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Monday, May 06, 2013


This feels like a loss.

This feels like a game I shouldn't stay up late to watch.

Feels like a game I shouldn't watch, but I still will. I'm hopeless that way

Feels like a loss? I don't see how that isn't a foregone conclusion.

From the last thread, re: Raul v. Revere:

I do realize you can't well sit a $12 million bat on the bench. But the Phils made a commitment to Revere as a future starter and have apparently started to bail after 30 games. They gave up a major league starter and a top-5 organizational prospect for him. He's 24 and was close to a 3-WAR player last year.

Sitting him is just stupid. If you're conceding the year, the best thing you can do is play the hell out of guys like Revere to see what you have to build around long term. Mayberry is one of the most well-known commodities in the organization. The team has barely gotten a glance at Revere.

I'm only going to watch wend 345 start then watch series vs dbacks. This team needs a ray Lewis speech or something. They brought in BHop a few years back.

Also, Revere's problem isn't LH/RH splits. Ibanez couldn't hit LHP to save his life. Yet he was stubbornly run out there against them for 2.9 of the 3 years he was here.

And with Young and Brown in the corners at AT&T, Mayberry in CF is just asking for trouble. A stupid benching in every aspect.

Lee pitched 10 scoreless innings last year in this park, IIRC. I expect a big performance from him. Fact that the O/U is just six runs is a pretty good sign.

First to three runs wins.

This may be bizarre, but for some reason I strongly believe we'll se the best from this team without Halladay. He so badly wanted a championship that he was willing to pitch with a rag for an arm, and now that he's officially sidelined he becomes a martyr figure for whom an extra bit of effort from everyone else is mandatory.

On Halladay: Not sure if anyone threw this theory out here yet, what if he's not really hurt and is just saying that so he can take some time and figure things out and some re-hab starts to put it to practice???

real men don't retire
they go on the 60 day
and then disappear

This feels like a perfect game being thrown by a great lefty against an uninspired bunch of OBP-challenged chumps.

Bumgarner against the Phillies for a perfecto? Never happen. Too predictable.

Now Barry Zito, on the other hand...

Who in the hell could the philles get right now. Rube needs to let Morgan grow right now

I'm no great fan of Ben Revere, but even I think it's bizarre that they would trade for a 24-year old player who hit .294 last year & then relegate him to the bench after one bad (admittedly, REALLY bad) month. I mean, they gave up a starting pitcher to get this guy. They owe it to themselves to see if he's really a .294 hitter, or if it was a one-time fluke. And the absolutely only way to find that out is to keep playing him. Besides, he has actually hit better of late. It's an odd time to turn him into a platoon player. But I guess Cholly wants to get Mayberry some ABs and God forbid those ABs come at the expense of a middle-of-the-lineup All Star like Delmon Young.

Playing Mayberry in CF vs. a LHP is one of those rare occasions where Charlie has done something that makes sense. I also get the feeling he didn't have much say in the whole D. Young thing, which reeks of FO interference.

Before we get too charged up about Mayberry starting in CF, folks should remember that Revere has had difficulty running within a week. (What did they call it? A quad strain or something?) Maybe he's not in because he's not 100%.

Revere walked twice yesterday and had a hit. Yes, he deserves a chance. I just think Charlie's desperate for offense and feels he has a better chance of runs with Mayberry in the lineup rather than Revere.

If everyone around else were hitting well, however, Ben would still be in the lineup most days. His hitting or lack thereof wouldn't be an issue if others were "producing".

There are 30 things about which I'm willing to get upset regarding the Phillies right now.

Mayberry starting in Revere's stead against Madison Bumgarner is probably not even on that list.

As Gelb tweeted this afternoon, it could be interesting to watch RF tonight with Pence and D. Young manning that position. Who will look more awkward? Who will be more effective?

(I think Pence may look more awkward but will do a better job. If nothing else, it's his home field.)

Speaking of Pence, I bet he and Victorino are happy to be where they are right now, and not on the Phillies. Pence has 6 XBHs in the last 8 days; that could have helped us. But no use crying over spilt milk or traded outfielders.

At this point as a Phillies fan, I'm just looking for entertaining baseball, and Lee vs. Bumgarner in a pitcher's park is as entertaining as it gets for me. No qualms about staying up for this one.

Fata -- well spoken!!

To me, the lineup is more an endorsement of Brown than an indictment of Revere. Manuel's looking for some hits.

When Harry knew the Phil's were horrifically outclassed, he's say in his kindest, most avuncular voice as Dutch took a fastball down the pipe for strike 3:

Swiiiing ana' miss strrrruk ihhm aught...

Even 20 years later, I still can't believe Dutch went down with his bat on his shoulder.

However -- if it's Brett Myers on the hill, and the ump rings up some Phillies dude on an iffy 12 - 6 "yakker" with the game on the line:


Amazing, illustrative broadcaster. Last (and IMHO) the greatest of a breed the game has passed by.

Who said McCarthy was a "... carnival barker?" Perfect.

People were saying Revere should be down in AAA and then people are saying he should get as many starts as possible.

Make up your minds!

it'll be fun to see hacker again, doing his water bug act in the field and at the plate.

"Phillies" = "opposing batter/some dude".

Geesh. Hard to believe I've been reduced to mimicking old radio broadcasts via typing. On the internet.

Revere should play. I don't have a problem with him not playing tonight. If I were to play him, though, it would be to avoid the sight of Delmon Young playing RF at New Candlestick.

Mike Krukow, on the Giant's TV team, says the Giants "have their hands full... Do not take this Phillies lineup for granted and do not take them lightly. THis is a team that has market these marked these three games on the calendar for getting right mentally..."

marked, not market

Oh San Francisco, where the end began...

Fata- only 30 things? You're short-changing yourself.

There goes the perfecto.

M. Young isn't that slow. Way to not know the situation.

A Delmon Young walk?

I'll add this moment to the time capsule.

Big spot for Brown.

I'll take a walk from No-D Young. Guy doesn't look like a Phillie from a winning team. Who are the most recent no 3's in Phillies history? Todd Pratt, Dale Murphy, Danny Ozark?

If they wanted to get Mayberry in the game, bench Howard. If Revere is healthy he should start every game. Period. Feel the same way about playing Brown. And I'll feel the same way if they bring in some stiff like Aaron Cook to take Halladay's place instead of giving some younger guys a look.

It's time to decide who is going to contribute to this team in 2014 and beyond. They made a commitment to Revere to be one of those guys. Manuel benching him against LHP like that's a problem for him makes no sense at all.

Brown still cant lay off inside pitches.

Abe Nunez?

Dom is clutch.

I consider a 24-pitch inning to be like scoring a few runs at this point. Small victories.

The 1-0 pitch was the key there. He's guessing fastball down the middle and can't lay off one that almost would have hit him.

Team is still real tight.

And thats it for the Phils offense today. I fully expect Bumgarner to retire the next 17 in a row.

"It's time to decide who is going to contribute to this team in 2014 and beyond."

No, it's not. It's May 6, 2013. Time to try to win each game. Ask anybody outside the internet.

Far be it from us to give Lee a lead with which to work.

At least it was v. Baumgartner, a good pitcher.

Dom had no chance of catching that either way, but it sure is confusing watching him run.

Philly fans are so bi-polar.

GTown- the URL you posted in the last thread to heat maps of Halladay's cutter was great. Pretty remarkable how consistent he was with it in 2011-2012, and even more remarkable how consistently he's all of a sudden locating it in the middle of the plate (and nowhere else) with even more consistency the last two years. Thanks for linking that.

I simply cannot stand Sandoval. Everything about him makes me sick.

I agree with Iceman that it was a victory of sorts to get the bases loaded on 2 hits and a walk v. Baumgartner in SF.

Sadly, Five-4-One stands a good chance of being right that Baumgartner will settle in and we'll get nothing off him the rest of the evening.

Good job by Lee in the 1st. As some have said, it could be a fun pitcher's duel tonight. - - Since the Giants offense has been hotter than ours, I think we "won" that inning.

Iceman: No problem. I hadn't seen it charted that way before. Amazing how consistent Halladay was on the edges before the past couple of seasons.

My theory is that the Phils somehow got Span and Revere mixed up - thought they were trading for Span. Nothing else makes any sense. Revere will never play CF for a winning team.

Why is our best hitter bunting?

That was not a good AB. C'mon, Chase ...

Send him for god's sake.

At least he's laboring.

Hugh- it's more important to get Mayberry's monster bat in the lineup than consistently play a guy for which you traded an everyday starter + a top 5 organizational guy guy? Ok.

I'm not even talking about throwing in the towel here. Fairly confident I'll be one of the last ones to do that. If you need to put Mayberry in the lineup, how about against the guy that actually sucks against LHP?

Bumgarner can complain all he wants, but he's not throwing Strikes.

Oh geez. What the hell, Chase?!

Yes!!! (Good job on the reverse jinx, Five-4-One.)

Too bad Chase fell. Coulda been 3.

Um how the hell did altar boy utley not score on a long 2 out double?

Altar boy utley's head has been somewhere else.

Another Utley baserunning error. Every run counts.

Hell of a nice hit by Young. Hope the power is starting to show up.

Wild pitch! Hee hee! 3 runs!

Yes! The Phils need some things to start breaking their way.

Thanks gbrett. I like to be of assistance.

I figured the typical bad first inning and lights out rest of the game phenomenon. But thats why they play em.

I would have been giddy had Howard homered there.

That's better

Buster Posey = Napoleon Dynamite

Effing bullshit marquez.


Notice that while Baumgarner and Bochy bark at the ump, the Philles do not.

Fastball right down the middle of the plate for Ball 3 followed by a Hunter Pence home run. Ugh!

And I still hate Pence with a passion.

Three strikes and you're out, ump. Not four.

But I suppose that makes up for the ball against Utley.

Little help from the ump there.

I'm rarely one to complain about calls, because they tend to even out.

But wow. That's as bad a missed call as I can remember, and it bites us hard.

Hugh, you can add Pence to your list of illustrious Phillies #3's

Bochy is an easily hateable manager. Guy doesnt shut up.

I just wish we had Pence doing that for us.

3 runs is always plenty for Cliff Lee, right guys?

The ball against utley was a ball. That one was not.

Marquez is having the umpiring equivalent of Doc's last two outings. In the words of Sir Charles Barkley, "Turrible."

The ball against Utley almost certainly a strike, and that last pitch was low by six inches.

Tonight will be an adventure.

Big Papi has a 25-game hitting streak? Wow.

Giants dugout giving Marquez an earful after that call, too. Give me a break. If you get a horrendous call in your favor that's followed by a homer, don't b*tch about something that's close.

Friggin' umps.

How was that a foul ball?

bittel: The pitch to Utley was a ball. It looped the plate a lot.

What!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a goddamn hose job.

Play under protest.

Chuck Klein wore 3 during his NL MVP & Triple Crown seasons w/ the Phillies (1932 & 1933). I feel that's a number the Phillies should have retired, rather than marking his career w/ the "P" cap logo.

Bochy is definitely on the list of punchable faces. Respect the work, hate the face.

Ridiculous call. Delmon Young doesn't need help making outs. He got some help.

Great play, Jimmy & Ryan.

Nice play Jimmy!!

Very nice play by JRoll

Bumgarner. Not Baumgartner. I've really misspelled his name tonight! Oh, well.

Felix Baumgartner is pretty awesome though.

Nice long at-bat here, Jimmy. Cmon.

The day when Cliff Lee no longer plays for this team will be a sad one, no matter the circumstance.


Swing fer the fences, Jimmy!


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