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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Well played, well played in the end at least. Looking like a few DL moves coming in the next day but let's take this road trip and continue to fight at the division.

"Stop pinch running with pitchers. Classic overthinking a situation."

Who else was Cholly going to use? The only two position players he had left were Howard and RFD. He needed to keep Mayberry available to hit for Bastardo. Howard may have not even been available today to do anything.

Lee effed up, but that was the right move to make. You can't have Delmon Young running as the tie run in the 9th inning. So if you use RFD instead to run, who do you want hitting in the 9 hole against Chapman? Cliff Lee?

    ...The Phillies have not lost a series since May 1 and have won five of their last seven games against three teams with a combined record of 76-54 (.585 winning percentage).

Well. This nonsense clearly must not continue if this Phillies team is expected to win only 68 games.



Saber-stuff aside, there are certain matchups in baseball where I do believe psychology/human factors do take over.

Broxton vs. Phils is a great example. Since the '08 NLCS, he has a 6.92 ERA vs the Phils (10 ER in 13 IP) including today.


The Marlin series will be a test for this team to see if they are really starting to turn things around. Fernandez and Slowey have shut them down this season. Hopefully some of the bench players who will be filling in can pick up this team.

Vizzini from the Princess Bridge best describes today's game in the 9th:

"As I told you, it would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable."

Watched the game on DVR delay. Seems to me that the ball Dom Brown didn't catch and got ripped for in the middle innings was deflected by a fan (guy in blue shirt) who was reaching over the railing. Can see it only on the replay angle that was wide enough.

For the Reds today- that was a loss attributable to the bullpen.

Although on Reds Beerleaguer some poster is bitching about only scoring 2 runs against a bum like Pettibone.

Galvis as a starter:

.243/.276/.383 (.659 OPS) in 60 GS (235 PAs) coming into today

JRoll since '11 as a starter

.252/.314/.421 (.736 OPS) in 191 GS (870 PAs)

JRoll still has a notable offensive advantage over Galvis and a huge OBP advantage which Galvis edge in defense would be hard pressed to overcome.

Here is an interesting alternative scenario:

What if the Phils had let JRoll walk and gone after A. Ramirez instead?

.304/.364/.546 (.911 OPS) with 30 HRs in 689 PAs since he signed with the Brewers.

Phils could have taken the money they used to sign JRoll and instead signed A. Ramirez to that 3 yr/$36M deal (which includes a $4M buyout of his '15 option).

Hard to argue the Phils wouldn't have been better off so far or even next year even with A. Ramirez's contract escalating to $16M.

MG - As I remember, some were advocating for exactly that. Of course, they could have signed both and gone over the luxury tax, but decided not to.

The Phillies are famously never convinced their own prospects can play. So far, they've been mostly right. But it seems that Galvis may be an exception. What level of offense he gives them is up for debate. But anywhere you put him on the field defensively, he is clearly the best player at that position. We've yet to see him in center or right field, but it's not a difficult stretch to imagine he's better than anyone else there as well. His arm alone likely makes him as good as or better than Revere in center.

I'm thinking the only things I don't want to see him doing on a baseball field are pitch and catch.

Pretty tough road trip coming up with 3 vs Fish, 3 vs Nats, 2 vs Red Sox.

If the Phils can go 5-3 and comeback home .500, that is about the best I can see them doing right now.

What kind of blows me away is that as inept as the Phils have been this month offensively (3.31 R/G), they were 14th in the NL coming into today this month but right behind a couple of teams including the Mets, Dodgers, Nats, and Brewers by less than .2 tenths of a R/G.

In fact, the average NL team had only scored 4.06 R/G coming into today this month.

Just for comparison in '11, the average NL team scored 4.08 R/G in May.

In '09, it was 4.60 R/G.

In '07, it was 4.42 R/G.

In '05, it was 4.50 R/G.

In '03, it was 4.53 R/G.

In '00, it was 5.30 R/G.

If scoring continues to creep along at this place (it was 4.11 R/G in the NL coming into today), I do think you will finally see a real push in the NL to adopt the DH.

I appreciate well-pitched, well-played games that are low scoring and move quickly like today. However, I am in the clear minority of MLB fans though.

De Fratus had yet another appearance (his 4th) where he didn't give up a run.

Desperately need him and Bastardo (rough May so far) to continue to pitch well because the more the Phils continue to be vague on the extent of Adams' back injury the worse I think he is with a trip to the 15-day almost an inevitably at this point.

I continue to believe that the Phils should have Galvis as the everyday SS going forward (and by forward I mean into next year).

I would trade Rollins at the deadline this year, if there is interest.

Can't believe I had to leave to play softball two pitches before Kratz belted one--saw Lee get tagged out and decided I couldn't wait around any longer. Went to the bar afterwards, saw what happened on the ESPN ticker, and literally couldn't believe it to the point where I had my friend look it up on his phone, heh. So good!!

Now... sorry to hear about Howard, but... it just might be about time to FREE RUF!!

I need at least a 5 game win streak to think they're turning the corner.

Also, gotta get my hands on an animated gif of Cliff looking elated in the pile after the game. Last time I saw him that happy was when he and Cole were launching hotdogs into the crowd during Spring Training. The time before that was...... not sure.

"The Marlin series will be a test for this team"

2013 Phillies.

Ruf has been free all strikeout at an alarming rate at AAA, without the talent to negate a 26.7% K rate.

The only thing better would have been the title "Martinez, Revere homer Phillies past Reds!"

Aramis/Rollins would make a pretty good case study. If they went with Aramis, they would have had him mashing in the middle of the lineup, but a gaping hole in the middle inf with Utley hurt and Galvis PED susp/injured.

If Galvis turns out to hit enough to give value at SS(hardly a given), then I guess having Aramis in 2013-forward would be the better play. Then again, if Galvis sucks at the plate like he has most of his career(including 2012) and MYoung keeps putting up his current numbers than Rollins was the better choice.

Could really go into a lot of other aspects, such as the Phillies making different moves once acquiring a RH power bat and different players targetted in 2013.

In 2012 alone, i'd say its pretty much a wash, maybe sight edge to Aramis (5.8 to 4.8 WAR)

Interesting how little comments there are after a great win like that. But when they lose, expect 300+ comments.

I'll just say this: I like this Pettibone kid. He's got composure.

Hamels and Lee against the Marlins. No excuse not to get 2/3.

Series vs the Fish holds almost no interest for me and a split in Fenway would be a clearly victory.

I am very interested in the series vs Nats:

Kendrick vs J. Zimmerman
Pettibone vs. Haren
Hamels vs TBA

Only hope that Detwiler still isn't ready to go and that Duke is still in there as a spot starter for his 2nd start.

Funny thing is that Duke though has pretty decent career numbers against the Phils in large part because he was very good numbers vs Howard/JRoll/Utley.

Can Galvis pitch every 5th day and then rotate through 3B, SS, 2B and RF on the other 4 days?

Seems like he can anything .

Nice upgrade over MiniMart.

Was today Iceman's 2nd game in 4 times this year where he said 'empty out the bank' and bet on the opposing team only to lose?

MG- it was the fourth time. The only time the jinx didn't work is when lorecore pointed out what I was trying to do. Glad he kept his mouth shut this time.

Iceman - So this was the only loss? It is all in good fun. I would never encourage anyone to bet more than a trivial amount on games.

Wait so everyone on every Phillie game thread is ready to anoint Galvis the next best thing. Based on one walk off HR. That darn internet is sure is a funny thing. Was not long ago most where advocating he be relegated to the minors.

MG- I was partially serious the first game against Garcia. After they won that one I've tried to continue the tradition on games that look like a loss on paper. lorecore pointed it out once and that was the only time they actually lost the game.

I would never advocate betting money on sports. Would make the games seem a little too real to me. When the Phils lose, we can take a breath and realize that it doesn't impact us in our own lives. That's not the case if you put money on the game.

Not to bing up a potentially divisive topic after an awesome ending like that, but...

Today is an example of why I think the bullpen gets a disproportionate blame. Two young guys today did their job well--pitched scoreless 8th and 9th innings to keep us in the game.

But of course that's not a part of the story, since we were losing at the time, and came back for a walkoff win. But the scoreless 8th and 9th innings kept it a 1-run game and gave us the chance to win it. I understand that's it just considered doing their job, but that's part of my point. They only become part of the story when they fail, because perfect success is the expectation. When you're only part of the story when you fail, of course there's going to be the perception that you fail all the time.

Now, I admit it's hard to make this point because the Phils bullpen actually has sucked this year. But the point overall I think is true--bullpens only get recognized for failing, basically.

Pedro- You gotta admit it's fun when two player making 1/2 mil a year cover for a dumb move by a player making 24 mil a year & wins the game in the process. And our players are showing real genuine joy at the moment the game ends.

Kinda makes fans go overboard in their praise. It's OK.

We'll be miserable often enough to make up for it.

Things that make me happy:

Dodgers on pace for a 65-win season.

Today was one of those games where you really miss Harry K's HR call.

Franske was solid and even TMac after some initial hesitation wasn't bad. Just miss Harry the K and especially how he would have said Freddy Galvis' name. Little things.

MG- That ending did deserve a "Hard to believe, Harry"

Jack - agreed. FWIW I've always felt the same about bunting. Players are expected to lay one down 100% of the time or they suck. Don't know how that came to be.

I agree Bubba..

Today's game was an example of why people watch sports ... the outcome, no matter what the statistics say, is not guaranteed.

Not to piss on the parade here, but I just watched the Chooch's locker room interview on CSN and it was super depressing. Said he felt a 'pop.' He seemed pretty down. He's always had something of the hangdog about him, but he just seemed really bummed out for a guy with a tweaked hammy. It would be pretty awful if that's an ACL or something like that.

My praise of Galvis is that he brings new freshness to that which has become stale.

Wait so everyone on every Phillie game thread is ready to anoint Galvis the next best thing. Based on one walk off HR. That darn internet is sure is a funny thing. Was not long ago most where advocating he be relegated to the minors.

I see someone took clout's Strawman 101 course.

Jack's right. The problem here is that the bullpen just isn't getting enough respect.

I get what you're trying to do Jack, but given how the bullpen has been this year, the argument doesn't hold up at all. Even I've given up on the 'I think the offense is average' thing for a while. Let it go.

One walk off? Only 62 PA but Galvis has an .864 OPS and can play multiple positions, the two IF positions at an about average level. Jury's out on what kind of offensive player he is, but this year he's been great.

"About average" should say "above average."

Today's game was an example of why people watch sports ... the outcome, no matter what the statistics say, is not guaranteed.

Posted by: Dragon | Monday, May 20, 2013 at 02:15 AM

Statistics guarantee stuff?

News to me.

Just checked and yup it is mentioned in the header that Bastardo and DeFratus pitched scoreless innings. So it is in fact- literally mentioned "as part of the story."

But yeah- the bullpen is the Rodney Dangerfield of the diamond.

Josh Lindblom makes his season debut as a starter tonight for Texas pitching against those Oakland Athletics.

Per MLB Network, the back-to-back thing last happened for the Phillies in the Baker Bowl.

Not much to say about Pettibone. He's been more-than-serviceable since his call-up. He's kept them in every game he's pitched and you can't really ask anything more of the guy. Very happy to see that.

The Howard and Ruiz injury news would be troublesome, but it's not like either was really contributing all that much offensively.

That's the second time that Cliff Lee has been picked off (well, technically he was caught stealing once). Can't have that happen. I disagree with those who agreed with using Lee. I understand that Mayberry was your last position player (assuming Howard was unavailable), but this was the tying run in the 9th. You need him out there running. With that said, however, I don't fault Charlie for making that decision. It was a tough call in that situation.

A win's a win. And an exciting one at that. A sweep of MIA would be nice.

Wait so everyone on every Phillie game thread is ready to anoint Galvis the next best thing. Based on one walk off HR. That darn internet is sure is a funny thing. Was not long ago most where advocating he be relegated to the minors.

I think it's based off more than "one walk off HR." SSS alert, but Galvis' 2013 line: .298/.355/.509/.864, 131 OPS+.

With an offense struggling all season, it's not unreasonable to get excited about a young player putting up those numbers and playing excellent defense at 3 positions (and a decent enough OF in a pinch).

NEPP, that's 89 years ago. Wow!

Yesterday's win was very great, and hopefully a sign of things to come. It was nice to see them finally break through in the 9th.

Also, since winning 3 straight and getting to 19 - 21, they've gone 2 - 2, and remain 2 games under .500.

Yesterdays' win was very important, because while it was only one game, there's a big difference between 21 - 23 and 20 - 24.

20 - 24 is a lot bigger hole out of which to climb. It's going to be a little tough to do against the Marlins because they face Fernandez who has dominated them twice (13 IP, 3 H, 14 K, 0 R), but if they can somehow pull a sweep against the Fish they can head to Washington 1 game over .500.

As one always willing to crush Charlie when he deserves it, the Lee pinch-runing call was perfectly fine. You save Mayberry there (god, it's strange to type those words). Lee has to not get picked off.

RBill, I've been reading the Galvis debate here with a great deal of interest.

Smitty takes the position that Freddy is breaking out, that he's been young for every level, and that this could be the "real" Freddy we're seeing.

The naysayers are pointing out that there is nothing in Galvis' MiL track record that suggests he'll be able to sustain this kind of performance at the plate.

Freddy's current line is All-Star level for a SS. I'll certainly take the performance, especially the walkoffs, and I sure hope Galivs can continue to rake, but keep in mind that Galvis' current line - .298 .355 .509 - is higher than Jimmy's peak years from 2004 to 2008 - .286 .342 .468.

It's also been achieved in only 62 PA, so... I'll take the performance, I'll hope it continues, but I won't cry in my cereal if Freddy can't keep it up.

Question for the group:

I see comments scattered throughout the threads that Charlie is a bad manager and that he is the wrong guy for this team this year and last year.

Is that really a fault of Charlie there? In any management structure you have a person in charge and an underling. Amaro is the man in charge and Charlie is the guy he has in charge to run his department. Now granted, Amaro didn't hire but rather inherited Charlie. But after 4 seasons Amaro should be attuned to what Charlie's strengths are as a manager and what his weaknesses are. So if Charlie has a perceived weakness of not being able to manage platoons or bullpens correctly (two common gripes) why would you give him personnel that needs to be guided perfectly through that process?

To me- the real question is not whether Charlie is a bad manager or not, the question is: How does Amaro rate as an overseer of his department? That, IMO, is the wrinkle with the Phillies right now. Amaro may not have a great department leader- in some people's eyes- but he also isn't giving the department leader the tools he needs to play to his strengths.

bittel, correct. You can't blame the manager for a player's boneheaded play.

Look at it this way:

Suppose Lee had come out afterwards and said: "It's Charlie's fault. He should have known better than to put me in in that situation."

What would you think of Lee if he did that?

Instead, Lee manned up and took responsibility - he made no excuses. Why? He knew who made the mistake.

Its gonna be tough to replace 90 OPS+ 1B and 53 OPS+ C in the lineup.

Actually, it SHOULDN'T be tough but somehow, for the Phillies, it will be.

TTI, why can't it be that both Rube and UC need to go?

Neither is really a good fit for the current team/roster.

NEPP: That is a valid point but it is a different question. I still like Charlie as a manager. He was, is, and never will be a great in game manager but I think he carries a presence in the locker room that the players respond to, although that may be weakening quite a bit. I think the stuff he does well is stuff you don't see in the context of a game but rather behind the scenes in the course of a season.

However, assume that this is the hand we have this year. I just am not sure that the blame being heaped on Charlie and the "not the right manager for the team" stuff is all on him. To me it is simply, do you blame the person in charge or the person they put in charge of their assets with tools that don't fit them.

Pedro: "Was not long ago most where advocating [Galvis] be relegated to the minors"

You are correct that others and I campaigned all offseason for Freddy to start off in the minors - but not because I think he can't cut it at the bigs - its the exact opposite.

I think he can cut it in the big leagues and want the Phillies to prioritize his development instead of trying to maximize their 13th position player while he sits on the bench.

He is on pace for roughly 230 PA over the course of a 162 game season. To me, I think he should be getting +500 PA right now, as his approach at the plate has been very poor over the years.

However, to my surprise/delight, he's done so much in his limited chances, that he is probably forcing the Phillies to get him his much needed playing time anyway.

I think if they can get Galvis 300-350 PA this year at the MLB level, that that would help him developmentally more than 600 PA in AAA would.

Any injury to an infielder will basically ensure that happpens. For example, if Howard goes on the DL with the knee issue, I could see a bunch of games with M. Young at 1B/Galvis at 3B.

TTI, the simple answer is that Smug Jr. is looking for a reason, any reason to fire Charlie. His successor is already here. That the players he has been given don't play to Charlies strengths doesn't matter.

Can't wait 'til the Howard contract comes off of the books and r00b can use the money to invest in cloning technology so that we can field Galvis in every position simultaneously.

NEPP: "that would help him developmentally more than 600 PA in AAA would."

Were you saying that in 2012 when he made an out in 3/4th of every PA he had? He got embarrassed on a nightly basis and the Phils are lucky he got hurt before they had to demote him.

If he put up a .250 OBP last year with ~400 some PA, got demoted and continued putting up his career numbers in AAA, we might have never seen Galvis ever again.

... except for 1B. The projected batting order will be:

Galvis (SS)
Galvis (2B)
Galvis (3B)
Galvis (LF)
Galvis (RF)
Galvis (C)
Galvis (CF)
P (Hamels, Old Lee, Galvis, Galvis, Ageless Halladay)

And the bullpen will consist of Papelbon as the undead vet and Cyborg Valdez.

Statistics don't guarantee stuff. BL posters guarantee stuff (i.e. The Phils won't contend this season.)

***Were you saying that in 2012 when he made an out in 3/4th of every PA he had? He got embarrassed on a nightly basis and the Phils are lucky he got hurt before they had to demote him.***

Um yes, actually I was.

NEPP is to Galvis as clout is to Kendrick.

***Statistics don't guarantee stuff. BL posters guarantee stuff (i.e. The Phils won't contend this season.)***

To be fair, does having the 9th best record in the NL really "contending"?

TTI, neither Charlie nor RAJ are perfect.

RAJ did a nice job of improving a WFC team, and put the pieces in place so there win totals increased the next three seasons.

They lost the WS in 2009 to a better team, and were the best team in MLB in 2010 and 2011, but lost in the postseason crapshoot, despite outscoring their opponents in both series they lost.

Now, RAJ is faced with an aging roster that appears to be more injury prone. No one could have foreseen the Halladay and Utley injuries at the time they received their contract extensions, and those have affected the team's performance a lot. The Howard extension was premature, and was even ripped widely here at the time by some, but I don't know anyone who had a crystal ball and knew he's blow his Achilles. AAMOF, I am of the opinion that if he did not have the extension and was headed into FA, that without the security of the contract he would not have played on the Achilles, taken the cortisone shots that can weaken it, and blown it out in the first place. And, yes, he might have been under contract at terms more favorable to the team, but it is what it is. RAJ has signed other players to contracts, but none of them have been burdensome or lengthly. the Papelbon contract was a slight overpay, but would anyone prefer that they had signed Madson? I preferred Mad Dog at the time, and posted to that effect, but I'm glad they dodged that bullet.

As for Charlie... Charlie "has been Charlie" during the entire time. I question why anyone is even surprised anymore, least of all RAJ.

We'll be fine with Kratz as the primary catcher now, as long as teams keep forgetting to never throw him a fastball.

Freddy Galvis hit .310 from May 9 through May 29 last season.

This just in: Players have hot streaks and they have cold streaks. When they are hot it doesn't mean they've suddenly emerged as an All Star. And when they are cold, it doesn't mean they are washed up.

This is contrary to what you read on Beeleaguer, but it is true nevertheless.

NEPP: They're getting close.

Was there a point being made there, clout?

Everyone is aware of that very obvious statement. Nobody has said that Galvis is an all-star player, they are just saying that he has the upside to be an MLB player.

***They're getting close.***

And if they remain true to form, they'll drop 3 of 4 to go right back to the basement. That's what flawed teams do.

They're simply piddling along around .500. They're not exactly streaking right now:

Last 10: 5-5
Last 20: 11-9
Last 30: 15-15

clout: The point for me is not that Galvis is going to be a world beater as an MLB player. My contention is that with his glove and his ability offensively (not great with the stick but can hit a little and has some nice pop) he can be a starter. They would need to surround him with some higher end offensive guys but he is capable of contributing as an everyday player in the majors.

To put Galvis into perspective:

Galvis: 79 OPS+
Vizquel Age 22-29: 76 OPS+

Nice try, NEPP, but Beerleaguer told me the Phillies were "on a roll".

How many PA for each in that comparison for perspective, NEPP?

I'm not sure we know what Galvis is yet. Not enough info.

He sure as heck is a joy to watch though.

About 200 for Galvis and just over 3900 for Vizquel.

Its definitely way way too early to tell but all I'm saying is give Galvis a chance to show what he can do.

SSS statistical oddity:
Phillipe Aumont 1.946 WHIP with a 139 ERA+

I think there's a difference worth noting between .500 or better against the Giants, DBacks, Reds, and Indians and the slop we faced the first half of the season.

Come on, wet blankets. Things are looking up, at least a little.

*month - first half of these 40 games.

I don't understand why you wouldn't want to give Galvis a chance.

Worst-case scenario, he is what you have right now--a versatile, plus-defensive utility guy who doesn't hit enough to play everyday.

Best-case scenario, he hits enough to be an everyday SS for the next 5 years.

***Phillipe Aumont 1.946 WHIP with a 139 ERA+***

That seems sustainable.

"Its definitely way way too early to tell but all I'm saying is give Galvis a chance to show what he can do."

NEPP, I agree, but that would be true even if Galvis OPS+ wasn't so close to Vizquel's (in either direction).

Maybe Amaro will just go ahead and guarantee Rollins' 2015 option now.

When the Phillies went on their West Coast swing after the horrendous Halladay outing against the Marlins they were 14-18. Since then they took 2 of 3 from the Giants, split a 4 game with the DBacks, split a 2 game with the Indians, and took 2 of 3 from the Reds for a 7-5 record.

Be negative, but they have had a solid stretch here against 4 teams that are collectively 26 games over .500.

MG, how many games in the Marlins series do the Phillies need to win if they want to be a "legit playoff contender"? Sweep?

Th debate goes on and on about galvis. If rube had gotten the proper pcs a few years ago. Then galvis could easily have been your SS and not worry about his offensive numbers. So many should have could have etc.. Now faced with lack of O u need all u can get out of j strol. Just say for one second we never traded lee in first place. Signed him to a deal. Never traded for Roy boy, an the prospects could have gotten is something better. The extra money that lee will cost us could have went to josh W or a beltre or cuddy or both if team budget the same. Looking back rube wanted pitching he got it, but the guys he could have gotten would have helped a lot more.

clout: "Freddy Galvis hit .310 from May 9 through May 29 last season."

no he didn't.

Kind of a good summary of just how unpredictable that 9th inning comeback was. A Delmon Young walk, followed by a pitcher pinch-running for an "everyday" player, a baserunning out, and then back to back home runs by a career minor-league catcher and a weak-hitting utility infielder. Oh, and all that off one of the nastiest and most dominant relief pitchers in all of baseball.

Gotta love baseball.

Cyclic, no, a sweep is not necessary, especially on the road. Plus, they're facing Fernandez again in Game 2, a guy who other teams have solved but who has completely baffled the Phillies.

Question for the board:

Would you rather have Darin Ruf at 1B for the upcoming series against FLA, WAS and BOS, or a wobbly Howard who has a sore knee?

Will the real Cole Hammels please stand up

Team OPS+
Phillies: 84
Astros: 88

awh: Trick question. We'll get neither.

Instead, Howard will sit out the next 6 games but not be put on the DL. So we'll be down to 23 players on the active roster who can actually play, since they refuse to DL Adams as well.

"...but the guys he could have gotten would have helped a lot more."

hook, "could" have helped, or "would" have helped?

In the playoffs in 2010 and 2011?

Please clarify.

***since they refuse to DL Adams as well.***

Yeah but he said his back is getting better. At most, he'll probably miss 2 weeks total, maybe call it 15 days? Putting him on the DL at that point would have been supremely stupid.

In the course of a 162 game season there always has to be moment(s) that spark a team for a stretch of time. Hopefully yesterday was that for the Phillies. When your back-up catcher (only in the game because your starter got injured) and a 23 year old, current utility infielder, homer off one of the better closers in the game back-to-back shouldn't that rally the troops a little?

Three other small things on the game:

1.) Galvis should get extra credit because his diving stop of that groundball probably saved a run in the 9th and kept it to a 1 run game.

2.) Delmon Young started the rally by drawing a walk of all things. Good patient at bat by him when he saw Chapman was wild and had nothing really.

3.) Ben Revere had another nice game at the plate. Went 3 for 4 and has raised his AVG, OBP, and SLG each by like 50-60 points this month. And he hit some stuff hard in the game.

Jack, sadly, you're probably correct.

Nothing baffles me more than some of the team's roster moves.

In your scenario, they're taking a chance that Howard can play, or rather, that a depleted Howard can play better than a healthy Ruf.

And against division rivals in games they really need to win - and in which having a full roster available would certainly be helpful.

(And this after already having to pinch run Lee because Howard was unavailable.)


Galvis impresses me defensively because he was a guy that had never played 2B before last year and was instantly a plus defender there...and then he is doing the same thing at 3B this year and he's even a pretty solid LF. Sure, these positions are below SS on the defensive spectrum but that doesn't mean you can just step onto the field and play them at an elite level. That's pretty ridiculous and it speaks to what a great natural defender he is.

"no he didn't.

Posted by: lorecore"

Duck, everyone!

They've got to win at least 4 in FLA to be taken seriously.

"Ben Revere had another nice game at the plate. Went 3 for 4 and has raised his AVG, OBP, and SLG each by like 50-60 points this month. And he hit some stuff hard in the game."

So, his avg, obp and slg are all > 0 now? By 'hit some stuff hard', did the ground balls actually reach an infielder?

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