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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I think I like the bottom lineup a little better.

Seriously, Rollins, Howard, and Kendrick are your only real holdovers from "the glory days." Those wanting 'change,' sure as hell have it tonight! Too bad it's basically a AAA lineup, with more AAA talent on the bench.

Oh, and just for the record for the fake poster who's cracking himself up with all the jokey posts, BJ Rosenberg isn't even Jewish. Can we let the D Young/Rosenberg jokes die now?

I want Delmon Young off of this team.

I want Delmon Young off of this team.

Posted by: Cyclic | Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 04:55 PM


While i know Lackey's season has been such a turnaround, I don't think I'll be able to stomach him shutting down our offense. Images of him sucking so bad for past few years are burned into my memory.


Posted by: RedBurb | Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 04:57 PM



(BTW, how is Ruf's injured hand?)

He's back as of yesterday.

2-3 (both singles) so far with a run scored in a game which I believe is still suspended.

In the immortal words of Wheels:

"These American League lineups are just built to score."

And yes it was me who tested NEPP's typepad strategy.

EFF-- One of the dumbest things I've ever heard him say.

"These American League lineups are just built to score."

A novel concept that is completely unfamiliar to RAJ.

I wonder if the person who posts as me has a photo collage of me on his living room wall ala Robin Williams in One Hour Photo.

They should let Chip Kelly coach tonight. Why not.

Things I did not know: The Red Sox are on Pap's no-trade list.

(Apologies if this was already posted)

"Things I did not know: The Red Sox are on Pap's no-trade list."

Players use the no-trade power so that they have leverage to negotiate the terms of a trade. If you can veto a trade to 20 teams, it would make no sense to put Houston or Miami on your list since there's no way in hell that those teams would ever be in position to trade for a guy like Papelbon. Papelbon is on record, though, as saying that he would play for Boston again.

Of course, it's beyond me why we keep reflexively throwing no-trade clauses into every FA contract. I thought Gillick put an end to that nonsense after the Thome debacle. Apparently RAJ does not share Gillick's views on no-trade clauses.

"hock mir nicht kein chinik!"

"it's beyond me why we keep reflexively throwing no-trade clauses into every FA contract"

A stunningly unfounded and illogical allegation.

I read that article that someone posted on Crashburn Alley funny shi* there.

The one about Delmon Young last night?


Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki

Amaro said May 23 Utley's strained oblique would take 2-4 weeks to heal. Utley still has soreness there, so 2 weeks is not expected.

More good news:

David Murphy ‏@HighCheese 7m
Some unfortunate news could be brewing in Lehigh Valley. Adam Morgan has a shoulder problem. Had diagnostic tests today.

Why not call up Ruf for 3 games? There's an open spot and Frandsen can take care of Young's duties.

Hugh: Oh yeah? Lee, Hamels, Halladay, Papelbon, and even Howard (as if it matters) have no-trade clauses by which they can veto trades to all but 10 teams. And Rollins has 10 and 5 rights so he didn't need no-trade protection. By my count, that's pretty much every big-ticket contract that we've signed in the last 3 or 4 years unless you count Adams and Polanco as big-ticket contracts.

So tell me what's unfounded. And please do tell what's illogical. How can an assertion of fact be "illogical?"

Ruf was in the LV lineup last night. Hopefully Delmon goes before his next roster bonus (around June 10) and Ruf gets the call.

"How can an assertion of fact be 'illogical?'" The fact is that these players negotiated those rights. What's not "fact" is your allegation that the Phillies "reflexively throw them in" every contract. This characterization suggests that your practice of law has not involved the negotiation of contracts, possibly not even your own engagements.

Maybe Amaro recognizes that the contracts he is giving out are so bad that no-trade clauses are superfluous. For example, no one is trading for Ryan Howard anyway. So who cares if he has a no-trade clause?

Hugh: Whatever, man. They're in every contract. Just because a player asks for it does not mean you have to say yes.

I read that Utley, Halladay and Howard had clauses written in their contracts that if the Phillies signed a player with better no-trade protection than what they had in their current contracts, those three would automatically get that same no-trade protection. So when Cliff Lee signed his deal with no-trade protection to I think 21 teams in the league, those three automatically got the same type of no-trade protection. If you look at Cot's contracts for Halladay it states:

- most favored nation no-trade protection (may block deals to 21 clubs, matching no-trade clause extended to Cliff Lee)

Howard and Utley have the same line item.

Even though Hugh has ripped me and said my commentary is ruining the blog, I like him. It's like the time clout called me a moron. It just made me like him more.

Did Nix die?

I wonder if Nix has been hurt this entire time and they're just going DTD with him..

Otherwise, I simply dont get the complete non-use of him.

Quick RAJ is on WIP, call in and question Howard not DLed, Young still starting, Ruf not down, mini mart being on the roster

ricky bo raises an interesting question. this is basically dom's rookie year. does he meet the definition for roy consideration?

That would be something if Dom was eligible and in the race for it lol. With everyone wanting to write him off so fast

Can't wait to see the future double play combo of Cesar and Freddy soon!

this is the first hot night at the bank. are you ready for some bandbox baseball?

Hittin season um yeah boyz. U know weather hot ball flyes. U know see what I say was ball hit bat go far hittin season.

Will Howard bat anything other then 4th while Charlie is here?

Should bat him lead off to get him out of the way.

How empty is the stadium?

Pitching and defense!

Hey Ben great job


whose job is it to position revere for ellsbury?

Of all of the ways I've been disappointed by Ben Revere, I'd have to say that his defense has been the biggest.

"Centerfielder of the future."

"Shallow Ben", does it again!

Dom said I'm player of the week move get out the way

Thats how you do it Brown!

Infield in? Thats a bloop over the infield

Wonder if salty will hit one into chick and Pete's this time?

Looks like Kyle is looking to reclaim his spot as the Prince of Pitch to Contact.

Not loving how he's looking early (though, I have the "over" so...).

Salty Tapioca i sense will ground out


Corn spoken like a true prophet.

Can someone objectively explain what happened on the Ellsbury fly ball? I turned it on late.

First pitch I saw was Kendrick throwing strike three right down the middle for a ball. Looks like it'll be a fun night behind the plate.

Iceman, JE squared it up and Revere misplayed it (first step in) in addition to playing WAY to shallow. Right over Ben's head for a triple.

Didn't lackey leave his wife while she was battling breast cancer. Stand up guy.

Lackey's weight loss almost makes him look less punchable, though I could still see an argument for him making the list.

Wonder if we'll get to see some of Ortiz at 1B later tonight or tomorrow? That might be an experience.

Wow yeah that foul ball to LF by Rollins really carried ... Look out

Ticket oak added to list?

WP- it seems half of the defensive misplays this year have been aided by poor positioning.

I understand this team isn't nearly as gifted defensively as it used to be, but the coaching this year hasn't helped. Half the time it looks like they're just telling the defenders to play wherever the hell they feel like it.

Morales for Lester tomorrow. Positive negative or neutral?

Can't be any worse then Howard at 1B

They're missing Lester now too?

This really should be a 3 out of 4 situation, though it likely won't happen. If Manuel doesn't stack RHB tomorrow against Morales, it...well, it would be very Charlie Manuel.

Oh yeah, neutral, we can't hit anybody

maybe micky binocs' new job is positioning. revere could have started sprinting back at the crack of the bat and not caught that ball.

@Iceman So are you saying Nix will start tomorrow?


DL him!

Anyone seen Albert Ross?


Yes DL him, he is playing hurt and his 1st HR since the SF series

Ice - They pushed Lester back to start Friday instead of tomorrow. Want him to face the Yanks.

Nix isn't dead confirmed sighting.

Its Delmon Young in a Nix mask

Wheels always drops his head

Morales vs. LHB: .605 OPS
Morales vs. RHB: .789 OPS

Except for Brown and maybe Revere, there shouldn't be a single LHB in the lineup tomorrow.

Ball is flyyyyyyyin

I was going to say that Rollins should get the day off too, but we all know who would replace him. So no on that.

Fatal would like to see Rollins get a day off

DYak's gimp is so bad it's actually a gallop. He's looking...yakkish.

Nice to see Howard homer. But, I have NEVER seen a team hit so many solo shots.

Please work out of this

well that was lucky

This is old Kendrick. Two outs no one on and he starts nibbling to a popgun hitter. Walks him and then gets into a jam he should have never been in. Luckily Kratz bailed him out.

Can we all agree to stop complaining about the solo HRs and realize its only a symptom of terrible team OBP?

Is Salty known for having a weak arm, or is Lackey that bad at holding runners? Rare that you see the Phils this aggressive on the basepaths.

Come on, Howard....

Quick Summary of the NESN Broadcast:

1. DH...waahh

2. CBP is a bandbox


That was, um, predictable.


NEPP, make sure you stay tuned so you can appreciate the requisite stock footage of cheesesteak assembly. I promise, it's worth the effort!

Oh, I definitely will.

They also had a great segment on how shocked they were that Stephen Drew wasn't booed because of his brother...Santa and batteries were brought up as was how tough/bad Phillies fans are.

This from Boston announcers...Boston, probably the worst fans in all of sports for that kind of thing.

I want Drake to murder my vagina

If only Howard could hit as well as he can shake his head no.Believe his HR was an example of the blind squirrel.

Dom's fielding has seemingly least via the eyeball test.

NESN seems to think he's a pretty good defensive OF too.

I'm actually surprised that they gave out metal toy trucks tonight and they've not yet found their way toward Stephen Drew's head.

Philly is slipping...

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