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Saturday, May 04, 2013


The last thread and the skewering of Halladay for saying Mitch Williams may not know what he is talking about in relation to Dubee is funny.

Dubee got mad because Williams was talking to KK. He should. He is the pitching coach and Mitchiepoo may be giving conflicting advice. No issue with Mitch giving advice and no problem with Dubee responding the way he did and no problem with Roy sticking up for his coach.

Just the kind of pitcher that will stifle this offense. Lets see them put together a string of hits and get some runs. A HR club with only 2 HR hitters on their squad (jury still out on DB).

Shocked there's a "Team Kratz" in regards to the big Halladay flare up.

I don't know if it's a "Team Kratz" or "Team F-Doc".

Bed Beard- my guess is if you compared the members of 'Team Kratz' with those who have been on Halladay's case since the day he was acquired, there would be significant overlap.

Glad to see pirates strarting fill that park.

I lost all respect for Halladay when he tried to bully people into accepting bone smugglers, butches and boys who play dress up as if they were normal.

And that's why he's a highly paid and respected professional and decent human being and you're an Internet troll.'d benefit all of society if you would just go f8ck yourself, and continue doing so for the rest of your life to ensure that you don't procreate.

Itz, please take that bs elsewhere.

Itz hey d bag always remember it ain't cool to be a tool. And your troll ass mug is the poster or PSA announcement poster. Go to the mets or nats board. Don't bring that crap around here.

Beerleaguer don't plat that, itz. Plus you're on the wrong side of history.

Of course I procreate, I understand how that works unlike the brown pirates.

On a baseball related note, I figured out where Halladay's control problems are coming from. He is throwing with a limp wrist.

Better than speaking with a limp brain.

Jesse Bidle tonight, 0.2 innings, 0 hits, 1 earned run, 4 walks, no strikeouts.

updated, out of game, after 1 hit, 3 earned runs, 4 BB, 0 K, 56 pitches, 20 strikes.

correction, 41 pitches, 20 strikes.

Wasn't pulled due to injury. Organizational policy to remove pitchers after 35 pitch innings.

I'm surprised Chooch doesn't need another night off too. You can count the times on 2 hands that Charlie starts the regulars all at the same time over a season, injuries or not.

Who else cringes during TMac's telecast-opening soliloquy?

Utley's defense has been terrible this year but that was a great play.

Bonehead, I cringe every time TBag opens his mouth.

JPop is back.

That's 6 HR surrendered by Hamels this season. Playing catch-up w/ Halladay, who has given up 8 HR.

WTF is up with Cole this year?

Cole loves the long ball.

NEPP: Nothing. He's his usual dominant self. I know because I read it on Beerleaguer.

Hamels has been extremely disappointing to this point.

That was some odd camera work.

Maybe Cole would chalk it up to the pressures of being "the guy". Someone tell him that's Kendrick now.

maybe we should target ozuna instead of stanton. ;)

Someone made the comparison of Valdez to Young yesterday, and said Valdez got a ton of crap for his GIDPs, so why isn't Young? Which is funny, because Young gets a lot of crap here about his GIDPs.

Anyway, Valdez hit into 33 GIDPs in his 663 PAs for the Phillies. Basically one every 20 PAs. That was worse than Young's year last year, who hit into 26 in 651 (one every 25 PAs).

Young is on an unsustainable GIDP every 12.7 PA pace (it was 1 every 17 before grounding into 3 in his last 3 games) after 30 starts. He needs a little more time before he's put into the class of a GIDP artist like Wilson Valdez (who also sported a .652 OPS along with those 33 GIDPs). There's a reason no one has come close to sustaining this type of pace over a 162-game season. Young has hit into some bad luck so far in regards to where he hits ground balls with guys on base.

Jeez. People have been hitting this guy? He's putting every pitch exactly where he wants.

Hamels cutting Doc's lead to 1 HR. He wants that title bad!

This looks like it's gonna be another great contract.

The ol right down the middle strategy.

In terms of reading fly balls, Revere is a semi-functional illiterate.

Wheels should record himself saying 'That looked like a cutter,' as its what he's said after basically every HR this year.

Funny the Marlins' announcers don't mention "bandbox" when their guys hit HRs

Cole is really letting everyone down this year.

Hamels & Chooch should just retire if they're going to allow Polanco to steal on them.

The HR to whoever their leadoff guy is today was embarrassing enough. But giving up a Polanco stolen base should never be forgiven.

Cyclic, those Marlin HRs went alot farther than most of the Phillies HRs last night

I think they said that guy hadn't homered since 2010

Ozuna's HR was the first of his career.
Valaika's HR was the second of his career.

Cole is just helping out some rookies here...he's a humanitarian.

Oh I know. Just thought it wax interesting

This guy Coal Hammels doesn't look as good as people said he would...

This guy has been lit up in 3 of his 5 starts, and the one other team he shut down (the Mets) came back to hit him hard the next time out. If the Phillies continue to put up zeroes, I simply refuse to accept the narrative that it's because he's "dealing."

Corey Seidman: "That was Ben Revere's 58th ground ball in 104 plate appearances."

Luckily he's fast, & beats a lot of those out for base hits.

I can't believe no one commented on Polly advancing to 2nd base on a fly out to Revere. Not even a warning track fly. This team will never win anything until Revere is long gone.

I just want this to be over.

curt: When it comes to criticizing Revere you have to pace yourself. There's simply too much wrong w/ his game to mention everything.

Enough negative Hamels comments. He's a bonafide ace.

"I can't believe no one commented on Polly advancing to 2nd base on a fly out to Revere."

I actually did plan to comment if the runner had scored on a single -- which didn't happen. Now I've got one Revere-bashing comment in the reserve tank.

44 pitches through 4 innings by Fernandez. Now that's some patient at-bats by the homeboys.

Unless Cholly breaks his day-game after nite-game rule, Kratz will be catching Doc tomorrow. Or, in Cholly's pea brain, that extra hour tomorrow makes a difference.

This might be the single worst starting lineup in the history of modern major league baseball that the Fish are throwing out there.

Matt Diaz, who probably wouldn't even make half of the teams in MLB, is hitting cleanup.

Seriously, Lehigh Valley's lineup tonight against Indianapolis is comparable.

At least Loria got his new stadium built. All 4,000 people who will be attending games there in August I am sure will have a ball.

When you face a guy like Fernandez you've just got to throw your cap down in disgust because you allowed a mediocre starter to hold you to 3 H & 0 R in 10 IP.

polly has to tip his hat to that nifty galvis pick.

Lookin' good, Chooch.

Any reason delmon starting tonight against a rhp? He has no bat speed. I cant wait for his first play in rf tonight. Might be the only reason to stay. FYI Fernandez 51 pitches after 5!! Solid effort phils

Does that count toward Chooch's line drive percentage? I suspect the answer is yes -- which is precisely why I regard the statistic with considerable skepticism.

51 pitches through 5.

Nothing has changed with this offense. Still sucks. ( add obligatory comment about crappy bullpen to satisfy BL rules)

If Revere got out of the box quicker and into his stride faster, he would beat out more of those ground balls.

It's a minor thing in the grand scheme of things but there is no reason why a guy who hits LH and is so small has such trouble getting out of the box.

At least the Phils won't be no hit. So there's that.

Fish would be crazy to bring in the 'pen if this guy is under 130 pitches. We clearly can't hit him.

Revere vs. Dobbs. That's just speed on speed.

The aspect of Revere's game that I find most shocking is his utter haplessness at the art of bunting. That's no minor problem when your entire game revolves around speed.

Best AB of the day by Hamels. Figures.

why wouldn't it make more sense to bunt to the left side? the distances are longer. tougher play for the pitcher.

So the Phillies have 3 H & 0 R in 12 Innings vs. Fernanadez. Everyone else: 18 H & 12 R in 18 Innings.

I'm having a hard time believing the Phils actually scouted Revere. There's almost nothing there to like.

Rollins is shot.

Fernandez has good stuff tonight but that is now 12 consecutive innings where he has shut out this team.

He isn't that good.

"why wouldn't it make more sense to bunt to the left side?"

My honest answer: I think he just puts his bat up there and wherever the ball goes, it goes.

More I see of Revere, the less I like his approach at the plate and some of the things you only learn about a guy when you see him regularly (poor start of the box, flawed crossover step when he starts attempting to steal a bag, not being even a good bunter, puzzling angles to balls that are hit in CF).

At least Hamels has settled in.

Whoa! Nice reflexes, Cole!

Revere can't reach the infield from cf on throws and can't hit the ball out of the infield. Not a good combo.

Revere is a small-guy who lacks the classic small guy skills (good bat control, good bunting technique and good enough to drop for hits, good base stealing technique, etc).

Ben has accomplished one impossibility, though -- made me yearn for much more of John Mayberry.

Revere is one of those players that makes you doubt the validity of WAR

Howard and Utley putrid ab's. Can't wait for my man demon again

As usual, the ability of some here to actually discern talent in real time is lacking. What does how he pitched last week have to do with how he's pitching tonight?

Fernandez has been dominant tonight, getting ahead of hitters and throwing his breaking balls for strikes. Not much any team could do when a guy is throwing like this except hope to scratch a few runs across by getting a few leadoff base runners.

It's cool. Delmon's arrival will turn this thing around ...

Awww, crap.

0 R in 13 IP? That's pathetic.

Ball game. This team had to get a run here in the 7th with the top of the order up and did nothing.

Offense has been worked over tonight like an old tomato can boxer.

fernandez' 96 mph fastball doesn't seem to move much.

Fernandez has only been dominant twice all year. Against the phillies. And now Redmond takes him out. R u kidding me. Low pitch count. Now we might have a chance. Only 82 pitches. R u kidding me.

Corey Seidman: "Jose Fernandez is done. Phillies hitting a lusty .071 off him in 42 at-bats this season."

bullit - No it doesn't and this is a guy the Phils would have hit 2 or 3 years ago and put at least one or two balls out of the park.

Old lineup that just got overpowered tonight and doesn't hit fastballs that have good velocity anymore.

Maybe chooch can wake up this team. Get it?

"Fernandez has only been dominant twice all year. Against the phillies."

It's reminiscent of Auburn's football team, which went 3-9 last year. But, man, did they play great against Alabama A&M, whom they beat 52-7. On that day, I don't think any team in college football would have beaten them.

PH for Revere down 2 R. Why? Because even Charlie knows Ben has no chance of getting on base & bringing the tying Run to the plate.

"Old lineup that just got overpowered tonight and doesn't hit fastballs that have good velocity anymore."

Exactly. Freddy stung a couple of them.


Tomorrows game will say a lot. If the best they can do against Miami at home is a split......

Credit where it's due: Cole really did settle in a have a great start. There's no reason he should be on the hook for a Loss right now.

I predict the following sequence of events:

(1) Marlins tack on 2-3 more runs off Aumont.

(2) Marlins use the worst reliever in their bullpen to finish out the game, instead of using the closer they would have used if it were 2-0.

(3) Phillies score a couple of meaningless runs off the Marlins' crappiest reliever.

(4) clout and other posters blame this loss on the bullpen.

does wheels really consider 1-0 to be a fastball count? a pitcher with control doesn't feel compelled to throw a fastball in that situation.

Been a little scary this year with all the nights that the offense just doesn't show up at all. We were shutout 11, 7 and 6 times in '10, '11, and '12 respectively. It is the beginnings of May and we are staring at the 5th shutout of the year unless they scrape something together in the 9th.

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