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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Minor miracle that mini mart didn't find a way onto that lineup card.

I'd like to see the thought bubble above Cholly's head explaining his decision to bump Revere up to the 7th spot ahead of catcher Quintero. Whatever his reason is, it would be funny.

I'm sure hamels is thrilled.

Remember how all the NL East bullpens got staffed up with lefty relievers to deal with our 3-4 hitters.

Hamels is thinking "I better pitch a shutout, AND strike out at least 15 guys, AND get a couple of hits."

I'll be scoreboard watching from AT&T Park, where I'm taking my son to see the Giants-Rockies game. I don't expect that the "0" which appears next to the Phillies' name will change over the course of the game.

wow that lineup sucks.

From previous thread: i get obssessed with rebuilding when the current building is no longer sufficient because while I like winning games, i like a winning team better.

from what i remember, irrelevant baseball games by july really blows

Is little BAP as cheery and optimistic as his pops?

In May, when Hamels has been pitching, Howard is 0-11 with 5 Ks.

Did Laynce Nix die?

Gotta love the R-R-L-R in the 3-4-5-6 holes by Charlie. Seems to me that's what explains UC's decision to bat Revere 7th. A R-R-L-R-R configuration against Strasburg is too much for even him to sign off on.

{in honor of curt}

Manuel - So, lissen up, Ryno.

Sandberg - Coach?

Manuel - Sometimes ya gotta shake things up, ya know.

Sandberg - Shake things...

Manuel - Jes shake'em up. Like the chicken legs in the Bake and Shake bags, Ryno.

Sandberg - Um...okay.

Manuel - So ah'moan shake'em up good.

Sandberg - Which things...

Manuel - Hah. Ah'll flip old Rever raght iner that seven spot and put that Quinones guy...

Sandberg - Quintero?

Manuel - The catcher in eight.

Sandberg - That doesn't sound too radic...

Manuel - An' Demon Young in 4 and Frandsen at first base...

Sandberg - Coach? Are you sure you want...

Manuel - Shake'em up, Ryno! Ya gotta sdhake'em up. Way, way up!

"Is little BAP as cheery and optimistic as his pops?"

He does have a tendency to say, "Oh no; we're gonna lose" every time something bad happens. I have no idea where he picked up such negativity.

BAP Jr. - (Christmas Morning) Daddy! A puppy? He's so cute and fluffy! Is me mine?

BAP - Of course little guy, all yours.

BAP Jr. - My very own puppy! He's so cute. Thank you, Daddy! (bug hug)

BAP - You know you do have to take care of him.

BAP Jr. - I'll feed him and wash and take him for walks and clean up the yard and give him water. My own puppy!!!

BAP - And you do know that someday he's gonna die, right?

I always aspired to be the subject of fake dialogue from Andy. My life is now complete.

Ha. LA in the midst of saying Phils need to work Strasburg and Jimmy goes after the 1st pitch.

McCarthy: "He had to hurry it because Galvis runs pretty well."

Am I missing something, or is Freddy Galvis pretty clearly a below-average runner?

easy as 1-2-3

Did Laynce Nix die?<

Seriously. Strasburg's career splits: .673 vs. LHB, .558 vs. RHB. How the heck do you leave Nix on the bench while playing Frandsen and Delmon Young?

Between leaving Nix on the bench and sitting Howard, I almost wonder if Manuel thought Strasburg was left-handed.

Though Harper should have been out by three feet, he's still out, ffs.

(The Phillies are sitting on the bus on the way to the finest hotel in Washington)

Dubee:We got the bats, balls, gloves and uni's.

Charley: Oh my golly, We forgot Laynce!

(Laynce Nix is shaving in the clubhouse and slaps aftershave on his face causing him to scream.)

As far as the lineup goes, looks like UC could learn a thing or two from the Konami Code.

Frandsen bunting? Really?

There goes the perfect game.


Because Delmon Young is our starting RF.

This lineup is a joke

Hamels is lacking movement again, while hitting 94 on the gun. Seems to me he's cranking it up to compensate for lack of stuff, and losing command in the process.

Huberto the great was really clutch

I'd be happy to be proven wrong by someone that can understand pitch f/x stats more than I can. But that's what I think is happening.

Luckily the juggerNats offense is basically as awful as ours.

Hamels is getting the Ks he needs to keep the ball out of the hands of our defense, but his pitch count is getting out of hand.

Impressive work by the top of the order.

The Lineup today does suck. Methinks the Phils will get shutout again.

DYoung takes about 25 steps running where 3 are needed.

Cole most important throwing 1st pitch strikes.

This lineup is up there with the mid to late 90s lineups.

Temper temper brycee

Cole's foul-ball disease infects all of these otherwise really healthy innings.

With these two offenses slap-fighting each other for second place, the Braves will be ten clean of both of them by July 1st.

This lineup makes me long for the days of Desi Relaford. 4th inning and I still can't believe this slob is an actual MLB lineup


You wanted Desi Relaford? Maybe you now get Mini Mart.

What a horrendous call. Horrendous.

So Harper gets to throw his bat but Frandsen can't? Got it.

When Harper tosses the bat -- well look the other wayl

When Frandsen does it -- he's tossed

Double standard, fo' sho'

I very rarely want to blame the umps for anything 'big picture' because you can go back a hundred years and only find a handful of instances where umpiring has actually kept the rightful team from winning a title.

But the umpiring in this league is getting worse and worse, and the accountability is absolutely non-existent. The day is coming where these buffoons cost a team a playoff series and/or the world series.

LA just said the same thing about zero accountability for hte men in blue/black or whatever.

Lol Bittel....I'd take Desi Relaford anyday over Mini Mart. Hell I'd take a random BL poster over Mini Mart

Anybody hit: so you're saying I have a chance?

Ice: They already have. Like 28 years ago. Ask any cardinals fan.

Ruff would look pretty good at first right now

I have always been baffled by the concept that athletes competing in a game with stakes on the order of a million dollars are liable to be ejected for simply "showing up" the officials in the heat of the competition.

Umpires are the worst.

I'm excited, though, for Wheeler to defend the umpire (as always) when he comes back on in the 7th inning.

Now that we know Nix, in fact, can physically stand at 1B and not make a fool of himself, it makes Manuel's lineup today even more puzzling.

Did we ever get an explanation on why Durbin pitched the 8th last night?

Harper threw the bat in frustration after he swung and missed. Frandsen threw the bat after a bad call. it's a different situation, although it's absurd that he was ejected.

Best AB of day by Quintero....wish that was a joke

Hasn't Strasburg only pitched into the 8th once in his career? This should be #2.

I wouldn't have a problem with Hamels batting 6th in this lineup.

It's a damn good thing Cholly flipflopped Revere and the catcher, though.

I promise, if I get traded to the Phillies to hit all sh8tty and be selfish when Hamels pitches. Scout's honor.

Is it a good thing to offer "Blues Traveler" at a Nat's game? I am an old man, would you attend for a Blues Traveler event?

Hamels has a 2.84 ERA in his last 9 starts including today.

Logically, he's 1-5 in that time period and the team is 1-7.

phatti - It was and Winters should be fined after the game. No one is paying to see him interject into into the action,

No one saw that double play coming...

4-6-3 or 6-4-3 are way too common in M. Young's box scores.

Michael Young:

RBI: 10
GIDP: 12

Anytime you guys wanna give Hamels a lead this year. This is beyond ridiculous

This Sunday lineup is bad as I can remember the last 10-15 years.

Hamels still hasn't pitched with a lead yet?

This game of baseball is just mind boggling

Really glad Manuel gave into Young's demand to start him today.

Here's the part where Hamels gives up a run or two and the game is over.

Young really does have poor range at 3rd.

The topper with Winters today is his moving outside strike zone today.

When Sarge criticizes the home ump and says something that they need to keep themselves out of the game, you know the home umpire has been terrible.

Corn....since April against KC I believe

Melky is batting .345 with an .887 OPS in May. Guess he's juicing again.

How good would that look in CF over Revere?

I love when MG comes up with his weekly "Such and such is the worst I've seen in the last 20-25 years of organized baseball."

***I love when MG comes up with his weekly "Such and such is the worst I've seen in the last 20-25 years of organized baseball."***

If he just kept it consistent with Mini Mart, he'd always be correct.

Yup and you can easily Google a few other references that basically say Winters often has a wide yet puzzling strike zone.

These pitchers are embarrassing these hitters both as pitchers and as hitters.

Iceman - You would have to go back to a Francona Sunday special circa '99 or '00 to find a worse Sunday lineup.

Good pitch and nice to see the defense turn the GIDP.

When Hamels inevitably gives up a solo shot in the 7th or 8th inning, the loss will be 100% on his shoulders.

Maybe they can stop trying to sit on strasburgs breaking ball this inning.

We have a better chance of scoring by standing there and waiting for Strasberg to get need his 100 pitch, arm snapping limit then swinging the bats

DH -- you were right about wheeler And the ump & frandsen

Wheels is right that Hamels' fastball location has been tremendous today. First time all year really it has been locked in almost all game,

Let's go Dom. We could use a long ball here.

So M.Young is 1 for his last 20.
Reveres slugging is lower then his OBP which itself is sub .300

God this is appalling.

that's a nasty pitch. This Strasburg guy might be good.

More of a long walk to the dugout for Domo

These guys have all looked pretty silly for the most part vs. Strasburg today.

I think I've solved the lineup construction code. Cholly has MYoung and Revere 4 batters away from each other so that they can snuff out any baserunner/rally with a DP before it has any chance of happening.

What a diff Nix makes

Wow, lets tank it out for the next Strasberg!

@Del fan: I guess with Ryho out of the lineup, Dom figured someone had to have the obligatory embarrassingly bad at bat waving at breaking balls.

Not that it'd be hard to look good against this lineup, but it makes it worse that Strasburg is actually a talented pitcher.

This phila roster is really full of blanks


Wheels: Cole Hamels hasn't pitched with a lead since April 7th.

TMac: That is remarkable.

Me: Barf

Just no luck for Cole, wow

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