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Friday, April 12, 2013


buster, I haven't read the Poetic Edda in a long time. Forgive me :)


some other props for tonight's game to keep in mind while watching.

more H+R+RBI: Utley(-120) or Stanton(-110)
more H+R+RBI: Rollins(-125) or Ruggiano(-105)
Lannan Ks: over 3 (-130) or under 3 (EVEN)
Nolasco Ks: over 4 (-130) or under 4 (EVEN)
Will Howard HR? Yes (+400) No (-600)
Will Stanton HR? Yes (+300) No (-400)

buster, I haven't read the Poetic Edda in a long time. Forgive me :)

Neither have I. Still listen to a lot of Zeppelin, though. I figure it's roughly equivalent.

"Lannan actually has the longest homerless streak among all major-league starting pitchers, at 68.1 innings."

Tempting fate, posting a stat like this...

GTown, that gave me a good laugh! And you're right, pretty much the same thing:

The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!

So what's up with Galvis on the 25-man, eh?

I guess we can assume a first inning HR for the Marlins now.

Peh. I'm pretty sure we all are aware that Snori's Tale is far more relevant guys. Seriously, guys.

Seidman: "Charlie Manuel has been consistent with lineups, batting Ben Revere, Rollins, Utley, Ryan Howard, Young and Domonic Brown in that exact order every game. "

The 2005 and 2009 Phillies have started the same lineup 29 times(pitcher as only "pitcher"), which is the most in baseball since Charlie took over in Philly, and most since Bobby Cox's 2003 Braves had 32 games with an identical lineup.

The MLB record is 36 times by the 1965 Reds.

I now predict 600 homeruns off of Lannan tonight.

fumphis - Cholly forget he was on the roster or maybe he was just a really older looking bat boy.

Lorecore, where'd you get that stat? Don't doubt it, just hard to believe no team ever used the same exact lineup more than 36 times in a season...

"Michael Young, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are too hot to bench, which means Kevin Frandsen and Freddy Galvis -- who have combined for just six at-bats -- are out of the starting lineup for the 10th straight game."

When you're chugging along at a .444 winning percentage, you don't want to mess with the recipe.

Corey-- I think he means consecutively

Seidman: I created myself using Retrosheet a few years back, went back to 1957. Your quote reminded me of it. Maybe I'll recreate for 2011 and 2012 seasons.

I tried running an analysis if more instances of the same lineup = better offense, with the thought that the most effective lineups would stay the same.

It didn't turn out conclusive, but I did see that when the lineup always changes, it is leads to a weak team. The 1979 Oakland Athletics only never repeated the same lineup more than twice, and were pitiful.

Cyclic - no, total times in a season. It does sound wild, but you can spot check teams yourself on baseball-reference:

Bottom of the page lists "Most Common Lineups". In 2012, the Phils only used the same lineup 4 times all season, and used 131 unique variations.

Then I stand corrected... and stunned.

I think this may be the only time all season I look at a lineup and say, "Nope, I'd rather have the Phillies' lineup than that one."

On another note. I saw where Rube said Doc can have 30 starts to figure things out, if that's what he needs. That got me to questioning my assumption. I assumed all along that Doc is injured and altering his mechanics because of it. Since we know he'd never tell the truth about whether he's injured, to us or his employers, what does everyone think. Maybe the mods should post a poll. Choice one: I think Doc is injured and unable to pitch any better because of it. Choice Two: Doc is declining physically due to age, and just needs time to adapt his arsenal to a lower velocity/arm slot.

Just a thought.

Well, with injuries, platoons, prospects, trades and slumps... Well, I mean, 39 games is about 25% of the season.

How many teams have every position figured out at the start of the year?

Also, I imagine the September call-ups complicate things for the final 30+ games.

buster, great points. Plus, don't forget double headers and that infamous "day game after a night game" that often requires the backup catcher to get a start.

Throw in the AL with the DH and now I'm talking myself into thinking that 39 games is actually pretty substantial...

I see that the Twins are setting up tables with free hot chocolate and coffee, hoping that fans brave the below-freezing temperature to come to the game v. the Mets tonight.

It's a great idea, but I've wanted these hot beverages at games when the temp was in the 50's. I can't imagine sitting in 30 degree weather to watch a regular season game for which snow and ice have been cleared off the seats - hot chocolate or not.

GBrett: I think they could entice more fans with free parking than free cocoa, but it's a nice gesture.

I think they could have enticed more fans with a covered stadium. Minnesota and Colorado should both have had domed stadiums. How great would a retractable dome be when playing ball on the frozen tundra?

GBrettfan: I'd come out for that at least once, just to say I'd been at a baseball game played in those conditions. And I HATE domes, retractable or no. They'd get my support for avoiding that particular abomination, too.

I can't believe that that Yankees fan picked the Phillies & Mets to vie for worst record in the majors (with the Phillies taking last place) given Miami's roster. Must have been some wishful thinking on his part.

Ricky Bo just made the point that Revere can't cover as much ground in MIA and that the Phils could lose games to bad defense.

(He also said we should sweep.)

You're intrepid, GTown.

@magelb Welp. RT @JoeFrisaro: Giancarlo Stanton scratched from tonight's #Marlins lineup with sore left shoulder.

Stanton out tonight.

And just like that, 'Golden Girls' is once again more interesting than the Marlins game.

That seals it - this game officially feels like a loss.

Stanton scratched: he has been traded to the Phillies.

More on Delmon Young, from Matt Gelb:

"Delmon isn't going to come here unless he can play right field," Amaro said. "If he can't play right field, he ain't coming."

if 3 of 4 of our oldsters are playing like their younger selves, shouldn't we be pretty happy about that? the DH can't come soon enough for howard.

Does it really matter how I feel out the lineup card now? Maybe it can be like a Little League game and I can make sure everyone at least gets 1 AB tonight.

Do you think Amaro as a child that one of those plastic construction sets and always tried to drive the square pegs through the round holes?

I would bet most AAA lineups are better one the one the Marlins will put tonight. Maybe even smoe AA ones.

Yeah ... I'm gonna go ahead & question r00b's judgment as to what being able to play a certain defensive position or not might entail.

Ugh. I hate the Marlins' announcers even more than I hate TMac, Wheels & Sarge.

Big turnout at Marlin's stadium.

Even the Vet in its leanest years didn't look this empty.

Bigger crowds:

Beggining of 'Major League' or tonight's Marlins' game?

MG, I envision Rube getting frustrated and trading it away for older set with worn holes that fit any peg.

I actually switched to the "visiting team" feed. TMac, et al. are annoying but there's something about the Marlins' production that I find incredibly grating. The announcers are terrible & their voices always sound strangely distant. The sound quality is similar to what you'd hear on a Division II college broadcast.

What's the attendance tonight? 3000?

No one covering third...Revere should try to steal home.

I wonder if Sir Pizza feels like they're getting their money's worth with that advertising behind homeplate.

I wonder if they've closed entire stretches of their concessions stands like the Vet used to do on lean nights...I remember having to walk half the concourse just for a hotdog back in the day.

3-1 count. right down the middle. You can't just punch one on the ground the other way? Once?

Just $105 million to go.

Lannan is gonna have a 37 pitch CG SO.

That was a lunge worthy of the Lothario.

NEPP: The Phillies did the same thing at CBP in '06. Most of the concessions in the upper level were closed, & you had to go behind home plate or down to ground level to get food. Still a lot less of a walk than anywhere at the Vet, but a pain in the ass nonetheless.

Comcast Network saw Laynce Nix was up & decided to cut to commercial early. They were right, too.

I already miss the Sir Pizza ad.

Nix made out, true, but at least he's the first Phillie tonight to get Nolasco up to a full-count. The fact that this game looks like turning into a pitcher's duel between two very mediocre starters does not reflect well on either team's offense.

I'm shocked Dobbs didn't hit a 2 run HR there.

Nags up 2-0 after 1 inning. Braves threatening in the 2nd

Nolasco has only thrown 20 pitches through 2 innings.


Watch Kearns take Lannan deep now and make us wish Stanton had started instead.

Amaro has consistently said if Young can't play RF, he isn't going to start. That's nothing new. It's why some people that actually read what was said, and not what was merely speculated, didn't expect him to play a big role with the team before the season.

Dom even makes routine catches look like an adventure.

No hitter good through 2.

Phew, inning over; Kearns saw more pitches in that at-bat than any Phillie so far. I hope we don't see more of that from the Fish, cause if we do--DURBINATOR TIME!

awh: most impatient of all was rollins again swinging first pitch with revere on first and no outs.

True story - a few years ago I was in Miami for work and the Phillies happened to be in town. On the spur of the moment I decided to head over to Dolphin Stadium and check out the game. Not 30 minutes before game time, I walked up and dropped $35 for a ticket just 6 rows behind the Phillies dugout. The announced attendance that night was about 3,700 and it was so empty that I jokingly yelled at Sal Fasano while he was on deck and he turned around, smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up.

Long way of saying that I'm shocked that they're able to keep a team in Miami, let alone siphon public funds for that cesspool of a gaudy stadium.

Finally, a professional AB.

He sure is a graceful baserunner.

Better AB than any of our position players thus far.

"Shocking" to hear that the pitchers light up Rich Dubee throwing BP...

Cliff Lee been coaching Lannan???

I really need NEPP, or one of you guys who can post pics in here, to put up side-by-side pics of Lannan and Gru from Despicable Me. I know I'm obsessing over this, but the resemblance is uncanny.

Wasn't Revere supposed to be fast?

It would be nice to see Revere beat out a couple of these infield grounders that he's supposed to be so proficient at beating out.

Really, the pitcher?

In the top of the inning, John Lannan saw more pitches than the other three guys.

Just sayin'.

Lannan is doing it all today.

***John Lannan saw more pitches than the other three guys.***

Well, Babe Ruth and Smoky Joe Wood were both pretty good hitters...maybe Lannan could be too, right?

wow... that's hard to do... ground rule double over a 12 foot fence. wow.

That's probably a single if it doesnt bounce over the wall...given Howard's "speed".

damn youve really got a crush it to hit one out there... howard and brown both crushed balls that just reached the warning track tonight

Good hustle, Dom.

It never gets old watching Nolasco do this to the Phillies.

No ... No, wait. The opposite of that.


laynce nix reminds of the the roid head at the beach trying to swing a wiffle ball bat

Nolasco hadn't had great stuff. Just throwing a barrage of offspeed stuff and the Phils aren't squaring anything up.

I think we've seen enough of Revere to say he doesn't get out of the box very well. A guy with his speed should have beat out the ball that took Hechevarria to his right.

I'm wondering how he got all those infield hits last season.

They are going to lose this game.

nice range ball michael young there

This is an impressive display of pitiful defense.

That was a tailor made GDP. Defensively this team just isn't even average.

Nice work, Ryno.

And to think, some people don't believe in teams playing down to the level of their opponent.


Chase looks like he had a few one too many jäger bombs. He looks sluggish tonight. Hell whole team looks blahhhhhhhhhhhh.

howard clearly didnt make the throw because he knew they'd pick him off right after

Lannan has a good pickoff move.

This game is setting the sport back entire decades.

Haha Ruggiano. Dumba$$.

***Chase looks like he had a few one too many jäger bombs. He looks sluggish tonight. Hell whole team looks blahhhhhhhhhhhh.***

Clearly he organized an all-night drinking party at the local strip club.


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