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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Looking at the matchups you have to hope we can win tomorrow and split the 2nd 2, which seems reasonable. Eventually these ABs with RISP have to result in runs.

"Halladay showed great signs regardless of the opponent"

I don't think this statement accurately represents the beerleaguer gamethread consensus, which was that Halladay would have gotten shelled by a better lineup.

Oh by the way. This embarrassing team is still the only one to beat Atlanta after 12 games so there's that.

Played 2nd for @VizquelOmar13 turning most DPs as SS. Played SS in bonds 756, now got to be a part of Docs 200th win. CONGRATS #imspeechless

* *

Utley and Rollins presented Halladay w big bottle of champagne for his 200th win. It was emblazoned with pix of Doc and congrats message

* *
Phillies presented Halladay bottle of champagne to celebrate 200th win. Utley and Rollins spoke. Doc said he'd rather win a World Series.
The bottle had been travelling with team since beginning of the season.

* *
Stairs, Eyre and Revere have also tweeted their Congratulations to Doc. I anticipate Rollins and Howard tweets will follow.

Damn, any other milestones we got coming up? Frandsen is the good luck charm.

***which was that Halladay would have gotten shelled by a better lineup.***

He probably would have given up 3-4 at least against a competent lineup but he might have gone 6 at least.

bittel: "--Nix should almost never start; his LH pop late in games is valuable when plugged in at the right spot; plus he's a liability in right."

He shouldn't start vs. RHP. He's too good! We should start Mayberry, who can't hit 'em.

Your point about defense isn't half bad, though. The best position for Dom Brown is RF and, in LF, Nix is actually slightly above average.

But for reasons we cannot know, Charlie has decreed that Brown shall play LF. Thus Nix must play RF if he starts.

timr: You're right, of course, but keep in mind that over the past 6 years the BL consensus has almost always been wrong.

The maligned defense (especially Utley and Revere today) made some nice plays & didn't give the Fish any openings. Definitely needed on a day where this team didn't have much margin for error again.

Papelbon was hitting 93 on the gun regularly today with his fastball but his location was all over the place. Rather have him at even 91 if he means he has good command on it. His fastball velocity is going to be something to watch though going ahead forward.

Papelbon is the kind of meathead ala Myers that will continually rear back and try to hit the number he wants on the gun instead of dialing it back a bit & settling for better location.

Tip of the cap to Nix today too. He bailed out a really woeful performance by the offense today.

Today was his 2nd PH HR of the year. He's now 4-6 on this year with 2 PH HRs.

Nix had 2 career PH HRs coming into this season in 160 career PH ABs.

Hope Cholly does go with the 'Nixberry' platoon though going ahead forward. It is the best strategy option for a less than desirable situation.

Halladay had just 5 swing/misses today and threw first pitch strikes 16/29 (~55%). LA noted that after the 3rd inning he just decided to start pounding the zone especially with his sinker.

The Fish lineup is so devoid of any power though that they couldn't do anything against him.

This was the JV team though (and a bad one at it) and he faces a Varsity team again on Friday night vs Cards. If he can give the Phils a 6 and 2/3 outing against the Cards, I will back a bit off the Halladay ledge.

I don't know that Doc hit 90 mph today, which may explain his slightly better command of his sinker and cutter.

EDGE: Excellent point. Halladay has blamed his troubles on 1. his head and 2. his poor location.

He may have got the head part in order today as he worked faster than usual suggesting a strong focus. His strike/ball ratio was the best of the season and his pitches had good movement and location.

And, I think you're right, he probably never hit 90 mph. As anyone who reads BL knows, it is not possible to be successful in MLB that way, since velocity is the only thing that matters. Perhaps Doc can prove that theory wrong.

It's absolutely abysmal. I mean the lowly marlins. They almost have to be the worst team we'll face. Without looking up baseball history I can state for a fact that in the last 10 years every single World Series winner has not only swept but convincingly swept all the games they played against a team this bad.

No reason not to go like 18-0 against any team this bad.

Halladay looked like a different guy after the 3rd for the reasons MG/LA have stated. The run he gave up was on two dink hits. He needs to keep being assertive even though he will give up some hard hit balls.

If he'd pitch that way against a good lineup, he could survive. We'll find out against the Cards later this week, in what is as close to a lock loss (v Garcia) as you'll see all season.

From about the 4th inning on, I think Halladay would have succeeded against even a good lineup, as he was throwing first-pitch strikes and getting all of his secondary pitches over the plate. But, against a good lineup, I'm not so sure he would have still been in the game by the 4th inning because, for the first 3 innings, he looked the same as in his previous starts..

Hunter Pence: .865 OPS so far.

How annoying is that?

Just annoyed that he's hitting the ball period.

"a really woeful performance by the offense today"

it was primarily a woeful performance with men on base, which meant it was primarily a woeful performance from Chase Utley, who had an uncharacteristically awful approach at the plate today

NEPP: I can do better.

Schierholtz 1.009 OPS (before he homered today).

Remind me again why we got rid of Scheirholz and signed DYoung?

It sounds lame to say, but I took nothing from this start. The Marlins are an entire team of 8 hole hitters, its so hard to make judgements from pitching vs them.

Because Schierholtz also cannot hit LHP so he and Nix offer the same skillset. Thus, since they weren't going to eat Nix's contract, Schierholtz wasn't coming back.

Its not the best move necessarily but it was the one that would happen once Nix had a 2 year deal thanks to Rube overpaying.

agreed..i wasn't trying to say holtz was such a bad move to dump, just having some fun with SSS's.


11 G, 12-43 (.279), 3 HR, 7 RBIs, 7 BBs, 13 Ks

.279/.380/.558 (.938 OPS)


.288/.327/.538 (.866 OPS) with 4 HRs

Going to be really fascinating to see how Nix/Mayberry do but they are only making ~$1.85M this year.

Brown is only .244/.292/.400 with his shaky defense to boot.

I do think Brown will end up closer to a .750 OPS when the year and is said and done but Nix/Mayberry have been a pleasant surprise so far even if Cholly appears to be inclined to start Mayberry in order to have Nix off the bench late as his LH bat.

The issue isn't Nix/Schierholtz. It is the wasted roster spot on Carrera. He's useless except as a PR and I think Cholly views him as such only using him as a PH when he has to.

Nix is making $1.35M this year. Amaro didn't overpay. It was just odd to give him a 2-yr deal.

The bigger issue is Ruiz being replaced by two loser AAA catchers.

To this point they could've brought Schneider back and been in the same shape. It's been a Galvisian drain on the lineup.

Giving Nix a 2nd year was the "overpay" MG. Most people were wondering if he'd even get a guaranteed contract in 2012 let alone a multi-year deal.

NEPP - Nix would have gotten a guaranteed deal this year and it likely would have been around what he got.

Schierholtz is making $2.25M, R. Johnson got $1.75M, and Pierre got $1.6M. Even a marginal guy like Wise got $800k.

I'm not a big fan of Laynce Nix, and I was certainly not a fan of the 2-year contract. But he's a useful LH outfielder/bench bat and $1.35M isn't really a steep price (it's actually on the cheap end) for such a creature. If you agree with both of those premises, then it's kind of hard to conclude that giving him a 2-year deal turned out to be a bad thing. That we later stumbled into Schierholtz (who isn't much better than Nix) was just a fortuity. Besides, I'd be more than happy to keep the 2-year deal to Nix, but go back in time & undo the trade that landed us Schierholtz.

In defense of the FO, they shouldn't have had to worry about the Catching position at all. Any failure in that area is entirely on Chooch.

I thought today was a better Halladay. Not great, and definitely not vintage, but better. He pretty much junked the cutter save for a few spots here and there and just pounded the zone. It was the first time he looked capable of changing the type of pitcher he was in the past.

I saw a bunch of 88/89mph pitches with good movement from Halladay today. If he can locate those pitches consistently, and keep that movement, I don't see why he can't still be a great pitcher.

Howard quietly had a very nice series:

6-12, 4 2Bs, 1 BB, 1 K

9-20 the last 5 games but it would be nice to see some of those doubles turn into HRs. He crushed 2 balls this series that likely would have been out in CBP.

Lets not forget it was the Marlins.

But for reasons we cannot know, Charlie has decreed that Brown shall play LF. Thus Nix must play RF if he starts.

This one's on r00b, who decreed D. Young the imminent RF starter almost immediately upon signing the noted corpulent, injured & ineffective anti-Semite.

Corn - The Phils faced Nolasco, Fernandez, and K. Slowey.

Slowey was pretty effective early on locating his fastball although he was hittable after the 2nd time through the lineup when he began to tire a bit.

First time seeing Fernandez & he looks like a legit frontline starter down the road. The Phils got the good version of Nolasco who was locating pretty well.

Hitting with RISP was beyond frustrating this series but it wasn't like the Phils faced 3 garbage starters either this series. I would agree they are going to face 3 weaker starters this series with the Reds: Arroyo, Bailey, Leake.

Good point, the 3 pitchers we see in Cincy is not impressive at all, and in a much more hitter friendly park.

Clout - I think your endlessly repeating that BL says pitchers who throw in the high 80's instead of the nineties can't win in the major leagues is getting really tiring. And it's a load or malarkey.

Everyone here thinks Doc can win with high 80's velocity. The startling change in Doc has been his location and movement. His command had been horrendous before today and was marginal early in the game today. In his previous starts, his ball was either moving sideways (overthrowing) rather than breaking down, or not moving much at all.

The fact that he had both a drop in velocity and a lack of command and control and movement is what lead many, including me, to determine he wasn't healthy. And that's still open to debate.

But if you take your boy Kendrick, he's actually hitting low nineties on his fastball/sinker these days, which wasn't always the case. That and learning a new pitch, the changeup, have made him a much different and better pitcher. If he'd continued with a mediocre 88-89mph sinker and not much else, he clearly would not be doing as well these days.

But everyone on this board and every Phillies fan would take a healthy Doc with an 88 mph fastball once he figures out what to do with that type of velocity. The key being a HEALTHY doc. And that's still a mystery.

Corn: Nolasco at least has shown the ability to be very good against the Phillies in his career. Fernandez is going to be a special type of pitcher and it is really cool to see a 21 year old out there pitching who seemingly has no fear about the moment.

When I said lets not forget it was the Marlins, it was more in line with Docs performance. As someone stated above somewhere its like a team of 8 hole hitters.

All starters in the Majors had an ERA of about 1 against the Marlins this year...all Doc did is what every starter does against them.

They are truly a terrible, terrible team...and those other starters had to face Stanton, something Doc avoided.

On Halladay: If he can do this for the rest of the season, more or less, then I'll take it and be happy. True, he will likely get hit around by better teams, but I believe that this pitching style should get him a few more innings and keep us in the ballgame. Not trying to K everyone (2 Ks), but throwing mostly strikes (66%) (1 BB). Also not overthrowing just to be in the 90's.

Nice write-up to commemorate Doc's 200th victory:

clout: look up the word "overexposure" in the dictionary. Comes a few pages after "mediocre".

I suppose you wanted Matt Stairs to play more, too. If your point is that they don't have a good option in one corner against RHP, no kidding.

*** If your point is that they don't have a good option in one corner against RHP, no kidding.***

Water's wet, rocks are hard.

And the (bad) reason DB is in left is because the team is holding RF for Delmon Young. Apparently they don't want to move Brown to left once he comes back, or (worse) don't want Brown to have success in RF since they're committed to moving him once Young comes back.

I have to say that these games were pretty miserable to watch, but I completely avoided the Phillies' broadcasting crew this weekend, so somehow, the games were just a touch better.

I have a smart TV that lets me watch the games in very good HD resolution over wifi. However, it does not let me substitute the radio audio stream. That would be the best solution. But to do that I need to port the games from my computer to the TV and the resolution is pretty bad.

So, I have decided to stick with the visiting team feeds this season. I have no expectations of the opposition feeds, so I don't get exasperated with they decide that Kratz's homer against the Royals was his first ever. In fact, I get a chuckle or two out of it. It's infinitely better than listening to TBag and Sarge. That is excruciating. Wheels has never bothered me. And I do enjoy Franzke and LA. But the Bagger and Matthews have driven me to this action.

bittel: yeah, Nix is mediocre. The point is he's better than Mayberry against RHP. That's why he should start against them.

You start the player that has the better chance to succeed. It isn't that complicated.

Oh, and one more thing. That guy who roams the stands for the Phillies? What a waste of skin. At least the Marlins had an attractive female, something I've lobbied for ever since it became the thing to do in major league broadcasting. She actually knows baseball and seemed to be adding to the broadcast. At one point, she pointed out that somebody's on base percentage was slipping. Hard to believe, she was attractive and worthwhile. But the Phillies never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Dopes.

Mayberry is a liability against RHP. We agree. So start Galvis in RF, who on pedigree alone will be better than Nix there, and have Nix to plug in exactly when you want him against a RH reliever late in the game.

Play Nix too much, and he'll suck. He'll SUCK, and you'll grow to hate him. Overexposure is real. In the role I'm proposing, he's quite palatable. Maybe even Ricky Ledee if he works at it.

Start Galvis over Nix in RF against RHP?

Galvis, he of the career .558 OPS against RHP, and who's not an OF by trade?


I don't know how many heard it Saturday night but Sarge got in a bit of a back-handed shot at the Phillies scouting crew even though I am sure he didn't mean it to be an insult.

He and TMac were discussing Jose Fernandez and how good a young pitcher he is. Sarge says, "Maybe we should send our guys where the Marlins go to take a look at players."

It kind of caught me off-guard he would just say something like that.

Whells was priceless before the strike em out, throw em out with Quintero up and the count full with one out. He first says that you don't send the runner b/c you don't want Halladay to lead off the next inning (a fair point). Then the Phillies send the runner twice in a row, only to see the pitch fouled off. Wheels begins to defend the move, speculating about an evaluation the Phils must have made of Quintero's ability not to swing through a pitch from Slowey. Sounded like he might have been swayed by his own logic. Then the DP happens, and he immediately says something like, "And that why you don't do it." Guy has no conscience.

bittel, I'm no wheels fan, but as a broadcaster, saying "and that is why you don't do it" after defending it is not that ridiculous. That was why you don't do it.

Braves: 23 Runs allowed in 12 games now.


bittel- can you explain why Nix would get worse the more starts he gets against RHP? How would that happen? He's been in the league for years. He is what he is.

We should also save Cliff Lee until we need a LHP out of the bullpen.

Based on that logic.

Any word on Galvis and how bad his hand/wrist injured?

I weep to think that Mini-Mart is just a phone call away if Galvis goes back on the shelf (Mini-mart is the LV everyday SS).

It almost makes me long for Betancourt who is out to a so-so start with the Brewers:

.267/.303/.333 in 30 ABs (10 G)

Galvis says 'its good'

I hope they at least x-ray it anyways to ensure there was no hairline fracture.

Get worse than what? He stinks, basically. Nix is a .235 hitter playing every day. On the bench, selectively used and with his focus exclusively on hitting situationally, he can be a valuable contributor possibly.

You believe that there's such a thing as a good pinch hitter, don't you? Or just good hitters?

NEPP, don't be willfully stupid. If you need something explained, I'm here to help, bro (most of the time).

"You believe that there's such a thing as a good pinch hitter, don't you? Or just good hitters?"

I really hope Nix turned a corner, PH-wise, this year, but here is his career performance as such:

.194/.272/.291 (184 ABs)

Good pinch hitter thus far in his career...not so much

bittel, I'm not even going to argue with your "overexposed" nonsense, because the fact is, if Nix started every day, even if he got "overexposed", he'd STILL be a MUCH better option than Galvis, who is simply NOT a good hitter, and will not be as good a hitter against RHP as Nix, and since Nix has played his whole career in the OF, and Galvis has not played but one major league inning out there.

Gotcha. You know what kind of hitter Galvis is. Huge sample there.

I'm not saying they have great options in the OF. What we know is: Nix playing just against RHP in the National League is not going to hit above .250 for 95% sure. He's going to strike out 25-30% of his ABs in a lineup already too prone to them.

You truly don't get the concept of overexposure? Players can be expected to play the same if they get 150 ABs as 600 ABs?

bittel: You're actually quite new here. At least under that name.

I hear the point about Nix as a PH, but he's 33 now and if he accepts a diminished role, maybe he has a nice year. Want to spot start his against RH pitchers? OK. I like being able to plug a LH bat with power when I want him to bat in a big spot late, particularly when he is the only such bench-type guy on the team.

bittel: I disagree with what bittel is proposing and most else he is saying, but I will say that having a lefty off the bench would be extremely helpful for the Phillies with Rollins/Utley/Howard/Brown in the middle of the lineup.

If they had a hitter who could come off the bench and try to force a team's LOOGY into the game, it would help protect the rest of our lineup from them. Or the opposing team would opt to save the LOOGY and give the LH PH the match up we want.

But as everyone is correctly saying, that luxury takes a back seat to the 2-3 PA a game off the starter.

"You know what kind of hitter Galvis is. Huge sample there."

over 2,000 PA in the minors and an extensive list of scouting reports who all agree on his weakness at the plate enforce his 200 MLB PA.

lore: Not to mention that starting Galvis, and putting him in a corner OF position, would be an obscene misuse of his skill set.

OK. I'm convinced. I hope Nix hits .240 with those extra 2-3 PAs and doesn't take too many routes to the ball like he did Saturday.

Iron Pigs
Gillies .069,Asche .169

Mini 0412,Fields .400, Hernandez .389, Susdorf .375

I mean, if you think Freddie Galvis needs to play more and Nixberry need to play less, then the logical conclusion of your argument would NOT be that Galvis should start in LF; it would be that Galvis should start at 2nd base & Utley should move to the OF. Because the only possible justification there could be for playing Galvis more often would be to get his glove into the lineup. But getting his glove into the lineup at an unimportant defensive position (which he has hardly ever played) would defeat the whole purpose.

Mind you, I'm not advocating this. But it would at least be an internally consistent argument.

"OK. I'm convinced. I hope Nix hits .240 with those extra 2-3 PAs."

What exactly do you think Freddy Galvis would hit if given regular playing time? Last year, he hit .226 & his career average in the MINORS is .246. With very little power & an OBP of .292.

That's not a bad idea, actually, BAP. But all I really want is Laynce Nix not to make 400 PAs, and to make 50-75 high-leverage ones against RHPs late. A season in which Laynce Nix is playing 60% in the outfield is not a good season.

All this is likely moot, of course, since Delmon Young is going to play against LHP and RHP.

What exactly do you think Freddy Galvis would hit if given regular playing time? Last year, he hit .226 & his career average in the MINORS is .246. With very little power & an OBP of .292.

Posted by: bay_area_phan |

45 doubles would be great! I mean, he had 15 in 200 ABs, so yeah, I'll take that. 19 of his 43 hitss were xbh. I'll take that.

But he's not going to hit 45 doubles, is he? Nor is he going to maintain that ratio of xbh. Nor is he going to hit .226 in all probability either, particularly playing only against RHP.

Nix, on the other hand, has value as a PH and does nothing well playing every day.

bittell: At least judging by last year, Galvis is actually significantly worse against RHP than LHP. He hit .206 against RHP last year, with a .234 OBP. His numbers against LHP, on the other hand, were actually respectable.

Utley looks like he could use a day off. Are any of the Reds starters LH? And does Cholly know Galvis hits LHers better than RHers?

Mid April and Mid Chooch suspension with a middling .500 record. Kinda feels like a continuation of 2012.

But we are done with our 2012 taxes tomorrow, Chooch is back in a couple of weeks, Cole and Doc look a little more like their own selves. some excuses for optimism.

"Gotcha. You know what kind of hitter Galvis is. Huge sample there."

You're castigating me for putting too much faith in a small sample size? Laynce Nix has 184 PAs as a pinch hitter, which is a laughably small sample when compared to his career 1,724 PA against RHP as on the whole.

What's worse for you is that this is his line as a PH: .194/.272/.291 (.563)

At least Galvis has more PA at the ML level then that 184, plus a wealth of minor league data suggesting that he is not a good hitter, and although he may become one, you don't award positions to players based completely on the hopes that they'll figure something out.

So, honestly, I have no idea why you're arguing this with such conviction, when you literally don't have a leg to stand on. Just declare bankruptcy, and move on.

Rollins is slow. Utley is un-clutch. Nix would get 'exposed' and should be sat on the bench in favor of Galvis.

Gotta give credit on some outside the box thinking, but I'm not sure what the point is trying to argue against any of these claims.

Fattaloti: enjoy Laynce Nix for a couple of weeks. A man who has produced OBPs of .291 and .299 in his last two seasons with 100 or more game appearances.

You badly undervalue late game situations in my opinion. The difference between what Laynce nix will give you in 350-400PAs and virtually anyone else you put in there on the Phils current roster is not going to be all the much. I'd rather have the capacity to screw with an opponent's bullpen late when the most important thing is to have Utley and Howard see as little situational LHP as possible in the late innings, or if not, simply hit a power threat when I want him to bat with the game on the line.

Maybe I'm wrong.

These next 7 games are going to be really tough. After these three in Cincy:


Tomorrow night is almost a must-win if they want to go 4-3 in this stretch.

If they do manage to go 4-3 here, there's a real good chance they get out of April with a winning record. They finish with four against PIT at home and 3 against NYM on the road.

My head is spinning trying to reconcile these two lines of argument.

Line of argument No. 1: We are all undervaluing the importance of late-inning pinch-hitting situations. We need Laynce Nix's prodigious bat for these situations.

Line of argument No. 2: Laynce Nix sucks. We'd be much better off with Freddy Galvis as our starting left fielder.

Maybe Halladay turned the corner and figured out a different way to pitch after the third inning. He was kinda like his old self afer the first three innings. I'm not gonna say he's on the same level as a Cliff Lee or a Clayton Kershaw but he was pretty good.

Isn't the general rule of thumb that pitchers do better against hitters with fewer ABs, but as hitters see pitchers more, they their triple-slash tends to normalize?

And, if so, wouldn't giving Nix more ABs vs. RHP lead to an overall better result?

Nix and Mayberry need to be platooned and Galvis should see a little more playing time given the age if the infield. Not that complicated.

isn't nix a very streaky hitter? i remember one of his ex-teammates saying last year that when he gets hot he gets very hot. but just as we saw him heat up, he injured his leg. he could be a pleasant surprise. cholly hopes so.

Looking at the way reds ( lost 5 in a row) and cards who bullpen is shaky right now. I think I have I little better feeling going into this week. Plus if Howard's 2 doubles and browns drives they were hit to the wall in that deep park we are looking at a sweep and more runs scored. So I think team will be ok and 5-2 not out of pic.

Galvis's OBPs throughout his minor league career:

2007: 156 PA, .255 OBP
2008: 523 PA, .300 OBP
2009: 365 PA, .271 OBP
2010: 545 PA, .274 OBP
2011: 590 PA, .324 OBP

And last year, in the major leagues: .254 OBP

And he doesn't have even close to the power of Laynce Nix.

Your argument is very bizarre. One of the more bizarre ones I've seen on this board.

I don't get the argument either.

That being said- there is a lot to like about Freddy Galvis and i become more and more convinced that he is going to be a solid player in the majors going forward. As I've said in the past, he isn't going to be a huge OBP guy mostly, but he will be a solid utility or starting middle infielder who will hit in the bottom of the order, provide some slick defense and a little bit of surprising pop.

I know he isn't ideally what you want in an everyday starting lineup but there are plenty of teams that have a player exactly like him in their day-to-day lineup.

Yesterday he turned in 3 really good at bats to start off. I was particularly impressed with the piece of hitting to left where he went with the pitch and the walk he drew in the 6th.

I was also impressed with Freddy's ABs the last few games. I believe it was the sat night game where he worked a walk in the late innings by avoiding swinging at multiple fastballs that were close, but ultimately tailed out of the strike zone. I saw so many times in 2012 where he would attack any fastball that looked hittable and either rolled it over to the infield, or missed altogether.

TTI, sure, I could definitely see Galvis as our every SS in the future. I think there is room for growth there, and with his defense likely to be exceptional, all he'd really need is to not be an embarrassment with the bat.

As the left side of a LF platoon, on the other hand...

"Isn't the general rule of thumb that pitchers do better against hitters with fewer ABs, but as hitters see pitchers more, they their triple-slash tends to normalize?"

Sounds like you are referring to "the book". As in, once the league gets the book on a pitcher, the pitcher's success is likely to diminish.

I don't believe in such, since that line of thinking would suggest that a hitter makes adjustments while the pitcher does not. If a pitcher doesn't adjust, they'll be out of the league because of that inability - not because the the hitter 'got the book' on him.

Isn't bittel the poster who said that Rollins is slow? And then the argument turned into how we can't gauge how fast Rollins really is so therefore he is slow?

bittel: Ben Revere has more GIDP(2) than Jimmy Rollins(0) so far.

lorecore, I think 'buster meant that within any given game, batters have more success against a pitcher the more times they see him. That's pretty much irrefutably true.

If he didn't, that's what I'm saying, and therefore, Nix, and any player, is better suited getting multiple PAs per game, as opposed to just one.

As much as we were disgusted how the Phils couldn't score against the Marlins...look at what the Reds just allowed in Pittsburgh:

The Pirates team had a .448 OPS going into the weekend with the Reds and scored 19 runs en route to their series sweep. The Buccos are now surging with a .573 team OPS.

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