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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The good news: with the game suspended until tomorrow, Adams should be available if it goes into extras.

The bad news: Everything else.

Revere's K-rate is nowhere near where it's been at any level. It will not continue. He's just in a massive slump.

The guy has had 59 PAs. Maybe we can let him get to 100 before we start eulogizing his career? Maybe even 150? At 200, I promise I'll agree that he's worthless.

Last year from Aug 7 to September 30, he did this in 214 PA: .226/.283/.262. His first 52 PAs last year, he did this: .239/.300/.370.

Here's what he did in between (May 26 to Aug 6; 279 PA): .347/.372/.393/.765

The guy is a streaky hitter. He's looked this bad before, and certainly will again. And when he hits a hot streak, I'm sure all we'll hear from BAP is "I'm dreading his next cold streak."

The positive is that if the Phils can somehow win the suspended game, that Chapman will be unavailable for the rubber game.

Somehow, I don't see Lannen versus Leake being 0-0 game going into the 9th. I think both offenses get rolling tomorrow night.

Might be time to give Revere and/or Brown the night off too. I think both have been in there for every game so far. Maybe this lineup against Leake:

Rollins, SS
Mayberry, RF
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Young, 3B
Brown, LF
Kratz, C
Carerra, CF (I assume he can play CF??? If not, then just switch him with Mayberry).

Lannen, P

"Somehow, I don't see Lannen versus Leake being 0-0 game going into the 9th."

Me neither. I see it being about 10-0 Reds.

LA/Franske were great tonight Just hilarious and lighthearted snark/sarcasm about the Phils' offensive woes. Turned over to Sarge/TMac for an inning and it is like listening to an entirely different game.

Radio is still my preferred medium for baseball and Kalas/Ashburn announcers are a big reason why. My dad grew up listening (and loving) Saam. They made listening to some awful Phils' games tolerable even almost completely ignoring the game itself if the Phils were getting blown out especially on a late West Coast game.

LA/Franske genuinely enjoy one another's company and that was readily apparent tonight. It makes listening to even kind of a dull game on a crappy weather night interesting to listen to it.

I wish D. Young was on the roster right now so the Phils could give him a start tomorrow night. Sit Brown vs Leake and play Mayberry in RF and D. Young in LF.

Offense could use whatever shake it could get but I have a strong feeling Leake is the panacea for their badly struggling offense.

If Howard doesn't hit him tomorrow night (6-12, 2 HRs), I don't know who he will hit. Revere has been big issue with the offense but Howard is right there too. He's not hitting for any kind of power, not taking BBs, and swinging & missing at all kinds of stuff right now.

Zimmerman had his 4th error of the year already tonight and is having real issues throwing the ball anywhere but especially to 3rd.

Nats haven't said if it is because his shouldre isn't right but my friends (Nats' season ticket holder) said he thinks Zimmerman is having mental blocks & is getting a case of the Knoblauch type yips on throws over to 1B.

Huge issue for the Nats because they can't move him over to 1B without benching LaRoche or to LF because that would require Harper to move to CF & benching Span.

It's going to be a big issue for them going ahead forward.

Iceman - It seems you are the number one expert on Revere in the Western Hemisphere. Keep pumping him up because at this point, he simply can't get any worse. If he gets a bleeder that bounces off a bug to the left of the pitcher and changes direction enough to get him safely to first base, you'll look like a freaking genius.

Of course, it's not like anyone else is hitting either.

I missed the game, but recorded it; and as near as I can see from the MLB Extra Innings broadcast, and the box score, Aumont did not throw a pitch. Nevertheless, it appears he will pitch the bottom of the ninth today. I assume he was somehow announced as the pitcher, and maybe warmed up?

Are the Phillies allowed to start someone else in the 9th, AND reserve Aumont as a possibilty for later? It seems bizarre to me that, due to an umpire's decision (not a manager's) that a player can be "used up" in a game without actually appearing.

I'm on the West Coast; can any of you locals can explain what happened between halves of the ninth?

Iceman, when it comes to the Nationals, it's weird, but you instantly transform into troll-mode. A lot of people here thought Morse would be better this year than LaRoche, but reasoned that the Nationals might have opted to go with LaRoche over Morse simply because they could lock up LaRoche for 2 years, while Morse was only under control for this year.

As for Revere, of course he's not THIS bad. If he were, he wouldn't have survived in the major leagues this long.

But it's one thing when a good offensive player has an horrific slump, and is "streaky". But Ben Revere is not a good offensive player; not at this point in his career. His best OPS+ was last year at 88. The year before it was 72.

So yeah, when an already crappy offensive player is leading off for the team (still puzzling that he was put there in the first place) and in the middle of a putrid slump where he's jump roping the Mendoza line, it's no surprise that fans are a bit restless.

Fata: By what you post here I can deduce you are a smart guy. It always perplexes me then how you put on blinders to the arguments put forward by people on here sometimes. As if you are trying to pretend people didn't say the things they did.

Franzke and LA are a gift from the baseball gods to balance out the unliftable curse that is Tom "Carnival Barker" McCarthy

dlhunter, TBag is a curse, isn't he?

The Cubbies have "The Curse of the Billy Goat".

We're saddled with "The Curse of the TBag" for the next 5 seasons.

Best single word description I've heard if him yet. Excellent.

This offense is absolutely maddening to watch. Not one of them can work the count. This team has needed a change in approach for the better part of 3 years and they still haven't done it.

I don't listen to the tv broadcast anymore. I just put the volume all the way down. I have to get a nice radio and I'll just use that from now on.

One thing I love about use it on my iPhone to get the radio broadcast and play it through my car stereo that way for games when I'm not at home in front of my laptop with it synced up.

Feels like I'm living in Philly again listening to Franzke/LA on the radio.

Iceman: "The guy is a streaky hitter."

I appreciate the stats you looked up and all, but this has become my new pet peeve - calling a hitter "streaky" as if the same doesn't apply to every single hitter in the league.

You can dissect every player's season/career to find peaks and valleys, its just the way baseball is. I mean, hitting a HR is a 5.000 OPS event while in about 2/3rds of every at bat is a 0 OPS - its only natural that a hitter's numbers are going to bounce around.

Fortunately for the Nats they have one of the top prospects in baseball 3B Anthony Rendon who should be ready later in the season.

Assuming he stays healthy...Rendon has had some pretty serious health issues himself so far.

I'm sure this was discussed in the last thread, but was Aumont officially entered into the game already? Or could Charlie put in Adams now for the 9th if he wanted to?

Wait, the Nationals lost to the Marlins? That's impossible. Only the Phillies are crappy enough to lose to the Marlins. Surely the great and powerful Nationals couldn't have dropped a game to the Marlins.

TTI, as with every move that's discussed on here, there are people who have opinions on the extremes, but most fall within the middle of the continuum somewhere. Some thought the deal to keep LaRoche for 2 years was a fantastic move, some hated it, and some thought there were pros and cons to the move, but could understand a team valuing LaRoche for 2 years at a reasonable AAV vs. Morse for only 1 more year.

More than that, though, I just get the impression that Iceman is railing against this notion (that I suspect is not held by anyone on here), that the Nationals have made all the right moves and that Mike Rizzo is the GM sent down from Heaven to lead their team to ultimate glory.

I agree with a lot of the moves Rizzo has made, but I also think he's made some bad/questionable ones. He's also been blessed with having incredible talent available in the first round when he's had a high pick.

I think Aumont was announced so he's "in" the game...of course, UC could simply pull him and use Adams.

Zimmerman definitely has the yips throwing the ball. It's really a shame, because the guy was the single best defensive 3B in baseball his first few years, and one of the best I've ever watched. He's still fantastic with the glove and with his range--despite the throwing errors, I'm sure he still makes more plays than the average 3B.

But yeah, it's a real problem for him. I'm not sure what he can do about it at this point.

***Some thought the deal to keep LaRoche for 2 years was a fantastic move, some hated it, and some thought there were pros and cons to the move, but could understand a team valuing LaRoche for 2 years at a reasonable AAV vs. Morse for only 1 more year.***

Morse is likely the better bat in 2013 so personally I would have kept him and maybe then moved Zimm across the diamond once Rendon was ready for the Majors. If Rendon washed out, I'd sign a stopgap in 2014 rather than keep LaRoche who had a classic career year in 2012. I'm sure it doesnt help them right now that LaRoche started the year ice cold and Morse is bashing in Seattle.

"Some thought the deal to keep LaRoche for 2 years was a fantastic move"

Really? I don't recall that at all.

re Revere and streakiness. I'm not sure if he's any more or less streaky than other batters, but he pretty much completely relies on GB BAbip and bunt singles to produce. He's actually hitting way fewer FB this year, which is a good thing. He's hitting .167 on GB (6-36) and is 0-fer on bunts. He may not hit .300 this year, given the K%, but he's not this bad.

Revere has been downright terrible. I guess I will take solace in the fact that he can't possibly be worse.

At the plate. He has been just as advertised in the field.

lorecore- after I posted the numbers I regretted using the word 'streaky.' You're right. There shouldn't need to be a word to explain the slumps that basically every MLB player goes through, especially over sample sizes like 60 PA.

But most here apparently need explained to them that he is not actually as bad as he's showing right now.

And as awful as he has been getting on base, he still leads the league in SB.

iceman: yeah agreed...I posted yesterday that even though I wasn't on board with Revere leading off to start the season - now that he's there I would ride with him until the 25th game when Chooch comes back. That's over ~100 PA for the starters by then, and you can start tweaking the lineups based on a somewhat useful sample.

Fata: Again- there are absolutely people who have put forth the idea on here that Rizzo can do no wrong as a GM.

That is fine, it's their right to do so, but it is completely silly to pretend like no one ever said it.

With a 71% success rate...

Listen, Revere is not this bad. That's trivially clear.

But Revere IS a bad offensive player until he proves otherwise, and he's yet to do that at the ML level.

And when already bad offensive players go through putrid offensive stretches, it's really frustrating, especially when they are in the leadoff spot.

But his defense has appeared outstanding.

TTI, no one ever said that TTI, but if you want to go find a quote where someone actually said that Rizzo can do no wrong, be my guest.

clever wording by TTI - "put forth the idea".

NEPP: I believe John Mayberry Jr is the current Phillies pitcher. I don't think a team has to announce a pitcher until they come out in the next inning.

I think I am finally starting to not believe in this team. I really thought they had a chance to surprise people this year. I wasn't expecting miracles in the first half but I thought for sure they could finish even through the first 80 games. I assumed that the second half would be better as it always seems to be. But come on man! I think missing Ruiz is really messing with the lineup. Only two more weeks till Ruiz. All the same I think the writing is on the wall and it may be time to blow the team up if the finish 5 games under 500 at the break. very sad. I really believed they would be better then this.

Fata: I don't remember exact threads but I'm here everyday reading these threads just like you. I've seen it and so have you. To pretend it hasn't happened is just you being argumentative for the sake of it. Which hey- good for you, Wednesday at 10 am and you get to create dissent. You can check it off your bingo card for today's posts now.

I do love seeing fans bail on the team in April. How some people can justify that when the season is only 13.5 games old is beyond me.

TTI, keep flinging the insults.

I have NOT seen ANYONE actually promote the absurd and ridiculous notion that Mike Rizzo, the GM of a division rival, can "do no wrong". I find it hard to believe that any baseball fan anywhere, let alone on this board, actually believes that ANY GM is peerless, let alone, again, the GM of a division rival.

But if you say it's so, then it must be so.

"I find it hard to believe that any baseball fan anywhere, let alone on this board, actually believes that ANY GM is peerless"

Now we know you're lying. GM Ruben Amaro is stated as peerless every single day, because he "can do no right".

TTI, maybe you could ratchet down the overstatemen: "there are absolutely people who have put forth the idea on here that Rizzo can do no wrong as a GM."

It's fair for someone to call you out on that.

According to ESPN, Aumont has to pitch to at least 1 batter. I don't know that that is correct, but that's what they wrote.

And as for "exact threads", it's pretty easy to ascertain when LaRoche was locked up and when Morse was traded. Surely, if there are people here who were "slobbering" over the deal, and kneeling at the altar of Mike Rizzo, then it shouldn't be hard to find a couple choice quotes from one of those two days.

But as they almost certainly don't exist, I don't expect to be presented with one.

nepp: nevermind I am wrong:

Apparently Aumont was "waved into the game" before the game was suspended.

Wbo is bailing on the team?

Bailing on the team 2 weeks into the season doesn't make sense. They are 6-7.

If they were say 3-10 and their rumors flying around Cholly's job security, then you might have a reason for angst.

It comes down to the starting pitch. They need to stay healthy & carry the team. The last time thorw the rotation has been a positive as Halladay at least showed something & KK was great last night.

Putting out a competent/good starter every night will go a long way to allowin this team to contend.

Health is another huge key. They can't afford an injury to a single starter. I don't see a single starter at Lehigh who wouldn't represent a downgrade at this point if they were inserted into the rotation. Possibly a huge downgrade if Lee/Hamels were to go down.

The Phillies hit the UNDER in their last 5 games (i'm including the susp game since I doubt they top 7 runs), but tonight's normally scheduled game is set at 8.5 which is the highest o/u they've had all year.

Put me down for the OVER tonight, I think the bats finally come out for both sides.

Joe, have you read some of the posters around here and on other Phillies blogs?

Ok so no one specifically said the words "can do no wrong," but you can read in the posts by people they are slobbering over what he does.

The Strasburg situation was the absolute right thing to do to many even though they would be all over Amaro had he not cashed out on a golden opportunity to get to the World Series.

Signing Laroche for 2 years was questioned and then when they traded Morse it was, "Well that was a benefit of signing LaRoche."

"I know it can seem like some of us are just praising everything Rizzo does, and so I understand why people are fighting back on it. But he just happens to be doing a lot of good things."

Again Fatalotti- it is fine that people think Rizzo is a golden god as a GM. No problem whatsoever with people that hold that opinion. I just think it is silly to pretend there are posters that have not said something in that vein. Anyone who comes here everyday has seen it and can read through the tea leaves.

I really don't recall anyone anywhere who thought signing LaRoche was a good idea. Not any writer I've read or any commentator.

Someone's going to have to define the phrase "bailing on the team" for me. If it means believing that the team is headed nowhere, but watching the games anyhow in the hope that somehow you're wrong, then I bailed on the team about a year and a half ago. If it means no longer sitting around every night & watching a team that plays shoddy defense & ekes out 1 run on a good night, then I say: what sane and rational person WOULDN'T bail on the team?

Interview with Papelbon on CSN Philly

when asked about walking through the stands on Opening Day:

"I dont feel comfortable doing that. In today's day and age, its gotten so crazy, everything. You know, all this stuff going on. Shoot man, Obama wants to take our guns from us and everything, and you got this stuff going on? Its a little insane to me"

Haha, I like how "Obama taking our guns" came in to that conversation.

TTI, yeah, you're wrong, and you just proved it yourself.

No one doubts that some people agree with Rizzo's decisions. I think he's made a lot of good decisions, too. Big friggin' deal. But that's a far cry from people holding to the notion that Rizzo is beyond reproach. There was a HEATED discussion on here about the Strasburg situation, with opinions on both sides of the fence. There were opinions that went both ways on the LaRoche and Haren deals. That's baseball.

But are there people who think he "can do no wrong" of is the "golden god" of GMs? Seriously, TTI?

I haven't seen anyone saying they are outright done with the team. I thought everyone was frustrated, deservedly so but I didn't see anyone throwing in the towel.

When posters come out of the woodwork after 13 games and say things like "I'm starting not to believe in this team" - that's bailing on the team. 13 games into the season.

I agree with Paps. I think Players should be allowed to open carry on the field. Then Greinke would have been able to properly defend himself against Quentin.

TTI: The Nats, on Rizzo's watch, went from 102 losses, to 103 losses, to 93 losses, to 81 losses, to 98 wins and the best record in baseball. No doubt, Rizzo has had plenty of good luck -- as all successful GMs do. But you and Iceman act as though there's something bizarre or traitorous about recognizing that the guy has done an excellent job as GM.

Resigning LaRoche wasn't a bad deal especially since it was just two years. LaRoche was looking for a 3-4 year deal and was pretty obstinate about taking no less than 3 yr.

LaRoche has always been a very slow starter historically. At worst, the Nats can move him this upcoming offseason if they have to move Zimmerman over to 1st.

The bigger issue was muffing up Zimmerman at 3rd. Zimmerman had issues there last year defensively throwing, had shoulder surgery this offseason, and supposedly was struggling to throw the ball adequately. Nats gambled a bit that the surgery shoulder would cure all of his throwing woes.

Rendon though wasn't ready to start this year at 3B. Ideally he spends the entire year at AA/AAA with maybe a Sept callup. Basically the Nats are going to have to make the most of a difficult situtation now.

"When posters come out of the woodwork after 13 games and say things like "I'm starting not to believe in this team" - that's bailing on the team."

Ok, fine. Next question: who cares? Are they worse people for bailing on the team? If they had been paying attention, they would have bailed on the team a long time ago.

Lore: I really have to say... Normally I think Papelbon is just putting on his "wannabe comedian" hat when he says stupid things during interviews, but I have a hard time believing even he would be that dumb about this...

So I guess he means it?

Where did I say there were worse people for doing so? I just pointed it out.

Rendon has been tearing up AA so far this year 311/467/533/1000. If he can stay healthy, he'll be up this year. If he'd been able to play more than 43 games last year he might have made the team out of spring training. He has a history of freak injuries though, especially the ankles. Can play 2nd, but should probably move to 3rd because of the ankles.

In game-related thoughts...

If Aumont holds them scoreless in the 9th, do you put Adams in for the 10th, with the understanding he won't be available in the 2nd game, then? Paps is a no-brainer in a save situation, since you take the win when you can, but the tie is a more curious beast. If not, does that mean we go direct to Horst/Durbin/Valdes?

Who's going to pitch the 19th inning?

Is it just me or has the "who cares" comment been a new trend these last 3-4 months. Its like the lowest form of debate.

bap: "Next question: who cares?" You know what the next question is to that? "Why do you care who cares?" and so on and so on....

BAP: Not true at all. He has made good moves, there is no denying that. He has also been fortunate to have two seemingly can't miss guys fall into his lap. The issue is where people take the position that he is almost always right. He signed Haren this off-season and there were plenty of people that said it was a great signing. Same with LaRoche. He is like any other GM- bad moves, good moves, and some good fortune. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fata: Okay- so you are being intentionally dense here. Good to know. The problem is not that people say Rizzo makes good moves. The problem is that his good moves make people assume they are all good which again people have argued on here. You are here every single day posting stuff I know you have seen it. One of your buddies on here is a card carrying member of the Rizzo fan club so I guess that is why you are putting your head in the sand here. Good job, protect the brotherhood.

Papelbon's an idiot. Not sure if he recognizes that he is largely perceived as barely intelligible when he speaks but I don't think he has a very high degree of self-awareness either.

Just take whatever dopey comment he has with a grain of salt. Sure most people around him do privately.

Papelbon just gets dumber by the minute. He doesn't feel safe walking among the fans because they don't have guns?

TTI, you're a loon. I'm done with this ridiculous topic.

lorecore: How can you possibly write about who cares whether anyone who cares is saying whether they care or not saying whether they care and whether they're being honest about whether they care whether some other poster cares or doesn't care when there are much more important things to care about while we're caring?

TTI: You're losing it a little bit here.

For what it's worth, I think Rizzo is a pretty good GM, as his track record would indicate. I did question why you would sign LaRoche and trade Morse--to me, I don't think Morse brought back enough to justify signing the worse player. I suppose that means I think he "can do no wrong?"

I know it's the internet, but being so obstinate is really not a good look. It's like how you continue to claim you were "misquoted" about your "Ben Revere is not a slap hitter" post. You should really just admit you were wrong, and move on. We've all done it.

Hey, if there's one aspect of the gun control debate that's been unexplored, it's the need for safety for relief pitchers walking through stadium crowds on Opening Day.

Surely what the founders had in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment.

I miss the days when Beerleaguer was funny and entertaining. This place has become tediously clogged by people absolutely desperate to win a meaningless argument with a perfect stranger.

"Where did I say there were worse people for
doing so? I just pointed it out."

Right. But when people feel the need to point it out, they are implying that there's something wrong with it. In point of fact, anyone who is only just now discovering that they do not believe in this team is clearly either: (1) a casual fan, who hasn't been paying attention; or (2) someone who, through rose-colored blinders, had convinced himself that the Phillies are a contender. To those in the former category, I say, "Yeah, they suck; don't waste your time with them." To those in the latter category, I say, "Welcome back to reality."

This place has become tediously clogged by people absolutely desperate to win a meaningless argument with a perfect stranger.

Posted by: donc | Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 11:14 AM.

No we don't!! :)

Cool. Thanks for your opinion b_a_p.

Hang on ... I want to contribute to the debate, but I need to work up some sort of diagram to properly understand Andy's post first.

Why I appreciate GTown Dave you may have his schtick but gives me his share of laughs too.

Next thing you know Obama is going to take away our bats...

Oh wait, old man time and the scouting department can already take credit for that...

My feeling is you've only truly bailed on the team when you stop paying attention to it.

Furthermore, you'll know your team has finally bailed on you when they schedule a "Bark In The Park" night.

Interesting (if meaningless) fact:

The Phillies have the opportunity to increase their winning % by 7 points today.

Dave - Nah I am still going when they combine some really obscure ethnic heritage night ('Albanian Heritage Night') along with a Dollar Dog Night and some really crappy promotion (Revere bobblehead) to an attempt to draw fans in early 2015.

Apropos of nothing in particular, I've always wanted to attend a game which went to extras scoreless. (Yes, I realize such is not yet the case w/ last night's/today's game.)

Random comments from the January 8 thread after LaRoche was signed:

My first comment: "Ugh." My comment a few minutes later, after thinking it through & realizing it meant they would trade Morse: "If I were betting on whether Morse or LaRoche is the more likely to post an .853 OPS in 2013, my money would be on Morse."

Jack: "I think Morse is probably a better hitter the next two seasons, but I don't think 2 years, $24 million is a terrible commitment for the Nationals."

Iceman: "Why you would feel the spend the money on LaRoche is a mystery to me. I think it's at worst a coin-flip as to who the better player is this year, and it's a good bet that Morse is the better player going forward."

Slobbering Fatalotti: "Anyway, I agree with you in a large extent on the Morse/Laroche issue, but will caveat that we need to see if/what the Nats get back by dealing Morse. If they get a stud reliever and nice prospect, the calculus changes a bit."

In the same thread, MG praised the move, but wrote, "Still baffled by why the Nats didn't apparently make more of an effort to sign Howell." Moments later, Iceman was there to note MG's "bizarre fawning" of Rizzo, while TTI followed up by noting MG's "slurping on Rizzo."

GTown: Fortunately, the Phillies are merely considering a "cats in the 'pen" promotion, where people are encouraged to bring their cats to the ballpark, where they will be allowed to roam around the bullpens for the duration of the game.

Jack: Continue misrepresenting what I said dude. Good on you for trolling!

Last time I will say it because you and Fatalotti are more concerned with trying to be right than honest. I don't care if people think Rizzo is a great GM and makes the right move always. Perfectly fine to have that opinion. What bothers me is when someone pretends like people don't say those things in an attempt to just be argumentative.

But whatever- next topic for me.

Phils are 8th in the NL in HRs (12th) and 10th in SLG (.377) but it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. Guess it is the recent string of games.

If the Phils can tonight's resumed game by a 1-0 score, they will have scored just 9 runs and yet went 3-2. Not a bad trick.

Then there was this exchange:

MG: "Basically if one of the Nats' starters goes down in camp, they have no clear cut alternative to step-in and will have a notable drop-off from even Detwiler.

That's the Nats biggest potential Achilles heel headed into the season."

Slobbering Fatalotti: "Big Achilles heel, MG, especially when 2 of your starters have had TJ surgery and one is named Dan Haren."

Lots of unqualified slobbering in both those posts. I would particularly note Slobbering Fatalotti's ebullience in praising Dan Haren -- whose acquisition, as Iceman reminded us only yesterday, was universally lauded on Beerleaguer, especially by those who reflexively slobber over the Nationals' every off-season move.

My feeling is you've only truly bailed on the team when you stop paying attention to it.

Furthermore, you'll know your team has finally bailed on you when they schedule a "Bark In The Park" night.

Posted by: GTown_Dave

I agree 100% with this. I told my wife as we were watching the game last night that bark in the park will be coming soon to CBP.

"What bothers me is when someone pretends like people don't say those things in an attempt to just be argumentative."

TTI: I just posted the exact quotes from the thread where LaRoche was acquired & it became apparent that Morse would be traded. Methinks that you and Iceman are actually the ones who are pretending what was said. As usual.

One of my favorite things to do is find some quirky stat that involves a phillie or a common interest player over the past few games or whatever in attempt to derail some of the stupid arguments we all get into from time to time...

but i got nothing. the phils are just flat out mediocre/boring right now.

i will say this too:

I don't think i am wrong so i won't apologize for that but i will apologize if i am coming off unnaturally mean towards you Fata. I'm about halfway into grading 90 research papers on Great Expecttions and i am getting punchy.

I won't apologize to Jack though. after his implying i was a racist yesterday he can go to hell.

Mercifully and thankfully, a new thread. And a new opportunity for me and the Brotherhood of Rizzo Slobberers, Local 157 to bask in the glow of our venerable GM from another team.

I'm looking forward to the Chad Durbin "Inherited Runners Scored Record" commemorative t-shirt.

BAP: Yep- one thread proves it. We have never talked about Rizzo or the Nats outside of that thread.

I think Charlie should pinch hit with Jenkins when this game finally starts up again.

MG & Phillibuster: It's only a matter of time before the Phillies celebrate "Flightless Birds of Mauritius Night". Kids 14 years of age & under will get a cool backpack, though.

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