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Sunday, May 05, 2013


Galvis leading off? Sure it's not like these games count or anything.

Fish are +165. I just can't beat on that AAA lineup though.

Tells you how far Halladay has fallen when the betters set their lines.

Against Hamels yesterday it was +250 and if Halladay was '11 version I have to think it would have been even slightly higher.

Dobbs goes deep today against Doc. He's due.

Slowey's BABIP is .269 this year (.309 career). Nothing really stands out that's different from how he normally pitches except that (and his HR/9).

LHB are still killing him (.300/.348/.483/.832). Absolutely no justifiable reason that Nix isn't in RF today.

I think Manuel has decided that Nix is 'Greg Dobbs circa 2008' who is a needed weapon off the bench in the late-innings based on his PH success the first month of the season. He won't get on the field in a starting role unless there's an injury.

Manuel's steadfast refusal to start Nix is not something I had in mind when I envisioned DYoung only getting 20 starts in RF.

Delmon young is the starting RF...that's why.

Iceman - Yup and batting Galvis leadoff is typical Cholly ('insert guy who is off bench into the lineup in the exact spot in the order')

Not going to miss Cholly's lineups and crappy pitching in-game pitching decisions in the least.

MG- Who would you rather he choose to bat leadoff, Revere, Brown, Utley? I guess MYoung wouldn't be a bad idea, one less chance of him hitting into a DP.

D. Young is 0-2 vs Slowey for what it is worth but Iceman is right that Nix is now the official 'LH bat off the bench.'

Understand why Cholly wants a LH bat off the bench late and Nix has done very well in a limited SSS.

Rather see Nix get 3 ABs though vs Slowey instead and worry about a LH PH AB later in the game.

Occasionally you'll see a poster who disputes the claim that, when Cholly starts a backup, he mindlessly uses him in the same spot in the batting order as the starter. The next time that happens, I'm going to point that poster to today's lineup.

nitpicker- I wouldn't mind seeing Utley leadoff today or at the very least have him hit 2 with M. Young third.

Hit Galvis #7 today in front of Revere.

"Who would you rather he choose to bat leadoff, Revere, Brown, Utley?"

All of the above, actually. Or M. Young. Or, best of all, Chooch.

M Young would be the idea lead off guy right now

Fabulous start.

Manuel thinks Galvis is fast, so Galvis hits 1 or 2 in the order, especially on a day when one of the other 'fast guys' is out. Why isn't he hitting 6th/7th when he starts in LF?

With Revere getting dropped to 8th because of how awful he's been, and Rollins on the bench, Galvis was going to hit 1 or 2. Has nothing to do with 'mindlessly using him in the same spot.' It's stupid but has nothing to do with that line of reasoning.

Why the hell are you not pumping strikes to Pierre. What's he going to do, hit a single?

Same thing with Polanco. Doesn't look like I'll be sticking with this game long.

Looks like Chad Durbin, Raul Valdes, and Jeremy Horst are going to be pitching a lot of innings today.

he can't pitch right now. It's incredible.

Yeah, that'll be it for me.

Maybe they should send Halladay to the DL or AAA before he hurts someone. He's almost beaned two batters before he finally succeeded. This is awful.

I don't even know if it is a physical problem, seems more mental. If it is physical then the Phillies are liable for this mess since last freaking season.


Real leadership would be accepting you can't pitch right now and asking to be sent to the minor leagues to work on your game.

A toast,no Roy is toast.

Shades of Carlton. Thinking he can still pitch when he cannot. Very sad right now.

Roy Halladay = Steve Blass.

We've just about reached the point where you'd have to be in denial to believe anything else.

It's one thing to lose some velocity and stuff with age. It's another thing to completely lose command/control of those pitches. sigh

Halladay has nothing. It's BS this is all mental too.

The way it's going so far this season for Doc, I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him retire before the season is out. At this point he's just embarrassing himself, and he, of all people, has to know it.

This is sad to watch.

With Halladay toast, so is the Phils' 2012 season. Ugh.

Last night watching the game was annoying. This is a totally different feeling. It is just sad.
I said last year, and I still think, that Doc's problem is physical, but something that goes beyond pitching mechanics. Given his complexion and how he truly looks to labor, I think something else is wrong internally.

Watching Halladay diminsh before my eyes conjures up the '39 season of Gehrig.

I think this game might do it. Its hard to give up something you love after so long but he has to realize it now.

Er make that '13 season. Different season, same result.

What a surprise. A cutter than cut right to the middle of the plate.

I'm almost rooting for this to go as badly as possible just so they don't get optimistic and trot Roy out there again in 5 days.

This was a 1st round TKO.

I dunno what was T about that KO.

It would be nice if it was something physical..then there would be something to "fix" possibly. I'm leaning mental at this point. His pitches still look good..when he can locate them. lol

Wheels just mentioned something about buzzards circling over head in S. Philly.

They haven't been seen in PA I think since the Battle of Gettysburg.

I don't even know who is next in the pecking order in the Phillies' rotation. At the beginning of the season, Adam Morgan would have seemed to be the guy. But he is pitching pretty poorly at AAA.

Gotta say, I don't believe I've ever seen a player decline so rapidly. Like others are saying, it makes you think that there's just got to be something wrong physically. The problem with Doc, as I understand him, is that I kinda believe that his immense pride would cause him to hide an injury/ailment and just try to tough through it.

At any rate, unless something drastically changes, this guy is done.

There are probably 5 guys in the minors right now that can possibly outperform Halladay right now :(

It will be a difficult discussion in the organization to figure out what to do with Doc now. Is it worth continuing to start him, knowing full well the chances of winning are greatly compromised? At what price Doc's dignity?

johnnysanz - You can't 'fix' a bad back and I would bet that it will come out shortly that Halladay has been pitching through pain due to back/shoulder injury which has caused him to experiment with different delivery to compensate.

The worst thing about that, other than that this is a AAA lineup, is that they only got two hits. They had the same plan they did last game of waiting him out and making him throw strikes, and Doc obliged He can't throw any pitch for strikes. It's more than a month into the season and he hasn't shaken the command issues.

It's time to face reality here and stop sending him out there and embarrassing himself.

Ugh. Just about time last year JW was writing posts about Doc's dominance.

This is just weird. There's more here than meets the eye.

You are all fooling yourselves if you think they are going to remove Halladay from the rotation at this point. The only (slim) chance this club has of competing this year involves Halladay pitching like an elite pitcher. Amaro is going to give him way more time before deciding that he's done.

Yeah who knows MG. Maybe. Hopefully whatever it comes out to be is fixable, whether mental physical or Aliens.

Goodbye to a game, a season, an era and a career all in one day.

rOOb needs to get on the phones now.

It's time for Doc to go to the DL or AAA. This team is bad, but not so bad that they basically forfeit every 5th game.

Any chance this team scores today?

It'll be bad to see Doc in a Yankee or Braves uniform next year where he resurrects his career.

Greg - Your right and the Phils don't have anybody else right now to call up really. Lannan's out through the rest of the month & the only other starters on the 40-man roster are Martin, Cloyd, and Rosenberg.

I wouldn't even bother going to a game where Rosenberg starts.

No one panic. John Lannan will be back in a few weeks

At some point, they're going to have to face reality and come to the conclusion that they have a better chance to win games with someone else on the mound; no one's going to make an out because of Roy Halladay's name or past performance. If he can't shut this lineup down, then really what hope does he have against anyone else in the NL? Does anyone here really want to see Doc on the mound against the Reds in a couple of weeks?

What is funny is I have no doubt that Halladay would shutout this Phillies team that has no patience at the plate.

Joyner has been a great addition to the staff.

Even when he had those 3 good games, he was still wild as hell in 2 of them. I said at the time that it wasn't a sustainable model for success and, lo and behold, it wasn't.

I consulted an expert on the matter of Halladay's struggles:


Five-for-One: And do what exactly? Phils have to play out this hand until July.

Today was kind of my 'smell test' day and 14-18 with a crippled Halladay means the verdict is 'rotting fish'

Doc has to be DLed or sent down. Otherwise the rest of the team is essentially being told that management doesn't care about winning.

Because they can't win with him right now.

I think Halladay realizes this team sucks, so he wants out of here quickly to get a ring somewhere else.

It's painful to watch Doc at this point.

Unless he comes back and throws 8 shutout he needs to miss a start or 20.

johnnysanz: hahaha. I keep picturing KK as a 'body-snatcher' that gradually absorbed Doc's talent over the last four seasons and they have now officially switched ability levels. It's payback to the Phillies for that Japan stunt Myers pulled.

I'll believe KK as a body-snatcher siphoning Halladays talent at this point

It's sad that it doesn't matter if Halladay pitches lights out the rest of this game since the offense is horrendous and will only scratch out a few runs when/if the Marlins defense makes a couple of mistakes.

Marlins must be in go-home quick mode today now. "we got our 5 runs, time to just swing at everything and get more time to relax on this nice sunday"

It doesn't matter what happens with doc the rest of this game, a 5 run lead is insurmountable for this offense. Game = over, I'm going outside to enjoy my Sunday.

Doc didn't throw a single cutter in the second inning, btw, according to Gameday.

The good news: we can get Ezequiel Carrera back. He was just DFA'd by Cleveland.

Then he throws a cutter and it hits Ruggiano in the back (again).

Is this really that hard to figure out for Ruiz/Dubee?

If you absolutely had to win a game right now and had to choose for your pitcher:

A) Roy Halladay
B) Wilson Valdez


MG, I'd like to see rOOb set the wheels in motion and actually earn his living as a GM.

Well, that was fitting.

Holy cow, this is unimaginably bad.

Wow words can't describe this shitty performance. Rube better be on the phone ASAP.

The waiver wire game continues. You should have to hold the guy on your 25 man roster for 10 days if you claim them. Roy just gave up another he really is done...

541- if Rube started selling pieces now, he would most certainly NOT being doing his job as GM. Just stop.

As for who would replace him, I'd have thought Pettibone would've been God awful as a call-up a month ago. And he's been fine. He's kept the team in games.

With this version of Halladay, you can't be competitive. Morgan might not be the ideal candidate, but there's at least a chance he'll come up and string some starts together than give the team a chance to win. So why not?

I think we could DFA him and he'd actually pass through waivers.

Listening to Yankees radio and even Stirling and Waldman are commenting on how terrible Halladay is.

Hey ice,

I never said sell right now.

I said start the process. Scout, do your homework. Thats all I'm saying.

Its going to be sell time at some point. Id just like to think my gm knows that.

Mother Appreciation Day. I wonder if Roy's mother appreciates this.

Makes you wonder - why they released A.Cook -- he's no Cy Young.. but he's an experienced ML pitcher... which they don't have in the MilB right now

Putting Doc on the DL will probably buoy the team's spirits. They know way better than we do that he's cooked.

It's not implausible that that was the last pitch he'll throw this year. But since this is the Phillies, I expect to see him in 5 days.

Not watching or listening anymore. Did the crowd boo? Stunned silence? What?

Yu Darvish just gave up another HR -- to Davis Ross, no less. Call up Texas and offer Doc? Sounds like a textbook case of two guys who need a change of scenery.

This just in: a plague of locusts has been seen descending upon Citizen Bank Park.

This team is playing like F Troop.

".... At the beginning of the season, Adam Morgan would have seemed to be the guy. But he is pitching pretty poorly at AAA.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Sunday, May 05, 2013 at 02:56 PM"

yeah - but so was Pettibone when they called him up..he's doing 'OK' right now..

Heather- some loud boos. Not sure if it was the majority or just a very loud minority. The pity applause was there, but barely loud enough to hear.

Agree with what I read on Twitter- if you boo Halladay, you should be banned from the stadium for life.

All hail the King,the King is dead.
You gave us several wonderful years but it is apparent that those days are over.

Roy - you are embarassing yourself. You should offer to be removed from the rotation immediately !

Heather: mix of boos & sympathetic clapping. More sad than anything.

OK I take back my prior statement about waiting it out with Halladay.

And then we have this

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst
Only 6 pitchers in live-ball era had ever had a line like Halladay: 9+ runs in less than 3 IP - on 4 hits (or fewer). Pretty ugly

Hechavarria (or however you spell it) is up to .197 with those 2 hits. He has 7 RBIs today.

Discussing Halladay on WTBS during Mets/Braves game - basically showing his numbers over past few years matched against Tim Hudson. Basically, Hudson's numbers are almost dead even and Hudson is still a great pticher and older than Doc.

The attendance has slipped and will continue to slip if this kind baseball continues at CBP.

Imagine- if the Phillies continue to struggle & the bank sells its naming rights to restaurant chain, to be called Cracker Barrel Park. So the stadium could continue to called CBP-- but attendance will look like Progressive field in Cleveland.

Listen to Sarge make the excuses. Traffic? Getting to the park? Really?

back to work: I wonder what the revenue impact of an early inning blowout is? I'm sure Phil's management is keenly aware.

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