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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Lets hope we can stop the forces of Suzuki Moore and Lombardozzi this time around.

I haven't seen so much crap faced on analogies or cliches as when Heather got sh-t about poker analogies. I kinda like the bag of crap references to this team.

Span had a great first ten games for the Nats, OPSing .856. Since then he's hitting .246/.287/.310 with 7 XBH in 150 PAs. Revere in that time: .255/.291/.306.

Minnesota is laughing pretty hard at the NL East right now.

Game on Fox. Wonder what $hit announcers will be calling this game. And how much love for nats will be on display.

Per Gelb, Tmac and Billy Ripkin calling

Doubt the Twinkies are taking much joy from the ineptitude of Span and Revere, Iceman. Take a look at the numbers for their replacement, Aaron Hicks, and at what the other players in the trade have done (or failed to do).

Terry, did you just call the Twins a nickname?

How dare you !

Murray, I am at a complete loss as to why the bag of crap reference is an issue at all.

I just hope Ice doesn't pee on my head and try to tell me it's raining. But, of course, that's exactly what he's been trying to do. I think. I'm actually straining to think of any other cliches, and failing.

I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could watch every Phillies game, and still watch a quarter of the Twinkie's games. The A's I can understand because of the time difference. But the Twins are only an hour difference. I'm not sure there are enough hours in the day. And, i fact, if Ice watched even ten Twins games, I'm very sure that is nine more than Rube ever watched.

I actually like the lineup with Revere hitting 8th better than any other spot. If he gets on, it's unlikely anyone will be on base ahead of him, so maybe he can try to steal before getting bunted over to third.

Whereas, if he's hitting ninth and the pitcher bunts a runner to second, it's unlikely Revere can knock him in with a single, since it's unlikely to leave the infield if he makes contact.

Revere has a couple good games, he goes to the top of the order, a couple bad games, he goes to the bottom of the order.

I love having a manager so reactionary to small sample sizes.

Happy that Revere is batting lower in the order again.

It has been my perception for the past few years, rightly or wrongly, that the Phillies lose nationally broadcast games.

Revere should be 9th but if someone else filled out the lineup card Cholly would either think you are playing a joke on him, it would be against the rules, or for some reason they were using the DH.

I've been told that Revere's hitting better of late, but here we sit the weekend of Memorial Day, and he still has a 58 OPS+, and a career 76 OPS+ that doesn't lead me to believe that there's light at the end of this tunnel.

Tbag r u Fn kidding me

tmac has one of the better vocal instruments in his profession. too bad the brain isn't up to it. little billy ripkin must have one of the worst voices i've heard.

Ak- you would be surprised how easy it is to have a game on your TV and laptop at the same time.

You would think the room would implode if you tried it, but really, it's possible.

FWIW, I do the same thing all the time.

Revere in May: .340/.389/.400

Who are these morons that are saying he's hitting better lately?

Awesome start

Iceman, I never denied that he wasn't hitting better lately.

Still doesn't change the fact that his season-to-date numbers are, without argument, awful.

Span will go 4-4 today because I opened my mouth about how bad he's been.

2013 Production™
Harper: 23 RBI
Brown: 25 RBI

Remember last week when a few us talked about Pettibone having a great changeup that he hasn't thrown much of yet?

Harper just saw it.

Great throw and tag.

***Harper just saw it.***

Considering his swing, it appears he did not actually see it.

murderers row coming up.

anyone else have gameday beating the fox broadcast by a solid 4-5 seconds?

Damn, Haren has been putrid for the Nationals this year.

after hitting 2 HR in two days off of RHP, Delmon might never see a day off for the rest of the year.

If anyone were on base, Brown wouldn't have hit that home run.

dude, monster....that was off the end of the bat and not even squared up that well. Bomb.

Finally someone hit that first pitch over the plate

my gameday is just a hair behind fox.

Dom just ruined my perfectly good post about how wretched they were looking.



I don't like when stiffs like Kratz and Mayberry go back to back with DOM... diminishes it.

I was just typing "I love when pitchers with ERAs of 5 mow down our lineup" when Dom Brown and now Kratz took him deep!

That's more like it!

Well both of those were unexpected! Suddenly the game is a lot more interesting.

Dom making an early bid for the best surprise of the year.

Bap Ben will make you a prophet

6th HR in May for Domonator. .855 OPS now for the month.

Also, Ben Revere sucks.

Just imagine, if Dom Brown had done this in 2011, we never make the Pence trade.

I don't know which is the more galling to me: Ben Revere's prodigious strikeout total or Ben Revere's prodigious GDP total. I do know that neither was supposed to happen.

If Brown had a BB% of 10% instead of 5%, his season line would be .260/.350/.467.

Why did he stop walking, again?

If Aumont can be sent down to learn to throw strikes;why can't Howard be sent down to recognize strikes?

***Why did he stop walking, again?***

He realized that HRs would keep him in the Majors while BB won't.

This is a make or break year for him as a prospect and he knows it.

***why can't Howard be sent down to recognize strikes?***

Tis easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Ryan Howard to recognize strikes.

Why do you think he stopped walking? Its the theme for this team.

NEPP, why not try to do both, i.e., try to be a great all around hitter?

He's supposed to have the ability.

Why do you think he stopped walking? Its the theme for this team.

Posted by: Corn | Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 07:43 PM


NEPP, why not try to do both, i.e., try to be a great all around hitter?

He's supposed to have the ability.

Posted by: Fatalotti | Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 07:44 PM

I think he'll start walking again when guys stop challenging him so much. He starting to show some fairly impressive power so he'll start getting pitched around a bit more. We know he had pretty good plate recognition so it'll happen at some point. At this point though he's swinging hard at anything near the zone...and connecting with good power.

Franco #10

NEPP, good point. I like the power, but I think the plate discipline is what will make him a great hitter going forward.

Let's hope the plate discipline comes back without the power going away.

Brown has 1 BB in his last 112 PA.

He has a .541 SLG in that time period though.

I wish his BB rate would be a bit higher but its still good to see him driving the ball with authority:

5 2B, 1 3B, 7 HR in that period.

FWIW, that's a 40 HR season pace if he got 650 PA.

Meanwhile, M. Young is batting .187 since Apr 30th.

NEPP - Interestingly, this is actually a mistranslation. The Greek word for Rope was kamelon, and ooops. While it's pretty obvious that rope is the more appropriate word, this mistake keep being made. Oh, and go Phillies.

Tis easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Ryan Howard to recognize strikes.

Posted by: NEPP | Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 07:43 PM

Dom will get his BB if he continues to show this kind of power. It should come together. What the end result is is hard to know, but it's a process. He's still young. Never the prospect he was really made out to be.

Dom got hyped the same way that Yankees prospects typically get hyped...he was a top prospect in a team that had won a WS and was looking like an elite franchise that could do no wrong.

Lots of pitches for just 3 IP...good thing our middle relief is elite.

Ak - koine Greek rope was with an iota before the l. Camel is an eta. One vowel swap. Funny thing. Hadn't heard that before.

Nepp - and the other prospects above him "graduated."

That's a huge part of why he was a Top 5 guy...everyone else got promoted.

Glad to see others peeking at the minors. Think we are going to have a few again. Biddle Franco and Quinn will be 100

If Quinn goes to CF, he's probably not a Top 100 guy...not yet anyway. He's not exactly mastering SS so far.

I don't think he was hyped too much than he should of been. At 22 between AA-AAA he had a .980 OPS. He then got rated #4 prospect after that season.

He hasn't really shown that in the majors, but he did have some annoying injuries over the years. Hopefully this power stays and the walking comes back, and we are good to go.

He's not exactly mastering SS so far.

Neither is Rollins, lately.

Interesting to look at the other top 10 prospects from that 2010 mid-season list:

No. 2: Mike Trout. He's pretty good.

No. 3: Desmond Jennings. Has had a rough go of it, not unlike Dom.

No. 4: Jeremy Hellickson -- a very good, but not quite elite, SP

No. 5: Jesus Montero -- just got demoted and told his career as a catcher is over. His .700 career OPS should play great at DH.

Nos. 6-10: Julio Teheran, Dustin Ackley, Martin Perez, Aaron Hicks, Zack Britton. None has done much of anything yet.

Basically, Trout & Hellickson have been the only success stories from the entire group so far.

Johnny - what were scouts saying about his power and defense in AA? I didn't mean a rating issue as much as a scouting issue. The other top prospects were more complete packages. The limitations of Dom's game were fairly apparent when he was called up.

Revised projections have Brown hitting around .265/.330/.450. So a little less power but a little more BB. The numbers Fata posted are almost a realistic best case scenario. Seems like the kind of player who'll peak at .830-.840 OPS with not so hot defense in LF. Just not the kind of prospect he was rated alongside at the time (although what's up with Heyward I have no idea).

I was thinking more of when he jumped up to #48 Overall after the 2008 season and #15 after 2009.

His OPS in those two seasons:

2008: .798 in Low A
2009: .880 in A+ & AA

Those are good numbers but alot of that had to do with the reputation our team had throughout baseball. Same with guys like K. Drabek, Carrasco, Michael Taylor, etc.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 2m
More than half of SS in baseball don't reach that ball.

That doesn't explain the bad throw, except that he maybe rushed it.

Grrr Iceman

A lot of Montero's value was in his position and the suspicion that his bat was unquestionable. And he was a Yankee. ... BAP, who was on the other lists where Dom was rated highly. Wasn't Heyward in there too? And Harper?

That felt inevitable.

Span 3 for 3...getting close to Iceman's prediction of 4-4.

As much as I hate it I think early on Dom was getting higher marks for "tools", until at least they started realizing he wasn't hitting for power or playing defense well at all, and not really stealing bases with his speed haha.

Not one of bone's best gms

And to be fair, some of the Dom backlash is because Heyward and Jennings came out the gate so strong. Jennings posted a 127 OPS+'in 2011. Heyward was 131 the year before.

Before 2010:

1. Jason Heyward, of, Braves 2. Stephen Strasburg, rhp, Nationals 3. Mike Stanton, of, Marlins 4. Jesus Montero, c, Yankees 5. Brian Matusz, lhp, Orioles 6. Desmond Jennings, of, Rays 7. Buster Posey, c, Giants 8. Pedro Alvarez, 3b, Pirates 9. Neftali Feliz, rhp, Rangers 10. Carlos Santana, c, Indians 11. Dustin Ackley, of/1b/2b, Mariners 12. Alcides Escobar, ss, Brewers 13. Justin Smoak, 1b, Rangers 14. Madison Bumgarner, lhp, Giants 15. Domonic Brown, of, Phillies 16. Starlin Castro, ss, Cubs 17. Martin Perez, lhp, Rangers 18. Jeremy Hellickson, rhp, Rays 19. Aaron Hicks, of, Twins 20. Logan Morrison, 1b, Marlins

Before 2011:

1. Bryce Harper, of, Nationals 2. Mike Trout, of, Angels 3. Jesus Montero, c, Yankees 4. Domonic Brown, of, Phillies 5. Julio Teheran, rhp, Braves 6. Jeremy Hellickson, rhp, Rays 7. Aroldis Chapman, lhp, Reds 8. Eric Hosmer, 1b, Royals 9. Mike Moustakas, 3b, Royals 10. Wil Myers, of/c, Royals

The superstars in Harper and Trout make Brown look bad, but Brown has contributed less than almost all of the guys on both of those lists. I agree with Sophist: projects as a nice player but was probably never the prospect he was rated to be.

I was thinking of this list. Heyward, Stanton, Jennings, and Brown were the OF with 3/4 in the NL East.

Yeah, so over two years he was rated "alongside" Heyward, Stanton, Jennings, Harper, and Trout. Tough crowd.

Ripkin's voice gives me a headache.

Guys, you can't walk your way to Production™.

And Ben revere makes me happy

Wow jimmy didn't pop up.

Give Quinn one more year at SS. I think he will be ok.

Ripken really shouldn't be announcing with that voice...T-mac does have a voice for announcing, but he just doesn't know how to use it (at least for baseball).

I think the reason that mid-season 2010 list was pretty weak was because so many of the hotshot prospects from that year -- Heyward, Strasburg, Stanton, Posey, Matusz -- ended up being called up before mid-season.

Pettibone should NOT have been in this game. Yet another example of Charlie's poor pitching management. I don't care how much you wanna save the bullpen. The guy on the bump is worn down.

This is the first game this year in which Pettibone has pitched like I keep expecting him to pitch.

i knew jerkoff laroche would have a big series.

App 100 pitches and outs gettin louder. This is last inning. Now use stues and justin d AGAIN

I was just looking through the 2006 draft where Dom was drafted. It was a very impressive draft.

1st Rounders:
Evan Longoria
Clayton Kershaw
Tim Lincecum
Max Scherzer
Brandon Morrow
Drew Stubbs
Ian Kennedy
Joba Chamberlain
Chris Perez

2nd Rounders
Brett Anderson
Chris Tillman
Trevor Cahill
Justin Masterson
Jon Jay

3rd Rounders
Joe Smith

4th Rounders
Alex Cobb

5th Rounders
Chris Davis
Jeff Samardzija

6th Rounders
Andrew Bailey
Bud Norris

7th Rounders
Doug Fister
Mike Leake

8th Rounders
Allen Craig

9th Rounders
David Freese (Freaking Cards have awesome stats)

10th Rounders
Desmond Jennings
Craig Gentry
Kris Medlen

11th Rounders
Mat Latos
Brandon Belt

13th Rounders
Daniel Murphy

17th Rounders
Josh Reddicke
David Robertson

20th Rounders
Dom Brown
Vinny Pestano

22rd Rounders
Corey Luebhke

25th Rounders
Derek Holland

28th Rounders
Luke Gregerson

30th Rounders
Hector Santiago

32nd Rounders
Alex Sanabia (future Phillies Killer HOFer)

49th Rounders
Paul Goldschmidt (Drafted by LAD but didn't sign)

Overall a very impressive list.

Is there a worse 3-4-5 anywhere?

And Michael Young continues to crater back to Earth.

Who looks more clueless Howard AKA big PC or young AKA missing pc

That should say the Cards have awesome scouts, not stats.

Their 2006 Draft notables:

Chris Perez
Jon Jay
Allen Craig
Luke Gregerson

If you get 1 good MLB player in a draft, you did well. Getting 4 and trading for a 5th (Freese was for a washed up Jim Edmonds), you are doing fantastic.

Next two events to look forward too.
1st which toolsy OF they will draft in first round
2nd trade deadline and call ups!

Our offense continually impresses me with how bad it is. It's 180 degrees from the '08 offense, which was often described as exciting; this one barely has a pulse.

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