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Saturday, April 27, 2013


awh, the play seemed to go very well, thanks.

I've read before that Chooch is a great clubhouse presence, that he can be goofy and make the guys laugh, and that he's a great leader.

As for D. Young, I did read that they want more time to let him re-acclimate himself to RF. But in the piece I read yesterday, the quote - I think it was Proefrock - seemed to make the assumption that Young is a good defender who just needs time to get used to playing RF again.

(If I can, I'll look for the quote again.)

Wow, that was quick. I found the quote, per Matt Gelb, regarding Delmon Young:

"I don't think anybody thinks he's not going to be able to do it," assistant GM Scott Proefrock said. "It's just that he hasn't played right field in a long time. It's an opportunity for him to get comfortable out there again and understand how his ankle is, what he can and can't do.

"He has to be able to figure out what his limitations are, too. That's not going to happen in four or five games."

GBrett, glad to hear it went well.

Not happy to read that Proefrock quote.

Sheesh, it looks like they're going to run him out there regardless.

Actually, if he can hit maybe it's a good thing. I was never in favor of No-D, but this Phillies offense is averaging 3.50 RPG on the season. Really.Bad.

I hate the idea of running Delmon out there to play RF but they have to think bats first at this point. Though the second they have a lead in the late innings, he best be out of there.

It's pretty rough when everyone's looking to a guy who had an OPS of .707 last season (career .742!) to bail out an entire $160+ million roster.

GTown, yes. Really.bad.

Again, Delmon Young is the answer, you're asking the wrong question.

To add to that, you're in the wrong class, at the wrong school, you forgot to bring a pen, and you're in your underwear.

Fatti, incorrect. You're naked.

Just saw Charlie's sense of humor coming through, again per Gelb:

When Phillies scored 4 runs in an inning, Charlie Manuel said, "We must have thought we hit a jackpot or something."

A bit about the catching situation now that Chooch is returning.

By the way, Matt Stairs on his Twitter has been counting down the days to Chooch for the past few days.

Amaro really must have tried really hard as a kid to fit those non-fitting Legos pieces together.

Nice short article on Chooch's rehab appearance in Reading.

awh: "Sheesh, it looks like they're going to run him out there regardless."

Shocking. I mean, no one could possibly have foreseen this from RAJ's comments at the time of the signing, or from the Phillies' decision to move Dom to RF. Every indication was that they were just bringing in Young for a look-see or to be a RH bat off the bench. There was never any clue that they might actually start him in RF.

""He has to be able to figure out what his limitations are, too."

This is the key. Once he figures out that his limitations are running, throwing, and catching, he can accommodate his game so that he doesn't have to do any of that stuff.

Yankees Warn Eduardo Nunez To Stop Showing Up Derek Jeter By Making Routine Plays At Shortstop,32226/

So true.

Fata, also the dog ate your homework and the bullies stole your lunch money.

MG: HA! That's hilarious. I'm always amazed at how far out of their way broadcasters go in making out Jeter to be an incredible fielder, & I laugh heartily when he follows up their knob-slobbing by botching an easy grounder. "That's a play Jetter makes 99 out of 100 times ...", they stutter. No. It isn't. He's a great hitter. Leave it at that.

Fox broadcast today. I guess we'll get McCarver, but probably not Buck.

That article on Jeter and Nunez is one of the most amazing things I've ever read. When you can unironically write, "Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who blasted Nunez for having the audacity to turn a double play without a throwing error," then you're pluming unexplored levels of human insanity.

It's almost as if Girardi doesn't realize that even the best players decline as they get older. Which, given the composition of his regular starters, would be all the funnier.

And then I realized the link was The Onion. Take from what you will about me!

Not sure if Juums realizes that the Onion is a humor site.

Also, we got neither McCarver or Buck. I guess they only do the 4pm games.

Show Ben Revere how it's done, Professional.

Franzke & Wheels on the radio today. Wheels is so much better on radio. He's already (rightfully) criticized the Phillies for "approaching Marcum like they've never seen him before".

What do you expect Proefrock to say? "To tell you the truth, nobody expects him to be able to do it. I don't even know why we did this."

Iceman: That kind of honesty would be incredibly refreshing.

Good approach by Howard. Just missed paying off.

Tejada has a career .055 ISO, and you throw a chanegup 3-2?

Fatalotti: Wheels questioned that, too. Assume it's on the catcher.

A walk? That won't produce a damn thing.


Give Buck credit. A damn fine throw.



Nice hit! Good for 'bone.

Base on 'bones.

"Danger zone" and "middle of PHillies order" never belong in the same sentence.

it does today!

I love Chase Utley.

right side, Michael

This is a big spot here. Have to get at least Jimmy home, if not both.

I'll take it!

That's big

Alright, well if they're just going to give us runs...

Gotta get Utley in, too.

Gotta get Utley in, too.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 01:57 PM

Or stirkeout, you know, whatever.

Surmountable, it turns out.

need production here

jfc. Just relax!!!

TPoT: The key is you've really got to believe it.

The Phillies are a surmounting folk, today.

Once again, I'll take it. No idea why Marcum gave in, though.

Good job, Howard.

Really no need to try to get Howard to take strikes. Generally he'll gladly swing at non-strikes if you keep throwing them.

Absolutely should have thrown Howard one more in the dirt. Very glad they didn't.

Just realized it's the 10th anniversary of Milwood's no-hitter. Crazy.

Listening on the radio until intermission. Ahhhh!

Nice to learn the Phils are winning. Was Pettibone excited to get a hit? I always love when pitchers get hits.

Saw this from Gelb on Twitter:

@magelb: Phillies outfielders have a .562 OPS this season, which ranks 29th in baseball. Marlins (.548) are 30th.

I feel like I tuned in at the wrong time or that I brought bad luck. Hope Pettibone can wriggle out of this with a lead.

Triple Play upcoming.

Or not.

Take it. Good play by Brown to keep runner at 2nd.

Valdespin the the perfect Met. Showboating jackass.

I wonder if Howard has trouble stretching at first. Conceivably could have made a difference there.

*is the

Wow... Great to get into their pen this early.

Very nice work by Pettibone to work out of that w/ minimal damage. I'll say this, he doesn't rattle easily.

Ike Davis did just miss blowing the game open.

Nice job by Pettibone there. Reports on him say he's unflappable.

Gotta get Rollins in. Pettibone has already thrown 76 pitches. The bullpen looms.

Like to see Jimmy take third here like a top-shelf fast player. With the lefty pitching

Pretty crazy that Harper has 1.5 fWAR in 91 PA (coming into today's game). At this pace, if he were to equal Trout's 639 PA from last year, he'd eclipse Trout's 10.0 fWAR and have 10.5 fWAR.

He obviously won't sustain what's he's doing right now (heh as a .783 SLG percentage), but it's kind of crazy that after a "once in a generation" season by Trout at 20 years old, we may be seeing another one the very next year by Harper.

Sharply hit ball, nice base running by Rollins. Man that's refreshing to watch.


Yeah, baby! Dom Brown!


Now we're talking

Hell of a swing by Dom! Nice!

Everybody Hits!

POW. Dom! POW. Mayberry!

Mayberry only hits homers after someone else does.

I love the Mets bullpen right now about as much as I hate ours.

Wow!! Mayberry!!!

Did our OF OPS rise?

Mayberry! Being utilized properly! What IS this?

I'm listening to the game on my back porch, able to enjoy both the weather AND the game.

Great decision to bat for Marcum, Mets... Worked out great.

Listening on the radio while working in the deep was the Mayberry HR? Franzke made it sound like it was 500 ft out.

Also, great to see them hitting.

Gelb: "Phillies outfielders had three home runs in first 24 games. Brown and Mayberry go back-to-back for two Saturday."

By radio, I mean iPhone and MLB at bat...which is awesome BTW.

Hamels on the mound tomorrow for the much needed sweep in Chooch's return. Wouldn't mind seeing Howard benched for a RH heavy lineup against Niese.

Suddenly, Brown has a 97 wRC+. If he can get into a groove, he can start to turn this into a positive season.

Agreed RE: MLB at Bat. Have purchased the Android version for a few years now. Worth every penny.

Who knew, a hit and HR making a big difference in a player's stats in the first 24 games of the season.

It's almost as if small sample sizes are affected by very little...

Someone had their cereal pissed in this morning...

johnny, thanks for teaching me about small sample sizes. Perhaps I can enlighten you to the reality of descriptive vs. prescriptive thinking. In that, yes, it's been a small sample size for Brown thus far (which means it has little prescriptive value), but it's still been sh!tty, which would be the descriptive value.

Latroy Hawkins is 40? Holy crap. I had no idea he was that old.

Pettibone 5 and 3. Would have liked another inning out of him, but he kept the score reasonable and gave them a chance to win. Two straight successful outings for him with the terrible Marlins up next.

And now to the bullpen. Thank God Kendrick pitched last night, so they're well-rested.


He's just a singles machine. Never seen anything like it.


1st and 3rd with nobody out is apparently a really difficult spot for this offense.

1st & 3rd, no outs is the Phillies El Guapo.

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