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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The argument right now with D. Young is this:

Is he an upgrade over a marginal player like Carrera? The answer is 'yes' because the more I look at Carrera and the more he sucks.

He's another guy who is fast but is not a particularly adept basestealer (career 77% rate in the minors and 75% in the majors). He also really is a huge defensive liability in CF too.

So basically he is a really fast guy who can play 2 corner OFs at a below average-average level? Delmon Young is a limited player but he is better than that.

I've been pleased to see M. Young heat up. If he can continue to hit, it can only help Howard ahead of him, right?

"Young said they talk as a group before every game about what their focus is going to be. Tuesday's message was energy."


(If you watch the video in that link, Cliff Lee talks about how the NL lets you be a baseball player v. just a pitcher, not only batting but fielding bunts from opposing pitchers.)

Wheels made a comment last night that when M. Young is going you see his power really show to RF and right CF.

It was right after the HR that M. Young hit and it was one of Wheels better comments of the night.

It was really positive to see Young finally show a little power. I didn't doubt he would hit for a moderate average (.270-.280) but the question is how much gap power he had left & would he rebound from last year.

Polanco actually isn't out to a bad start with the Fish:

7-29 (.310) with steady defense. I just wonder if he can avoid a lengthy DL stint again and actually show any power. He only has 1 XBH so far (1 double).

Guys we don't have to worry about Delmon Young. Someone told JMJ it's July 2011.

" Ben Revere is 1-for-7 with a walk and two strikeouts in the first inning this season. It's a shame he hasn't been able to get on with regularity, because Jimmy Rollins is 4-for-8 in his first at-bat of games."

C'mon, Corey, not to bust your chops, but are you really gonna piss and moan about a 7 PA sample size?

Oops, I posted to fast.

I meant an 8 PA sample size.

"too" fast...

It's kind of funny that Utley is being lauded for his base stealing acumen on a day when he was picked off and got lucky that the first baseman made an awful throw.

He is indeed possibly the best baserunner I've ever seen when it comes to maximizing the speed that he has and using his head. But yesterday was really not his finest moment.

Smitty woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Good baserunners know that getting in the path of that throw likely forces a bad throw.

awh -- I'm not pissing and moaning. I'm saying he hasn't gotten on in that situation so far and Jimmy Rollins has. Had Revere gotten on a few more times, the Phillies might have had a few more early leads.

It's not as if I projected Revere to continue to struggle in those situations. That would be "SSS" worthy. I simply pointed out the number.

aksmith, the throwing error was likely a result of the manner in which Utley advanced between bases.

Did you NOT see him run onto the grass to obstruct the throwing lanes of Justin Turner?

Also, he was pressing the issue against a player who is not a 1B by nature, and not known as a good 1B, and he was successful. And given his career track record of being one of the best baserunners in the game, yeah, we're going to laud him.


That's some empty .310 for Polanco.
.310/.310/.345. 1 GIDP.

I suppose his 85 OPS+ plays better at 3B than Dobbs 96 at 1B or Pierre's 43 in LF. :)

Revere is going to have bad stretches given the source of whatever production he provides. He's 4/22 on GB so far (.182) but was closer to .260 on GB last year in a bigger sample. But to tell you how small that sample is, that's a grand swing of 2-3 hits so far. He's also 0-2 on bunts while he's 13/35 on his career.

Those things will normalize and I bet the Phils get the .300-.350 slap hitter with plus defense and speed they were looking for.

At this point I'm putting Utley on a 6 WAR season. Michael Young at 2.5 WAR and Ryan Howard on 0.5 WAR if he's lucky.

That's a good point Ak, but I've always thought one of Utley's greatest strengths was how focused he was, allowing him to do the right thing immediately after a wrong thing occurred.

Basically: a guy who has a knack for minimizing the damage of his mistakes and maximizing the reward on an opponent's.

In that light, you could argue that having a positive outcome after one of his not-so-finest moments was infact... one of his finer moments.

The one time Revere got a nice BB in the bottom of the first (2 games ago?) he stole second, made his way to third, and then Utley popped up and Howard K'd. Bummer.

When they showed the replay of the Utley steal, I actually came away thinking that he might have been safe even if the throw hadn't sailed into the OF. At the very least, it would have been a close play. He got a really good jump.

Nik - It's 8 games. Like projecting a mile time pace after the first ~50 yards.

I think on Young it is two separate issues. The first is- Is he better than Carrera? That answer should unequivocally be "yes." The second is- should he be an everyday starter in right field? That answer is pretty assuredly a "no."

The factor you boil down into then is- does the move from Mayberry/Nix to Young and consequently Carrera to Mayberry/Nix leave the team in a better spot than it was before that.

I guess it is debatable, but for me it is "Yes the team would be better in that situation."

(And yes, I would rather see Brown in right and Ruf on the team over someone like Nix/Young. Let's just stick to the options we know will be given for now.)

MG: I know Wheels can be a bit much sometimes but I think he brings a lot of value to the broadcast. And he is exactly right on M. Young. He is at his best when he is going gap to gap and has power to right center. If he starts getting going- when Ruiz comes back we have some nice options to move things around in the line-up.

I bet the Phils get the .300-.350 slap hitter with plus defense and speed they were looking for.

Sophist, do you think Revere can actually approach .350 some year? People talk about Revere as if he's a cinch .300 hitter. He's not done it yet in his career, albeit a short one to date. I get that he hti .300 every year in the minors and I don't doubt that he'll cross the threshold of .300 2 or 3 times but getting near .350 is a whole different animal. He just doesn't hit the ball hard enough, IMO.

I'm sorry I missed seeing the failed/foiled pick-off attempt of Utley. Am I to understand that he ran off the basepath? Isn't that an automatic out? I must be misreading. But it sounds like Utley was his usual smart & crafty self.

Edmundo: I took that .350 as a reference to his OBP.

Assuming Revere has something like a 9% K rate going forward, and assuming that he's not going to hit any homeruns, he'd need about a .385 BAbip to get to a .350 BA.

Just don't see it happening.

TTI, it's my personal opinion that if Delmon Young is your starting RF or LF, any upgrade that creates in the bench isn't nearly enough to offset the downgrade you get from starting Delmon Young.

GBrett: It's only an out once the ball is between him and the base in question, if I'm remembering the rules properly. The ball hadn't been thrown yet, and Utley adjusted his route to make the throw to 2nd more difficult to get off cleanly.

Gbrettfan: I think as a long as the majority of his body was still in the dirt, like he was, i think it would be shocking to see an umpire call it as interference. Though i do remember vic getting called for it once in a similar play a few years ago.

There are few sure things in life but one certainty is when virtually all BL posters agree on something, it will be wrong.

Thus the near-unanimity that "Doc is cooked" suggests he'll finish the season with wins in double digits.

Actually, I seem to recall the rule being discussed ad nauseum once, with the final determination that the basepaths extended anywhere you liked until such time as there was an "attempt to tag." Once that occurred, the basepath was established as a straight, 3-foot-wide line between where the runner presently was and the base.

I don't think interference counts unless you're interfering with a separate play (i.e.: runner out at 2nd going out of his way to block the throw to 1st).

***Thus the near-unanimity that "Doc is cooked" suggests he'll finish the season with wins in double digits.***

I dont know that the Camden Riversharks will give him that type of run support.

So clout, where do you stand on Delmon Young then? By your logic, he will be the missing link to an offensive juggernaut.

Comment by GBrettFan: "I've been pleased to see M. Young heat up. If he can continue to hit, it can only help Howard ahead of him, right?"

Yes, Howard would see better pitches in that case.

"Yes, Howard would see better pitches in that case."

In theory, yes. However, if I'm the opposing team, I don't care if Howard is followed by Pujols, Trout and Babe Ruth, I'm throwing him that same off-slop that he hasn't been able to hit for his entire career (yet continues to swing at).

If I was an opposing manager, I would fine my pitcher $1000 for every fastball he throws to Howard. All sliders, all the time.

I'll go with Beerleaguer unanimity or near unanimity pretty much every time. It's rarely, if ever, arrived at without a good deal of evidence.

The funny thing about Utley's pick off play is that even if he was out of the basepath, the umpires would've had a tough time calling it because Turner's throw was so awful. He would've had a better chance of getting the call if he hit Utley right in the back.

Edge: Excellent point. Pretty much every time I've seen that called, it was after the runner was hit by the throw.

Clout - I'd be interested in your theory on Doc. I know you're going with the contrarian viewpoint. But do you actually think he's healthy? Or dealing with an injury? Or maybe a chronic back problem has forced him to change his mechanics, and specifically his arm slot?

I say he's cooked because it seems clear to me he's hiding an injury we'll hear all about some time in March of next year. Because if he were healthy, I think he'd figure out how to adjust and be able to locate his pitches.

Of course, he may end up with double digit wins. All that would be necessary is that he manage to last 5 innings and the offense to score about 12 runs, then the middle relief to shut down the other team. Because as you often point out, wins are the measure of a good team, but wins are NOT the measure of quality in a starting pitcher.

Attempting to explain to future generations the myriad little things Utley did on practically daily basis will be no small task. "For who?", they'll ask. "For what?"

Edmundo - Yeah, Revere's probably never hitting .350. I was just throwing a range out there. It's on the high end of his BA given an outlier season (e.g., a really lucky year on GB BAbip and a slight bump in his LD rate). But given his contact skills and speed, he's good for somewhere around a .300 BA. What he's done so far this year isn't evidence against that.

Fata: I think though you have to operate on the basis of what the team has as currently constructed (and yes i realize we can disagree on the construction of the team)

But right now we are a team with Mayberry/Nix platooning in right, and Carrera on the bench. to me, Young in the mix and Carrera out makes the team better overall but the degree to which it would be better is different depending on how Young is employed.

Because "Wins" is a great way to determine if a pitcher is good or not.

aksmith - why do you lean toward an injury as opposed to some age-related change to his athleticism? Seeems plausible that, though 100% uninjured, he just can't mechanically achieve what he once did and is making adjustments to achieve a velocity/movement/command he could be happy with. Like my dad changing his golf swing as he ages. He's not hurt. He just can't turn the way he used to.

TTI - Agreed. People $hit on D. Young (and largely rightly so if the Phils really are dead set on making the everyday RF for a while) but he's better than Carrera.

That's the choice of strategic options in front of the Phils.

Latest on Young. Delmon Young is set to play in back-to-back games in the outfield later this week, marking the first time in his rehab from right ankle surgery that he'll take the field on consecutive days.

"awh -- I'm not pissing and moaning. I'm saying he hasn't gotten on in that situation so far and Jimmy Rollins has. Had Revere gotten on a few more times, the Phillies might have had a few more early leads."

Corey, let me put it in perspective:

1/7 = .142 BA

2/7 = .286 BA

3/7 = .429 BA

So, if Revere had gotten just one more hit he would be hitting .285 with an OBP of .375. His line would be .285/.375/.285.

Two more hits and his line would be .429/.500/.429.

How many is "gotten on a few more times"?

Methinks your expectations are a bit unrealistic.

Kevin Frandsen rated as the 7th best MiLB signing in the past two years by mlbtr.

Justin Ruggiano #1, Pierre #8.

Gotta give Revere more time to get his footing in the leadoff spot.

Sophist - I say injury because we know he was injured last year, and his dropoff was so sudden.

Since he altered his arm slot in 2003, he has been a 3/4 guy. That is a delivery that should be sustainable for a long time absent injury. And with his workout regimen, I don't see a big dropoff in muscle mass/tone.

But maybe he just suddenly can't crank the velocity up. Maybe that's all it is. So, why do you alter everything for more velocity when you clearly have tons of movement on everything you throw and excellent location your entire career?

Even when Doc was a power pitcher, he was largely a finesse pitcher as well. An uninjured pitcher doesn't just throw that away and try to overthrow every pitch just for a couple miles of velocity.

But, of course, that's guessing. And it's also based on Doc lying all last season and saying that he wasn't injured. Hard to believe anything he says now.

Sophist: That is certainly a possibility. But, given the results, and given what we know about Doc's history (namely, that he wasn't very good, and couldn't throw strikes, until he went to his 3/4 delivery style in 2000), it would seem to me that he'd be better off sticking with his old mechanics & just dealing with the loss in velocity. He might not be the Roy Halladay of old, but he could still throw strikes & at least be reasonably effective.

And Delmon Young might actually get a standing ovation if we have to see more Carerra beforehand.

TTI, the only way I think Young makes this team better is by simply replacing Carrera on the bench, and leaving Nixberry as the platoon.

Nix and 'berry are both better defenders, Nix hits RHP better than Young hits RHP, and 'berry likely hits LHP better than Young does, or at least equivalent. Both run the bases better than

And since Carrera is a zero in all facets of the game, yet Young taking his spot on the bench would make the team better.

Probability that Young is brought up and promptly placed on the bench in lieu of Carrera, and never named a full time starter, if even for a trial period?


awh: Methinks you are being a little douchey on this.

Nik - It's 8 games. Like projecting a mile time pace after the first ~50 yards.

Posted by: MG"

MG, actually it's 87 yards, but we forgive your errant math skills. :)

JRoll P/PA - 4.03
Revere P/PA - 3.51

I never understood the people though who complained about JRoll swinging on the first pitch though given his solid career numbers at swinging on the first pitch:

.333/.335/.517 (.852 OPS) with 27 HRs in 992 PAs

It is like the dopes in Boston who used to complain about Nomar swinging at the first pitch.

If the guy is really successful doing that and puts up good numbers especially from a power perspective while hitting for a high AVG, why complain about it? It is like some a-hole complaining he only found $10 instead of $20.

"Attempting to explain to future generations the myriad little things Utley did on practically daily basis will be no small task. "For who?", they'll ask. "For what?"

For sure. I think even some people on this board forgot about them to an extent over the past couple of years. To be fair, I did too. But I did/do remember how day in, day out whether he got a hit or not, he would always, always, make whatever possible positive contribution he could, no matter how seemingly small, to help his team win.

I truly believe when he's gone from the Phils (hopefully not for a while), someone will write a column about him saying we'll never see another quite like him again.

awh - Yeah but you get the point. I can only imagine if I said to my track coach in high school 'Damnit I was leading at the 75 yard mark and I could have won that race if you didn't want to race according to your stupid strategy to mamimize points'

He would have made me run at least 2 laps.

awh, if I may...

Corey isn't projecting Revere going forward. He's just saying, if Revere had gotten on a couple more times, that would have been awesome, because Rollins has been hitting well in the first inning, and we'd likely have more runs.

To such a statement, sample sizes don't apply. It's like saying, man I wish Player X would have hit a HR with the bases loaded last night, instead of popping up. It's OK to look at what happened in the past, and wish it had turned out differently.

As far as Rollins and taking him out of the leadoff spot the main reason behind me wanting it was because I felt and still feel like his best attributes are better served being down in the order and the baton needed passing. Jimmy is off to a good start. Could that possibly be because he was moved out of the leadoff spot? We won't know. I have plenty of faith in Revere settling down and getting on base at a good clip.

I've never really been bothered that much by Wheels. Certainly not my favorite of all time, but at least he's a guy that is willing to try and point out some things that might be missed by the viewer. Annoying? Maybe, sure. Insightful? I would actually have to say yes. I think the Wheels hate has become so intense people are not willing to see his value.

Now T-Mac on the other hand? Just knowing that T-Mac is getting a paycheck for that steaming pile of horse pucky he leaves in the booth every night infuriates me. The man brings absolutely nothing whatsoever to these broadcasts other than to annoy the faithful fan and listener with his constant drivel about nothing, complacent to a fault attitude and corny nonexistent humor.

"TTI, it's my personal opinion that if Delmon Young is your starting RF or LF, any upgrade that creates in the bench isn't nearly enough to offset the downgrade you get from starting Delmon Young."


Devil's advocate:

Who wants to bet that Cholly (especially if the Phils continue to scuffle at .500 or slightly under) plays Utley at a ridiculous pace in April/May only to have Utley either end up on the DL at some point this summer or fade badly in the 2nd half?

ill add my uneducated 2 cents about Doc:

I think he is working extra hard just to get his current velocity of ~90 on his fastballs and current break on his curve.

With his lack of ability to locate anything, I believe he can stop trying to throw 90 and stop trying to snap the nastiest curve, and start dialing back.

Loop a softer curve for a strike, ease up on the sinker and be more accurate with it - you won't throw many CGSO like that, but you can certainly manage a game. There are plenty of pitchers in the mlb who get by doing those things.

After you can manage a couple 3-4 ER 6-7IP games, then he can gradually pick spots to try and dial up his oldself here and there. Right now, it looks like he's emptying the tank on every single hitter.

I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again. The best thing to happen to Chris Wheeler is Tom McCarthy.

MG, I touched on Utley in the previous thread. I am definitely worried about Utley being able to pace himself for the whole marathon. I of course am also worried about Charlie giving him a day off when he needs it. It's a delicate line to walk. When you have a guy locked in it's tough to sit him down. I don't envy Charlie's position but the medical history is there and it suggest the man will need some days off.

"Future generations" all somehow become Ricky Watters?

I love the new format, guys!

Young is so derided by the sabermetric crowd for that some people lose sight of the fact he is a decent, serviceable player.

aww, never mind, the site loaded properly with shift F5

MG: There should be a "When does Charlie rest Utley for a day?" pool.

Joe D: Yer damn skippy.

In the interest of fairness, I've found I don't mind Wheels when he occasionally does radio. Seems like he talks less. McCarthy is hopeless in any medium.

"awh: Methinks you are being a little douchey on this."

TTI, I am. Every once in a while I like to bust Corey's chops just to keep him on his toes. ;)

I've been a bit shaken by some of the early season boos I have taken so far but I have been working on my new pitch with Dubee - The Durbinator - it is part curve, part changeup, and all business.

I am going to debut it in my next appearance and the opposoing hitters won't know what hit them.

Young is so derided by the sabermetric crowd for that some people lose sight of the fact he is a decent, serviceable player.

Posted by: Heather | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Which Young?

Cyclic: I meant it jokingly, but I do believe the nuances of the game are slowly lost amongst generations of players & fans.

"I think he is working extra hard just to get his current velocity of ~90 on his fastballs and current break on his curve."

I'll add my also uneducated opinion to say that this makes sense. He's human. Not unreasonable for him to feel that he's not quite ready to concede he's gone from being the best pitcher in MLB to being a merely adequate number 3 (or whatever slot he ends up at). He surely realizes he's not the same Doc, but may figure he can still be extremely effective at 90-91 mph.

It may be a matter of trial and error for him to figure it out.

I kind of remember Pedro's comeback here a few seasons ago. He was a crafty, tough pitcher who seemingly still had some movement on his pitches and decent command. Maybe I'm wrong, but as I remember, his biggest problem was that an 85-86 mph max fastball won't cut it against major league hitters (unless you're Jamie Moyer or Phil Niekro).

limo: You mean like Kendrick will never be a successful major league pitcher?

When's the last time BL did a 'reader's response' post? Before Halladay's next start might be a good time. There have been a lot of good, diverse opinions on what's going on and what he can do (if anything) to fix it, outside of aksmith's "He's cooked" BS.

Actually posted a long nice post on Durbin and his early numbers.

Looking at his numbers, I don't understand why he doesn't junk his curveball completely and just go cutter/sinker, changeup, and occasional fastball.

Yeah it is nice to have the additional offspeed pitch but he isn't a starter. He's a guy who is going to throw max 25-30 pitches and probably less than most outings.

Why use a pitch if it is something that gets hammered?

Smith - Interesting stuff. Thanks.

"TTI, the only way I think Young makes this team better is by simply replacing Carrera on the bench, and leaving Nixberry as the platoon."

Fatti, Mayberry is currently sporting a .333/.474/.733 line in a whopping 19 PA.

Now, I do not expect that level of performance to continue, but if he somehow manages to channels some of his inner 2nd-half 2011 line of .299/.354/.576, say .275/.335/.500, then DYoung is going to have a hard time bumping him to the bench.

Rather, he SHOULD have a hard time bumping him to the bench.

Just as I typed the above I remembered who are the Phillies' the manager and GM. Nevermind.

If Mayberry repeats his 2nd half 2011 line and Brown is productive this year, the Phils should have a 'Hitting Coach's Day' in 2012 for Steve Henderson and Wally Joyner.

Meant in early 2014.

Bob: 85-86, you are probably right, but I think he'd sit just fine in the 87-88 range - which is exactly what these guys do:

Bronson Arroyo
Paul Malholm
Jered Weaver
Jason Vargas
Chris Capuano
Tommy Milone

There are guys like Zito and Buehrle who still get results at 85-86, but they are obviously rare. Tim Hudson, Wandy Rodriguez, Trevor Cahill are all in the ~88 range as well.

Corey can't point out Revere's lack of success in the first inning above, but awh can project and hope for Mayberry to be an All-Star OF based on 19 PA and the odd wet dream that was his last 50 games of 2011.

We have a lot of data on Mayberry. He spent a ton of time in the minors and turns 30 this year. I think we know what he is.

Iceman - So, when Sophist says he's cooked, that's ? But when I say he's cooked, seconding Sophist, that's BS. I see.

Unlike me, Smith even defended it. I've just assumed it.

I can't believe I'm about to defend him, but TMac actually isn't worthless in any medium. He's beyond awful on the Phillies Television broadcasts. Worst ever.

Where he absolutely excels:

College Basketball Radio:

National College Basketball Radio -- He did some March Madness games, heard him on Sirius/XM and was very good.

He used to do St. Joe's broadcasts and was very capabale.

College Basketball TV:

Play by Play he's very good. He falls apart on TV broadcasts with the "Opening video pieces" that are similar to what he does for Phillies broadcasts. Just as bad. But he usually does a very capable job during A10 broadcasts.

Baseball Radio:

Play by Play -- He's very good here as well. Not Franzke good, but very good.

Post Game Wrap Up -- This might be his best skill and probably why he "earned" his job.

Where he's awful --

Before there was Murphy, there was Tmac -- When TMac was introduced into the TV broadcasts, he was doing the crowd pieces that Murphy does. As bad as you think Murphy is (and he's really not so bad, I just hate the break in action) TMac was 100Xs worse. TMac has never met a 10 word sentence that didn't need another 20 rambling words. You could hear the pain in Harry's voice when they would throw it to TMac in the crowd (my mom believes it hastened Harry's demise). It was and will forever be Brutal.

Explaining anything related to baseball:

Its almost as if he's never watched a baseball game in his life. Whether its the action right in front of him or historical.

My favorite moment of the year so far was when He was telling Sarge that he didn't think Dale Murphy was a hall of famer. "He's close but doesn't but didn't do enough" Sarge looked at him perplexed. (In fairness, I feel like Murphy is a HOF player, on the border for sure, but when you are basically the second best player of the 80s, you probably should be in). But TMac making a statement like that was utterly laughable.

Just wish his beloved Mets kept him.

How encouraged should I be by Mayberry's BB%? Nice to see, especially against RHP.

Sophist, who's projecting or even hoping?

Trust me, I'm doing neither.

Where Mayberry is concerned we should be "praying".

This is from that aticle someone linked above:

""Oh, he wanted to stay in," Manuel said.

"And I wanted Cliff to finish the game. But I didn't want him getting into a big inning with 25 or 20 pitches."

Mike Adams got Ruben Tejada to strike out looking to end the game."

Is Charlie changing his philosophy about leaving pitchers in to finish games?

He used to leave Halladay in games even when his pitch count got up there.

Thanks for the info on why interference wasn't called on Utley, guys. Really wish I'd seen it. Next time.

I love that Sophist referred to Mayberry's 2011 as an "odd wet dream."

awh: I mentioned last night in the game thread that at the end there that is a spot where Charlie usually lets a guy talk him out of pulling him. Charlie wasn't having that last night and just pulled the trigger. Good for him.

""Oh, he wanted to stay in," Manuel said.

"And I wanted Cliff to finish the game. But I didn't want him getting into a big inning with 25 or 20 pitches."

Posted by: awh | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 02:07 PM

That's crap. If he really felt that way, Lee wouldn't have started the 9th. Plain and simple.

hamm: "Post Game Wrap Up -- This might be his best skill and probably why he "earned" his job."

I think he earned his job by finding a way blab long enough to find a way to segue to one of the many advertisers during a broadcast. The exuberance he musters up to read a tagline in a 10-0 or a 3-3 game is as strong as any call he's ever made.

I've never really been bothered that much by Wheels.

I used to be. Of course, he was being compared to Harry, Whitey and Andy Musser.** Now, teamed up with TMac, you can see that Wheels brings a lot to a broadcast. Yeah, he still has that whine in his voice. Then when he's replaced in the 4th through 6th by the ever-unprepared Sarge, who spouts cliches and meaningless psychological mumbo-jumbo, well, Wheels looks positively fabulous in comparison.

** Musser was really good in just about all sports. Two things used to annoy the heck out of me:
1. Obscure "stats": Player X has hit in 5 of the last 7 games. Never any context -- is that a good thing or a bad thing? I was forever wondering if I was missing something as most of the stats sounded like pretty normal distribution kind of stuff.
2. His use of "ironic" when he meant "coincidental". There was no irony in Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas being born on the same day.

I will openly campaign for Delmon Young's MVP candidacy before ever sobering up to the notion that I'll have to listen to TMac for the next 5 years on the Phils broadcast.

I remember when T-Mac first started doing the radio post game show, & thinking he was terrible. Imagine my surprise when he was promoted to play-by-play. Imagine my joy when the Mets hired him away. Imagine my disgust when the Phillies hired him back. One of the few things the NY National League franchise has done right in the past decade or so is show that clown the door.

Wheels is annoying, but the dude is a walking Phillies encyclopedia. Any phillie fan that actually takes pride in being a phillies fan (which isn't that high of a % of posters here in my mind) have to at least respect him to a certain level just for that.

That was the saddest thing this offseason - basically this current ownership group decided that TMac is goign to be the TV voice for the upocming generation of Phils' baseball.

Unrelated to topic, but interesting video of Roman Quinn here. He's got wheels.

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