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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Phils at -150 or -155? Pass. Not betting against Hamels at home/night either.

Pirates are +140 or +145. I am going to be against this lineup almost every chance vs LHP but not this matchup.

Utley's "off" in that he won't be needed until the mid-to-late frames, a la a Chooch "night off."

D. Young has been moved to AAA. I suppose he must answered those heartfelt questions RE: defensive proficiency to r00b's satisfaction.

Locke couldn't ask for a better lineup to prove he can pitch in this league. Kratz might be the most dangerous hitter he sees tonight.

On Ryan Howard, per Matt Gelb.(At the end, does he refers to Howard's 1st 18 games of a season, since he didn't play in the first 18 games of 2012?)

The $125 million first baseman ranked 120th among qualified hitters in slugging percentage.

"He's our big power threat, yes," Manuel said. "Until someone comes around and wants to hit 30 or 40. Ryan is the guy we depend on for power."

Manuel cited some recent hard-hit balls by Howard to suggest promise. He added, though, "it looked like he was trying to do too much in the other at-bats."

April is traditionally Howard's worst month; his career OPS is lowest then. Howard has never had a full month with fewer than three home runs. With one in 18 games before Tuesday, there was work to accomplish before May arrives.

For reference, here is Howard's production over the first 18 games in previous seasons:

2006: 72 PA, .355/.444/.613 (1.057), 5 HR
2007: 88 PA, .215/.409/.415 (.824), 3 HR
2008: 81 PA, .182/.321/.394 (.715), 4 HR
2009: 82 PA, .292/.378/.556 (.934), 4 HR
2010: 83 PA, .275/.301/.475 (.776), 3 HR
2011: 79 PA, .265/.329/.471 (.800), 3 HR
2012: 70 PA, .217/.329/.450 (.779), 4 HR
2013: 74 PA, .275/.297/.377 (.674), 1 HR

GTown, to be fair, Ruben said D. Young needs to show that he can play defense before he can play in the National League; he didn't say anything about defensive capability being a requirement for playing at AAA level.

GBrettfan: Fair point. That said, I still expect to see D. Young in a Phillies uniform soon, whether he commits an Error every game until then or not.

Me, too!

Who thinks Howard is hurt and it is effecting his production?

Raises hand quickly. Achilles asides I bet that sore groin has really hampered him. He has looked awful in the field/basepaths & I have to wonder how much that groin issue has bothered him along with playing regularly.

curt - That's a little over the top. Mayberry, M. Young, and JRoll aren't bad options.

Chooch (and D. Young if he starts over D. Brown) would go a ways to helping this team vs LHP though.

I hope that's an explanation, MG. I'm not sure how long the groin bothered Howard. And he's still playing after only a few days off.

Whatever the reason, we need him to heat up. As Charlie points out, no one else in our lineup is likely to hit 30-40 HRs.

MG: To me it all goes back to those heady days when r00b saw his star slugger face down on the field, writhing in pain. The injury? A torn Achilles, sure to put any ballplayer off of his game for at least an entire season after he has fully healed, if not permanently. The solution? Sign a "Closer" ...

I'm not sure being hurt makes Howard's month any better or makes me any more optimistic. Just another lower body injury.

I've actually fantasized that Howard really can luck into some of that moon dust that transformed him into the superhero type of ballplayer known as the Big Piece, as per the script he "wrote" for The Office.

I am OK with this lineup. I'd like it even more with Ruiz instead of Kratz and DYoung instead of Brown.

With who they have on the roster though, I wish Manuel would have benched Howard, moved MYoung to first and put Frandsen at 3B. Other than that, tonight's a good night to sit Utley.

This really has 'win' written all over it with this bum Locke on the mound and Hamels against the pathetic PIT lineup. If they lose, it basically cancels out the game they stole yesterday.

If they win 3 out of 4 in this series, there is a real chance of them getting out of this month at .500, which is pretty unbelievable considering how bad they looked last week.

This Locke guy sounds like a stiff. Perfect candidate to throw 7 innings of shut out ball.

"Who thinks Howard is hurt and it is effecting his production?"

Howard appears to have reached the Placido Polanco phase of his career -- which is to say, the phase of his career in which he stinks it up year after year, and a certain segment of Beerleaguer confidently proclaims that it's because of an injury & that next year, when he's healthy, things will be different. And then next year shows up and the same exact thing happens.

MG - I'll give you Mayberry. He really should be able to manage an XBH tonight.

So far 2013 Ryan Howard reminds me of 2011 Ross Gload.

BAP - exactly. Like the girl telling you she'll call you back when she's less busy. Guess what: she'll always be busy.

Howard's probably lost bat speed in addition to stability on his leg. He's always lacked strike zone recognition and now he gets fewer FB and can't sit back and hammer pitches to LF. Hopefully he surprises.

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Could Delmon be this years Thome? A few solid DH and AB's and is flipped for some potential prospect in July?

Kristen - How many men were you servicing per hour and what cut did your pimp get?

I'm on the West Coast, and sprung for MLB Extra Innings this year. For some reason, today's game is not available. I can't imagine a "local blackout" in California of game between two Pennsylvania teams.

As usual with MLB, there is no customer support. Can any one tell me how often this kind of no-show happens with MLB Extra Innings? BAP, maybe?

CS sez "Could Delmon be this years Thome? A few solid DH and AB's and is flipped for some potential prospect in July?"

Hell, at this point we're pretty much dreaming that Ryan Howard could be this year's Thome in that respect.

It's funny. For all of the criticisms of Ryan Howard over the years--and I've levied a lot of them, whether it be fielding, plate discipline, baserunning, platoon issues-- the thing that's finally caught up to him is the decline in power.

It was always the one thing he could at least do at a high level. And it's not there anymore, whether because of injury or who knows what.

Fan from Fifty: I use this number to call MLB customer support when I'm having issues with my subscription: 866-800-1275

i'm betting that cole is clean shaven tonight.

FFF: Not sure what's going on. I'm getting the game on

Michael Young reminding us about his defense.

Yeah, I turned on the MLBTV just in time to see a Phillies defensive miscue.

So, to be fair, it could be a replay of every other game this year I'm seeing.

Thanks, Fata, but I'm talking MLB Extra Innings, not MLB.TV. Cable providers (Comcast, ATT, DIrectTV,...) provide it if you pay them. I stopped using MLB.TV because of all its glitches and time wasting calls for support.

Oh, sorry FFF. I've never had an issue with I just had to call support once when signing up for it, but as far as technical issues, I've never had one. Sorry to hear that you can't watch the game.

Who knew that $6,474 could buy a brand new BMW?

BAP, I'm jut surprised ta Google is trolling message boards looking for employees. They must be starved for applicants.

It feels like every season for the last 3 or 4 years, Cholly has begun the season with someone other than Rollins in the leadoff spot. And every season, Rollins ends up right back in the leadoff spot before the end of April.

Freddy with a nice two-pitch at bat there.

Young being unproductive.

M. Young has as many BB (8) as Charlie's two leadoff hitters have combined.

Good job Barmes. Haha.

Utley-like baserunning from the big guy, there. Credit where it's due.

Is it just me, or is the guy in the blue Phillies hat (working for the Phillies) always behind Murphy every time he does a report?

Crazy to give Mayberry somethign to hit 2-1. I go after Brown.

I dont think Howard is hurt. I just think he's never going to be the guy he was pre-injury.

Maybe he's Murphy's bodyguard, there to prevent attacks by fans who are sick of his babbling.

To add on to GBrett's point from above about Howard's numbers through his first 18 games of the season, the most worrisome aspect of his numbers is his ISO through those first 18 games:

2006: .258
2007: .200
2008: .212
2009: .264
2010: .200
2011: .206
2012: .233
2013: .114 (current)

That's the scary part.

Fatalotti: Why limit ourselves to a single scary part? Nothing Howard has done thus far is even remotely encouraging.

John Mayberry, Professional Rally-Killer.

RFD just crushed that pitch.

Tonight's promotion at CBP: Dress up as an empty blue seat and get in free.

Mayberry had two pitches to hit there.

what do you know... jmj strands two more runners on base. for those keeping count thats 9 in his last 4ABs

De-fense! *clap-clap* De-fense!

Hamels does not look pleased.

Delmon Young will fit in nicely with this team.

Now that's defense.


That was a really nice play by M. Young. Robbed Inge of a double there.

See? All it takes is some angry mocking & guys pick up their game.

I see Mayberry has already failed against a pitcher he should kill.

Can't wait until Ruiz comes back and bumps this loser down in the order. That would've been Chooch's AB.

Reverse jinx!

M Young's defense >>>>> D Young's defense

Hamels is up in the zone yet again tonight early. Been that way every start of the year so far.

Iceman: Well, in a rational lineup, that still would've been Mayberry's AB, since Howard would be benched against a lefty starter.

But yes, in the world we live in, you are right.

MYoung with a great play, and thats the weakest part of his game too - going to his backhand on hard hit balls.

WP, Neil Young's defense is likely better than Delmon Young's.

DFAberry when Delmon's ready

Another year having to suffer through JMJ at bats with RISP.

The hatred that JMJ gets on here borders on the irrational. He's been fine offensively & one of the few guys in this lineup taking BBs.

"DFAberry when Delmon's ready."

DFA the guy with the .766 career OPS who can play all 3 OF positions, and keep the guy with the .647 career OPS, who stinks defensively? Makes sense.

DFAberry when Delmon's ready

Posted by: Scotch Man | Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 07:34 PM

I'm going to save this post just in case this scenario unfolds, and then when Delmon Young does all the exact same crap that Mayberry does at the plate, but plays much, much worse defense, I'm going to remind you that you posted this.

Well now, let's not go too far; DFAing Mayberry would be a bad idea; he is an excellent fourth outfielder and could work all right as a platoon bat if Cholly would ever try platooning him. I'd rather have him than Delmon Young anyday. I am sick, however, of him being treated like a middle-of-the-order bat by Cholly.

It's a defensive clinic out there tonight.

Just for the record I'm not advocating getting rid of JMJ. Just venting about how good this guy can look st times, yet how overmatched he can look a minute later.

What was that comment about a true CF playing in LF that some beat writer tweeted last night?

Marte was so stunned that Revere hit the ball out of the infield that he didn't know what to do.

Prediction: Revere will get a hit for that.

We traded Delmon Young to the Pirates?

If Revere gets a hit, that's a complete and utter joke.

Ok, bad prediction -- even if Wheels thinks it should be a hit.

Kratz has been swinging a much better bat of late. If Locke grooves a fastball, Kratz will tag it out.

MG- what hatred in the game threads is rational? They've been nothing but hate since 2009. I'm just giving it a try for once. Feels great.

Wheels doesn't understand how an outfielder can be charged with an error for losing a routine fly ball in the lights. Let me help him out: part of an outfielder's job description is to not lose fly balls in the lights.

Locke is getting squeezed by the ump (esp. on that first pitch to Kratz) and is having trouble getting it across the plate; he should be very hittable, which means he'll shut us down.

Bunting with a catcher on 1st = 1st and 3rd with 2 outs.

DP ball coming up in 3,2,1...

Nice sac by Hamels. Need a hit here by JRoll.

b_a_p: Wheels always rails on that point, & I disagree w/ him every time.

Unreal Rollins. Just unreal.

JRoll chases a curveball that wasn't close or that good of a curve. Ugh.

Pathetic beyond words.

Rollins has been pretty good since moving into the leadoff spot again but has come up very small in some key spots.

this pitcher is horrible, his curve has barely any break, its just a slow looper.

Red Light Player

Holy crap Marte can absolutely fly.

Lucky that was hit out. Another fastball up (and right over the plate).

No need to jump there, Dom, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

so you need to decide if you can catch it or not?

Neither choice there says fake jumping onto the wall like Spiderman.

What the hell was that?

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