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Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Delmon Young is that rare MLB player lacking all five tools. My hope is that the Phillies release him on August 20 -- as part of Jewish Heritage Night.

Feels like a loss.

This lineup is our version of "torture" but with higher expectations. The 2010 Giants lineup was absolute garbage and they got it done. Yeah, their pitching had something to do with it but maybe that's our team comp.

Matt Gelb: Fatalist Ryan Howard on his knee: "I guess if I blow out we’ll worry about that then."

Now that sounds like a fellow who's confident about the quality of medical care he receives!

Pretty easy to take that attitude when you have $100M coming your way guaranteed, I guess.

Howard hasn't looked right running since the spring yet nothing is found out about his knee until May 20th. That makes sense.

Matt Gelb: Fatalist Ryan Howard on his knee: "I guess if I blow out we’ll worry about that then."

Now that sounds like a fellow who's confident about the quality of medical care he receives!
Posted by: GTown_Dave | Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 04:02 PM

Choose your own adventure:

a) "... we'll worry about that then. I've been unable to move before--it's actually pretty cool. In fact, I like thinking about how I'll have hindered movement in the long term, too!"
b) "... we'll worry about that then. I mean, I'm getting paid either way!"
c) "... we'll worry about that then. I mean, it's not like I'm doing anything for the team right now. FREE RUF!"

I can't wait to see Howard's halfhearted upperbody heavy cuts tonight. They will surely inspire many.

D Young must have bought the pictures of Rube from Mini Mart. There is no other explanation.

Get me to the OR, boys.

Freddy shouldn't have made that error yesterday. Should have just misplayed it and not got an error. Ask Delmon for some pointers.
Phils trainer said they wouldn't put Howard at risk. That inspires confidence.

For what it's worth, from the Amaro interview:

Are there any internal options to fix your offense right now?

Amaro: “I think there are a couple of them, but they are not necessarily at the right position to help us. Cesar Hernandez is swinging the bat well. (Darin) Ruf has done well, although he’s coming off a little bit of a slump lately. There are some other guys playing pretty well, too, and they’re all on our radar screen. But Cesar is not going to come up and play for Chase. Ruf has done OK, but he still needs work in the outfield. While he’s done OK offensively, I’m not sure he’s better than the options we have.”

Is Ruf the first option at first base behind Howard?

Amaro: “I would think so. He’s played first base about twice a week, so we know he can do that.”

I love how Ruf needs work in the outfield. Oh really? Does he? Delmon Young needs some too...oh and he can't hit either.

You can't blow out what has already been blown. This has become a team of walking woulded, gimpy old dudes.

Speaking of dudes, Delmon Young should be DFA'd in favor of Some Dude.

ColTom-- I mean, if .265/.345/.439/.783 is only OK, then what's .192/.279/.308/.586?

Howard will go down for good and Ruben will play Mayberry at first. Book it.

@Cyclic, the second slash line is what is otherwise known as Production™.

While Ruf has done OK offensively, I'm not sure he's worse than the options we have.

"Are there any internal options to fix your offense right now?"

I read that at first as 'any infernal options', and was wondering about deals with the Devil...

Cholly has made more blunders this season than any other. His misuse of the bullpen is astounding (leaving starters in too long, leaving relievers in too long, bad timing all around) and his lineups are a joke. Giving Utley off 3 days while he's scalding hot, not putting Galvis in tonight, pinch hitting snafus. These guys are underperforming for sure, but a big reason why the team stinks now actually has to due with Charlie. He puts guys in positions that its impossible for them to succeed at times and others, he sticks with things too long. I don't know that Ryno is the answer, but I really hope this is Cholly's last year. He's been a total joke this season and I used to be a pretty big fan.

Do you guys think there are more fans that actually think this season can end with the playoffs or more fans that want to see a move to the future?

"Speaking of dudes, Delmon Young should be DFA'd in favor of Some Dude."

Preferably some Jewish Dude...

When does Aumount disappear? Dude us like Qualls. Guess Ruben is determined to get his value out of him given how we got him. Arrogance and stupidity keep him sucking in the pen.

Someone tell Ruf to stop walking. Tell him to either get a hit or strike out because otherwise he's not going to make the squad.


Where's Jonathan Singleton when you need him? Oh yeah.

There is no way Manuel will be back after this year. None. I just wish they would can him and if they are going to go with Sandberg let him start to get his philosophies in place now. Charlie is still going to get his paycheck so we don't need to give the guy a soft landing. Thank you for 2008 Charlie but that 2008 is doing nothing for my 2013 or 2014 and beyond.

Joe D--

Can't it be both?

Joe D: Word.

Two of the Phils' three hits off Fernandez came from the bat of Freddy Galvis, who also walked and made two hard-hit outs against him. Strangely, Galvis is not in tonight's lineup.

It might be strange elsewhere, but here it is not.

There, there. Aumont's WHIP is a mere 2.077 ... I'm sure he'll be showing that worthy-of-being-exchanged-for-Cliff-Lee form any season now.

How has no one asked the only relevant question:

How many RBIs does Ruf have?

Oh, comon limoguy. We'll need Galvis to pinch run in the 8th, down by 3.

Cyclic, anymore I don't think it can be both.

Still believe Howards knee problem is from playing on too soon last season.

Jack-- 22.

Corn: I wouldn't doubt it. Said at the time trying to keep Howard healthy long-term was more important than rushing him back for a lost season. Oh well.

Joe D-- I'm fine with seeing a move to the future, but I think it's also far too early to completely rule out playoffs.

I love how Utley, Rollins and Young are the only regulars with OBPs above .300...and Rollins is doing it by the skin of his teeth. Last I checked you couldn't score unless you were on base. Of course there are home runs ,of which this team leads the world in solo shots, how could that be? I wonder if a 2-run home run is more valuable than a solo one? Someone fill me in.

Corn: Probably has some to do with it, for sure. And him being chubby. And aging. Notice how when he was "hot" a few weeks back, so may of his balls were dying at the warning track. Those would have all been home runs 3 years ago.

Is there any possibility (even the slightest) that the Phillies could trade for Jurickson Profar? From what I've been reading the Rangers are all filled up and have that infield signed up for years to come, meaning no room for the top prospect. The only trade I could see is Lee, but that would make for a very awkward baseball move considering Lee gave them the cold shoulder.

What's the point of installing Sandberg as manager if the real problem is the GM?

Undoubtedly nothing good came from rushing Howard back last season. Everyone hated the move then.

I think Howard playing is dumb. He does remember the Achilles incident, doesn't he? I'm sure he would say that he wants to play to help the team - but with a bad knee combined with his close eyes and swing approach combined with the shift, it's not as though he's as helpful as we'd like him to be. He's hardly carrying the team. May as well help us by getting healthy and letting someone else play.

I think Freddy should play instead of Delmon, too. Or Nix- he's LH v. a RHP tonight, although he's not doing well as a PH, he's hit a bit when starting games. Which is more than we can say of D. Young.

I like how Revere sits v. Arroyo against whom he was 0-4, while Freddy has hit Fernandez, but he sits.

Cloyd will need more run support than Hamels. (And Hamels didn't get any - just one measly little run.) Yet we can't seem to hit Fernandez. It felt like a loss from the moment I heard it would be the matchup, a few days ago.

No Mike, those balls would have been gone if it was warm. I think we keep forgetting that this team heats up when the weather does! OBPs will rise like humidity levels. Just hang in there everyone.

RedBurb: Yes.

Someone tell Ruf to stop walking. Tell him to either get a hit or strike out because otherwise he's not going to make the squad.

I think you broke the code, Muuurgh. 18 walks, 21 runs scored and a .345 OBP doesn't fit the profile.

@Red, I agree Amaro is the bigger issue at hand but we all saw how long Wade stuck around. Sandberg might be able to get more with little. And for right now that's all we can hope for. Charlie isn't maximizing anyone's talent because a) he doesn't know how to put guys in the situations to succeed and b) his veteran loyalty is damaging the youth within the organization. The only guy Manuel absolutely loves is Galvis.

Joe D: Right. Well that'll do us a ton of good come October when its 80 degrees too. I don't buy the weather argument.

"so may of his balls were dying at the warning track"

So many of our balls are dying from watching these games...

Joe D: Last I checked you couldn't score unless you were on base.

You obviously didn't run it past Ruben Amaro, Jr: Professional GM

Nix has been dreadful as a pinch hitter lately. So one would naturally think that a way to break him out would be to get him a start right? Maybe get his bat going a little. Nah. That would make far too much sense. It's best to roll with Delmon Young. You know he was the ALCS MVP. Did you know that?

As a rule, I don't think the identity of the lucky 8, or lineup construction, matters when the talent is so poor, but it is amusing that Galvis couldn't get a start tonight.

Nix has zero pinch hits this month and seems to be reverting to his career abysmal norms in that regard. Yet, he seems to have become that Stairs/Gload type "LH bat off the bench" and no longer seems to get starts vs. righties.

Delmon is the ideal Phil. Hot and cold, never consistent. Beyond Amaro, I have to wonder what the scouts are looking at too, because it doesn't seem like we have a lot of quality hitters in the organization.

One thing I don't understand from the last thread while catching up this afternoon:

Posters here have always said Amaro jumps the gun on free agency and doesn't let the market settle. Always has to get his guy. One of the biggest criticisms of the current GM.

Posters say Delmon Young was Amaro's guy all along. Young was signed at the end of January 2013. Free agency begins in November 2012.

These two things don't mesh.

(This is in no way an endorsement of Ruben Amaro as GM. Just pointing out what I thought was faulty logic.)

Mike, I'm only kidding. But that is the way the front office would spin it.

Joe D: Sorry, thought that may have been sarcasm, but I obviously whiffed. It's infectious.

Sil, yep Nix typecasted himself by having early success as a PH this year. He will forever be that now even if he doesn't get hit for the rest of his career as a PH. Makes sense right?

The only guy Manuel absolutely loves is Galvis.
Guess that's why he's sitting tonight. Cholly doesn't want to ruin the good stats he has against Fernandez.

Galvis should be in RF today, as others have said. Delmon Young has the lowest batting average of every position player on the team, except Ezequiel Carrera.
Oh, wait...

Joe D - Firing Manuel and installing Sandberg leads to more wins. More wins lead to playoff berth. Playoff berth leads to RAJ getting a contract extension.

I'm sure BL would be ecstatic with that.

You know what happens though. Tonight we light up Fernandez for like 6 runs through 3 and all of a sudden this season is turning around!!!! Hitting weather is coming. The Phils have a point to make! It's all coming together!

Red, I understand your uncovering of the flaw in logic on the Delmon signing. Here is the difference with that signing this year though and what has myself (and I assume others) in an uproar. With Delmon I viewed it as a clear "throw s**t at the wall and see if it sticks move" but the weight bonuses rubbed most the wrong way. Also, I think a lot of people were pissed off they never heard Swisher's name linked with the Phillies. He is exactly the type of player this lineup needed. Now he got way overpaid and that contract is not one the team could take on but Ruben's lack of interest spoke volumes about how he just flat out doesn't get what makes up a good baseball player.

Swisher could have been the kind of 'hitting coach' that we really needed. Someone to change the clubhouse and organizational philosophy, since he's also got a mouth he likes to preach out of too. It's a shame.

Red, if Sandberg shows he can win with this roster then it's quite possible he could win with any other s**tshow roster Ruben could assemble for years to come.

Once the figures on Swisher came out I was fine with taking a pass because he wasn't going to fix every ill on this team but the mere fact he wasn't even brought up in conversation is just flat out sad.

Nah, I think installing Sandberg as manager is just "change for the sake of change."

I think if Sandberg was coaching this season, we're good for between 3-5 more wins than we have now. I need to write things down, I lost count, but I know I was up to 3 games that were lost because of Charlie's bad choices. Mostly pitching moves. But toss in bad lineup choices (going on his hunches, ha) and you're probably up to 5 or maybe more.

"Delmon Young has the lowest batting average of every position player on the team"

Yeah, but we all know that BA isn't the be-all and end-all.

For instance, there's his .586 OPS, which is only 3rd worst among all position players (ahead of Revere and Chooch).

So, he's not ALL bad.

*(note, this is sarcasm. D Young is worse than the Bubonic Plague)

We can put "hot" in quotes all we want, but actually from April 9 - May 7, Howard put up a .322/.357/.622/.979 with 6 HRs and 16 RBI in 25 games.

I mean, yeah in the 7 games before that stretch he was .148/.200/.148, 0 HR, 4 RBI and in the 7 games since he's been .118/.143/.147, 0 HR, 2 RBI... but, I don't know, Production™? I got nothin.

But I can assign a narrative to that random data. He was finding his stroke in the first 7, raked for the next 25 games, then his knee started bothering him and he sucked again. Now he's playing hurt cause that always works out great.

Joe, totally agree on what you are saying about Swisher. Wasn't the point I was putting forth though. Drives the point home even further when Amaro is criticizing Michael Young when he's been a lone bright spot this year. It's quite baffling.

When teams go bad, the typical progression is to fire a coach, then the manager, and, then a couple of years later, the GM who was actually responsible for the mess.

Whoa wait, what did Ruben say about Michael Young?

I missed the Michael Young trashing by Amaro too, what's that all about? Link?

I for one am excited about the prospect of Mighty Ben Revere squaring up a Fernandez heater tonight and taking it for a the 2nd baseman.

Hey Revere one-hopped the wall at CBP the other day. Have some respect.

He made a comment that Rollins, Ruiz, M. Young, Utley and Howard need to produce more.

Actual quote, not parody:

“Ben has had a little bit of a slow start, but he has done some things better lately even though he had a rough night (Monday in Miami). I think Ben is a better player than we’ve seen so far. Delmon is a better player, too. They need to produce more, but Jimmy (Rollins), Chase (Utley), (Ruiz), Michael Young and Ryan need to produce more, too. They all need to produce more if we’re going to improve offensively. I’m happy with what Domonic Brown has been doing.”

Cyclic, was Revere trying to throw a ball from CF to the fans in RF or LF when he did that?

As far as Rube's definition of "production" goes, M Young DOES only have one HR, so he's clearly not earning his keep (forget the .394 OBP, as that doesn't mean isht).

I missed that. Ha, nice quote, boss.

r00b: "I think Ben is a better player than we’ve seen so far. Delmon is a better player, too. They need to produce more, but Jimmy (Rollins), Chase (Utley), (Ruiz), Michael Young and Ryan need to produce more, too. They all need to produce more if we’re going to improve offensively. I’m happy with what Domonic Brown has been doing."

Note how r00b is "happy" w/ what Brown has been doing, but M. Young should magically become 5-10 yrs. younger & start smacking HRs. How can anyone listen to this man, see what he has done, & fail to come to the conclusion that RAJ is a bloated buffoon who's in way over his head?

So, in summation...

Michael Young
1 HR, 10 RBI

Dom Brown
8 HR, 21 RBI

The guy with the .394 OBP needs to produce more, but he's "happy with what Domonic Brown [.293 OBP] has been doing."

I know it gets annoying when we keep repeating it, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Production™ is all about.

I remember one game, early on or probably in spring training where they put up a bunch of runs, all on singles. But all you hear is Wheels and Charlie saying how singles won't cut it, you need extra base hits in there. You can win games on walks alone with not even singles. Infuriates me the need for power this organization has in all areas.

Here ya go, Lyn.

Wow that Amaro quote is just depressing. Christ.

It's almost as if Brown was able to Produce more RBIs b/c MYoung was on base in front of him....nah, can't be linked, must be sheer coincidence.

And considering that Brown has been up until this year one of the best on the team at taking walks, it seems this may be a product of the team telling him to be more aggressive at the plate. That's probably why his OBP is lower than it has historically been. That number should tick up.

Has anyone approached Gillick lately about the current state of this team? I'd like to hear what he has to say. I guess his actual role with the team is just to wear hawaiian shirts?

nokwurst, lol.

The omission of Galvis tonight goes beyond strange. It is infuriating. It shows that the problems go beyond the hand Cholly is dealt to how he plays the game with those cards.

Sometimes when guys don't bring much else to the table they at least provide other benefits (leadership, character--to the extent those can be measured.) Thinking back to Mike Sweeney and Jim Thome, they didn't add much numbers-wise, but they were seen mostly as net positive additions. Juan Pierre is another example of someone with a great work ethic and perspective on the game. When we discussed these guys' contribution (or lack thereof), it was always with the caveat that they did bring some positives to the team.

Likewise, I'm sure Doc brings a valuable presence to the clubhouse even when he is injured.

YET...YET! Unless we're missing something we don't know about, Delmon Young not only brings no playing ability, but also brings nothing by way of these "intangibles." Some of us don't believe the non-quantifiable stuff is relevant, and I understand that, but that isn't the point here. When someone is simply a bad player, the other traits may help management justify the position on the roster and lineup. But Young?!?! I can't think of one thing he adds, and if anything he is a net negative. So it is even all the more befuddling.

I actually have a theory on Gillick's involvement with the team that would be very unpopular on BL since he's untouchable.

Gillick has been Public Enemy Number One against SABR principles. He's talked about it numerous times. I think keeping old timers like him and Dallas Green actually hinder the FO's decision-making process because they don't want any focus on advanced metrics.

Just my $.02.

What a puzzling comment from Howard. More and more, it has come out since the Howard story broke last year in June that this organization doesn't handle injuries well and that goes back to Dr. Cicotti and their ties to Jefferson.

Gillick is a retired exec/figurehead with a fancy title and collecting a nice consulting paycheck. That's it. Little more than an elevated board appointment.

Delmon frickin' Young against a RHP again. Torture.

MG - I've been told many times on BL that all the good moves since RAJ took over were Gillick's doing and all the bad moves were RAJ's doing.

There have been good moves since RAJ took over?

Gillick though did play a big role in bringing in a bunch of guys who are in key roles in this organization right now too including Looper and Kerfeld (who was basically an aide-de-camp/advisor to Gillick in Seattle and is fufilling the same role now with Amaro).

Kerfeld though is below the press radar. In fact, the only time really remember him being featured prominently was when the Phils signed Pedro and Kerfeld was the guy who recommended it strongly to Amaro.

C'mon Gtown. I know you hate him but 2009-2011 were good years. Except for having Mini-Mart on the roster.

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