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Thursday, May 23, 2013


It will be interesting to see who they bring up. I suspect that it will be Josh Fields.

***Any chance those Maple Wind dogs make it south to Boston area?

Posted by: joe l | Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 08:54 PM***

Probably no chance...its a local CSA that does farm shares in the Chittenden county part of VT. The hot dogs are sold at local farmers markets and they'll throw in a bag of them sometimes when you order pork or beef from them. They're ridiculously good though.

There are a few good hotdog places in the Boston area...I cant recall the names of them specifically but I remember them from when I lived there (they were on Phantom Gourmet too IIRC)

Kunzlers makes a good hd. my fav way to consume it is boiled, with kraut and yellow mustard on a soft roll.

Weaver Markets in Adamstown, Lac. Co. PA is serving 25 cent hot dogs, probably Kunzlers, Sat. from 11-3.

Odds on Josh Fields?

Fairfield CT has a few famous hotdog joints. Rawley's and Super Duper Weenie are both fantastic.

... but I wouldn't say that either is exactly worth the 2 hour drive from Bahsten.

Josh Fields at AAA
.300, 5 Doubles 3 HR in 100 AB

Who they bring up? That's easy Martinez Charlie likes him best.

F this. I am moving to rural PA for the hot dogs.

I'm thinking Ruf is the fav. I'd go Cesar about 20% and Fields 10%

Sad Jersey Guy: sounds like you've had a Homer Simpson type epiphany: "That's it! You people have held me back long enough. I'm going to clown college!"

Aumont optioned to AAA. Utley on DL.

I predict Stutes recalled and Cesar Hernandez making MLB debut.

can fields play first base? i'd rather see fields at 3rd where we need power. reading his wiki article, he's not really had that much opportunity.

unless 40 games in japan count.

Fields had played 1b all year in minors

Carson: Being late to the party is MY job here on BL!

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 3m
Martinez or Orr likely to fill bench spot

My guess is Orr gets the gig.

Serious Gbrett why dont they get a look at the Hernandez kid. I didnt bash on Mini Mart like most but last time i checked he was batting .200

thanks, lorecorn.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 3m
Martinez or Orr likely to fill bench spot
Posted by: GBrettfan | Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 10:03 PM

It was funny when I did it...this is just cruel

From Salisbury's piece on

The team will add a player to the roster to replace Utley before Friday night’s game in Washington. Michael Martinez and Pete Orr, both utility infielders at Triple A, are logical candidates to fill a spot on the bench while Freddy Galvis moves into Utley’s starting role.

Orr, a late cut in spring training, has been an injury replacement with the big club the last two years. He is primarily a second and third baseman, but can play some outfield. Martinez plays second, short, third and outfield. His speed and versatility could help his chances.

It does not appear as if the Phils will bring up outfielder/first baseman Darin Ruf or second baseman Cesar Hernandez at this time. The team wants both to play regularly.

Orr is batting .245 AVG with a .290 OBP...he'll fit right in.

Even Salisbury touts Mini-Mart's "speed and versatility".

You know how the team is about bringing up guys who are developing to play the bench. They'd rather they play every day, as per the above.

Sorry, NEPP - You gave me a scare last night, and now I'm giving you one! At least, as you said, you were joking!

Silver lining? It's for a bench spot.

Excuse my unclear sentence construction. I don't mean to make it sound like the Phillies are cultivating bench players, but rather that they don't want to mess with the development of someone by bringing him up for a bench role when he could play every day in the minors.

MM will be the DH in Boston. Book it.

Mini Mart!

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 5m
I'm in the IronPigs clubhouse. Michael Martinez is coming to philly to fill utley's spot. He's excited. #Phillies

David Murphy ‏@HighCheese 4m
Phillies announce Michael Martinez will be promoted. Yay!

Get well SOON, Chase!

David Murphy ‏@HighCheese 1m
Michael Martinez, further eroding the notion of sports as meritocracy

NEPP, I blame this one on you. r00b saw that fake Gelb tweet of yours and either thought it was a great idea because he's a clown or because he wanted to eff with BL.


This is what we get for talking about hot dogs all day.


I know that BL just got into the parody/mock tweet scene but really who has been called up, acquired, let go, etc?
Please spare us the "hahha omg minimart hahahaha" and deliver actual information.

I bet this is a manifestation of the BAP theory: that the Phillies don't want to risk losing a decent player like Josh Fields after 15 days via the waiver wire, so they call up a worse player who either has options or is more likely to clear waivers.

Which is insanely stupid, of course, but maybe not quite as bad as thinking Michael Martinez is the best man for the job.

So no Cesar b/c they want him to play everyday...

...since, you know, with our 2b on the DL, there's no way the AAA 2b could play everyday. Impossible. (rolls eyes.)

I would call this shocking incompetence, but it no longer qualifies as shocking.

Although Pete Orr is a far more accomplished hitter than Martinez (damning with faint praise) and would probably clear waivers too. I guess we need an emergency third CF and third SS.

Mini mart struck gold landing with the Phillies. Nowhere else in the world could he have made MLB minimum salary

On a related note, Stanford just recalled Rube's diploma.

DH: i agree, that must be their thinking. The silver lining would be for another team to claim mini-mart, but of course, no other GM is that stupid.

I was gonna skip my nightly beer, but now i need 1 or 2 dozen.

Odds of Martinez being in tomorrow's starting lineup?
With his noted VERSATILITY he could be at any of 6 defensive positions and if Revere is in the game the pitcher could bat 7th, Revere 8th and MM 9th.
ps Chicago has the best hot dogs.

Someone said it right- how can Salisbury tout MM's "versatility"? Is he paid to be the FO's PR guy?

Im not sure if it's the waiver issue so much as it is the fact that they've convinced themselves they need two utility infielders at all times.

I quit. And the Phillies can suck my cock.

Proof that RAJ reads Beerleaguer and likes to f$%k with people.

How can anyone actually back Rube as a legit GM anymore is beyond me.

This Martinez call up is nauseating. My senses were firmly grounded when I called this a 68-win team.

Thanks to DH for his brave speculation "...I guess we need an emergency third CF and third SS."

Go get 'em RAJ. Beyond pathetic.

So who gets booted from the 40-man roster to make room for Mini-Mart or were they already under 40?

Under his contract can the Phillies somehow transform Mini Mart into the cortisone needed for Howard's knee without having him on the 25-man roster? If he's so versatile, surely........

I hope Charlie uses him everyday in every position possible just as a big F U to Amaro.

So stupid. Beyond ridiculous.

We knew 3 moves in a row was impossible. Rube tour talent evaluation is as bad as your contract skills. Leaves a lot to be desired you smug prick. Mini mart couldn't even make Astros or marlins team. And for some reason mini mart is here. Does he have Picts of you or texts or emails.

I'm convinced that the Phillies are actually TRYING to alienate their fan base, drive down attendance, and lower overall interest in the team.

Basically, I don't see how this isn't the plot of "Major League" playing out in real life.

What is this I don't even.

Although it would seem to bear out my theory that Amaro is terrified of losing players to waivers. Pretty sure MM has at least one option left.

Wait a second. These aren't fake tweets?

I think I've officially reached the point where I want RAJ to go full-on fire sale. Not because we need to cut bait and get younger talent, but because there's a lot of really good dudes on the roster that deserve to play for organizations that can tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

I just took a break for an hour and came back to this absolute nonsense. Seriously!?!? We have the likes of Hernandez and Ruf who should be given a chance on the big stage, if for no other reason than to determine how they will fare. This is the chance minor leaguers wait for, hoping their performance is rewarded. And there are also guys like Orr who, while not prospects, are at least more deserving.

Yet Roob chooses to bring up the player who literally has become a joke, not only on BL but also among general fandom and even the beat writers.

If this is true (and it still has to be a giant joke), how must the others feel who would have loved a shot? And why the heck go with someone we know has no upside and leave others who just may make the adjustment better than expected? (Exhibits A and B - The Bone and Cloyd) That would serve the purpose of taking stock of what we have for the future.

I was set to go to sleep but this craziness is insomnia producing.

And people wonder why Phillies fans are so tsundere.

it's harshing my harold lloyd buzz, for sure.

Confirmation on CSN Philly.

To replace Utley on the roster, the Phillies have purchased the contract of Michael Martinez from Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Martinez will serve as a utilityman to fill a spot on the bench while Freddy Galvis moves into Utley's starting role. Martinez has spent parts of the last two seasons with the big club, appearing in 45 games last year and 88 games in 2011 and is valuable more for his versatility and speed than his bat. He holds a .188 career average, but he can play second base, third base and shortstop, as well as all three outfield positions.

Let's look at the bright side: thank God Freddy Galvis is hitting, because if he wasn't, there's no guarantee Martinez would be gone in 2 weeks.

Utter incompetence. This is the FO that will rebuild your franchise Phillies fans.

Cesar Hernandez leads the Pigs in games played, AVG, BB, SB, runs scored, triples, total bases and OBP. Given all of that, it's now clear to me why he didn't get called up to fill in for Utley. Besides that, he's a switch hitter. Also not a good thing. The only thing MM has more than Hernandez is errors.


It got a little crazy there for a while, but I think it's over.

Finally, after five years, the Phillies we all knew and loved for most of our lives are back. I, for one, couldn't be happier.

If we play 25 MMs, we'll definitely get the next Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper.

A joke about jumping the shark comes to mind.

There's no longer any black and white with Amaro. It's one of two things: either A) He has absolutely no interest in putting the best possible team on the field, in which case he is a terrible GM, or B) He actually thinks Martinez deserves to be on the MLB roster, in which case it only further confirms his awful eye for talent, meaning he's a terrible GM.

There is no justification for this move. None. The franchise is in trouble until this guy fails enough that they have no choice but to fire him.

Fire RAJ. Now.

Mini-Mart's current slash line at LHV: .226/.297/.274.

It is time to flood WIP when he is taking calls

Mini Mart is leading Lehigh in errors. Probably has booted balls at several different positions, showing his great "versatility". Hard to be below league average at several positions. Mini can do that.

And you don't hit 9th for a AAA team, without being a valued stick and key offensive cog.

And people wonder why there are thousands of empty seats now at games? Keeping guys in the bullpen with ERA's over 8 and having Mike Martinez on a big league roster for the 3rd (or 4th???, I've lost count now) season is a big reason why apathy is spreading.

Maybe JC Ramirez can get promoted next. His ERA is only over 7. Bring him up, Roob.

This makes it really hard to be a fan. I'm simultaneously sick and angry. I need to re-evaluate my priorities because this is affecting me too much.

break out the cold sore salve. the herpes is active again.

Jack, I was thinking the same thing...

In fact, screw Ryne Sandberg, lets just see Desi Relaford as the next manager and quit pretending the Phils are something they're not.

Hernandez 44 G, 173 AB. 27 R, 54 H, 5 2B, 6 3B, 2 HR, 18 RBI, 77 TB, 19 BB, 30 SO, 12 SB, 2 CS, .378 OBP, .445 SLG, .312 AVG, .823 OPS, 5 E

Martinez 32 G, 109 AB, 11 R, 26 H, 3 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR, 13 RBI, 31 TB, 10 BB, 21 SO, 4 SB, 2 CS, .306 OBP, .284 SLG, .239 AVG, .590 OPS, 6 E

JDF gets promoted from LV to 8th-inning setup guy. Mini-Mart doesn't even merit an everyday job in LV, but bypasses all the starters there to become the 25th man on the Phils.

My head hurts.

It is embarrassing to go to Washington with MM in our lineup. Phillies pride? No more.

This may be the only move made by RAJ that has not one supporter. Usually fans disagree on moves, but the disgust here will be unanimous among both casual and hard-core fans.

"Martinez has spent parts of the last two seasons with the big club, appearing in 45 games last year and 88 games in 2011 and is valuable more for his versatility and speed than his bat. He holds a .188 career average, but he can play second base, third base and shortstop, as well as all three outfield positions."

I don't even think Mini's agent could write something like this without laughing. Here is the real writeup:

Martinez has somehow, managed to spend parts of the past two seasons for a supposed "top level" major league franchise. We still haven't figured out what he actually brings to a baseball team, but I am sure whatever it is, he does a hell of a job. His career average on Thursday afternoon day games, started by Kyle Kendrick and when the game-time temperature exceeds 90 degrees, is .295 And he earned this current promotion by leading his AAA team in errors (while playing over 10 fewer games then most) and hitting a hard .239 with several solidly hit groundouts to 2nd base.

When asked to comment on Martinez's latest promotion, Phillies manager (for now) Charlie Manual said, "Ohh, cripe! He's back??? Are they trying to get my big country ass fired??"

So, just to recap:

- minor league slash of .226/.297/.274
- documented history of being likely the worst player in MLB (yet, inexplicably retained)
- leading the AAA team in errors, despite his "versatility"
- numerous more worthy call-up options
- a team badly in need of some actual offense
- not even on the 40 man roster

There you have it folks. Any room left on the Kansas City bandwagon?

I'm not sure when Amaro will get fired from the Phillies.

But I am fairly confident he will never get another GM job.

Wonder if he'll still unbutton his jersey halfway down his chest.

Apropos that he comes back just in time for the Nat series, what with Nats being the team that gladly let him go via Rule 5. That's what we need, just one more reason to be their red-headed step-child.

I defy any single poster on this site, even the trolls who like to just create chaos, to find a single reason why Michael Martinez should get this call up.

What should've been a ridiculous joke is now a harsh reality. I can't fathom a universe in which bringing up Michael Martinez to any MLB roster, anytime (including late year roster expansion), anywhere in the history of major league baseball would seem like a sane thought.

Rube is a troll of the highest order. And becaise he's on the roster, he will get playing time. As usual. What a silly, sad situation.

Here's a little side note. The 30 year old known quantity Michael Martinez was called up on the still developing Cesar Hernandez' 23rd birthday. (Born 5/23/1990)

On the positive side maybe he can stop the use of Cliff Lee as a pinch runner.
That's all I got.

I wish it was as simple as hoping Amaro gets fired, but they'll likely just replace him with the equally dumb but less visible Scott Proefrock.

The front office crapping all over its fan base. This must be what it feels like to be a Marlins fan. This blows.

We called the worst player in the major leagues up because we needed to fill the role of backup utility infielder.

Maybe they're giving MM one more shot and if he performs poorly, they will simply release him rather than DFA him.

Forgive me for trying to make sense out of this.

It takes a lot to make the team's current batting average seem good by comparison. This move accomplishes that.

What unmitigated gall.

The only way this makes sense is if the Phil's are terrified to start any of tthe clocks on their real prospects.

Ok, forget it, even that explanation doesn't make sense.

Wouldn't they want to see a little bit of what Hernandez might be capable of to help them decide if he might be their second baseman of the future?

Help me here guys.

Frandsen has all of 33 at bats this season and has appeared in the field in 9 games. The Phillies are essentially wasting a roster spot to fill the Frandsen role of almost unused utility infielder. A logical manager would make even less use of Mini Mart than of Frandsen. But since it's Mini Mart playing for Manuel, he will mysteriously get much more playing time than Frandsen has so far this season.

Pete Orr does the same thing as Mini Mart, but better.

No one would be inspired much by a Pete Orr call up. And yet, Mini Mart is so bad, he makes calling up Pete Orr seem like trading for Justin Upton by comparison.

Even when they removed him from the 40-man roster, I was under no illusions that we were rid of Mini-Mart forever. But, after all the Beerleaguer angst about him, I actually thought I'd feel more amused than angered when the day arrived for Mini-Mart to be recalled. Now that it has happened, I realize how wrong I was. I couldn't be more infuriated.

Preach on, Willard.

This hurts as badly as a playoff loss if not worse. It's a rent in the fabric of the fan-team relationship, and just so obviously wrong. It's antithetical to much of what I hold as important as a person as well as the standards by which I try to live in real life: logic, rationality, openness, equality in process if not outcomes, out-thinking opponents, etc.

My dad gave up on the Eagles when they signed Vick and hasn't watched a game since.

This is different, but is it that different?

Alright guys. RAJ obviously still sees the Phils as buyers at the deadline and doesn't want other clubs to see our real "prospects" fail in the majors.

For some reason, they must really want Galvis to play every day at second in Utley's absence and didn't want to call up Hernandez to sit on the bench. Hence, they called up MM. Why him instead of Orr? I don't know.

Cholly's Sunday Lineup versus Strasburg:

1. Mini Mart, SS
2. Revere, CF
3. Del. Young, RF
4. Big Peace, 1B
5. Dom Brown, LF
6. Galvis, 2B
7. Frandsen, 3B
8. Quintano, or Keentaro, or however you say it, C

9. Hamels

Cole will announce retirement shortly before first pitch.

That line up has triple play multiple times written all over it

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