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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Gelb: "Charlie Manuel said Carlos Ruiz will bat fifth or sixth tomorrow. The guess here is fifth."

Anyone hear yet whether it is Kratz or Quintero who is staying?

Hmmm. 11-14 for April at the moment. Jack and lorecore no longer posting comments about comparisons to previous Aprils. Wonder why?

clout = Agent Provocateur.

I'd be massively impressed if they managed a 13-14 April.

That'd be a nice step in the right direction.

Ryan Howard very quietly has a 9 game hitting streak going...and 8 RBI in his last 4 games.

I'd be massively impressed if they managed a 13-14 April.

I won't. A team can finish April w/ a losing record for a lot less money than r00b has passed out. If the Phils string together 2-3 consecutive series wins, then I'll reassess.

BTW, what did Arizona get in the Justin Upton trade?

Dopes. The kid isn't even in his prime. I guess Kirk Gibson would rather have a gritty guy then a guy who's a potential MVP candidate.

"I won't. A team can finish April w/ a losing record for a lot less money than r00b has passed out."

'Howard, we've got Dave on the line from Georgetown, and he's got a few things to say about Ruben Amaro.'

Upton has more HR and the same number of RBI as the entire Dbacks OF.


Ice, is it Georgetown or Germantown?

Justin Upton had a bad attitude...great trade by AZ. I mean, their OF is awesome, right?


awh: Germantown.

All this time and I thought it was Georgetown.

Well, considering Georgetown, PA is a lot closer to Pittsburgh, and Germantown is literally inside Philadelphia, I always figured the latter was the safer bet.

I figured he was from Georgetown in DC...



Thanks for the jinx.

Wait. Georgetown Dave lives in Philly?

When did he move?

The Justin Upton trade is Arizona's Abreu trade.

Chris Johnson is gonna die in a plane crash?

I'm flattered so many of you assume I have an education.

Andy please explain. The Upton trade and Abreu trade have nothing in common.

"Ryan Howard very quietly has a 9 game hitting streak going...and 8 RBI in his last 4 games."

If he breaks Joe Dimaggio's record, that contract might not look so bad.

It wasn't Georgetown? All my misplaced hatred...

b_a_p: M. Young could break DiMaggio's record & the big story here would be that he had too many Singles.

So...who had M. Young batting .353 with an .850 OPS in late April?

It is a bit crazy that Young hasn't had an XBH since 9 April.

OMG, Stanton just hit an absolute bomb. "Over" the scoreboard in Miami.

OMG, Stanton just hit an absolute bomb. "Over" the scoreboard in Miami.

Posted by: Mike G | Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 07:33 PM

Is this confirmation that he actually saw a strike?

It was right in the middle of the plate. With Austin Kearns standing in the on deck circle

Wow...that Stanton HR was ridiculous. It probably would have been into the parking lot at CBP.

It is a bit crazy that Young hasn't had an XBH since 9 April.

Posted by: NEPP | Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 07:28 PM

You cheated him a day, he hit a double off the Mets on April 10th.

Sorry. Still a bit crazy. As long as he keeps hitting, I dont care but its a bit odd that he has zero power whatsoever. It'll start being a problem when his BABIP dips below .400.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not criticizing Young. My point is you can't keep him in the three-hole if he's going to be limited to hitting singles. He also prone to GIDP, and that's death in the 3-hole for this team.

I really like Utley in the 2-hole for a variety of reasons. It means Revere's not at the top of the lineup; Utley's not going to DP all that much, and late in a game he's a little more liable to come up one extra time batting second rather than third.

Chooch should hit three, until he shows he's not last year's hitter. I don't know what to do after that.

Pablo Sandoval is the only player to see less strikes than Giancarlo Stanton:

1. Pablo Sandoval: 34.6%
2. Giancarlo Stanton: 36.1%

Coincidentally, Dom Brown is 12th on that list at 40.5%.

Also, in case you were curious as to why that low percentage doesnt seem to effect Sandoval like it is with Stanton? Fat Panda also has a 86.5% contact rate and unlike guys like Revere or Polanco, he makes solid contact and drives the ball hard when they do actually throw it near the zone.

I'd do this, bittel:


I know it will never happen but its probably the best lineup option we have.

I just now saw a replay of Stanton's HR. Sweet fancy Moses. :-o

My buddy is vacationing in the Bahamas. He just texted me that the ball Stanton hit just flew by his hotel window.

That's not bad, NEPP. What about this, though starting in a week or so?

D.Young (then Ruf after he is cut/re-injured)

You split up the lefties, and we can turn the lineup over with all MYoung singles.

I dont think Young is going to stay a singles hitter though. I think some of those hits will start being doubles at least.

Its not bad if he is basically the 3B version of Juan Pierre though.

With a RHBP (both of our starters who are RHBP can't hit, only the lefites can a little), you write it:

D.Young (then Ruf)

No exaggeration but if that ball was hit in CBP, where do you think it would have hit? I'm thinking somewhere around the Phillies logo on the top of the scoreboard...if it didn't miss it left and land somewhere in the parking lot/LF gate.

D. Young hits LHP better than RHP...far better. Its pretty much the only thing he does well.

NEPP: All other conditions being equal, I think Stanton's HR might have hit the middle-to-upper region of the CBP scoreboard. Quite a feat, considering it's rare enough to see a ball reach the upper deck in LF.

For reference, here's his career split:

vs. RHP: .275 AVG/.307 OBP/.708 OPS
vs. LHP: .307 AVG/.341 OBP/.824 OPS

He's basically a terrible defensive version of Mayberry with slightly more even splits. Though Mayberry's career .877 OPS vs. LHP and his defense probably bring a bit more value to the team than D. Young as a starter. Especially since they likely won't platoon D. Young for some stupid reason (probably that super impressive (and super empty) .275 AVG vs RHP).

Stanton truly has 90 power on the 80 scouting scale.

NEPP: And you're correct, there's also a chance it flies between the foul pole & the scoreboard, in which case it's definitely going to wind up at or beyond the LF Gate.

That was the only thing that was an issue for me...he put enough spin on it so it was hooking so it might have shot the gap and hit the parking lot.

Which would have been pretty cool to see. How often do guys hit it out of a park anymore (outside of SF splashdowns and over the monster onto Lansdowne in Boston)? It's always interesting to see a super long HR like that.

Speaking of stupidity, you're the Marlins and you're building a ballpark for your club. You have one of the premier RHB sluggers in the game under team control for a very long time during this period of time. Why in the hell would you make it 344 down the LF line and 386 in the power alley in LF?

Granted the dimensions of that entire park are just ridiculous...422 to CF, etc etc.

Former Phillies Rule 5 selection Travis Blackley is still alive and is now pitching for the Astros against Boston right now.

Does playing for the Astros technically qualify as "living"?

Its not quite the Mexican Leagues but I believe they have uniforms and everything.

Someone mentioned Darin Ruf...he's had a great start to 2013. He's batting .343 in Lehigh so far...oh wait, that's his slugging percentage. He's batting .214 with a .616 OPS. I know he's a defense-first guy who'd be brought up for his glove but I dont think our lineup can hide a bat of that caliber.

in john marzano's last phillies post game analysis (before dying 4-19-08 in a fall down the steps in his south philly home) he half jokingly refered to parks like cbp as "arena baseball". but in this so-called pitcher's era why would you ever build anything larger?

@NEPP: I read where Jonathan Pettibone had about a 10 ERA before he was called up.

Very true...but Pettibone had a bit more of a track record than 2 hot months in 2012.

Cholly never starts the same catcher day-game after night-game, like today. Why would Chooch catch 6 innings tonite when he is expected to start tomorrow at 1PM? And according to the Reading Eagle, Chooch said he would be driving to NY tonite. I hope he didn't mean driving himself.

By the way, Chooch was 1-2 tonite w/a double and a walk.

Why wouldn't he drive himself? Its Reading to Queens. Its 2.5 hrs...maybe 3 at the outside.

I agree its a bit stupid for him to have played nearly a full game in Reading when he's penciled in to start the next afternoon at 1pm.

the phillies should be so happy at chooch's return, they'd be limo-ing him.

It's not exactly a relaxing drive.

They should just charter a helicopter for'd take an hour and be far less of an issue.

At the least, they could have provided limo service. And saved money with Kratz or Q on the return trip.

Yes, Chooch should have gotten a limo to NYC. Wholeheartedly agree with that. :-)

"Very true...but Pettibone had a bit more of a track record than 2 hot months in 2012."

Yes, he's only been a .300 hitter in his 4 years in the Phil system.

Which is probably as much of if not more of a "track-record" as Pettibone has.

BTW, Yuni Betencourt hitting cleanup tonight for Milwaukee.

Wow, that Stanton homer. Wow.

Between Stanton, J Upton, Harper, Heyward, and Dom Brown, there's just a ton of young studs in the NL East corner outfields.


Driving to Queens from Reading isn't too bad. Just have to do it at a sensible hour and avoid GW bridge and or LIE if at all possible.

Still don't understand why the Phils started Chooch in a game if they expect him to start a day game tomorrow or why they just wouldn't hire a limo service to drive him up to where the team is staying.

Trailways to Phila transfer to NYC, show up at Port Authority around 10PM , take the subway out to Queens sleep in the clubhouse for a couple of hours and then catch the game tomorrow.

Attendance is down, watch those travel costs.

Chooch will be fine. He got a handful of 'go pills' from some truckers in Reading. Now he can drive all night.

buster: "Durbin may not be a good pitcher, but when he goes more than one inning it's usually a good thing, not bad. Especially in recent years."

you're battling common sense here. If a reliever goes more than an inning, of course it is a good thing - it means he didnt pitch bad enough to get yanked yet.

Solid blast from DOM today, also noticed Ryno went against the shift for a single. For as many times the shift robs him, he needs to hit a single the other way about 50 more times this year, at least.

Port Authority on a Fri/Sat night late (especially early morning hours) is the weirdest cross-section of people I have seen in the U.S.

Homeless guys/bums, people not even 80% there mentally, hustlers, weirdos, grifters, junkies, and even some whores. Mix in some regular folks including broke students, various cleaning staff & workers, and Port Authority cops.

Maybe they have cleaned it up since it has been a nearly 15 years since I did that regularly.

The underdog is now 8-1 in the last 9 Phillies games.

MG- Been there- done that.

I wouldn't really wish that on Chooch.

I have 3 nieces that lived in NY, 1 still does. They have taken the Beiber Bus from Reading to downtown NY hundreds of times w/o incident.

Cholly around noon Sunday: "Chooch had a flat tire on the NJ Turnpike, then made a wrong turn, and wound up in Albany. We gave him directions to Cleveland, hope to see him there Tuesday."

@ MG.

It has cleaned up somewhat, although how much does depend somewhat on where you are. The area where the Bieber Bus comes in has been fine in my experience, while the Greyhound station is still somewhat run-down.

Bieber Bus. Something I haven't ridden on in a while either. Too bad they never really had any competition to Reading because their rates sucked. I used to be able to go to Boston-NYC cheaper than from NYC-Reading if I took the bus.

Yup. It is still notably cheaper. You can grab a bus for as cheap as $20 from Boston-NYC and the cheapest I saw a Bieber bus was $33.50.

Harper homered again today and now has a .373/.453/.783 line with 9 HRs.

I was amazed at the poll earlier this year where an overwhelming amount of GMs would have taken Trout over Harper.

Trout just doesn't have the natural skills to the degree that Harper possesses including bat speed. I also love Harper's intangibles and his intensity. If he played in Philly, he would be the most popular athlete in town & it wouldn't be close right now.

Trout or Harper, I'd take either one in a New York Minute. Heck, I'd take Shane Victorino in a New York Minute at this point.

Dragon - Vic has a .292/.358/.319 slash line, already has missed 3 games due to stiffness in his lower back, and looks like he is headed to the 15-day DL shortly.

No way I wanted him back here on a 3 yr/$39M deal. Even a 2 yr/$25M would have been an awful lot & hamstrung this team.

Vic may play good defense in RF but if his power is starting to ebb he is basically a .260-.280 & ~10 HR guy he has to play defense at a really high level & be a real threat on the basepaths to provide solid value as a RF.

Quintero DFA'ed, according to Jim Salisbury's Twitter account.

This from Brookover's column in the Inky this morning:

"From 2011 through Saturday, Ruiz, Utley and Howard have been together in the starting lineup just 93 times out of a possible 349 games. The Phillies have a .602 winning percentage (56-37) with that trio together and a .539 winning percentage (138-118) when they are not together."

Wow, I guess they wanted Kratz's stick and to keep the EK and KK combo together.

Prediction (at which I stink):

Quintero gets claimed. He's better than a few backups around MLB.

MG, does Harper have the defense and baserunning upside that Trout has?

I really would take either one, and I wouldn't question it either way.

@NEPP: Sandoval is an elite bad ball hitter with elite contact skills. I don't think it's fair to compare Stanton with him. That word be like saying "Why are all these balls affecting Stanton? Why doesn't he just go and get them, like Vladdy used to?"

I agree with awh. I don't see Quintero getting through waivers.

Someone will p/u Quintero. Thin position around baseball. I wonder how close the call was for the Phils. Also, who are teh Phils 3d string and emergency catchers at this point?

I have a sister in Manhattan who rode the Bieber bus a good bit when visiting. She never complained about GCS but, if I was around, she typically asked to be dropped off/ picked up in Kutztown to avoid the scene at the Reading station.

Very big game today before a day off.

Hamels for his first win, Ruiz back, a sweep, a week with Indians (2) and Marlins (4). Would be awfully nice to be .500 before a tough West Coast trip.

Heather I wasn't comparing them in that way...I was explaining why that strike percentage doesn't affect Fat Panda as much.

Quinter's DFA status was also reported by Matt Geln within the past hour. Absolutely, it was the right choice, and in response to the inquiry above as to whether the decision was a difficult one, anyone who has been watching the small amount of playing time that Quintero has been given since the regular season started should have seen that there was never any the Quintero would go when Ruiz came back.

Spelling corrections for the post above: "Quintero" and "Gelb"

I actually said to a friend in the offseason that I would take Harper over Trout, despite Trout obviously being incredible last season, and seeming to have a broader base of skills.

I just think Harper has that "thing" elite athletes have (Tiger, Jordan, etc.). The insane competitiveness and work ethic, and obviously the freakish talent. I hope I'm wrong, and it's possible that it doesn't work the same way in baseball (given how little impact one player can make on the game, compared to say, basketball). But yeah, I think Harper is going to be the best player in baseball over the next ten years or so.

I hope Kratz plays better in the backup role in which he thrived last season. Quintero is 33, so you're not losing a spring chicken (and yeah, Kratz isn't one either). If it came down to KK's comfort with Kratz, that's a good enough reason. Have to believe Hamels and Halladay will be fine pitching to Chooch.

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