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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Just curious, though an error, how is that an unearned run for Aumont? Cozart singled, so "earned" his spot on base. Is the logic that since there was a single error, that the inning would have been over otherwise? Not sure I get that.

And, with that, the entire concept of "unearned run" is forever proven meaningless for all time.

Time of death 5:3whateverPM


I guess they think Cozart should have been on 2d and they aren't assuming he would have scored on Bruce's hit.

Per Zolecki tweet, Revere says he lost that ball in the sun.

This is the 5th loss directly attributable to the bullpen.

This is the 5th loss directly attributable to the bullpen.

Posted by: clout | Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 06:30 PM

But entirely attributable to the offense.

Amen, Fatalotti...

Expect an explosion of hits tonight from the Philberts ... then, alas, the bats go dormant again.

Seems to be the pattern for the season.

Incredibly, the bullpen has only blown a lead once all season. Of course it's necessary to have a lead first, & that requires scoring runs ...

More hitting coaches. Maybe two for each guy, & five for someone like Revere. I really think that's the ticket.

GTown, haha. The real ticket is, of course, just having good hitters.

Thanks, Rube. You have single-handedly turned this team into trash with overblown contracts and poor trades/talent "development".

Fatalotti: I dunno ... that sounds kinda radical. Signing a few good starting pitchers & surrounding them w/ any old crap ought to do.

Clout is going to be trotting that crap out all season long. The troll is strong with this one.

Revere in an 0-2 hole...shocker.

Another K for Revere.
What is going on with this guy offensively?

I got to listen to Amaro's call-in show for the first time in like a year. The quality of those calls never change.

-"How long until we bring up Cesar Hernandez and Josh Fields, who are raking in AAA? That would cure the problems with the offense."

-"Why doesn't the team play more small ball?" (Unfortunately, Amaro said "I think Jimmy and Revere should bunt more")

-Some guy calls in as "Charlie from Mayberry" asking Amaro to give him a two-year contract extension

-"Get Revere out of the lead-off spot. He can't hit."

-"I don't think Revere is a major league player. I've seen him 3 or 4 times in person and he sucks" (I think this was G-Town Dave)

The only halfway interesting comments were about lineup construction. First, Amaro didn't just hint that Revere is leading off because he told Charlie to put him there- he basically outright said it. "Charlie prefers Jimmy there, but we're going to keep Ben there until he proves us wrong" ('us,' I'm assuming, being the front-office). It sounded like Revere is on his way to playing his way out of the lead-off spot, and Amaro suggested the 8th spot.

Then the idiot who said Revere isn't an MLB player called in and started suggesting new lineups to Amaro. Amaro actually piggybacked on his ideas and said that the lineup will probably "totally change" when Ruiz comes back. He posited the lineup of Rollins-Utley-Young-Howard-Ruiz-Brown-Young-Revere-P, going L-R-L-R the whole way down the lineup.

He does realize who the manager is, right? Could this actually happen? I can't imagine Manuel is considering this.

You do get the feeling, listening to Amaro talk about Manuel, that he doesn't like him. It's purely speculation, of course. But every time I've heard him talk about Charlie, it really seems like there is no love lost between the two. He even said, when talking about the lineup, that "you'll have to ask Charlie from Mayberry about that."

When your top 3 strikeout guys occupy 3 of the first 4 spots in the lineup, that's probably bad.

Why didn't the Phils take a flyer on KRod? They took on one on D. Young and if it is because they couldn't find room at LV? Phils could cut Friend, Miner, or C. Jimenez tomorrow and I doubt a single one of them would get picked up by even another AAA.

It's De Fratus & Stutes and fringe guys after that including Diekman and Savery.

KRod would have been the best arm they have at LV arguably. Just don't understand what organizational depth Amaro referred to right before the start of the season.

Maybe he's not cut out for the lead off spot? Seems like he's pressing

...or he's just not that good

Iceman: He did at one point put Pence between Utley and Howard so he could do it.

I barely even watch Howard's ABs anymore.

Stupid bullpen! Stop preventing the Phillies from hitting!

Ice - RAJ's call in show is always good for a laugh. I think the Cholly imposter has called in before.

TTI- that's a fair point. I think (and I could be wrong here) that he started with Pence 5th and he got off to such a torrid start that he almost had to hit him higher in the order towards the end of the year. Then he sh*t the bed in the playoffs and the lineup was never seen again (mainly because of Howard's injury).

I wonder if he sees Young as the type of hitter that can hit 3rd. I hope he does, and that he hits Ruiz 5th. That really lengthens the lineup and combats against one LOOGY mowing down 3-4 hitters in a row.

It's called the Bynum syndrome

On Revere: He is the biggest disappointment for me this season so far. I still have hopes he can turn this around and become a good lead-off hitter, but so far he is worse than J-Roll. If this continues, he needs to hit 8th.

Uh, that was clearly a HR.

There goes the homerless streak.

Never mind. He just missed it. Glad Brown didn't give up on the play.

Amaro HATES doing that call-in show. It is almost as awkward as listening to Jim Jackson ineptly try to answer questions during a rain delay call-in show.

In their defense though, they get at least 1-2 crank callers and a litany of stupid and often strange questions for callers who ramble on.

Wow, that looked out in real time.

That's a HR

I thought that was gone, but on replay its clearly a double.

Is it a HR simply by virtue of hitting the yellow line? I thought it had to end up OVER the line.

Really, I don't think Jackson should be doing much baseball calling at all (during the game or instead of it). He's great at hockey, but his cadence and emotion are just a bit too high-strung for baseball, I think.

Franzke's solid, however, and has good banter with LA to boot.

Hitting the yellow line=gone.

Votto has an interesting walk up song. Anyone know what that is?

That was a nice pitch to Votto. Hopefully Lannan can see his way out of this.

Yellow line != HR. Foul pole is because it's above the line.

I thought it just has to hit the line...odd.

Edge, it's Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones, I think, EDGE.

I think each park has different ground rules on the yellow line.

Fair enough, Phillibuster...I was thinking of the foul pole when I thought it.

Good to know.

I guess it's academic now. Oh well.

Thanks Sil and Fat.

I'm not one to give up but I don't see much good coming from this team.

All Cozart is score runs to make it 1-0.

If it hits the line and then goes past, it's a HR, so it's not like it's a GR double, but it does have to go over.

EDGE, Votto's walk-up is "Paint it, Black" by The Rolling Stones. Awesome song.

Looper day.

Guess I was a bit late, lol.

Do the Reds not draw? Stands are sparse, to be sure.

Kratz has no business on this team when Chooch is back

Kratz is terrible. I'm shocked that Ruben saw 1 month of strong hitting and decided not only could Kratz backup Ruiz but he could also be the starter for the first month of the season. When a guy makes it into his 30s without cracking a big league roster, there is a reason.

'buster, so the yellow line = Jose Canseco's head?

Steve: You spelled "Quintero" wrong.

NEPP: I really only remember because of that All-Star game a couple of years back where Fielder hit the HR that essentially landed on top of the wall, then skidded out.

Also: made it look tougher than he had to, but at least Brown got it.

Seen that dive a few times at LV.

Brown initially started backing up on that. He still has clue to judging a hit ball off the bat.

Fatalotti: Or Darrin Ruf's glove.

Fatalotti: Or Darrin Ruf's glove.

Posted by: Phillibuster | Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 07:32 PM

Both likely contain the same amount of brain matter.

When Brown loses a little of that speed/range, I can only imagine how bad he will be in the OF.

Then again if he doesn't start to hit he will won't have to worry about that.

Fatalotti: I didn't realize Ruf was a pugilist.

He could fight Canseco, like Vai Sikahema.

MG: I wouldn't worry. Dom's current .235 BA probably has no relation to his lifetime .236 BA.

We're still waiting, Domonic Brown.

Still waiting...

I would add Jason Michaels' glove to the 'Canseco's Head' discussion, but that was a little different. Michaels basically threw it over the fence with his glove.

Far more concerning than Revere, who is 24 and developing, going through a slump to start the season, is the 33 year-old cleanup hitter batting .236/.271/.364.

I understand that Howard heats up as the season goes on, but in 2011 he had a .911 OPS with 6 HRs in April. In 2010 he had a .794 OPS with 4 HRs. In 2009 he had an .892 OPS with 4 HRs.

He currently has a .646 OPS with 1 HR and only 5 XBH. He runs with a gimp. Every ball he drives is dying at the warning track.

I'm not saying it's time to give up on the guy, but his start has been alarming to say the least. They can live without Revere hitting. They can't live without Howard hitting and hitting for power.

Dom chasing all over the place.

I wonder if the blow of losing an hour earlier will affect our steamroller of an offense.

Iceman, while I do agree, we're only halfway through April. If he hits a few HRs and takes a few walks, he'll be back in line with 2010.

@Iceman: agree 100%.

I can't remember the last time one of our guys hit a ball hard.

Other than the last two games, one positive thing with our bats is that we've been pretty good at racking up opposing starters' pitch-counts.

I think maybe 3 times so far we've gotten through the 2nd with fewer than 30 pitches on them - and at least 40 on several.

They're going to hit this guy eventually. His stuff is pedestrian. It's actually a disgrace to pedestrians everywhere.

If they don't get to him by the 5th/6th inning, even I'm going to be done with them.*

*Until tomorrow around 8PM when I cave and check the score

By the way, why the hell is Mayberry in against a righty again tonight? The Nixberry platoon has been totally incoherent from Day One--it seems to largely be based on Manuel spinning a little arrow like I used to have on my All-Star Baseball game as a kid.

The most concerning numbers about the Phillies offense are:

33, 33, 34, 34, 36

Those the ages of Kratz, Howard, Utley, Rollins and M. Young.

When Chooch returns, replace the first 33 with a 34.

Leake doesn't have nearly the same stuff either that Bailey had last night. Watched a little of the game really late & Bailey's stuff was really good last night.

Leake is a pedestrian pitcher who throws a bunch of pitches and none of them particularly that well.


Ok now the streak is definitely over.

We may get bad Lannan tonight.

watching mike leake bulldoze his way through this line-up is beyond infuriating

The most concerning numbers about the Phillies offense are:

33, 33, 34, 34, 36

Those the ages of Kratz, Howard, Utley, Rollins and M. Young.

When Chooch returns, replace the first 33 with a 34.

Posted by: Fatalotti | Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 07:41 PM

In all fairness to the Old Guys, Utley and Young have been the best hitters in the lineup this year; the Young Guys (represented by Brown and Revere) have been about as bad as Howard, Rollins, and Kratz.

also i hate everything eric kratz does in every aspect of the game

Lannan not keeping the ball down tonight.

Well, Lannan was due to have a dud. Figure it would be against this type of a lineup. They'll have to score some runs to avoid a sweep.

They're going to have to win 3 of 4 against St. Louis to not be completely buried. Of course, the silver lining here is that Wainwright/Garcia aren't going to shut down the lineup any more than Slowey/Nolasco/Arroyo have.

Insurmountable Lead.

If Lannan keeps pitching like this, I may throw up.

Pretty much what we expect of Lannan, no?

And while Lee and KK pitched more than well enough to win, it didn't matter, because our offense is taking us back to '12. It will surely improve, although maybe not enough. Right now, it feels like a long season.

"They'll have to score some runs to avoid a sweep."

Ay, there's the rub.

Sh*t Show.

The thing that scares me about this slow start is that for the first time I don't believe that the Phillies have enough to overcome it. In previous years I could look at the team after a poor April and not worry. Not this year.
Horrible start today and this season.

Wow, Leake crushed that ball...

What the phuck was that?

Start the Durbin countdown.

the pitcher? the pitcher?

I see the comments here, and it makes me glad that I've taken off the better part of two days with the Phillies, only watching the replay of the bottom of the ninth this evening.

At some point, it's very difficult to enjoy suck.

Ball game. Later.

Revere might have caught that if he had gotten a better jump and taken the right route.

Now that was playing a ball poorly

Yeah, Lannan has nothing. Everything is up in the zone.

Nothing needs to be said.

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