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Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm glad Howard's sitting and Michael Young is batting cleanup.

I feel for Doc - or rather, I will if he pitches as well as Lee, KK, and Hamels and still doesn't get a win.

Garcia is a tough match-up. Especially the way we've been hitting LHPs and how tough the RHPs (Slowey, Arroyo, Leake, Bailey) have been for us.

Honestly, I don't see the harm in putting Frandsen at 1B. He's not a good defender, and 1B is the easiest defensive position on the diamond, and the least important. And Young has actually looked pleasantly comfortable at 3B so far this season. Leave him be.

As much as people will rag on tht lineup, I like the move by Cholly to load up on as many RHB as he can, sit Howard & give him a needed day off, and roll the dice.

Would be nice to have Darin Ruf to play 1B on a night like this, wouldn't it?

Oh, I forgot, he's so bad in LF that we can't play him at 1B.

MG: I think Charlie is trying to show how truly bad this team is, & I rather suspect it will backfire when a couple of these bench guys actually hit tonight.

Guys... all everyone has to do it pull hard towards Wiggy at third. If they can make contact, this game is cake.

Dave: Maybe Charlie's trying to play a game of chicken with r00b. The thought process is that maybe if he can put out the worst lineup possible, he can show that r00b ought to be fired before he himself gets canned.

Wiggy's playing 3B? Muuurgh is right - pull towards the 3B side!

Its almost a guarantee that Wiggy will make a spectacular defensive play at 3B tonight against the Phillies.

"Would be nice to have Darin Ruf to play 1B on a night like this, wouldn't it?"

Why would that be so "nice"?

Frandsen can actually hit LHP and is being used smartly here IMHO. Using him as the PH vs. RHP, which is how he's been used, is idiotic.

The bizarre move here, of course, is Galvis in LF. But when you have only 1 RH OFer on the roster, that's what happens.

If Wigginton all of a sudden begins hitting & playing competent -- not even good, merely competent -- 3B defense vs. the Phillies, I swear I will combust like a Spinal Tap drummer.

Ah, yes, the "righty heavy lineup against a lefty." THAT'S what that is.

Thanks to Kratz, last night's 6-9 crushed the 2.5 O/U I set for hits (they had 4 total). I suspect that Frandsen is tonight's only shot to make it two games in a row.

Wigginton has been as bad as we expected him to be in his limited time in ST and April so far.

GTown, are you "fortunate" enough to have tix to tonight's game to see that $180M payroll in action? Between the weather and that lineup, this could be one for the books.

Preacher: Nope. My next game is vs. the Pirates. And I'm excited, too -- you know how well the Phillies match up w/ those Bucs!

I hope every dink that Revere has tonight is down the left side of the INF towards Wigginton.

I agree with MG about giving this lineup a whirl. The regular lineup was disappointing us, anyway.

I also agree with GTown. I will be furious if Wigginton goes 3-4 with 2-3 RBIs and plays great defense. He owes us an error while in the field and some easy outs when at bat.

Dave - I actually think the Phils have beaten the snot out of the Pirates at CBP. It is PNC Park where for whatever reason they haven't been able to beat the Pirates since it opened.

If Revere doesnt attempt a bunt hit to the 3B tonight, he's a moron.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 1m

Chooch hit with pitch in left wrist today in Clearwater. X-rays negative.



Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 5m
Howard bothered by sore groin. Told Charlie during game yesterday.

MG: The Phils are 9-10 overall vs. Pittsburgh over the past 3 seasons. You're right, though, their record is esp. putrid at PNC.

Just to remind us how bad we are at getting BBs:

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 5m
How bout this: #Athletics have BBd 22 times since #Phillies last BB! RT @aplaceforfacts: @jaysonst Braves BBd 8 times yesterday in 9 innings

Dave - What about in CBP?

gbrett: i have started following Mandy on twitter recently because of your posts here. She is a good follow and one of the few beat writers who don't just say the same thing.

Zolecki, Gelb, Lawrence, Salbury, Branch, etc. etc. will all just tweet/retweet the same message all in a row.

desk + head @ the positions some players are and are not at tonight.

I really can not wait until Charlie is out of here

Corn, what would you do differently?

The Phillies best 1st round draft selections by career WAR:

Chase Utley
JD Drew
Lonnie Smith
Cole Hamels
Greg Luzinski

"If Wigginton all of a sudden begins hitting & playing competent -- not even good, merely competent -- 3B defense vs. the Phillies, I swear I will combust like a Spinal Tap drummer."

I can't see it happening. On an 11-point scale for defensive ineptitude, Wigginton is an 11. Most defensive rating scales only go to 10. But Wigginton's goes to 11. If you take the worst defensive player in baseball, Wigginton is 1 worse.

Lorecore: So you're sayin' there's a chance!

lorecore - She will also occasionally reply, which is always fun. She's done some nice feature pieces.

Leslie Gudel just tweeted that Charlie is a little concerned about Howard's sore groin, although Mandy tweets Howard says he's available to pinch hit. Zolecki tweets that he's day-to-day.


Frandsen 3B
Young 1B


Utley 1B
Frandsen 2B

Howard out sore groin.
Any word on why Brown is out again?

Phils traded Lonnie Smith for Bo Diaz after 1981. Diaz gave the Phillies a .256/.308/.402 line for 4 years before being traded away for nothing of value.

Lonnie Smith went on to finish runner up in MVP voting the very next year with STL and later resurged his career with Atlanta, highlighted by his 1989 season with a 168 OPS+ and 25 SB.

corn: Utley is the better 2B than Frandsen. Flipping Young and Frandsen is probably a wash in my opinion.

Hmmm... maybe Howard was legitimately tearing the cover off the ball in spring training, only to tweak something or begin over-correcting for a sore ankle once the season began. Not a good sign, in any case, although they won't miss him tonight against Garcia.

Corn: I would imagine because he's left-handed.

Uplifting thought: Galvis is probably the only guy in the lineup tonight who will still be here 2 years from now. Or if we're really lucky, Revere as well.

timr - I guess. It might be nice to know he'd be a better player if he could stay healthy, but then this is just another indication of a guy who has had trouble being close to 100%.

So Howard has a sore groin? Wouldn't suprise me at all if that always why his power has been so tepid so far and he looks even slower than normal.


My arguement from the previous thread was Young has played 1B the past two seasons. Frandsen has played there 4 times in his career period.

So it would make sense to put Young at 1B, since he has recent experience there opposed to Frandsen whom pretty much has never played the position yet has played 3B recently.

Sorry Frandsen >>> Young defensively at 3B.

It just makes too much sense to have Young 1B & Frandsen 3B when Howard is hurt vs a LHP.

@Philli yea thought that too but wasn't sure since his back injury and all.

So our bench tonight is.

RHB Kratz
LHB Brown
LHB Carrera

Why wasn't Ruff called up again?

"Sorry Frandsen >>> Young defensively at 3B."

Upon what exactly do you base such an authoritative decision?

FYI - if you don't count JD Drew as a draft pick, then the new #5 would go to John Stearns. He was a prospect in the Tug McGraw trade, and gave the Mets about 4-5 full years of an above average catcher.

Corn: Frandsen could be better at 3rd than MYoung, but it is an extremely slimmer margin than you think.

WAR hated Pat Burrell more than I thought, he's #7 behind the other names I already listed, and onyl a few wins above Lieberthal.

Who do you send down to bring Ruf up? Savery is serving as an extra pitcher. Leaving the pitchers short one is the only option I see.

CS: carrera is the pretty obvious 25th man on this roster.

"The Phillies best 1st round draft selections by career WAR:

Chase Utley
JD Drew
Lonnie Smith
Cole Hamels
Greg Luzinski"

There are an infinite number of ways to say that this organization has sucked at drafting/developing ballplayers. It often seems like Atlanta develops more players in a given year than the Phils do in a decade. We were very lucky that Utley, Hamels and Howard came on board at roughly the same time.

I would imagine the primary reason for not playing Frandsen at 3rd is that keeping Michael Young comfortable with the team is more important than having marginally improved defense (if at all - Young's arm is much better) for a single game.

Young has done nothing but repeat over and over how great it is he's only having to play 1 position; how it's letting him concentrate more on hitting and playing better D at that position, which - to his credit - he's been better at than many expected.

Considering his history with being forced to move around defensively and how he took it, I don't feel like the difference between him and Frandsen at 3rd makes it a worthwhile move.

"Who do you send down to bring Ruf up?"

Yeah, Carrera. Usually, any time you have a manager who would rather play a utility infielder out of position on the field over a guy where that's his primary position, that second guy is somewhat expendable.

Here's hoping that Young has another near cycle performance in the clean up spot with a 3 or 4 RBIs leading to Manuel refusing to take Young out of that spot and putting Howard 5th when he returns.

or more likely, forgetting to remove him from the spot.

This team is so brittle, which is ultimately the overarching issue and why they may be no better than the .500 team we saw last season.

If Manuel legitimately feels Galvis can play the outfield, then I'd be fine with bringing Ruf up and sending Zeque down.

However, if he's just doing this as a stop-gap, or if we'll need Galvis to play in the IF, then it doesn't make a lot of sense to bring Ruf up, since then you're right back to having 1 backup outfielder.

Personally, I think the primary reason Galvis is there is because Ruben prodded Charlie about getting Galvis the "200-300 PAs" he talked about - which was part of the rationale of having him stay in Philly instead of head back to Lehigh.

Ah Pat the Bat.

did not make a single all-star squad. What a weird career.

That being said, I'd take the man's ability to draw a walk right now in a heartbeat, for all his other deficencies.

Another plug for Mandy: On (too rare) occasions she appears on sports talk radio and is a breath of fresh air with her honesty and original perspectives.

I'm sitting outside looking at the sky and I forsee a rain out tonight.

John Mayberry leads the team in OPS?
I did not know that.

"That being said, I'd take the man's ability to draw a walk right now in a heartbeat..."

I take his ability to draw tail on South Street like Timberlake at a women's prison.

Galvis is playing in the OF for several reasons:

- Phils don't have another RH OF bat
- Brown is hurt even though he stated he 'perfectly healthy' (yeah right)
- Carrera sucks
- Galvis was the only guy last night in the lineup who really was driving the ball even though they had 13 hits. He hit the ball hard every time up

Normally it would be pretty idiotic to start Galvis in the OF but if you look at the reasons I listed above it becomes a lot more sensible.

Corn: "Why wasn't Ruff called up again?

Because he can't play the OF.

Which PtB though? The only would go through torrid streaks where he hit for power and got on base at a healthy clip even if his average wasn't great or the guy would go into a 4-6 week stretch where would be mired in a real funk?

I always had really conflicting opinions on him because 'when he was good, we was very good and when he was bad, we was rotten'

If I had the time, I would be really interested to watch the Harvey/Strasburg matchup in Queens tonight.

That's a really intersting game and worth watching.

"Personally, I think the primary reason Galvis is there is because Ruben prodded Charlie about getting Galvis the "200-300 PAs" he talked about."

If that's the case, then someone in the organization should have prodded RAJ about why giving 200-300 PAs to .238/.273/.381 career hitter is desirable.

Howard out sore groin.
Any word on why Brown is out again?

Posted by: Corn | Friday, April 19, 2013 at 04:30 PM

Sadly, I actually thought UC was resting him due to a LHP...should have known better.

Sucks that he's injured though

If that's the case, then someone in the organization should have prodded RAJ about why giving 200-300 PAs to .238/.273/.381 career hitter is desirable.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Friday, April 19, 2013 at 05:25 PM


I imagine the thought is he'll develop into more of a .260/.320/.375 hitter, which would be adequate given his excellent D at most infield positions (and outfield, maybe/hopefully?). I'd be fine with that at SS once Rollins hangs up his spurs, so long as we're getting power and a solid BA from our 3B.

However, I don't know what projection they're using that says he'll reach that level of offensive output. As of now, most of his output is just offensive.


Answer to all of life's woes.

Also: I spy, with my little eye, something at the bottom of the original post that is blue...

Friday night game with inclement weather on the horizon in the midst of a long losing streak in late April?

Yeah, I dont think the Jump to the Newest Comments link will be all that necessary.

Yes, thanks for the Jump To Newest Comments link, Corey, and the clarification that this is the Game Thread. Muchas gracias!

"Sorry Frandsen >>> Young defensively at 3B."

Three arrows? I think this is a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. Frandsen was a below average 3rd baseman. His range is better than Young's, but he lacks the arm strength for the position & isn't terribly consistent. I'd actually give the defensive edge to Young, based on what I've seen from him. He's as mobile as a telephone pole but he fields the balls that are hit to him and generally makes clean throws to 1st. And he'd better make clean throws tonight because I can't imagine Kevin Frandsen is terribly adept at scooping errant throws.

What's this about Adams saying he doesn't feel bad, but wishes he felt better?

GTown, I saw that, too. And his comment about maybe it's just coming off of surgery does the exact opposite of provide me much relief.

There's more bad news today, as GTown said:

Pat Gallen ‏@PatGallen_975 38m
Uh oh. MT @rachelcsn: Mike Adams on #phillysportstalk: Wish I felt a little better, it might just be coming off surgery...we'll monitor it


Just brutal.

Coming into the season, our primary root of optimism was that we had a healthy team, and that all we needed was a few guys to play closer to career norms and to capitalize on the early season schedule.

Obviously, the reversion to career norms is still an "opportunity," (won't get into adjusting expectations due to age...), which has done the opposite of take advantage of a soft schedule. But now, throw in all these injuries, and you can lose this season really effing quickly.

I'm sticking with my revised 60-65 wins.

A couple folks have written posts praising Mandy Housenick. I'll admit up front, I'm biased against her, but it's mostly due to pretty much the only thing I've ever heard her say.

Two or three years ago, she claimed, quite arrogantly and derisively, that Wilson Valdez was a better defensive second baseman than Chase Utley, and the only metric she used to support this claim was Valdez's, at the time, superior fielding percentage.

My head exploded, and I've never listened to another word she's said.

WP, unfortunately the "career norms" don't really exist anymore, since they all have to be discounted heavily due to the increased likelihood of the injuries creeping up again.

Fat, yeah, that's the part I didn't want to get into...

I agree with you, and while I have been cautiously optimistic (and Utley has been a surprise) I'm with you. I actually had lower expectations than most even before any injury discussion, as I think even a healthy aging roster of former All Stars is still an aging roster of former All Stars. Yeah, this team may have had the potential to remain competitive, but it likely would have required these guys to play closer to career norms than what they'll likely be able to provide at this stage of their career (even healthy). Throw in the advanced likelihood of injury and it's not pretty.

I don't like the dynamic where our roster is one where virtually every guy who is underperforming has an aura of potential hidden injury hanging over him. Maybe it really is time to "get younger."

Now I'm expecting Roy Oswalt to just show up at the damn ballpark.

"Hey, guys! I happened to be driving by & thought I'd drop in ...

No, there's no reason I'm in full uniform. Why do you ask?"

"What, this? Nah, that's just my change-up grip. Wanna see me throw it? Yeah? Yeah?"

If we're going to continue the washed up former All Star meme, I'd prefer we just go all out and bring back Pedro, for entertainment's sake alone.

Preacher: I vote Schilling. He's overweight & never did learn to shut up, but also really needs the money. Offer league minimum & let the hilarity ensue!

GTown and WP, why don't the Phillies just be the team that lets Roger Clemens reset his HoF clock?

Ooooh, that's not a bad idea. Plus, it will help to reinforce the Mets rivalry, since trying to play up a Nat rivalry at this point is very "little brotherly," and kind of sad.

Any chance that we might have a lengthy rain delay where TBag drones endlessly about the Philly Phanatic's upcoming birthday promo? Because if so I want to get a head start on plugging the toaster in next to my bathtub.

Looked like that fastball had some nice movement. Good start for Doc.

Roy's come to play tonight.

Jimmy's come to be Jimmy tonight.

A BASE ON BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

Ruben Amaro just threw his remote at the TV. F8cking meaningless walks!!

What did Chase just do? I don't understand.

I knew Garcia was just the man to end the walkless streak.

Fatalotti: That made me crack the hell up. Well done.

First walk in 4 games......

What did Chase just do? I don't understand.

Posted by: Muuurgh | Friday, April 19, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Just saved Mudville.

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