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Thursday, April 18, 2013



bap: no surprise that someone who discounts scouting reports for yesterday's box scores wouldn't think that bouncing a player 3 levels in 12 months is a bad idea.

There's more to developing a player than simply counting his success at the end of the season. He should have been back in Reading and continued to concentrate on hitting for more power.

Asche is a good hitter, so just because he's got off to a slow start doesn't mean he can't overcome it, just think it was unwise to move him up already.

I'm not completely giving up on this season yet. With the 2nd wild card, anything is possible. Pitching will improve. Ruiz will come back. Delmon Young will not out perform Nixberry, but he might out perform Brown (though I still hold out hope for a return of the Domonator).

Getting neutered by Ricky Nolasco, Kevin Slowey, Bronson Arroyo, and Mike Leake (with decent outings by Fernandez and Bailey in between) just screams for this lineup to shell Adam Wainwright, doesn't it?

Wainwright will be knocked out in the 1st inning after giving up 17 ER.

Write it down.

Maybe the yanks can DFA ben francisco and his -6 OPS+ in time for Garcia's start.

Just get me to the plate, boys.

From last thread:

NEPP: Since Guy LeChair and Utley's Lawn Chair are brothers affiliated with the Phillies, I can only assume that there is a 3rd sibling in the Chair clan out there with hall of fame level talent.

Posted by: jbird | Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Johnny Bench?

Kyaaa~! It's Mikey M~~~~~~~!

Oliver Settee resents your overlooking of his prodigious production.

Wasn't the last series pretty good evidence that quoting a pitcher's previous stats against a team is pointless?

Lannan to the 15-day DL with a strained quad tendon in his left knee.

Time to roll the dice with Morgan and see what he has.

Have they called anyone up?

Glad the one true attribute that Lannan brought ot the club (his sparkling health track record) took all of 2+ weeks to go down the drain.

If it's a strained quad, I wouldn't be too worried.

Heck, perhaps we can even conveniently blame his first poor performance of the season on it.

Good thing I just refilled the tractor's gas tank! Here I come!

***Heck, perhaps we can even conveniently blame his first poor performance of the season on it.


We can also blame any subsequent issues he has this year on the fact that he's clearly playing hurt.

Its win-win.

Michael Stutes' inning today:

Solo homerun, double, single, RBI double, WP (run scores), RBI double. The good news is that he retired the side after that.

Tough or not these guys aren't hitting anyone.

Any word on Brown yet? Did he tweak his groin going the bathroom when he got up this morning?

"The good news is that he retired"

Ahh well. I wish him well in this next ende....

Oh I hadn't finished reading. Damn.

BAP: So you're saying he's an upgrade over Durbin?

No call-up yet. Series with Cards: 1-3, maybe 2-2.

'Oh my GOD! That music (some sh~tty country song)! It's Roy Oswalt warming up in the bullpen!

Durbin turned the corner last night, I'm confident.

He won't allow another earned run until he does.


Adam Morgan's not even on the 40-man roster. He could easily be added, though, since there's plenty of dead wood on the 40-man. Unfortunately, much of that dead wood is also on the 25-man roster.

"The Cards are also struggling at the plate, slugging just six points higher than the Phillies with an identical 34 walks."

This is good news. Doesn't mean their bats won't break out or that we'll win if they don't, but there may be a sliver of hope for the series.

Would Adam Morgan be ready in time for the next 5th starter spot? Or should we expect Cloyd or Ethan Martin to arrive? Still waiting on word about Brown to. I imagine he'll be "unavailable" for 2-4 days before they decide to DL him.

BAP: I can't decide if your comment is comedic or tragic.

Another "Fun Note" is that we have a starting regular non-pitcher whose batting average is equal to his slugging percentage. That's a piss poor stat. Here's a clue: He leads off.

I would rather they didn't sign Roy O if only so I wouldn't have to watch 2 of the "Phour Aces" hobble out there as shadows of their former selves all the while embodying all that went wrong over the last 3 years.

Morgan started today, so he's one day behind Lannan.

jbird: It's a tragicomedy, like Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure."

Jack: And there are no off days coming up. So scratch Morgan. Sadly, it will probably be Cloyd or an either bigger stiff like Rosenberg. Or maybe the Phillies will opt for another one of those bullpen games, since they worked out so well last year.

I believe Jim Davenport was some relative to the Chair Clan.

Man where is Drew Carpenter when you need that clutch spot start??!

Word is Revere will be batting 7th tonight.

Oh come now, it's far closer to The Merchant of Venice.

Rollins, Galvis (LF), Utley, Howard, M.Young, Mayberry, Revere, Kratz, Hamels

Revere 7. Ok, Chuck...getting closer.

Rollins leadoff. Galvis in LF, batting 2nd. Revere batting 7th.

Brown's injury allows Charlie to keep "speed" in the 1-2 spots, & still drop Revere.

They will likely call up a bullpen guy for the next few days until Lannan's start is near.

Galvis is starting over Carrera in the OF because...

Mind you, I'm not praising Zeke or any such thing, but at least he's accustomed to playing out there.

Carerra gets a nickname? Zeke?

There was a Johnny Couch who pitched in Philly 1923-1925. He, as one would expect, wasn't very good as, being associated with the Phillies, he was another "Wrong Brother".

Just watched Savery throw an inning against the Pawsox. Struck out two and a week grounder to short. It appears his slider is improved, but he still has a mediocre fastball. I don't see his stuff working above AAA. And yet, he hasn't give up a run all season.

Would have liked to see him against Big Papi on his rehab, but he was already out of the game.

I wonder when the Phils found out Lannan would be on the DL, because they could have let Morgan throw an inning, then pitch in Lannan's place in four more days. Of course, there's no urgency because there are lots of great pitchers just biding their time in Lehigh Valley.

I guess Cholly thinks Carrerra is pretty useless too. Sadly I can't disagree.

Utility IF playing the OF! Mayberry against a righty!

Charlie is breaking out all the greatest hits tonight. This one could be special.

They'll go with a known entity like Cloyd or Rosenberg. Don't hold your breath for anyone else.

Galvis in LF? Sure, why not. Its not like its that hard to play LF.

Lineups like that make me want to turn the page. At least it's entertaining. The wrong kind of entertainment, really.

I believe "Merchant of Venice" does have a much higher WARP (Wins Above Replacement Play) than does "Measure for Measure".

I'm amazed that Joe Savery is still in the organization.

Pretty sure Adam Morgan threw about 100 pitches today. He's not subbing in for Lannan next week.

I also hear the "Merchant of Venice" is one of Delmon Young's favorites. It's between that and "Springtime for Hitler".

I'm wondering if Michael Young has ever played the outfield. Seems like Galvis at third base with the lefty on the mound would be a smarter choice.

However, when you look at it rationally, what's the freaking difference?

I am clamoring for a Rodrigo Lopez start.

Travis D'Arnaud broke his foot. Phillies prospects are snake-bitten.

The fact that our manager would play his utility IF in LF over Carrerra, the hypothetical 5th OF, tells you all you will ever need to know about his opinion of Carrerra as a useful player.

Carrerra will NEVER get any meaningful playing time.

I dont really disagree with not playing Carrerra but it is pretty obvious what UC thinks of him.

There is another possibility too: UC simply forgot about Carerra or isn't sure what "the new bat boy's" name is so he went with Galvis instead.

Galvis is in there because he actually has a few hits within Manuel's memory window.

Travis D'Arnaud broke his foot. Phillies prospects are snake-bitten.

Posted by: Sophist | Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 03:09 PM

Are they serving Malk instead of Milk in the Phillies minor-leagues? What's up with all our current and former prospects getting odd injuries like this?

Not only is Savery in the organization, he's on the 40 man roster.

Oh, and Stutes shipped the bed, and is the pitcher of record in line to get the win if the Piggies hold on. I suppose that's production.

aksmith - I would rather see Savery right now than Valdes.

It should be noted that Roy Oswalt also has LF experience.

Sophist: No, see, it's just incentivizing our current prospects.

Don't progress quickly enough? We'll trade you for MLB-ready players, then you'll get injured and never amount to anything and your career will be over (and since we got you right out of HS, you won't have that college degree to fall back on)!

Morgan pitched today? If so, why would the Phillies allow that? Feels like yet another in a long line of calling-upon-the-wrong-guy organizational moves is about to occur.

The fact that our manager would play his utility IF in LF over Carrerra, the hypothetical 5th OF, tells you all you will ever need to know about his opinion of Carrerra as a useful player.

To me, it tells you everything you need to know about our FO and their ability to put a competitive, complete roster together with $180M.

Savery will never amount to anything.

GTown, they let Morgan throw because it doesn't matter who pitches with the big club. You can't win games 0 -1.

***To me, it tells you everything you need to know about our FO and their ability to put a competitive, complete roster together with $180M.***

It also does that...very true.

NEPP - Yep, Malk and marijuana apparently.

Actually, if there was any question that Lannan might go on the DL, it would have been very easy to hold Morgan today and have him pitch tomorrow at the Bank. But since Rube has apparently been reading BL, and given up on the season, that wasn't an option.

Joe D.: You make a compelling argument. I guess you're not sold that the upgrade from a .242 OBP leadoff hitter to a .283 OBP leadoff hitter will set the offense ablaze?

Rube will go into super-troll mode and recall Michael Martinez and just go with an 11 man staff.

GTown: I think we all know that Jimmy will hit even better now that he's back in his "natural" slot in the lineup.

Of course, that said, I do think this was the right move within the constraints of our current roster.

Sophist - Savery is filler but I would take a gamble that he gives you an upgrade over what Valdes has provided so far which is nothing. Bar is set pretty low.

Nah I don't think so GTown but it should sell a few more tickets.

Galvis is this year's Michael Martinez, Cholly's 'play him anywhere' guy. Thankfully, even if he hits less than .250 it will still be a massive improvement.

Considering Lehigh Valley is currently playing in Pawtucket, it would be logistically hard for them to get someone at the game tonight.

So there's not going to be a move until after the game tonight, right?

Don't kill me but I actually hope Michael Martinez does somehow get called up. It will at the very least add some comedic value.

lorecore, BAP: Franco is a better prospect than Asche.

Did I miss something happening to Laynce Nix? The Mayberry thing is confusing enough, but what possible reason could there be for Galvis starting in LF over him? Is Charlie under the impression Adam Wainwright is left-handed?

Ah yes, the checking of stubhub for seats on gameday and the sad realization that your team is going in the wrong direction. A national pasttime.

***So there's not going to be a move until after the game tonight, right?***

It makes sense to play with a 23 man roster (Brown also being unavailable obviously). Its not like they haven't before. Add in Carrerra and the backup catcher and its really a 21 man roster given how UC manages.

Fun times.

Jack: You made a fair point earlier. Predictions should take in account injuries.

So let's take your 80 win prediction as the baseline. I'll take the over, you can have 80 wins or less.


I think NEPP is correct when he wrote, "There is another possibility too: UC simply forgot about Carerra or isn't sure what "the new bat boy's" name is so he went with Galvis instead."

Cholly can speak Japanese, but his Spanish must be bad. He couldn't remember Carrea's name. Cholly probably doesn't even know who he is. When behind closed doors in his office, Cholly wonders where is his Mini Mart.

DHPhils: Obviously, it's so that we can carry the threat of Laynce Nix off the bench to win it for us in extras.

With apologies to Bittel.

Sophist: $180,000,000 doesn't buy what it used to, huh?

They really don't need to replace the SP right away. The real question is what happens with Brown? And will we score any runs tonight?

lorecore, BAP: Franco is a better prospect than Asche.

Posted by: clout | Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 03:19 PM

Did either of them argue it the other way?

Also, Cody Asche has "Jason Donald 2.0" written all over him.

NEPP: Well, it's also less than 21 when you consider that there's no way Halladay, Lee, or Kendrick are going to appear in the game.

NEPP - It's rididculous how often this team plays 1-2 players down the last few years.

I have never seen another MLB team (especially an NL one) employ such a bizarre practice.

Sophist: It increasingly appears that the GM assembles a roster w/ no concern for how his field manager is almost certain to use it, & the field manager manages w/ no regard for how the GM supposes said roster might be best employed -- in essence, that there's a definite disconnect between the two. What's your take?

(Keep in mind, I'm not attacking Charlie here. I think this roster is crap no matter what you do w/ it. That there's a lack of congruity between r00b/FO & Charlie/players & coaches has seemed likely to me for awhile now, though.)

They should call up Tyson Gillies and his sparkling .111 AVG to replace Brown if he goes on the DL.

Maybe the Twins will undo the trade and Vanimal can take Lannan's place in the rotation. They could even keep Trevor May.

Brown was having an MRI today on his back.

Is RoLo even still on the roster? I thought he got dumped...

aksmith: Young played 2 games in the OF in the minors.

Oh wow Gillies is really raking down there. Atta boy.

Brown MRI was negative. Says he feels fine. Thinks he can play tomorrow, says even if his back is acting up a little bit, it's not like he needs to be at full strength to go 0-4 with an error.

Sorry, made the last part up.

I hope that back issue doesn't impact Brown's power. Oh wait, what's that? He doesn't drive the ball? Oh, I'm sorry.

Zolecki: "Brown said he is fine. Got an x-ray. Came back negative. No MRI. Felt fine swinging bat. Hopes to be back in lineup tomorrow."

Classic. Why bother w/ an MRI when you can sit on the bench but be unavailable to play for an indeterminate amount of time?

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