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Friday, April 19, 2013


Since we have gotten the Jump to the newest post link back by popular demand the Phillies are 1-0 with a quality start by the Doctor and some superb OF play.

Coincidence, I think not!

One downside to tonite. The bullpen got rested, which increases the chances that they will thing a bullpen game Monday is a good idea.


Had to listen on radio tonite. Looked forward to the replay on TCN. After sitting thru a soccer game(which I can't stand), they started the replay in the 4th inning, when it was already 8-1! Thank you comcast.

Good thing I didn't bet chase a 'sure thing' tonight and I'm glad the Phils finally got off the snide.

Don't think it is a coincidence either the Phils lineup tonight was productive vs LHP without Brown & Howard either.

I understand not wanting to put Brown on the DL if he is just 'day-to-day' but I don't understand why the Phils don't DL Howard if he has a sore groin and/or ankle/Achilles to let him get close to 100% healthy. It's April.

Much rather have the Phils missed Howard for say 3 weeks, start Ruf at 1B, and have a productive Howard who hits for power back by early-to-mid May instead of this gimpy version who hasn't been hitting 2Bs/HRs.

I bet the reason Howard has gotten out to such a slow start from a power perspective is because he is banged up.

Phils have a guy on the 40-man roster in Ruf who could be called, could play for 2-3 weeks while Howard is out, and then be sent back down. It isn't a case where the Phils have to call up a completely marginal guy like Lerud.

MVP of the game = Rain. Why? Because Chad F'ing Durbin was warming up in the seventh.

Best part of the game? The offense. After reading the hair pulling and rending of garments about the awful lineup, it was completely predictable they'd come out smoking. Why predictable? Easy, just look at what they were replacing.

And finally, this Cardinals team is going nowhere. Not only did they let Lohse go for relatively little money and few years. They also, inexplicably, signed Ty Wigginton to a generous contract. I know they have a budget and they have a seriously amazing farm system. But those two moves will end up costing them the postseason. And now that their closer is gone, I'm doubting they will even be able to take on salary to replace him.

Losing Kyle effing Lohse and gaining Ty Wigginton will cost the Cardinals their season. Heard it here first, folks.

"off the snide. "

MG = Mr. Malaprop.

(As you can see, I'm not "off the snide.")

btw, FWIW -

get off the schneid

To break a scoreless or hitless or winless streak (i.e. a schneid). According to the Dickson Baseball Dictionary, the term "schneid" comes to baseball via gin rummy, and in turn comes from German / Yiddish "schneider," one who cuts cloth, i.e., a tailor.

aksmith - Cards' starting pitcher has been great so far and signing Lohse to that 3 yr/$33M deal would have been really foolish given they already upped their payroll to an uncomfortable ~$116M.

The reason the Cards haven't hit a wall is because they have avoided bad, long-term contracts, been moderate players in FA but avoided giving up their first rounds picks generally, picked up a bunch of late 1st round compensation picks by letting veterans sign elsewhere, and invested pretty heavily in their farm system.

It is basically the complete opposite of what the Phils have done since the Cards are a much more competently-run organization with a much better focus on the intermediate and longer-term.

Cards also have Furcal and Carpenter coming off the books next year at $20M and the only important FA they have will be Beltran (making $13M). If they want, they easily have the cash and payroll flexibility to resign him but likely they let Taveras take his spot instead, take the 1st compensation pick, and use that cash to address another needs.

That groove where he retired 12 straight was vintage Halladay- he made it look effortless. He looks like he's not laboring as much out there and is free and easy with his release. Radar gun had him at 92 a few times.

Overall, he was doing what he did the last four innings Sunday- keeping the ball down in the zone and, when he missed, he was staying out of the middle of the plate. His curve had some nice bite on it tonight, too, which is a welcome sight.

In the last thread there was some moaning about his ball/strike ratio. Harping on that is a result of either A) Not watching the game, or B) Not understanding what constitutes 'good' pitching. Doc was good tonight. Not great, and not 'all the way' back, but he's leaps and bounds ahead of the guy that threw 100 pitches in 4 innings against the Mets. Things seem to be clicking more for him now. Hopefully with these good results comes the confidence that he's been sorely missing.

I do think that it's not at all a coincidence that Halladay dominated tonight while only facing two batters out of the stretch all night. The two hits he allowed were HRs. He had two base-runners, both getting walked with two outs. I'll be more confident about him going forward when he shows he can work out of trouble the way he used to with regularity in '10-'11.

ak's "analysis" of why the Cards are going nowhere is hilarious. Yes, that Ty Wigginton contract will single-handedly do them in.

Iceman: Good point about not pitching out of the stretch; that crossed my mind as well. I'm gaining more and more confidence, but next time he's in a jam that will surely be an indicator of what we can expect going forward.

Last night, Halladay's mechanics pitch-to-pitch were the most consistant he has been this season. If folks want to call that "groove," so be it. It was good to see it again.

The Ty Wigginton curse - I like it. Just glad St. Louis has it now!

Phils may be 6.5 GB in the NL East but frankly I don't even care. I didn't expect the Phils to contend for the NL East crown because I didn't see them winning 90+ games.

Thanks to the 2nd WC though, the Phils are only 2.5 GB of the Giants/Nats who are both 9-7.

It is almost impossible for any team to really be 'out of it' unless they completely implode like this team did last year before the ASB.

Say what you will about Selig but his moves to add another WC and tweek the format to reward the division winners though was one I generally liked.

People don't want to go back to a MLB-style where a ton of games after Labor Day that mathematically matter & neither do I.

Big big game tomorrow. Coming back strong to take the series from the Cards would be good for morale.

Off-topic: 10 of Yu Darvish's first 33 career starts have gone double-digits in Ks.

Weitzel said it in the thread before about why this team might not be .500 and I completely agree - health and just how brittle this team is overall.

I think he's spot on with the other compounding factor is the almost complete lack of depth anywhere. No organizational depth anywhere really.

It is why losing Lannan is a really a big deal for 2 months. Surprised it has been downplayed as much as it has. The downgrade between him and even Cloyd/Pettibone is notable.

Depending on who becomes the 5th starter, I would think his turn could be skipped when off days allow the other 4 guys to pitch on normal rest.

That's why I was wondering why the Phils didn't look harder into Garland or Harang.

Not that they're any great shakes, but they're better than Cloyd and Rosenberg. Unless the Phils are convinced Morgan is ready enough to be called up and pitch at a 4.00 ERA level.

Loved the results last night but, Halladay ran some deep counts and pitched behind a good bit. He's still a work in progress as far as his 2013 prognosis. Loved watching them pile up runs early but, I gotta give MVP to Ty Wigginton. Very different game if he doesn't throw that bowling ball toward the tarp with 2 out in the 1st.

@AK- I hear and agree on Durbin, but let's face it, if there was a game to get him into, it was last night. Much better than Chollie deciding to run him out there in a tight game.

MG- The next call up is going to be interesting. I said this early on when everyone was speculating about Halladay and what might happen, but now that Lannan is down, Cloyd or Pettibone should not be next to get called up. Give me someone who has upside outside of a AAAA pitcher and the ability to miss bats, like Morgan or Martin. I am actually going to be super-pissed if it's either one of them.

Iceman showing off why he doesn't bet on sports.

The baseball nerd in me was so excited to see Jean Segura "steal" 1B after being on 2B and couldn't wait to see how the boxscore/play by play files would address.

Right now b-ref incorrectly states that Segura remained at 2B...and then later retired when caught stealing 3B when in reality he was caught attempting to re-steal 2B.

So pist that Segura got caught stealing the second time. He would have been creditted with stealing 2b twice in a row!

I wish I got credit for Segura's "steal" of 1st on my fantasy team.

Seems legit

A) Not watching the game, or B) Not understanding what constitutes 'good' pitching


Iceman: That pegs like 85% of the people on here.

Buried in the Daily News piece on last night's win:

On Comcast SportsNet's Philly Sports Talk, setup man Mike Adams hinted that he might not be 100 percent healthy: "I wish I felt a little bit better, it might just be coming off surgery . . . we'll monitor it," Adams told CSN before Friday's game. "Don't get me wrong, I don't feel bad; but I wish I felt better."

Fingers crossed....

It's telling, so very telling, that for any given Phillies player and possible injury news, when I hear "fingers crossed" it's not immediately clear whether it means "Fingers crossed hoping they're OK" and "Fingers crossed hoping they finally go on the DL because they suck so bad we need to give someone else a chance"

But after review, I think the Colonel was of the former, more sincere, type.


The former, ye of little faith.

Any time a pitcher says "I wish I felt a little bit better, it might just be coming off surgery," you can be 99.99% confident that a minimum 6-week DL trip is in his future. And, when that pitcher also happens to play for the Phillies, you can be confident that he will be the direct cause of 3 or 4 additional losses within the next few weeks before that DL trip actually happens.

I'm not as impressed over the long haul as some are with the Cards' starting pitching. They have some nice young guys and Wainwright is a stud. But Lohse is likely to outperform his contract and the Cards are the only team that would not have lost a pick to sign him.

What really sticks out though is not that they have Wiggy on the team. It's that the GM thought that was a good signing. I'm thinking dementia has set in very early. Not a good sign going forward.

Signing Wiggy a year AFTER Rube signed him. That's almost an Ed Wade move.

It's almost as if all GM's make silly moves

Ruben didn't sign him, for one. He traded for him. And the STL Pigginton signing is so small it's basically inconsequential, despite being stupid.

The Cards have three pitchers at least that will probably match or out-perform Lohse the next two years. I don't think anyone thinks they were foolish to let him walk. They don't need him. They also have Rosenthal in waiting, who can throw 98-100.

Aksmith - where the Cards had uncertainty going into the season was the bullpen and middle infield spots. You're right they wouldn't have list a pick signing Lohse but they have generally every indication they have pushed their current payroll to their max. They didn't have the cash to spend another $11M on Lohse regardless.

Miller has a chance to be bet good and even Lynn has a decent chance to be a middle-to-back end rotation guy.

Cards said before the year that their goal is to build a sustainable model and put a contender on the field every year. Tough goal especially with a mid-tier payroll but they are so much more competently than the Phils I really like their chances.

Iceman: DOn't let facts get in the way of aksmith's argument.

TTI has to be a runaway vote for biggest tool on Beerleaguer. BEST FAN EVER.

So sorry my mix of analysis, sarcasm, fairness, honesty, and general incredulousness at the occasional stupidness of people with stupid opinions on Beerleaguer doesn't work for you.

Perhaps one day I can still get induction into the Hugh Mulcahy posting hall of fame. Until then it is just a dream...

On Halladay last night- the results are not Halladay in his prime but people should not be expecting them to be still. What Sunday and today showed is that Halladay is learning FINALLY that he can still be successful in this league if he pitches to his strengths right now. He is also getting behind the ball well in his delivery and getting some good dropping action on his splitter which was gone for a long time.

.333 .382 .367 in LV.

I'll be your new Cf soon, bitches.

"TTI has to be a runaway vote for biggest tool on Beerleaguer. BEST FAN EVER.

Posted by: Hugh Mulcahy | Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 12:58 PM

So sorry my mix of analysis, sarcasm, fairness, honesty, and general incredulousness at the occasional stupidness of people with stupid opinions on Beerleaguer doesn't work for you.

Posted by: The Truth Injection | Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 01:40 PM"

ROTFLMAO. You couldn't make this stuff up.

curt, it is funny.

Oh, and here's a little "upper" for all:

8 games until chooch is back!

Are Jack's Braves cooling off just a bit?

they're 2 - 2 in their last 4 games after an 11 - 1 start.

I always do love the conceptual nature of some posters on here when they act like they never ever are the third person in on a discussion and basically play the role of egging things on.

We all do it at one time or another.

awh: The problem for the Braves is they need other guys to start hitting. BJ Upton, Heyward, Uggla, and Simmons are all still under .200

Minor and Maholm have both been excellent so far. Medlen as well but he is tightroping in a lot of game.

Vernon Wells with a 1.033 OPS for the Yankees right now. He hit his 5th homer today.

awh, it is with 100% metaphysical certainty that a team that starts off 11-1 will inevitably "cool off". The question now is, are they better than the Nationals?

That'll be an interesting question to follow throughout the season.

Fatti, I agree. The question was meant to be rhetorical. It's why I'm not particularly concerned about being 6.5 back right now. The Braves look like a .580 team to me right now, about 92 wins.

You ask the right question: Are the Nats better than that? They jumped from 80 to 98 wins, and outperformed their Pythagorean by two games last season. Zim is banged up, and while other guys may step up, Suzuki is certain to cool way off from the 1.159 OPS he's put up so far (.696 career), and Ramos just isn't a .991 OPS hitter either. So while some guys (LaRoche) will pick it up, they'll get some dropoff from other guys who have been hot.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

TTI, let's have a little fun"

"awh: The problem for the Braves is they need other guys to start hitting. BJ Upton, Heyward, Uggla, and Simmons are all still under .200

Minor and Maholm have both been excellent so far. Medlen as well but he is tightroping in a lot of game."

OK, now let's change that:

TTI: The problem for the Phillies is they need other guys to start hitting. Brown, Revere, Kratz, and Nix and Frandsen are all still under .235.

Lee and KK have both been good so far. Pap/Adams as well, but the rest of the starters have ERAs over 6.00 and are tightroping in a lot of games.

One more thing:

Nixberry are hitting .279/.353/.508, with RFD doing most of the lifting putting up a .323/.417/.581 line so far. To his credit, Nix has a couple of key HR.

awh: To be fair though- Kratz, Nix, and Frandsen will not be regular starters all year long (provided injuries and all). All the Braves guys are.

No Ryan Howard again his groin must really hurt...Ruf anyone?

Interesting factoid:

Roy Halladay has struck out EVERY PA so far this season. 9 PA = 9 K.

CS, Ruf makes sense to me, but this FO doesn't.

Another interesting factoid:

Despite his poor showing at the plate, Ben Revere leads the NL in stolen bases with five (5).

Lineup I would pencil in tonight:

Rollins - SS
MYoung - 3B
Utley - 2B
Brown - LF
Frandsen - 1B
Nix - RF
Kratz/Quintero - C
Revere - CF

Brown in LF over Galvis?

Not a chance. Galvis is our starting LF now.

Despite his poor showing at the plate, Ben Revere leads the NL in stolen bases with five (5).

Posted by: awh | Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 03:15 PM

Just imagine if he actually got on base a lot...he'd probably have 10+ SB already.

Rollins (SS), Galvis (LF), Utley (2B), M. Young (3B), Brown (RF), Mayberry (1B), Revere (CF), Kratz (C), Lee (P).

Much like MG, awh is a high-volume stream-of-consciousness style poster, whose free associations tend to go directly from brain to keyboard, without any internal filtering mechanism. In recognition of the fact that free association posting can often lead to some pretty bizarre statements, I'd like to offer awh the opportunity to declare Beerleager Bankruptcy on his implication that Brown, Revere, Kratz, Nix and Frandsen are just as likely as Upton, Heyward, Uggla & Simmons to come out of their present doldrums.

Iceman: "A) Not watching the game, or B) Not understanding what constitutes 'good' pitching."

I think all posters were watching, but their assessments just reflect a difference of opinion on what's important. Most posters here believe that velocity and strikeouts are more important than runs allowed or wins. That's why the "Looked Good" stat was invented.

While Halladay only allowed 2 runs and 4 baserunners in 7 innings, the game thread reveals most posters felt he didn't pitch all that well, thus not achieving a "Looked Good."

We can't call up Ruf to play 1st base now. It would interrupt the sophisticated, but delicate, training regimen that he's undergoing at LV, in which he's learning to play LF by starting most games at 1st base. If you interrupt that regimen while it's still in progress, you'll undo all the progress that he has already made.

bap, get real. If you consider a post where I state at the very beginning

"TTI, let's have a little fun"

as a post to be taken seriously, then I suggest you take a reading comprehension course.

awh: I like that lineup except that Frandsen cannot hit RHP. Thus I'd flop him and Utley putting Frandsen in the unimportant 3 spot.

game thread up.

clout: "Looked Good" is for when one feels the pitcher has thrown well despite what his line indicates. The Halladay of last night achieved the opposite of that. Forget velocity, & forget strikeouts -- Roy's not going to last long in many games in which his Balls:Strikes ratio approaches 1:1.

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