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Friday, April 12, 2013


Joe Capozzi: Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton could miss all 3 games this weekend against Phils

I believe this makes the Marlins about as weak of an oppent as the Phillies will ever face. No excuse to fail to sweep.

St. Utley delivers for the Phils. It was ugly but a win is a win.

Not having Stanton (8-32, 2 HRs, 15 Ks) in the lineup helps Hamels but the guys who surprisingly have hurt him the most are Coghlan (7-21, 2 HRs, 4 BBs) and Kotchman (4-12, 3 HRs).

Hopefully Hamels has his fastball command and isn't all over the place like in his first 2 starts.

Need a Phillies sweep and Washington to win the next two against the Braves. Never too early to look at the standings.

Am I still on PED suspension?

Or does Charlie think they sent me down and he's got Mini Mart on the roster?

My ass has splinters. Only so much you can talk about with Frandsen and Zeke for 3 hours.

Utley's return to form is great. Utley playing every single game is not great. Manuel is a plum fool for not realizing Utley is going to inevitably fall off hard from what he is doing now if he doesn't start getting rested at least once a week. He has capable backups on the roster. What is the problem?

The Orioles should be banned from baseball for getting caught in that run down.

And Machado should be tarred and feathered for letting the last out take place.

Still a sweet TP, though.

Also, I love Chase Utley.

Good night.

Utley has explicitly stated that resting his knees does not make them better. He worked hard all offseason to put the pressure of game situations on his knees on nearly a daily basis.

This is not to say that he should or will play all 162 games, but the Phils JUST had a day off LAST NIGHT. Based on Utley's rehab this offseason and what he's said, resting him once a week might possibly do more harm than good.

utz is like the shark that must always be moving forward.

Yeah, Machado wins the dumbass of the week award, beating out a slew of candidates from the Pads-Dodgers series.

If they are not going to use Galvis he should be sent down to AAA. He, and the team, would be better served by Galvis staying sharp by hitting and fielding regularly in AAA. Hate to say this but they might as well bring up Mini-Mart and let him sit at the end of the bench and collect splinters.

"The Orioles should be banned from baseball for getting caught in that run down.

And Machado should be tarred and feathered for letting the last out take place."

The base running looked like something you'd see in peewee league. Was a great throw, though, from Overbay to get Machado.

From the previous thread:

We all know what a Howard is. How about a Revere?

1. One at bat where he gets the bat knocked out of his hands.

2. A Caught stealing.

3. A bunt with a man in scoring position.

But being serious about young Mr. Revere. I see some troubling things. First, he takes too many strikes. Most players could get away with this, but he's taking very hittable pitches. When they move him to ninth, maybe he'll be a little more aggressive. Also, he has a lousy first step when stealing bases, and he doesn't get out of the box well when hitting. (He made the right decision to attempt to steal with a man on third, btw.) That bunt with a man in scoring position was insanely stupid. And a more subtle thing that I don't know if everyone saw - on the go ahead run, he looked back at the ball between second and third instead of trusting his coach. It may seem small, but that's the kind of thing that causes you to get tangled up in your own feet and fall down. In fact, he did zag a bit when he did it and I could see Lonnie Smith flashbacks. But that's why you have a third base coach. I had the sound down, so I don't know if the announcers saw it. But I almost fell off the treadmill when I saw it.

I can see that Revere has a place in the majors. But there are a lot of little things that need work. Someone earlier mentioned Ben Francisco, a player we all decided was less than the sum of his parts. Hopefully, Revere is not like that.

akmith: tmac mentioned that he shouldn't have been tracking the ball and instead just looking at sandberg.

How about we assess Revere with a better sample size?

i'm all for that, Fightin'.


Adding to the St. Utley love...the guy is the smartest baseball player I've ever seen. There were comments about his baserunning path after being picked off first base the other night, but watch him when he's on third base. He'll take a lead down the line, and after the pitch, when the ball is live in the catcher's hands, he will return to third by taking a route inside the baseline, to disrupt the catcher's line if the catcher wants to throw to third.

Any win is fine by me at this point, even an ugly one. Another good thing in the Phillies favor showed up last night as the Nationals bullpen continues to look horrible this season. 3 blown saves, and a 6.43 ERA on the year.

One other thing to mention- in the off-season some people (myself included) said a trade for Dexter Fowler would be a good idea- coupled with another move. Most people said he was a guy who was not going to reach his potential and he had splits that troubled people. He is on fire to start the season. 6 home runs now after hitting 2 last night. Also has a slash line of .325/.386/.825/1.211 with an OPS+ of 221.

He certainly won't keep that up but he is a guy who looks like he may be starting to realize some of his potential in his age 27 season and has a different approach at the plate.

It was fun listening to Wheels marvel at how Utley got on top of a nose high pitch and drive it like he did. Phillies played errorless baseball also.

Just looking around the league so far, and some issues that stand out are: dodgers lose ace for 8 weeks. Reds 500 and votto hasn't homered in 50 games, nats bullpen blows, and St. Louis cards closer done for if the braves can lose a few to nats and we sweep out. Going to
Cincy won't be as bad as it looked a week ago.

Someone recently called Fatalotti the "board police". Iceman's got Fata beat by a mile.

To Mr. Ice: I still think the acquisition of Ben Revere was absurd. What other Major League ball club has a CFer who's never hit a 4-bagger? Revere's pretty useless unless he's flawless in the field and on the basepaths. To wit, a poem:

Ben Revere

    If his defense doesn't dazzle
    and his baserunning's on the blink
    Then Ben Revere, Phillies fans
    Does nothing more than stink.

TTi, I think we need to wait before claiming that Fowler is realizing his potential. He's swinging at more balls (and missing a higher percentage of balls), while walking less and striking out more.

Now, this would be OK if he's added power, but obviously his current .800+ SLG, .300 ISO and 60% HR/FB ratio are completely unsustainable, so it's hard to say right now if part of the power spike is real or if the plate approach, which actually gotten worse, is the real part.

All of this is to say, we need a much larger sample and to wait for some of this stuff to normalize.

Please,send Freddy down so he can play. Screwed Brown up for years,lesson not learned.

cut_fastball: keep doing what you're doing, my friend.

What happens if Cole Hamels has another rough start tonight? I know we will all wring our hands and declare he's not an ace or worth the contract and shake our heads but really, what will they do with him? What can they do with him? It's astonishing that he can look this bad without injury and I refuse to believe he's the head case that everybody thinks he still is when he doesn't pitch well.

Cole and doc see John L control the AAA squad no reason u they can't either.

Interesting ...

Corey Seidman: "Cole Hamels has used his cutter 35% of the time with 2 strikes this season, compared to 17%, 18% & 19% the last 3 years."

Dave - That might be a good thing if Hamels had a decent cutter. He doesn't though and is still essentially a 3-pitch - 4-seam fastball, changeup, and curve.

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