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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Meanwhile, the Nats won 5 in a row, last I read.

I hate the mental mistakes, sloppy play, and errors most of all. Giving the guys the benefit of the doubt - especially intelligent veterans with baseball smarts like Rollins and Utley - I wonder if maybe they're trying too hard. You know they don't like to lose (who does?) and they may be overthinking and out of rhythm.

Whatever the reason, they need to at least play the game the right way again, making smarter judgments more often than not. This parade of mistakes isn't good for the team nor is it enjoyable baseball to watch.

I continue to be impressed with Doc for coming to reporters with an apology for the fans. It's even more impressive than Brad Lidge being ever willing to answer questions and stand accountable, which also impressed me greatly.

So Cahill is a heavy groundball pitcher? Has a team ever recorded all 27 outs on the ground? I'd say there's at least a slim chance of that happening tonight.

The funny thing is that if they win tonight and tomorrow, you'd still have to consider the west coast trip to be a success. 4-3 is way better than I thought they'd do.

I don't think it would change how many of us feel about the team, though.

Still a non-contender, regardless of their record on this trip. 3-4, 4-3, whatever. This team will be out of contention before the ASB.

They're 2-3 on the road trip right now. They need to win the next to get to 4-3.

As bad as the Phillies were last season, they didn't hit 5 games below .500 until 12 June. This year's group has managed to do it twice by 10 May.

Trade. Them. All.

No one. Wants. Them. Andy.

"As bad as the Phillies were last season, they didn't hit 5 games below .500 until 12 June. This year's group has managed to do it twice by 10 May."

Is that true? Really? That's the most depressing thing I've read yet. I guess that we did ok last year until Doc got injured. If he hadn't been injured again this year, we might be doing better now.

Another depressing thing to realize, which I know has been mentioned before, is that last year we hoped that the offense would improve once Utley and Howard returned. Which it did, but...this year, we have them. And the offense is sputtering anyway, with no hope of anyone coming to help it.

I will be starting Cahill on my fantasy team and sit back and relax and watch Clone Wars on channel 69.

I was hoping the Phils would be +115 or +120 and I could take Lee as a nice value contrarily bet tonight.

Phils are +100 (even) though because Lee is on the mound. I would normally bet on Cahill but not at -115.

Fish though at +190 tonight with Slowey on the mound at Dodger Stadium? I'll take that instead.

Things will get better once Utley & Howard return & start taking all those ABs that have been going to Wigginton & Mini-Mart. Oh wait . . .

This is just a ridiculous column for start to finish.

"As of the July 31 trade deadline, Howard will have roughly $93 million left on his contract at the trade deadline, including a prorated salary of $8.3 million for the rest of 2013, a salary of $25 million in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and a $10 million buyout of an option after the 2016 season. The Phillies are unlikely to find a team willing to take on that kind of money for a 33-year-old player who posted a .253/.346/.488 batting line with 33 home runs the season before his Achilles' injury and who has a .270/.308/.492 line with six home runs this season.

Still, this isn't about money."

Whenever someone says 'it isn't about the money' that is exactly what it is about and really the only thing that matters.

Howard is simply untradeable and even if the Phils would try to replicate what the Red Sox did last summer who is trading partner that is going to take on Howard and Lee's contracts?

Ditto for people lamenting the trad of Victorino who got your Martin and got 3 yr/$39M. Amaro would have been ripped in a huge way if he had resigned Vic to that deal and rightly so.

The one trade you can maybe look back on and really second guess is moving Pence for Joseph and enabling the Phils to free up cash to trade for Young & sign Adams.

Phils really do miss a corner RH OF bat who has power and is an everyday player.

(MR: I. Knew. That. Already.)

It would be ideal to move Howard. I just don't see how the Phils do it even if they pare him with Lee. I am curious to see if when the Dodgers were linked to Lee last summer though that the Phils mentioned Howard. Never heard anything about it though but that doesn't mean it didn't get brought up.

I am not that crazy about moving Lee either. He's making a lot of money the next 2 years ($25M with a $12.5M buyout in '16). Limits the Phils potential trade partners and Lee has a pretty extensive no-trade list too. Makes me wonder what the Phils can get for him in return. Moving Lee just to move Lee's salary isn't a move that helps to make you competitive either.

The one area that jumps out to be next year is the $31M committed to Papelbon, Adams, and JRoll. Adams and JRoll also have it structured that if they reached certain milestones they get another year.

Galvis isn't going to give you JRoll's offense but if you wind up getting the JRoll of '09-'10 offensively (.248/.304/.406 with 14 HRs per 162 games) with this kind of mediocre JRoll defensively then it becomes a lot easier. Phils really don't take that much of an offensive hit and get a clear upgrade defensively at SS. Plus it clear $11M off the books and hopefully gives the Phils 1-2 prospects in return who are near MLB ready.

Rollins (PO), Utley (E), M. Young (GIDP), Howard (♿), D. Young (ϟϟ), Brown (⚀⚀), Ruiz (!1-4¡), Revere (∅), Lee (L).

Papelbon is the one guy I want this team to move in the worst way too even given how much their bullpen has struggled besides him since last year.

It is like buying a '03 Porsche 911 Carrera. Sure it looks sexy and still makes loud noises when you rev it up but it doesn't handle like it used to anymore either. Plus, your house is kind of falling apart since it needs a new roof, you could use new windows & a coat of paint, and the basement leaks.

He has also kind of red flags with his fastball velocity too. If Amaro could palm him off on some team even if he gets nothing in return, it would be a very good trade since the Phils get out of $13M next year and in '14 for essentially a ~1 WAR reliever.

Dave thread winner.

I've decided I really don't like the cardinals. Everything they touch turns to freaking gold. Their middling prospects become border line all-stars. They sign fringey starters, they become all-stars, their top prospects become all stars. It's so annoying.

"I've decided I really don't like the cardinals. Everything they touch turns to freaking gold."

Save for Ty Wigginton.

I completely agree, jbird. Even to have the balls to let Pujols walk after the WS, then sign Carlos Beltran who turns out to be a great player again. Even what they got out of Berkman, too, was great.

Depressing especially when you watch a Delmon Young at-bat.

Yeah, BAP, what a bizarre signing. Forgot about that.

On the pregame show, Salisbury said that Aumont might be the guy sent down on the 21st when they need to bring up a starter. No mention of Valdes, Horst or Durbin.

I mean...yeah, I'm done. I'm just done.

Aumont should be sent down. Durbin should be put down.

The man from Germantown is on a roll.

RickyBo agrees with that by the way. Also says that since Revere doesn't get on base, he should be benched for Mayberry.

Revere has a .440 OBP in his last 9 games. The last thing you want to do is bench him now. Why you would bench him, or any of these young guys, at this point, is pure stupidity. Yeah, send Aumont down and keep an old stiff like Durbin or Valdes in the bullpen. That's a great forward-thinking move. Bench Revere for the terrible John Mayberry.

They need to start thinking long-term, and RickyBo/MG is basically advocating knee jerk reaction for a team on the cusp of rebuilding. Glad he's not in the front office.

Manuel calling out the players for making millions of dollars and pressing at the same time? Not sure I buy that argument.

I wonder if it will get to the point in the next few months where Manuel says, 'How many times are you going to keep asking me why we aren't hitting? Look at the names. There's your answer. Same with the bullpen. Ask the GM that assembled the roster. All I can do is keep playing who he gives me.'


"Valencia. - Carlos "El Toro" Zambrano on Friday apparently signed an agreement with Major League Baseball's Philadelphia Phillies , as indicated by a source close to the organization.

The native of Puerto Cabello recently announced a deal with Long Island Ducks in the Atlantic League (an independent league in the United States) but this seems to be limited to paper after signing with the Phillies. "


Not much to say till game starts. Jimmy pop up, chase opposite field fly out, m young ground out to second, Howard k on change up in dirt, d young rf fly out, d brown single, Ruiz ground out to short, rev weak grounder to third.

Zambrano could give us another power option off of the bench.

Wait, Zambrano signed with the Phils? Huh?

Big Z could also be used to pinch run for D-Young.

Didn't BAP mention Zambrano as a possible fit a few days back?

If true, I find it hilarious and fitting. Might as well give it a shot. He immediately becomes the best RH option off the bench. As for his pitching, eh. He had a sub-3 ERA through 11 starts last year. Might be able to catch lightning in a bottle.

I'll believe it when I see a reputable news source report it.

But, yeah, I did mention him only because, when I called up the list of unsigned FAs, he seemed to be the most credible name on the list. That said, his strikeout totals have absolutely plummeted the last 2 years, & his fastball wasn't even reaching 90 last year. Not sure what's going on, but it seems like a reasonable, no-risk move which might even have a plausible upside (since he's only 31).

Things T-Mac/Wheels could record on a loop to say every game for the rest of the season:

"And that's an easy inning for *insert opposing pitcher's name here*"

"Howard swings at a breaking ball, and the inning is over."

"Here's Michael Young...that might be a double play. 6...4...3."

"That looked like a cutter that didn't cut."

"Delmon just missed getting to that ball in RF."

"He's got him picked off if Howard can make the throw...and it goes into left field."

"That's the risk you take when you play the no-doubles defense." (Wheels)

"The bullpen has struggled with inherited runners lately."

"Here's Jonathan Papelbon, who hasn't pitched in almost a week."

Ouch. Howard is 3 for 22...another "extended slump"

Things they won't have to record on a loop: "Ball 4, and Delmon Young is aboard with a walk."

Nice stroke by Brown. Is he in BABIP hell this season?

1st pitch swinging. Tired of this malarkey

Corn- .267. Career .269. In the minors it was always pretty well over .300.

These broadcasters have been trying exceptionally hard to get Howard charged w/ an Error. As if he's not having enough trouble w/ the whole hitting thing.

If Amaro can ship Papelbon back to Boston tomorrow and pick 1-2 good prospects in return, that is a deal I hope really gets made this summer.

There's Revere 'not getting on base' again.

Having Lee bunt is a waste.

It's unfortunate that they don't try to think a step ahead and have Lee fake a bunt at least once and give Revere the chance to steal 2nd. He doesn't need to be sacrificed over there. He can try to steal and then Lee can bunt him to 3rd.

Iceman - I said Revere should play because the Phils need to find out what they have with him and how he does over the course of the season as a everyday starter in CF.

Think he is miscast as a starter there defensively and offensively.

Same with Brown. He needs to play everyday too.

Separated at birth: Trevor Cahill & Mike Zagurski.

As for the Cards - you also forgot the Lazarus-type rise yet again for Carpenter and Garcia magically holding up.

MG- wait, are you saying that defensively he isn't even average? He's not good enough defensively to start in CF?

Just because he is fast doesn't make him a great defensive CF, especially when his arm is weaker then a flaccid penis

Bad routes, & a terrible arm. Revere should be in a corner spot, pref. LF, but his hitting makes that an impossibility.

There's Rollins' stolen base for the month.

Corn- yeah, flaccid arm aside, the idea that he can't start in CF because of his defense is laughable. Vic took some terrible routes and still managed to be a very good CF, arm or no arm.

They should just call it 'Phillies Fan Pack' Inning for the rest of the year.

I didn't mention his routes. He is weak on those too, late breaks, wrong angles which leads to him having to use his speed to make up for that.

Other then that he brings nothing. His arm is a liability for CF. Ill have Vic > Revere everyday when it comes to well..everything.

Vic had an average to above average arm in CF. Revere has one of the worst arms in CF in the last 20-25 years.

They should try Revere out at 2B. His arm isn't just bad for CF, it is bad for the entire OF.

He crow hops to the cut off on a routine fly

Zambrano report being denied by RAJ per Salisbury. Apparently they will be scouting him, but have not signed him.

r00b's words were "ridiculously premature", meaning "I'm definitely gonna sign him, & it pisses me off that you ruined the surprise."

Very nice move by Rollins on the catch & tag there.

MG- the last 20-25 years? Dude you are ridiculous and are just pulling stuff out of your a*s now.

I wanted to just mention what a smooth move it was in the top of the third to have Cliff Lee bunt Revere over to second. It paid off huge dividends.

Face it. Howard is not going anywhere and we have to witness this and his massive dead zone in the salary for a few more years.

Face it. Howard is not going anywhere and we have to witness this and his massive dead zone in the salary for a few more years.

Iceman - Revere has a worse arm than Pagan and anybody I can remember seeing the last few years with a really weak arm in CF. It's really bad.

"No strike out is a good strike out." Words of wisdom from Sarge and Tbg that are definitely more important than leaving space for the action on the field. Aaaugh!

Cody grand slam tonight and that dude we got for mike s has hit his 5th after being on DL. Martin pitched well tonight. System doing good tonight

Zambrano, of course, has 24 more career home runs than our current CF.

Wish more players would take Doms approach at the plate.

Hard luck Brown

From what I've seen in this series, both Goldschmidt and Gregorius look like future Gold Glove winners (provided Gregorius hits enough to stick as a starter).

Cliff Lee has to be quietly thinking how many zeros do I have to put up until these losers score a run.

Cliff Lee will shake it off the next time he's told to sacrifice bunt.

From the Spanish language news report
"pero ante la reciente lesión de Roy Halladay"

Wo, wo, wo, hold up there. Who you calling lesion?
I always thought Blanton was the lesion on the team.

I'm still struggling with resident genius aksmith's assertion from the last thread that Halladay should be DFA'd. I never dreamed he'd top his Mini-Mart idiocy.

Joe Blanton has more HR in the World Series than Revere has ever.

Phantastic Auction: Hall of Fame artist, Dick Perez Original Painting of Carlos Ruiz

One ugly oil painting and plus what does Dick Perez have on LeRoy Neiman. Nothing.

Refresh my memory; what was the Mini-Mart idiocy?

MG - The most telling part of that auction was the number of bids.

fire sarge dot com

When I said "trade them all," clearly I did not mean Cliff Lee.

FWIW - fangraphs says that Ben Revere has made more plays outside of a CF's normal zone than every CF in the majors except Carlos Gomez.

I feel like I can fall asleep in the 2nd inning and wake up in the middle of the 9th without missing a single offensive highlight most Phils games.

Wow. Ben Revere works a walk.

If they bunt instead of steal here, I'll throw up on my keyboard.

Fascinated by some of the items on here.

- No TMac or Wheels items.
- Dinner with Amaro trails Dinner with Cholly/Gargano and both beat David Montgomery.
- Utley is still smoking everyone.

Lee is a complete player I have to clean this up.

Must've bunted because it worked so well the first time.

Only item that doesn't have a bid is gold with Chris Stigall (a political hack-type show). No idea why that item is on here even though his show is on 1210.

A run!


Well. At least Cahill is decompensating.

Finally Jimmy, your pop up technique worked!

Holy mackerel

A manufactured run

Jroll. With a fly ball that was productive

The auction item I find most fascinating is a "Private Meet & Greet with Jonathan Papelbon". I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

$850 for dinner with Ruben. Can we start a fundraiser to send a SABR-educated individual to just destroy him the entire meal?

MG- I mean, yeah, his arm is horrible. We all knew it. It's bad. Really bad.

But you pulled that year range out of your a*s and you know it. Pierre played in CF. I don't even know how you'd quantify something like that. And even worse is that you've taken your fixation on Revere's defense to a new level- that he can't even start there. That's really, really stupid.

It's been easy to pile on Revere, despite the last 10 games where he's played pretty well. I wouldn't think you'd give in to some of the over-the-top stuff being said.

A walk, sacrifice bunt, wild pitch, & sac fly. Now, if they can just repeat that exact combination 5 times per game,they'll have an above average offense.

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