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Friday, May 10, 2013


"The Phillies have the third-worst on-base percentage out of the leadoff spot this season, at .268."

Now that is hard to believe - that there are two lower.

Sophist (last thread): On Schierholtz, I thought Amaro had said something specific after he non-tendered him about how they already had Nix. I always assumed they dumped him because they thought he was redundant and had money tied up in Nix for 2013.

Can't find the quote, though. Perhaps it was just something I assumed. But I agree with lorecorn that if Nix wasn't in the picture, Schierholtz would still be on the team.

If Tyler Cloyd faced the current phillies lineup, what would his line look like?

"Kennedy's problems this season have been caused almost entirely by walks."

I've got just the solution for him!

norbertods, you mean the first time facing them? CGSO would be a good bet.

They'd probably figure him out by game 3 or 4 though, and be good to put up a big 3 spot.

Under/Over on HRs allowed by Cloyd tonight:


I am taking the 'over' (purely fictional). I just hate this matchup tonight for the Phils.

'Feels Like a Loss'

Tyler Cloyd vs the Phillies:

Probably .500/.750/1.333 , going 2 for 3, 2 doubles, a K, and a walk.

(this is vs. Phillies pitching, you understand)

Kennedy is 2-1 against the Phils with a 2.42 ERA. At Chase Field he has 2ER in 17 IP against them (8 total base runners in those games) with 14 Ks.

This has the potential to be a game like we saw in Cleveland. Use the money that lorecorn got for you when he jinxed the team last night and put it all on a 'double or nothing' wager tonight, no matter how much of a favorite AZ is.

They lost their chance at possibly taking 3 of 4 last night with probably the most 'winnable loss' of the season. Any offense worth its salt scores more than 1 run in the 7th inning where they got 4 hits (oh sorry, Frandsen's "hit" was actually a fielder's choice because of Mayberry's stupidity) and every hitting match-up favored them because of Gibson's brain fart using a LH reliever. The RBI ground-out from Corbin was unacceptable and is entirely on the coaches for moronic decision to play the infield back in that situation. Then to top it off they laid down against the terrible Heath Bell in the 9th (have they ever scored a run against him?).

Now they'll be fortunate to get a split. They'll have to win Saturday and Sunday, though, because tonight's game will be about as non-competitive as you will see at this level in any major sport.

Is there anyway we can get Ryan Sweeney up here as a batting coach?

Now that MLB has promptly & appropriately disciplined an umpiring crew I realize I will never truly be satisfied until an umpire is publicly drawn & quartered.

Pedro's lucky midget: You could get Ted William's clone as the batting coach and it wouldn't make a difference. This offense is what it is. No amount of coaching could change the approaches of guys like JRoll or Howard.

nitpicker: Are you sure you wanna quit now? Because this team might only be 2-3 more hitting coaches away from '27 Yankees status.

Since seeing him play I have become a big Cameron Perkins fan. 0-1 as a ph last night was first hitless game in 2 weeks. Clearwater has the best OFers in the system. Of course that might not be saying much.

Perkins has been a nice surprise. He should be in Reading soon. Reading has Hewitt, Collier, Gillies, and Mitchell. None of those guys should hold up the progress of Perkins. He doesn't walk a lot, but he has been raking in Clearwater. Altherr and Franco have been overshadowing him a bit.

Doc a stand up guy. They don't make em like that anymore

Halladay just sought out reporters and apologized to fans for letting them down.

Anyone that criticizes this guy should be drawn & quartered. Class act.

Ryan Lawrence tweet:

Roy Halladay just spent 8 minutes apologizing to fans for the way he's pitched in last two years. He called media over to relay message.

Doc was told everyone likes him. His response: "If I paid $60 for tickets and the team was down 9-0 when I showed up, I wouldn't like me."

Halladay's apology is a good start. Now the pitching coach, manager & general manager need to follow suit by apologizing for gross failure to exercise proper oversight of a $60 million investment.

If Doc was really, truly sorry, he'd take a crack at pitching left handed and supplant Horst in the bullpen.

Adam Morgan is getting hit hard in his AAA start. He gave up a 3 run HR to Wil Myers. So far: 1.1 IP 5 ER.

Not sure I can echo Doc's sentiments. If you're showing up and it's already 9-0, what the hell are you so late for? Should have been there early enough to tailgate at the very least.

2008 draft was still decent but it would be nice if the Phils hadn't completely muffed the 1st round with Hewitt and Collier.

Collier is hitting a lusty .171 at Reading with 37 Ks in 117 Abs (with a sizzling .282 SLG).

Hewitt is at .235 with 0 HRs and 30 Ks in 88 ABs with a .358 SLG.

Reading roster had some legit positional talent at the end of last season for the first time in the couple of years but man are they pretty bad again this year to start the year.

Filled with minor league journeyman or guys who are busts as prospects including Valle, Hewitt, and Collier.

Only starter who has thrown well is Biddle (didn't see what happened after his start) and the only reliever who has pitched well is Robles (another non-prospect/talent).

Just a bad team that is has a lot of organizatinal filler at this point and minor league mercenaries/journeyman.

In fact, the only guy on the RPhils' roster right now who I think even can contribute in a meaningful way for the Phils is Biddle.

Not a good sign at all when you AA team is almost completely barren of talent with an older MLB roster.

Preacher: The parking fascists have pretty much killed tailgating in the stadium lots, & there's a limit to how far I'm willing to walk to watch these chumps.

Meanwhile, across the street in south philly, the hoops team nobody cares about just hired a guy, that according to a article, is a "moneyball" type GM. Not that the Phillies do or should pay attention to what awful NBA teams do, but I thought that was interesting.

The drafting over the past say 6 years has really hurt system. All those "toolsy" OF they all draft flat out suck.

I do think the Phils will completely alter their approach in 2-3 years after Amaro get canned, the team has signed their new TV deal, and the current ownership group cashes out.

Given Morgan's performance tonight, I think it's fair to say that Cloyd would have to stink it up pretty spectacularly in order to prove himself the wrong choice for tonight's start.

The Phillies new TV deal must be losing value by the day. Maybe they will continue trying to keep this team on life support just to maintain some leverage in those negotiations.

I love how Halladay feels like he has to apologize. Anyone from Philly who does not have blackness filling their hearts has had some of their best sports memories take place while this guy was on the mound. If anything, people who have criticized him (specifically those who booed him Sunday) should apologize to him for being ungrateful goons.

Not many athletes are wired like this. May not see another one put on a Phillies uniform in our lifetimes. I truly hope people that did nothing but complain through the golden era of this franchise did actually get a little bit of enjoyment from Halladay. Because if you didn't, you can't be helped.

MG sometimes i think RAJ keeps trying to find that Diamond in the Rough with some of these mercenaries/journeymen players.

Franco another double and ruf and Cody banging 2 hits a PC.

Pedro - Not at AA. They are just necessary to fill positional roster spots because the club hasn't developed anyone. Every club has some but it seems like Reading has had more than their share the last few years.

Two awesome stats:

1. Jeff Keppinger has an OPS+ of 6 this year (he got a 3 year deal...hilarious)

2. Adam Dunn has a .180 AVG with the White Sox in 1269 PA...good thing he's there for his defense.

Seidman: caught an episode of Phillies Nation on TCN, solid work. Jealous of a bunch of twenty somethings getting to talk phils on TV. Well done.

NEPP: Jeff Keppinger is Kevin Frandsen. He's an awful Kevin Frandsen in 2013, but they are basically the same player.

Yup...He's Kevin Frandsen making $4 million a year for the next 3 years.

thehook: are you watching the milb games are just refreshing the box scores? If watching, how?

NEPP, didn't DPat want to sign Keppinger, or am I confusing him with someone else?

Speaking of DPat, he's disappeared.

lore, you get get a Mil package on the internet.... I think.

Another interesting stat...remember Wilton Lopez? He's lost 2 mph on his fastball from last year and his SO/9 rate is way down (4.9 from 7.3)

Good thing we did a physical for once.

NEPP, yeah, and he's sporting 1.620 WHIP as well.

Way to work the pitcher J Roll

It's about damn time. I'm sick of him waiting for Fastballs & then not hitting them hard.

That should be the last run for a few innings. Doesn't take away the fact that Jimmy is sucking ass.


The level of sheer stupidity on this team is incredible.

Love the effort and all but damnit.

Chase Utley, you are the man!

89 mph down the middle of the plate?

Yeah, take those.

Unless the Howard shift has evolved when I wasn't paying attention, I don't think this is the normal shift that Arizona has been playing. That grounder that Howard hit yesterday was literally down the RF line & fielded on the ground by the 2nd baseman.


Alright, Dom! I had pretty much given up on getting any more Runs this inning after Utley's incident.

Whoa..2 runs. Ill be damned.
Nice Brown.

bap, its an extreme shift...basically its the "all in" shift. Teams have been using it more often the last year or so.

Utley has racked up his season's quota of dumbassed plays in 5 weeks.

Shoulda been a lot more runs that inning!

Did Laynce Nix die or are we never going to start him against a RHP ever again?

Oh, nevermind. Mayberry has an extremely meaningful 3 for 5 lifetime split vs. Kennedy.

Did Laynce Nix die or are we never going to start him against a RHP ever again?

Posted by: NEPP | Friday, May 10, 2013 at 09:53 PM

Hey, Mayberry has good numbers against Kennedy. He's a 3-5 against him. Talk about a small sample size...geeze.

Well, if Tyler Cloyd's control is like this, this will be a 10-run 1st inning.

Milb tv get lots of games

D. Young does not make that play.

Maybe that's why he's in RF...UC expecting lots of fly balls for some reason.

goal tending!

The ball is flyin there tonight.

Nix is 0 for 5 off Kennedy. CM doesn't believe in SSS.

I'm thinking we'll need about 24 runs to even stand a chance tonight, despite the 2-run first and smooth fielding.

Now wheels using "tilt" r u serious?

D. Young does not make that play.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Friday, May 10, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Mayberry usually doesn't make that play. He would normally bang his shoulder into the wall when he jumped and miss the ball.

Now wheels using "tilt" r u serious?

It's only a matter of time before TMac begins referring to himself as TCorn.

DBacks tv announcers are terrible. They make TMac sound good.

Or AAA berry would have fallen down and his shoelaces would have been tied together. I bet pat the bat is going to lay somethin down tonight for sure.

Wheels needs more time at telestrator school

What was that over/under on this game? I'll take the over -- even though I seriously doubt the Phillies will score another run.

Decent relay gets him easily.

Utley with a terrible throw.

In a shocking development, Tyler Cloyd sucks.

That's -2 for Utley tonight, that relay was weak.

So with 21pitches already, have we established tonight's plan for reliable middle inning relief?

Utley is already having a regrettable game.

I think the best case scenario for a Cloyd start is where he goes 5 and gives up 4ish runs.

He is not an MLB pitcher.

It's the little things. Chase knows that. I can understand trying to stretch the double into a triple. Not sure why the throw home was so high.

Tyler Cliyd is pathetic

I love Chase Utley but I'd be very leery of giving him a 3-4 year deal this off-season.

The history of 2B aged 35 and over is not pretty.

Jimmy ties Brady Anderson for 4th all time on the leadoff HR list with 44.

When I watch Ben Revere, really the last thing that comes to mind is "slap hitter."

I can understand trying to stretch the double into a triple.

Posted by: GBrettfan | Friday, May 10, 2013 at 10:07 PM

Rule of thumb is, you never make the first or the third out at third base. Once he hesitated, he should never have gone.

Iceman, I love your 8:34 post. I love Doc, love what he did. He didn't need to. I feel for him, wish him nothing but the best.

Screw-ups like the base running thing are twice as irritating when Utley is the offender of record because you know he knows better.

Great analysis by Murphy and the Phils announcers. The single laziest piece of sports analysis, bar none, is the idea that players need to be more "consistent."

The Phillies offense doesn't need to be more "consistent." It needs to be better.

Who would have thought that the Nats would have a lower OBP from the leadoff spot that the Phils.

Roy Halladay is a louse, a legend in his own mind who overstayed his welcome.
If anybody needs me, I will be cleaning out the drain in clout's hot tub.

Mike G: Those stats were to leadoff an inning. From the leadoff spot only the Marlins have a worst OBP than the Phillies, the Nats are actually 5th overall.

Rollins has 2 hits tonight.

He must have read BL and taken to heart all the criticism about him sh8tting the bed lately.

They shoulda left Murphy in that kayak in the cove.

Bill Conlin, will you be asking young female family members to help you?

GBrett, I love doc too,and hope he makes it back to pitch this year, and pitches well.

Would it be something if he does, is effective again, and is the difference in making the postseason?

that would be cool.

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