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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


GTown, was that obscenity you just spewed part of Carlin's "7 Words" routine?

Copied from previous thread (because yes, I'm that self-important):

Eh. I don't love TMac, but he really doesn't bother me significantly. He ends up getting mashed into the unenviable role of half play-caller, half sports-journalist - exacerbated by the multiple throws to the booth camera and the myriad "guests in the booth" (at least one/series, usually).

As an interviewer - and let's be real here, when he asks Sarge a question about the action on the field, he's essentially "interviewing Gary Matthews Sr.," not "asking his color-commentator a question" - he ends up having to phrase incredibly leading questions to get the proper soundbites out of guys who aren't entirely coherent at the best of times.

As a play-by-play, he's really not that bad. Yes, he may take his personal feelings out of it more than the announcers of the '70s-to-early-'90s, but that's just the way that announcing has shifted with the rise of the national broadcast, where they can't express favoritism towards either side (after all, lots of people prefer ESPN/NFL announcers).

Fatalotti: I'm not sure. I think I blacked out for a second there.

buster, lots of people prefere ESPN NFL announcers because teams don't have their own unique TV personalities in football. In baseball, where having your own TV personality is part of the package of your team, then I damn sure wants them to show some favoritism.

I don't want them to be jerks about the other team, and I want them to be objective in their analysis in general, but understand what the fans are feeling in the moment, and talk within context.

Also TTI, with regard to your opinion of TMac being "average", I have to disagree with your premise. I think you're thinking about this too much like he's a player on a baseball field. Fact is, even if there are worse announcers than him, and maybe even several at that, that just means there are a bunch of really crappy announcers in baseball right now. That doesn't do anything mitigate the fact that we are stuck with one of those crappy announcers.

Fatalotti: I'm not sure. I think I blacked out for a second there.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 03:08 PM

Yeah, Carlin did a lot of that, too.

Still waiting for that call-up, R00b :(

Shocking. Actually I don't mind this at all since the other choices are Nix & Carrera.

The most important words in Corey's entire post above are "limited sample."

"In a limited sample against righties this season, Mayberry is 4-for-12 with three doubles and the line-drive homer off Dillon Gee."

Paging awh...
Paging awh...

TMac sucks even whem measured against peers his own age.

I would love to see his Q rating among Phils' fans. I bet it polls negatively among all demographic groups.

Then again if the team sucks people won't watch in meaningful numbers. Only fans who listen/watch really care about the announcers.

I really agreed with something BAP pointed out a day or so ago about Howard. He went down the list of all his shortcomings which seem to encompass about 80% of the things a baseball player is supposed to do. But for that slim 20% that he didn't suck at, he absolutely excelled to point where it wiped out everything else, and then some.

I am getting a sick feeling that he is only going to be above average at the 20%, which won't come close to ever making up for the other 80%.

Fatalotti: I think you're letting your dislike of the Phillies crew color your analysis of the state of broadcasting in general. It's not like tons of other teams (and national sports media) intentionally picks guys who people will hate to listen to. Rather, they find that more people prefer that sort of analysis. I will wager you good sums that more people tune in to ESPN baseball broadcasts than any local network. Because they're constantly tuning in to that, they get the "unbiased" commentary regularly, and it's become the New Normal.

It would cost Fox/CBS next to nothing to hire one dedicated announcer for each NFL team (or just to have each of the 2-3 guys in the booth "pick a side" before the game, and hype up that team's positive aspects throughout), but people don't want that. They want the "fair, balanced and informative" approach of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

The Phillies should sign Borbon & extend their own record for having the highest number of the exact same guy on one team.

MG: I will give you solid odds that you're wrong about that. I'm not saying it's good (or bad), but the fact that people know what "TMac" means in the context of Philadelphia sports broadcasting without significant elaboration means a lot.

It also doesn't hurt him that easily 1/3 of the current Phillies fans probably didn't tune in to many games between 1994 and 2007.

Borbon is probably better to have than carrera...but not sure it really matters.

Borbon is better by Carrera by about the same margin that Carrera is better than Inciarte. If you continued this mathematical pattern into perpetuity, you would actually have an average major league corner outfielder by the 277th iteration.

buster, I think the reason that the NFL has unbiased broadcasters for the games is precisely because they expect a lot of out of market fans to be watching the games. With 162 games in baseball, the only time MLB really expects out of market fans to watch is nationally televised games. Since football only has 16 games for each team, and only airs once a week, they don't want there to be any chance that an out-of-market fan is turned off from a game by a biased announcer. This doesn't apply to baseball. The overwhelming majority of baseball games are going to be watched by fans of one of the teams playing, so a slightly biased approach is fine (which TMac already has, he just even do THAT right).

***you would actually have an average major league corner outfielder by the 277th iteration.***

Lets just keep trading up as long as we can...who knows, maybe we'll end up with Giancarlo Stanton if we keep at it long enough.

NEPP: Giancarlo Stanton comes at the 8,113th iteration.

NEPP: The twist is that it will take so long that we'll end up with Giancarlo Stanton when he's 38, at which point he'll be terrible. But Rube will still sign him to a 3-year, $60 million deal.

Giants are 12-0 in Barry Zito's last 12 starts, which opposing hitters have a .779 OPS against him.

Inch your way up from Inciarte all the way to....... Delmon Young.

Since these guys are only placeholders and will be DFA'd when DYoung is healthy, why not go with a revolving door? At least it'll make things interesting.

They may even stumble onto hidden talent! Oh wait, let me stop laughing.

FWIW, local NFL radio guys are typically biased and I feel they add a certain flavor to the broadcasts.

Merrill Reese, for example, really adds something to watching the Eagles...and I'm not even an Eagles fan.

"They didn't play well on offense. They didn't play well on defense and they didn't play well on special teams but, give them credit, they did, at least, stand up straight for the national anthem."

Giancarlo Stanton comes at the 8,113th iteration.

At which point he's far past his prime, & a perfect candidate for r00b's patented "Past His Prime Multi-Year Special".

The Braves just traded for Luis Ayala in exchange for some minor league fodder.

This absolutely infuriates me. The rich get richer. This guy was available from the beginning of spring training and Amaro, with quite possibly the worst bullpen depth in the league, sits on his hands and lets a division rival poach him for basically nothing.

I am stealing a quote from someone the other night- I am not on the 'Fire Amaro Now' bus, but I'm at the corner waiting to catch it.

I will out myself as an Eagles hater. I LOVE listening to Merrill Reese when things are going bad. I almost crashed my car laughing at his call when the Cardinals ran back a Vick fumble 90+ yards on the last play before halftime.

Merrill Reese is a gem. Much like Harry during the lean years, he's one of the few reasons to pay the Eagles any mind at all recently.

Don't like the hot hand approach at all. Stick with the platoon unless you have non-public information leading you to believe Nix' career splits don't project to today. Who cares about Mayberry's last 10 AB? Go with the better batter.

And Toronto just claimed Casper Wells off waivers.

No big deal. We've got plenty of pop off the bench.

Ice - In fairness, you don't know that the Phillies didn't claim Casper Wells. Toronto should have higher priority than the Phillies.

Fatalotti: See, I can understand where you're coming from with that line of thought, I just don't think it's true. Yes, logically, that's what would make sense if you view each individual sport as distinct, but most people don't. Aside from the diehards (and by this, I mean people who can tell you what a MIKE means in NFL parlance, can tell you what ISO measures {and calculate it too}, could tell you what you have to do to get a minor/double-minor/major in the NHL, or can... [Something something some stat in basketball]), most people lump all sports together under the heading "sports," and would prefer to have to learn as little as possible in order to enjoy either a game of football or a game of baseball.

Additionally, since the number of "casual" viewers greatly exceeds the number of "die-hard" viewers (even if the die-hards are more likely to watch any/every given game), the networks and teams cater to the larger market. What caters to the casual viewer more than someone explaining what an "overshift" means, or what sort of pitch is likely to come in a 2-0 count?

Heck, if you're watching at a Sports Bar (another instance of the overarching banner being ubiquitous) you probably won't even be able to hear the announcers. In part because there will be 15 games on simultaneously.

Honestly, I can't really blame them for that, even if it means a poorer product from my point of view. It makes them more money to get 3 million people to tune in for 50 games than it does to get 300,000 to tune in for 162.

"Borbon is probably better to have than carrera...but not sure it really matters."

If you're talking about Pedro Borbon, sure...

December 19, 2027

The Philadelphia Phillies and General Manager Ruben Amaro III have come to terms with free agent and future Hall of Fame outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton, coming off a career worst Age 37 season in which he played 57 games while battling various knee, hip and back issues is looking to rebound with the Fightin' Phils. Amaro III stated, "In Stanton, we've got a player with proven production. He had 39 RBI in 57 games last year and, if you do the math, that's still a 100 plus RBI guy. We need that type of production in our lineup. We also expect him to provide veteran leadership to our young guys in the clubhouse as he's a great character guy." Mr. Amaro III went on to state that he fully expected Stanton to play full-time in center field despite him not playing there regularly since his Age 18 season in A Ball, "We've seen the scouting reports and we feel, thanks to his double knee surgery and hip replacement that he can be that guy again. We're depending on him to being a plus defender out there in center field in 2028. We feel he's got a lot less mileage on his legs than similar players his age. After all, he's primarily been a Designated Hitter for most of the past four seasons. That's why I've given him a 2 year, $75 million deal with a vesting option for 2030." So, to conclude, the Phillies are just two months away from the start of Spring Training and will go into the 2028 season with high hopes of making it back to .500 for the first time since the storied 2012 season.

NEPP: I agree, I love Merril. But it's only the "die-hards" who listen to radio broadcasts.

Most consumers of the NFL product will watch it on TV when it's on (a number of them not caring drastically who's on, other than their home team), but they won't listen to it on the radio even when they're in the car.

NFL Mobile is a free app on the largest (by population) cellular network in the country. It allows you to listen to free radio broadcasts of every game, home or away (same thing MLB's AtBat charges you $15 to do), and it even cuts out the commercials.

"Paging awh...
Paging awh..."

Fatti, what can I do for you?

I've ditched TMac and company a few years ago. The radio broadcast is so far superior.

I'd imagine most of the BL posters share the same opinion. Am I wrong?

Haven't had a chance to read through the comments yet, but some of you might be interested in seeing Roman Quinn's 14.1 second inside-the-park homerun, so here you go:

Roman Quinn is really fast.

Fatti, what can I do for you?

Posted by: awh | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Corey mentioned a small sample in the thread header. Don't you have to bust his chops, per the BL by-laws?

NEPP - Is Charlie still yhe manager in your 2028 scenario?

Naahh. He mentioned that it was a limited sample size.

The interesting thing about Mayberry is he has demonstrated in the past that he can stay abnormally hot (for him) for an extended period (2011 2nd-half and .284/.338/.475 in 154 PA in July & Aug 2012). My prayer is that he's on a similar streak, in that he's able to maintain this for a while. They need the bat.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

***Is Charlie still yhe manager in your 2028 scenario?***

I envision someone of similar managerial philosophy and skill in the position. Being that Charlie would be a Connie Mack-esque 85 years old, I dont know that he'd be able to do it.

Yikes. Cards are giving the Reds an old-fashioned beatdown today.

No point in shuffling out Carrera for Borbon. Carrera's a lefty hitter, which helps balance the bench, and he has experience at all 3 OF spots while Borbon's never played RF professionally.

Besides, either guy will probably be DFA when Delmon is activated. There's a non-zero chance Nix goes, but that's even more of an argument for keeping the lefty-hitting Carrera.

ColonelTom, Ezequiel Carrera has a .664 career OPS against RHP.

Being a left handed hitter isn't an inherent good. If the handedness of Carrera's hitting is what keeps him on this roster, than someone in the FO isn't doing their job correctly.

Apparently Arlington is priding itself on enormous food this year. The 2-lb(looking) Beltre Buster burger appears to be the smallest of their new additions.

They also have a pair of multi-foot hotdogs covered in enough toppings to drown a rat.

"Stanton, coming off a career worst Age 37 season in which he played 57 games while battling various knee, hip and back issues is looking to rebound with the Fightin' Phils."

Sounds pretty accurate, as that would put him in Reading (in an ostrich costume.)

Otherwise, I can almost here that anouncement now...

Btw, nice job BAP on the original post that brought us to Stanton. "So you mean there's a chance..."

One pound of beef, half a pound of bacon.

Being that Charlie would be a Connie Mack-esque 85 years old, I dont know that he'd be able to do it.

I'm picturing 21st & Lehigh in 2030 with Chalie Manual Stadium: a statue of Utley, Rollins & Howard; and an all night bar called "Pat the Bat"

Fatti, never mind - I got confused by the OP into thinking Borbon hit from the opposite side of Carrera, who's a lefty. Neither guy's much of a hitter. At least Carrera's played RF, where we'll frequently need a defensive sub for Delmon.

The Phillies website says its Hamels vs Jose Fernandez on Saturday, is that confirmed?

Word is this kid Fernandez is a must-see. He throws a 'slurve' breaking pitch called the Defector that apparently does some nasty stuff.

And though it shouldn't need to be said, I agree with the larger point - neither guy should be on the 25-man roster when much better players like Casper Wells are being put out for curbside pickup.

Might as well go after Borbon and we can have two former 1st round picks of the rangers in our outfield.

NEPP's 3:43 post might just be the early front-runner for post of the year. As Homer says in "The Simpsons Have Cable" episode, "It's funny 'cause it's true."

Borbon may be slightly better than Carrera, but not by much. Carrera, on the other hand, is leaps and bounds better than Inciarte.

Did anyone else hear Franzke & LA talk about how JMJ changed his stance/swing again. Less of a stride.

Tom: Casper Wells is a watered down John Mayberry. He can only hit LHP and he's got a good glove, but he's not as fast as Mayberry, will hit for a lower avg. and can't play 1B. Why would the team need him?

Clout: Because the relevant comparison for Wells isn't Mayberry.

It's Carerra. Which one is a better player? headline: "Broken Nail Not Expected to Hamper Dickey."

Broken pitching style, on the other hand...

What idiot buys a 2-pd hamburger at a baseball game?

You know they use a lousy grade of chuck (certainly not ground sirloin), it is going to be impossible to cook that burger properly because it will be so thick and large, and not to mention I am sure it is inconvenient/messy to eat.

Scary thing about the Cards is that even wth the season-ending injuries to Carpenter, Furcal, and now Motte they still have a playoff-caliber team and have a few really talented guys who they can call up inclding Taveras.

MG: The description was "1 lb of Nolan Ryan beef." Doing a little research, Nolan is (according to his advertising department) incredibly strict with his cows.

"Nolan Ryan’s Beef comes only from cattle that are fed in specially selected and licensed cattle feeding facilities that have met Nolan Ryan’s high standards. These cattle are strictly grain fed and never receive antibiotics or growth hormone implants during the last 100 days prior to harvest which far exceeds FDA’s 30-day withdrawal requirement. In addition, the beef is randomly tested for antibiotic residue after harvest to monitor compliance with these restrictions. The cattle never receive meat or bone meal products."

Also, I can imagine him being more than happy for the little bit of extra income his exclusive contract with the stadium will bring.

USA Today describes it as "a great option if you want to watch a baseball game and also want to die."

Iceman - Amaro feels Durbin is a proven veteran who will come around after he makes some adjustments after talking to Dubee.

Could be 2 1lb patties on top of each other

philibuster - It must be pretty expensive then. 1 lb is a little more reasonable too. 2 lb hamburger just sounds disgusting.

I still can not believe they are going to be playing Young in RF when he gets up here.


It's only 1 pound of beef. The other meat is half a pound of bacon.

Hard to say which will be more likely to kill you.

1 pounds of bacon on 1 pounds of beef? Fail.

Beltre Buster clocks in at $26. The Boomstick is slightly more, since you get 2 feet of hotdog. They also have a serving of nachos that takes a little-league-sized helmet to hold.

I forget what the other two massive offerings were (they cut away to it on the Rays broadcast of today's game), but both were in the $32 range.

Half pound, MG, half. However, I agree that the beef:bacon ratio should be larger.

1 pounds of bacon on 1 pounds of beef? Fail.

I know, right? They should have gone w/ 2 lbs. of bacon. Battered, & deep fried. In lard. It could be called "The Delmon".

GTown Dave - No kosher salt though.

Never understood America's fascination with competitive eating or ridiculously-sized portions.

Impacted bowels and/or severe constitation aren't underrated things.

Deep-frying on the other hand does make almost anything better and even marginal foods editable.

Why almost every culture on the planet that has some time of plant-derived oil fries some sort of $hit in it and eats it. As universal as alcohol in every society.

MG, you can deep fry a dog turd and some people will eat it.

To be fair, when you make a massive dish, it allows you to incorporate some flavors that wouldn't reach "critical tasting mass" in a smaller version. So long as you actually share the 2-foot hotdog with others, there's nothing wrong with it in theory.

Heck, the less casing used (since I doubt they use natural casing) would reduce the amount of artificial additives ingested.

Deep-fried butter was the "best in show" fried food at the Texas state fair a few years back. Every year they try to one-up the last.

Think deep-fried beer was it a couple of years ago.

Mandatory disclaimer: I get that it's still so incredibly early in a very long season and the Phillies have historically proven that you don't NEED to win a ton of April games...

All of that said, however, I'd REALLY like to see them win tonight, to pull to within a game of .500, and better yet, couple it with a Nats loss to pull within 3 games of the division lead. I know it's WAY too early to be looking at standings and the scoreboard, but aside from that stupid day after Opening Day, tomorrow is our first real off day and I'd just as soon not have to dwell on doom and gloom of yet another loss allowing the rest of the division an early head start. Granted, Chase and Ryan were hurt, but that elusive .500 milestone last year made for a difficult way to start the season.

As much fun as the Phillies' September win streaks are, they're a hell of a lot more fun when they don't need them simply to dig out of a huge hole. For the sake of my Thursday (and coincidentally my b'day), please, please, please let there be no Durbin bullpen blow-up tonight.

Those offerings are large for ballparks (and a bit much), but far from the worst out there in the grand scheme of wretched fried excess. It is Texas, after all.

Related to that, do a YouTube search for "Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call" if you need a cheap laugh.

KK has kind of mediocre numbers against the Mets the last 3 years (13 G, 7 GS, 3-6, 4.06 ERA) but the only current Mets' hitter who has good career numbers against him is Wright (11-31 with 2 HRs).

Reyes used to absolutely kill KK but he's gone.

KK has very good numbers against most of their lineup tonight including Davis (4-16, no XBHs) Murphy (3-15), Duda (1-10), Tejada (2-12), Turner (1-10) and Buck (0-5).

I really like the Phils tonight with a rested pen and a day off tomorrow facing a AAAA starter. Only way they lose this game is if the offense goes into a coma vs Hefner and/or Wright hits a multi-run HR and has a big night.

The line has moved in favor of the Mets?! What retards are betting on Hefner tonight?

I fully expect the Mets to slap Kyle silly this evening, & open the door for yet another bullpen Durbacle. Anything less will be a pleasant surprise.

Tom: Casper Wells is a watered down John Mayberry. He can only hit LHP and he's got a good glove, but he's not as fast as Mayberry, will hit for a lower avg. and can't play 1B. Why would the team need him?

Clout, Wells is a very good defensive outfielder with a 109 OPS+ (admittedly inflated by platoon use, but still impressive). Yes, he's essentially Mayberry without the 1B glove. He's still a heck of a lot more useful than Carrera or Borbon, and probably at least as good a hitter as them vs. RHP.

Guess who's rested!!!

As terrible as Howard has been so far, I really like his chances to go yard again tonight.

Hefner is tailor-made for him (throws his share of 89-90 fastballs) and it is going to be ridiculously warm at game time around 82-83 degrees.

MG: Lucky. Here in "Charm City" it's 90.

As everyone is basically assuming that we're going to carpet bomb Hefner tonight, it is important to remember that he had the following outings last year:

5/19 @ TOR: 5 IP, 2 ER
6/25 vs. WSN: 6 IP, 2 ER
9/1 # MIA: 6 IP, 2 ER
10/3 # MIA: 7.1 IP, 2 ER
8/4 vs. SD: 6 IP, 1 ER
8/26 vs. HOU: 8 IP, 1 ER
9/26 vs. PIT: 7 IP, 0 ER

Now, none of these offense was a juggernaut, and I'm not here to argue that Hefner is a good pitcher, by any stretch of the imagination, but if you remove the 7 ER he gave up against the Phils last year without recording a single out, his ERA drops from 5.09 to 4.42.

Again, not arguing that the guy is a good pitcher, just giving pause to remember that if he were a mortal lock to get crushed tonight, he wouldn't be on a ML roster.

Well, unless his name was Roy Halladay.

Fatalotti - Get crushed no but he struggles vs LH hitters. He throws 3 offspeed pitches too but his curve is lousy and the scouting reports I saw said his slider/changeup aren't anything special.

He might hold the PHils in check for 5-6 IP but they should still at be able to scratch out at least 2-3 runs against him.

So you're saying we're only going to put up a 5-spot on him before he records an out this time?

MG, listen, I hope they kill this guy, and I'll be upset if they don't, but I've seen this team go up against way too many crappy pitchers and get shut down for 6 innings, that I'm only now ever "cautiously optimistic" at best.

So you're saying we're only going to put up a 5-spot on him before he records an out this time?

Posted by: Phillibuster | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 06:13 PM

I think we're going to have 5 runs on the board before he completes his warm up tosses.

For the Phillies, a "5 spot" is any number of Singles &/or Walks equaling 5.

Fat - Even if they do, I really like KK's chances to give them a solid 6 IP tonight of 2-3 run ball.

So the question is how many runs KK will give up during long-tosses in the outfield?

Hefner's an absolute lock to pitch a 2-hit shutout tonight.

Kind of odd how Hefner numbers are the worst the 1st time through the lineup/3rd inning.

I would venture a guess looking at his splits that on nights where he does a pretty good job against the opposing team the first time thorugh the lineup he has a good feel for his offspeed stuff from the 1st pitch.

Hopefully the Phils follow the Kobra Kai method tonight.

Jack: "the relevant comparison for Wells isn't Mayberry. It's Carerra. Which one is a better player?"

Apples and oranges. If you need a RH power bat that can crush LHP, it's Wells. If you need a guy who can get on base, play defense at all 3 OF spots, has good speed but no power at all, it's Carerra.

***Hopefully the Phils follow the Kobra Kai method tonight.***

Utley's gonna get disqualified after an illegal hit?

Well, Wells get on base at a higher clip than Carrera, and has better defensive numbers in his career in the OF than Carrera.

So again, Wells >>>> Carrera.

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