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Saturday, May 18, 2013


To be fair to Revere, he's only had 3 PA since May 11th...

Talk about a Beerleaguer jinx

Thanks for the loss, finger

You'd think, using small meaningless sample sizes and all, that you'd want to get a guy with a .357 AVG/.830 OPS in May back into the lineup.

You'd be wrong though...after all, he is 0-3 against Arroyo for his career an hitless in his last 3 PA now.

While it probably has nothing at all to do w/ Revere's absence, the Phillies have been winning of late. No harm in continuing to go w/ what's been working.

Jack- I believe a few days ago you said you can declare Beerleaguer Amnesty (or something like that) on a statement you made that you no longer think has a chance of happening.

Well, with Revere now being relegated to bench player, I no longer will pretend to have any idea what the crackpots running this team are thinking in terms of who is a starter and who is not. So I'm officially applying for Beerleaguer Amnesty on my statement about Delmon being the starting RF.

Iceman: Amnesty granted, and I will no longer hassle you about it.

Seriously though. They trade for a 24 year old CF and bench him after a month (actually, scratch that- benched him after the first week of May when he was hitting at a .400 clip and getting on base almost half of the time) for a mediocre platoon piece that is a downgrade on the bases and in the field. They start a guy at 1B who is basically putting up pitcher's numbers against LHP (when you have plenty of platoon options that can play 1B on the bench). Delmon Young, who is basically a gimp, is being run out there every day to take his 0/4 or 1/4 with minus baserunning and minus defense.

Then in the bullpen, you've got three guys (Durbin, Horst & now Rosenberg instead of Valdes) that don't belong on a MLB roster. They kept Stutes and DeFratus in the minors while those three predictably imploded, game after game, the first month of the season. It took an injury for them to be forced to finally call up DeFratus, who is now the second or third best pitcher in the bullpen by default. And they still refuse to bring up Stutes, who would be the third or fourth best no matter how crappy his slider still is (and I'm guessing it's still pretty crappy).

There was a lot of consternation over the Mini Mart thing, and I never got it because it was just one move for a guy that didn't get much playing time on a team that would've been good with or without him. But this season there is gross mismanagement up and down the roster, touching every aspect of the team. These guys were able to coast for a few years with the starting spots basically taken care of for them, and now that they have to move pieces around to put the best possible team on the field, it's clear they're playing checkers while every competent front-office in the league is playing chess.

As a fan, I'm really hoping lightning strikes with this group this year, because we're in for a long 3-4 years until Amaro is canned before anything changes.

Is Amnesty the same as Beerleaguer bankruptcy?

Welp, its a Fox game. Guessing that means blacked out on Drat

Cyclic: I envisioned them as related. Maybe they're the same thing.

Bankruptcy is when you declare you simply can no longer make an argument--it's not winnable. I tend to think of this for more esoteric arguments.

Amnesty is used when you want to be absolved of a prediction you made. For instance, Iceman predicted they wouldn't make Delmon the starting RF, and has applied for amnesty. I predicted the young relievers would step up and be good--I applied for amnesty on that. So we are no longer giving each other crap for it.

TTI should have applied for amnesty a long time ago on his "Ben Revere is not a slap hitter" comment. But since he apparently is the only person left on earth who doesn't see that, he hasn't declared it, and so we will continue to laugh at him every time Revere weakly grounds out (though of course he would have to be in the lineup for that to happen).

The form number for the amnesty filing is different

Do they both need to be filed in triplicate?

What happened to Mayberry's power? Does he think he doesn't need it since he's taking over for Revere?

Just 3 XBH (no HRs) and a .323 SLG since April 20.

I missed the 'Revere hasn't had a hit since May 11th' thing.

I don't want to give the new writers a hard time, but that's pathetic. He's been benched in every game since then but one (when he got pulled early). Not sure if it's just laziness or what, but come on.

Oh, and he's 0-4 against Arroyo in his one career game against him. Ok. That's meaningful.

As long as the Baseball Gods shine on us once every 42 games, like they did last nite, we should be OK going forward.

This seems a sensible attitude. I think Roy Oswalt said something similar when he played for us:

"It kind of hurts a little bit to know I'm not out there helping," Adams said. "At the same time, I don't want to go out there and hurt the team. I don't want to be that guy that tries to be in a hurry and we're up by one run and all of a sudden I can't do my job and now we're down by three and I cost our team a win."

Sarge on the radio. My loyalty to Franzke will be severely tested today.

What choice do you have? Either Sarge and Franzke or Wheels and TMac. Or no sound whatsoever.

"SHUT UP AND PLAY." No comments on Cholly's comment last nite?

Oh! I didn't realize that it was a Fox game today. So choice is Fox team or Sarge+Franzke. Good thing for Twitter, or I'd have missed the game.

Very nice job of working out of that mess by Kendrick.

KK with the K.

Reds fail to capitalize early again

I'm getting tired of Revere not getting a chance, too. If D. Young were hitting better. And Arroyo's a righty, too, so wouldn't it be a good day to sit either Mayberry or D. Young?

The old KK never could have gotten out of that jam.

That was a situation in which KK has melted down before.

That changeup is turning into a filthy pitch. Threw is 2-1 to Bruce and got a swing and miss, and then threw the sinker right by him when Bruce was looking for the changeup.

Nice job.

If I didn't know that Doc was hurt, I might think there was a Freaky Friday thing going on where KK and Doc had switched bodies.

Arroyo does have a nice hook.

GBF, funny.... and true.

WTF Chase

Way to work the count Chase and Jimmy!

3 pitches between the two of you.

Typo: 5 pitches.

Slow in here today.

I can't watch, but looks like bad ABs by Rollins and Utley, followed by a good 6-pitch "professional" AB by Young resulting in a hit, followed by another bad AB from our big "producer" Howard.

Ho hum.

So Rollins, Utley and Howard saw 7 pitches, while MYoung saw 6? wow

What up, Kyle?

Well... it was a good time to turn on the radio.

Insurmountable. Oh well.

Oh god, the dreaded "In play, run(s)"

That was left up bigtime.

And of course it was the worst possible outcome

C'mon GTown, 3 runs is below average and thus attainable. With a little luck, we could even push it to extra innings.

4 runs is insurmountable.

I'm really tired of seeing our pitchers give up multi-run home runs to sub Mendoza line hitters.

The pitch was a complete meatball. Mini Mart could've jacked it.

Anywho, Phils are up so there won't be anything to talk about. From a McCaffery article here:

"He has been disappointed with the Phillies’ production all season. But Friday, before a series against the Cincinnati Reds, Amaro would sit in the dugout and vent. While not absolving the pitching for any part in the Phils’ 19-22 start, he made it clear that he has one eye on the batting order, the other on his list of minor-league prospects. And if the Phillies continue to make scoring four runs seem like an achievement, then he will make changes.

What kind?

“Probably minor-league players,” Amaro said."

If that doesn't scream FREE RUF then I don't even know anymore. Can't even begin pretend to predict the roster moves of this organization.

I think he's out.

Okay someone describe how/why Brown got thrown out

Cyclic: If only scoring .6 of a run were possible ...

Front foot popped up off bag in feet first slide before back foot reached bag. Reds 3b kept tag on thru entire slide. Poor slide by Brown IMO.

There are some horrible sliders on this team. Can't even blame coaching really- these are major league players..they should know better.

Also, I think everyone should apply for Beerleaguer bankruptcy on things they didn't really say

This loss falls squarely on Finger for invoking the BL jinx. Apparently JW didn't really train these guys before the season started.

Since were already down three runs, why try for the extra base domo

This feels like a Rosenberg appearance kind of game.

Kendrick is not looking sharp. We might get Rosenberg'd.

Thanks, Sil.

KK not feeling it today.

Fox broadcast just showed a montage of bombs Bruce hit vs. the Phils. I had almost forgotten Josh Lindblom was on this team.

delmon looked good there in defense

There's the NoD we know and hate.

There goes the D.Young we were expecting.

And I can't even see it on TV!

The Dom Brown slide is on What a call by the ump. I mean, probably the right one, since he did appear to pop off the bag for a second, but how the heck did he spot that, especially after Brown beat the throw?

I was surprised he was even trying for 3, based on where the ball was hit, even more surprised he made it (besides the crappy slide).

Quick trip to the grocery store and 3 runs happen. Rats!

Brown call:

How the hell can Marty Foster make that call in the first place when he was up the LF line and the throw was coming in from the RF corner?

Exactly the wrong position to be to see the call and a mistake I would expect from a High School ump who is a part-timer. Not a MLB professional.

Foster also punched him out even before the tag was applied.

It was a tough call either way but Foster wasn't in a position to even see whether Brown had slid over the bag or if the tag had been applied because he was in the wrong position to start and he had rung up Brown as the tag was even being applied.

It wouldn't surprise me if instant replay is brought into MLB sooner than later because of how many times the umps screw up and will do so in a big way in the postseason at some point.

What did Delmon do?

Oh, my gosh. Just caught D. Young's misplay. Pretty. Pretty funny, that is.

Cyclic: Bobbled the ball. Was unable to make a throw on the runner advancing from 1B to 3B.

@MG -- I agree. It was probably to use NFL rules "inconclusive" because I'm not sure the tag was on him when the front foot left the base. But there is no way the ump had the angle on that. He was punching brown out on the ball getting there at the time of the slide. He never looked at the bag.

The only thing I can figure is that related to Brown's many injuries, he's transluscent and Foster could see through him. Or he has xray vision.

Still it was a great throw by Phillips.

Mayberry starting today:

Cholly has to know by now that Mayberry really struggles against RHP pitchers like Arroyo especially those who throw a ton of cutter/sinkers and changeups. Yet he puts in the lineup today.

Does Cholly have mental amnesia the past 3 years?

Ditto Delmon Young in the lineup today. No reason Nix isn't starting in RF.

Cholly is just a $hitty game day manager and does manage even the limited pieces he has correctly or employ them in an optimal fashion to try to get success.

Wow. Utley's really struggling. Hope he turns it around, and soon.

Utley has been a dried up old turd this month.

Should be Nix and Revere rather than D. Young and Mayberry.

Utley was at .231 AVG/.709 OPS coming into today this month. Not great but not as bad as some guys in the lineup.

Reason Nix & Revere aren't in there because Cholly likes consistency in the lineup as much as possible.

Wrong guy to manage this team last year and again this year for several reasons.

MG, Franzke gave Utley's numbers outside of 2 games in which he had multiple hits. He was hitting well under .200 this month when you take those 2 games out.

GBrettfan - He has only played 14 G this month. Taking 2 multi-hit games out of anyone's month is going to make their number weaker especially his 4-5 game.

When a sample size is already less than 3 weeks, you can't really make a point by taking out a couple good games which don't fit the narrative.

One of the strangest things in media is the constant worship of the military. I understand it as it is a form of advertisment for profitable wars. Just weird.

Phils need a multi-HR against Arroyo or they aren't winning this game.

This offense is barely alive when Utley &/or Howard are hitting. When they're not, it's a foetid corpse.

48 pitches for Arroyo through 4. Way to go, guys.

And 13 of those 48 are to M Young.

Brenneman is nauseating.

Random thoughts today:

I can't even imagine what must be going on in the head of Ben Revere as he warms the bench.

Also surprised to hear that Arroyo is one of the next conditioned pitchers in MLB.

Any coincidence that the dude in the latest Viagra ad looks like an older Cliff Lee? I usually mute the tv during those things (kids around) but noticed the guy today.

Unless things look more optimistic in the next inning, I'm switching over to the Preakness.

*next= should be "best". Sorry. Trying to type on phone.

This is looking more and more like an Arroyo CGSHO. Absolutely abysmal ABs by everyone except MYoung.

What? KK ?

Sending KK up to bat there was brain-dead. They're 3 runs behind & he's pitching out of trouble every single inning. Besides, he's at 93 pitches. You send him up to hit so you can get 1 more inning out of him? Brain-dead.

Managerial malpractice, bap

That's the way to make him pay, KK. Lulz.

For this we wasted an AB last inning with a guy finally on base.

It really doesn't matter if KK stays in. This team isn't scoring 4 runs off Arroyo, so the game is already over.

Against the bottom of the order, no less. If the stiffs in the bullpen can't go a scoreless inning against Hannigan, Arroyo, Choo, and Cozart, they don't belong on the team. Actually, even if they CAN get through those guys, they don't belong on the team, but never mind.

That'll do it.

Yep, great decision, Cholly. KK's been getting plastered all game long.

Cosart has 20 RBIs. Production.


Wonderful move to start Mayberry today. 0-2 with 2 hilarious, flailing strikeouts.

Still amazed Charlie has been managing here for 9 years. He should have been let go years ago for some of the dumbfounded moves he does game in game out.

Utley is looking the worst I've ever seen him lately.

these guys are awful... no plan against this guy. its like they all want to go home (except for MYOung)

4th run was the nail in the coffin. KK didn't have good stuff from the start & struggled all day. One time in quite a while.

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