ump was in the wrong spot!

And the reason mini isn't supose to be here

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