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Sunday, May 12, 2013


As to today's game, Revere being back in the leadoff spot is just another in a long line of really puzzling decisions by our esteemed manager.

The abysmal Erik Kratz goes yard tonight. Book it.

This is exactly the lineup I want to see if the Phillies' best SP is on the mound, & Win clinches a series split & a winning road trip, & I'm raving batcrap insane.

Delmon Young's 9th start in RF, Iceman?

Dare we say Delmon has yet to disgrace RF? Let his bat come around and we'll have exactly what the FO wanted.

Wow. It's the black hole again.

Utley, Howard and Young.

CS: "Let", or "Hope against hope in the face of all statistical evidence to the contrary"?

I'm amazed at how weak Arizona's line-up is. It's like, only twice as good as the Phils.

How many times has he walked? I thought we didn't expect that at all? He's also had a few quality plays in RF. What is it going to take to get Howard out of this slump?

Fatalotti: You are just trying to be obtuse at this point. I expect that from some of the students I teach- not adults.

A perfect pair of comments:

Comment #1:

" A moron could have predicted the decline of Howard, especially this season. "

Comment 2:

"I'm well aware that Howard isn't the "only" culprit, but he's supposed to be trotting a 150 wRC+ out there, not a 95. "

So, anyone who didn't think that I would suck this year is a "moron," but still, the expectation that I should be judged against - to prove that I'm the "main culprit" for the offensive woes - is a 150wRC+

I was looking to see where the Phils actually are in offense this year. And it is as abysmal as I thought. But there is a lot of general stinkatude right now across the board. Heck the best team OPS in the league is .768 and that's in COL.

The NL batting average is .249. With MIA showing how it's done. Their team BA? .223. It's like having a line up of eight Cliff Lees and a pitcher.

The pair of comments basically indicate that he is not only stinking worse than his contract, but even worse than anyone here thought he could.

Andy -

I know that me making all this money pisses you off to no end, but keep in mind that I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

It doesn't piss me off at all. I am saddened that you took a potential hall of fame career and pissed it away.

Somehow it's not heartening to know the Phillies are near the bottom of the pack in offense in a particularly bad year for offense.

TTI, obtuse? What did you call me? Son, you're forgetting yourself. TTI, if you want to indulge this fantasy, that's your business, don't make it mine.


As far as this stupid "debate" goes, I forgot that I actually had posted, in the midst of Howard's hot streak, that even with his hot streak, he had not done enough to make up for how abysmal he wast to start the season...the exact thing you're complaining that I didn't do....and I was eviscerated for it.

Like BAP said, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The Phillies are universally bad in every category. It's not that they do one thing well, and the other stuff is offsetting that thing they do well.

They just do every poorly.

Offensively, that is.

Yeah Fatal those rankings you posted were seriously depressing. They should be posted in the Phillies clubhouse daily.

I'd suggest looking up the word obtuse Fatalotti.

Fatalottie- beerleaguer's martyr!

This feels like a game where KK gets rocked!!

TTI, I'd suggest watching the movie Shawshank Redemption, to the point where you're intimately aware of the dialogue, and won't be caught off guard by a reference.

Oh Christ- I completely blanked on that in the movie

Did they really screw up that play???

Well, that wasn't Howard's fault. Un-friggin'-real.

Kratz should be demoted mid game for that.

That is nothing short of embarassing and unacceptable

Home run, triple, messed up rundown, maybe we get all this out of the way in the first. Then they settle down?

Horrendous job by Kratz on that run down. Gave it up too late and then threw it high and wide to Galvis!

So. Kendrick's looking mortal and, when he finally gets an iota of momentum by making Prado look silly chasing a pitch in the dirt, the defense botches it epically on the very next batter.

Sounds like a Mother's Day from the late Nineties to me. Just need to find myself some soulless Seventies architecture and the motif will be complete.

Nope Kratz, you aren't off the hook

28 Pitches & 2 Runs. This game might as well be over right now.

I know it's unlikely to continue long-term, but it seems like every time Galvis is in the lineup, he hits. Maybe give the guy more playing time?

5-28 w RISP so far this series. Ugh.

Kratz will swing as hard has he can at the next off speed pitch.


I'm still trying to over a beerleaguer writing porn about his mother for the delight of strangers.

2 runs? Insurmountable. This one's over.

Nice grab by Brown. Might have been one of his best 2-3 catches this year.

Alright, Dom!


Look at the defense by brown!!

MG: one of his best 2 or 3?

galvis looks pretty darn smooth at 3rd.

Brown did look confident on that play. There is hope.

LA - On Howard 'Even when he sees something he likes he is missing badly'

Brown had a grab a few weeks ago where he was on a full-out spring and made a near full extension grab. I was really impressed by that one.

Was Murph saying something about the Phillies holding a hitters only meeting? I was half paying attention

MG: I think I was at that game. It was a very nice play.

Man when Howard craps the bed. He really does it well. When he is hot he can carry a team and when he is cold wow. I know it's nothing new, but there was always someone else hitting when the big turd was cold.

Cyclic: Apparently so were the Phillies hitters.

Murph is full of worthless information.

I do like when LA has a little deadpan sarcasm - 'Someone is either going to win $1000 or a Phillies Fan Pack (emphasis on the later).

walked into that one

Amaro says he likes 'high contact/high average' guys but there isn't a guy hitting above .273 (Utley) in the lineup today and only one other guy (Galvis at .263) above .250.

The problem is Howard hasn't gotten hot and carried the team in about two and a half years.

LA is good today. He used the word "terrible" at least twice with regard to the Kratz play. Not sure I've ever heard that from TMac or Wheels

Galvis makes a routine play look routine.

LA is good when he doesn't go off on rants (especially about the home ump strike zone) or get overly sarcastic. Franske is good for his temperant and helps to keep LA in line.

KK's changeup is as good as I have seen it all year today. It should be a 1-0 nothing game right now if the defense hadn't let him down in the 1st.

Something I really appreciate about Franzke & L.A. is that they don't patronize the fans. If they think something is BS, they'll say it. With everyone on the TV broadcast I always feel like I'm being fed the party line.

Galvis continues to show his offensive acumen.

Galvis LH/RH splits are ridiculous

Letting another bad pitcher look good. Brutal. This guy hasn't gotten anyone out all year.

Ok had enough of Kratz a month a go.

With C. Hernandez really hitting, it is going be really interesting to see what the Phils do with the middle infield next year.

The issue with playing a C. Hernandez/Galvis combo at 2B/SS is that you have almost no power from the middle infield & C. Hernandez supposedly isn't that good of a defender at 2B.

More and more that Galvis produces in limited time and Utley continues to be their best overall hitter, I think it is JRoll that is going to be the odd-man out.

Can Galvis catch?

Damn there is Ruf again with another double, RBI and a run scored with the double by Overbeck.

I would love to see jimmy odd man out. Time to insert Freddy and make Cesar the utility guy next yr. use that money to get a corner oF pc. Morse, hart etc..

McCarthy has actually pitched pretty well this year.

I can see why the saber guys have raved about him. McCarthy doesn't walk guys, doesn't get behind in the count much, and even when he does doesn't groove fastballs down the plate. Instead you continue to get a sinker/cutter. He'll give up his share of hits but get his share of weak contact & ground balls too.

Issue with McCarthy has been his mechanics & its effect on him staying healthy given his frame. He has had shoulder issues a lot because of it.

I took the Dbakcs today because of McCarthy starting and KK's struggles here previously.

MG: You mean you didn't see the "score w/out benefit of a Hit" plan as a sustainable model for offensive success?

While I lambasted the Reading time the other day because there is basically zero talent there right now, the Phils do have some talent at Lehigh this year for a change.

It's not top-tier talent but there are players there that can help this team next year.

Mccarthy 6.75 era whip 1.68. 0-3 record. Where and when has he pitched well this year. Saber this. He stinks and the Phils stink

GTown Dave - Not for a team that doesn't have above average power or have great speed/baserunners which the Phils don't anymore.

docjoe - I shouldn't say pitched well. He's been better of late and I figured he would give this team fits today unless the Phils hit a ball or two out.

denny b said it the other day and I agree. Ruf should be on the roster right now and playing at 1B/LF on a semi-regular basis.

Horst should be down at Lehigh, Savery up. Not an upgrade on taletn but Horst has been a mess all year. De Fratus should stay, call up C. Jimenez, send down Valdes, DFA Durbin. Even Stutes has started to turn it around a bit & find a bit more consistent command the last 2 weeks.

Disagree on Valdes and Jimenez but it baffles me why Amaro is such a stubborn horse a$$'s given how terrible the middle relief has been this year & some alternatives at Lehigh.

"He's been better of late and I figured he would give this team fits today unless the Phils hit a ball or two out."

I figured he would give the Phillies fits too. I also figure Kazmir will give them fits on Tuesday. And Corey Kluber on Wednesday. And Latos on Friday. And Arroyo on Saturday. And whoever pitches against them the next day. And the next. And the next. And . . . well, you get the idea.

KK settles in... Like a true ace

That was a great pitch. KK is working the upper strike zone.

MG agreed. Just frustrating that the phils are the cure for pitching woes. No one fears us anymore allowing them to pitch well.

Gregorious arguing that call? That's a strike and you need to protect the plate with 2 strikes for a guy who hasn't BB anyone today.

Hook: "I would love to see jimmy odd man out. Time to insert Freddy and make Cesar the utility guy next yr."

Great idea. What could possibly go wrong?


clout - Phils need to free up some money somewhere to resign Utley. He isn't going to be cheap.

MG, perhaps if Utley isn't going to be cheap, they might consider going another direction instead of Utley?

It's amazing that D.Young ever walks.

How many times has D. Young swing at the first pitch so far this year? It seems like an awful lot.

clout: If the Phillies aren't going to make the Postseason either way -- & they're not -- it doesn't matter.

While virtually every poster on BL is incapable of looking at a 162-season in big picture terms, thus every insignificant twist and turn creates an overblown unrealistic notion of how good or bad the team is, I do find myself agreeing with MG that DeFratus deserves to stay and Horst deserves to go.

Yes, it would be better to have 2 LH relievers, especially when your main one has trouble with command (despite what Jack says), but Horst hasn't been helping and his ceiling is low in any event. DeFratus actually has the potential to be a top flight reliever someday.

On Ruf, the key is whether he can play LF. If he's improved enough to be on par with the league's worst defensive LFers he ought to be up with the big team. He's not young and it's time to find out what he can do in an extended trial vs. LHP.

Fata: "MG, perhaps if Utley isn't going to be cheap, they might consider going another direction instead of Utley?"


"Phils need to free up some money somewhere to resign Utley. He isn't going to be cheap."

I'm not so sure 3 more years of a 35-year old 2nd baseman is such a swell idea. His numbers are sinking like a rock, he has been an automatic out against LHP for several seasons, and his defense is barely passable. Not to mention that he's still got that nettlesome little problem of a degenerative knee condition. His condition may be in temporary remission but it ain't going away.

I agree with clout's first 5:41 post

Nasty, nasty changeup there.

Another chance to shave a game off the Braves lead is being pissed away, along with a Kendrick gem.

What a team.

Montero's look after that changeup said it all. Sick pitch

I love Utley and believe he will be a player with some value for the next 2-3 years. But what the hell is the point of re-signing him if they're going to start rebuilding in 2014, especially if he'll fetch some players in a deadline deal this year?

Honestly, someone give one good reason they should spend $12 million AAV on this guy in 2014 and beyond.

b_a_p: Agreed. I wouldn't re-sign Utley for the same reason I wouldn't hesitate to try & trade Rollins. The presence or absence of either won't impact the fortunes of the team to any practical degree, & if the Phillies can get something in exchange, they should do it. Spending money to keep Utley here doesn't make sense.

Whether Utley stays also is affected by his off-field popularity and the likelihood he can stay on the field.

If the Phils think he can stay on the field for another 2-3 years at 130+ G, then they should sign him. He has stop a step or two range-wise but is almost clairvoyant on positioning himself defensively. Also works counts/BBs which still should hold up.

I guess it depends too on whether Utley indicates whether he really wants to stay here too and what the Phils can get in return.

If JRoll continues to scuffle like this offensively & defensively, Galvis is a clear upgrade defensively and the offense hit won't be that much if JRoll is a sub .250/~ .720 OPS guy now offensively.

Phils have 2 1/2 months though and it is really premature either way. I see a lot more risk/reward in keeping Utley than I do JRoll though. JRoll is a 2-3 WAR player at this point. Utley still might be a 4-5 WAR player if he can stay healthy.

lifeless, listless

Unfortunately, all the realists view this as a long painful 162 game season. More posts about Horst, Durbin and Defratus will definitely help us all. Keep it coming. maybe we can bring back Schwimer he was just sent down

Nix for Kratz.

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