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Sunday, April 21, 2013


So Laynce Nix is left handed and can't hit LHP, so his only utility is to be used against RHP. Laynce Nix is best utilized againt non-power pitchers (per his career splits), so his optimal utility is to used against RHSP who are not power pitchers. Jake Westbrook is NOT a power pitcher.

John Mayberry is right handed. John Mayberr is not good against RHP. Jake Westbrook is, once again, a right handed starting pitcher.

So, of course, John Mayberry is starting.

Just for s&gs, where would the farm system rank if the phillies simply resolved to extend Lee's contract in 2009 and never traded for Halliday, extended Werth, and never traded for Pence.

I'm guessing top ten in baseball?

The condensed version of the above post: Charlie's a moron.

~~Charlie Manuel had this to say regarding the young righty: "He's young. He's got a future ahead of him."

Words of wisdom from our esteemed leader.

He's young. He's got a future ahead of him.

If so, he clearly doesn't have a place on the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies.

This game is only on ESPN? As in were going to listen to Joe and Bloe commentators?

CS: Not only that, chances are some of the Phils' asshat TV guys will be polluting the local/internet radio feed. Enjoy the game!

Speaking of managers doing dumb things.

Jim Leyland just intentionally walked Albert Pujols to pitch to Josh Hamilton.

Not inherently dumb, but mind you, it's the bottom of the 7th inning, Fister (RHP) is at 110 pitches, there is a man on 3rd base, 2 outs and a tie game.

And LHP Phil Coke is warmed and ready in the bullpen, being eschewed in basically the spot in the game tailor made for his services.

As I'm typing this, Hamilton scorches a ball to the OF, but it's hit right at Austin Jackson.

Dumb, dumb move by Leyland.

Atleast the ESPN crew will have kruk and Orel H. And thank god no tbag and wheels. Plus last week of Eric the whiffer starting every game almost! Thank god. Everyone's fav delmon young on his way back!!!!rehab off started!!

Cholly's quote on Pettibone has to just make you laugh.

Phils/Cards both at -105. Vegas doesn't know which way to go on this game and neither do I.

Listen to the radio tonight and hopefully KK is on tonight. Phils need a win here.

For all of the dumping on D. Young, I would gladly take him over Carrera. Gives the Phils a RH bat off the bench (Mayberry/D. Young starts) and gets rid of a guy the manager simply won't use unless he is s PR or has no other options.

I'm thinking postive in that we'll split the series with a win tonight. What's the plan if Delmon proves he can't hold down RF? Full release? MiLB assignment? Bench bat? Also, does anyone expect the FO to juggle the roster to add a bat for our next interleague series? I sure don't.

Off to Lakeland tomorrow to see the
Lakewood BlueClaws.See what Quinn looks like. Was hopimg to see Watson but he pitched today.

If Adam Morgan was widely considered the best option to call up, then why wouldn't the Phillies have held him back from pitching the other day and brought him up tomorrow, rather than Pettibone? Is it just a matter of not wanting to throw him off his scheduled starts (because he would have rested a few extra days in order to start for us tomorrow)?

Gelb wrote:

Ruben Amaro Jr. hedges after a shaky defensive day for Delmon Young:

"Obviously we want his bat, but if he can't play defense he can’t play in the National League," Amaro said. "He's going to have to be adequate out there. Until today he hadn't screwed up any balls, but today he did. ... He's got to play adequate defense out there for us in right."

* * *
Is this just an attempt to light a fire under Delmon, or will he really not be brought up if he stinks?

Dunno if anyone else saw this last night, but it's worth a look:

I love his enthusiasm; he absolutely lived it up. I'd have been thrilled to do the same when I was his age, but I'd also probably have been too nervous to really appreciate the moment. Anyway, it was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable evening.

Sad to say but Revere should be hitting #7 in that lineup.

Using the b00b analysis:

Chooch & D. Young >> Kratz & Carrerra.

***"Obviously we want his bat, but if he can't play defense he can’t play in the National League," Amaro said. "He's going to have to be adequate out there. Until today he hadn't screwed up any balls, but today he did. ... He's got to play adequate defense out there for us in right."***

Its almost as if Rube is an idiot.

How could he not know that Young is/was one of the worst defensive players in baseball since he broke into the league? There's a reason the Tigers used him as a DH, Rube.

GBrettfan: I imagine Charlie's take is more in line w/ reality:

"If he can produce some offense, we can [substitute] for him in the outfield late in the game," Manuel said. "It's not like we want to embarrass him. But if he can help us offensively, then that part will stand out. More than likely, we'll give him a chance."

Barring injury, Delmon's going to see playing time for the Phillies this season.

To be fair, Rube had such a great result resurrecting Thome's defense that he figured he had the hot hand.

GBrettFan - Pettinone is closer to a finished product, albeit that of a guy with 4th starter potential, as opposed to Morgan still having a 2/3 starter ceiling. Plus, using Morgan would require a move to the 40 man roster.

Pettibone has been obliterated in both his starts in Lehigh so far...9.64 ERA and a 2.143 WHIP so far. Its been really ugly. Makes total sense to call him up for a 6 week stretch with the MLB club.

Another first!. When was the last time a starting pitcher made his ML debut sporting a MiL ERA of 9.64 or worse?

If you had to take the O/U on 109.5 losses for the Marlins this year, which would you take?

I would take the over. The Astros had the worst record last year at 55-107 and the Marlins seem a notch worse.

MG, nice b00b analysis.

This team desperately needs Chooch back, not only his bat, but also to handle the pitching staff.

Delmon Young can't play defense? Where in the world might RAJ get an idea like that, Beer*Leaguer?

It will be really interesting to see what they're going to do, because "No-D" Young's rehab is going to be intensely scrutinized by the media so they won't be able to hide his miscues and utter lack of defensive ability.

OTOH, if he does come back and can hit, he may provide a nice deadline trade piece who can be shipped off to the AL if a team is looking for a DH.

IMHO No-DYoung just isn't going to have that much of an impact. I don't see him hitting better than Nixberry have been collectively performing: .277/.347/.508, he's just not going to IMO. So, I really don't know what he brings to the table, because at least Nix and RFD can play average, or slightly better, defense.

squads, I would take the "over" also, but the Astros may also be over that number as well.

squads: The Astros didn't get 19 shots at the Phils, like the Fish do this year. Just looked at the schedule. We play the Fish 13 times by June 5th, then don't see them til Sept. 16th!

I agree with GTown on Delmon Young. I feel like he'll be given every opportunity to succeed or fail, no matter his defense nor even whether he provides more pop than Nixberry.

i agree with the Pettibone move. He's better than Cloyd, and more polished than Morgan.

I'm of the opinion that prospects need to be developed and should be protected from superior opposition until proven to be ready. Others who don't share that view as much as I do will probably pine for Adam Morgan to get the call up.

GBrett, I agree. They'll give him the shot for one simple reason: Their credibility is at stake.

They obviously told him they would, and they'll do it just so they don't give any future FA's bad vibes (think J Loria). If he fails, they can stick him on the bench as a RH bat until they can trade him to an AL team to DH.

My post was merely to compare what he might give them to what the team is getting from Nixberry.

Nixberry have an .855 OPS, which (understanding the SSS), assuming they were one guy, is 7th highest among MLB RF.

Mayberry's OPS is 11 highest among all MLB OF with at least 25 PA.

No-DYoung is very, very unlikely to top that, and his defense will be a huge downgrade.

***They obviously told him they would, and they'll do it just so they don't give any future FA's bad vibes (think J Loria). If he fails, they can stick him on the bench as a RH bat until they can trade him to an AL team to DH.***

Didnt the whole Chan Ho Park debacle already prove that?

Lest anyone think that I believe RFD will continue to put up a line of .324/.410/.588 the rest of the season, please disabuse yourself of that notion.

I'm merely trying to contrast No-DYoung with the loose RF platoon as it stands now.

In short, RF has not been an issue thus far.

So far, in a super small sample size, Mayberry is hitting better against RHP than LHP.

So, the Gut will continue to play him against RHP going forward.

"No D" is a funny nickname.

BL is always good for creative nicknames.

The issue isn't Nixberry right now but Brown (not hitting and play crappy defense), Revere (close to an automatic out), and Carrera (a marginal guy who the manager refuses to use and probably right so since he is a no-hit, no defense guy).

MG: Agreed. The RF could bat .650 & it won't make up for how bad the Phillies are at multiple other positions.

Domonic Brown has been an utter disappointment so far this year.

He has no more excuses about getting moved around or coming back from an injury. If he doesn't get it done this season, he'll likely be another AAAA player manning a position on a roster largely devoid of frontline talent in its position players.

Rube making a comment about how Delmon Young needs to be able play defense to have a spot on the team is quite comical. Hey Roob, um have you noticed that this team is terrible defensively? What a disingenuous creep. If you were going to draw a line in the sand over defense, why would you pick a guy who was obvioisly brought here to hit a baseball hard and nothing else?

After speaking about Pettibone, UC was asked about Michael Young. "He's an old guy. He doesn't have many years left." He was then asked about Cole Hamels. "He's not really young guy, but he's not old either. He has more years left than Young, but less than Pettibone."

Chollie would fit right in on those commercials with the kindergarten kids being asked really obvious questions.

Ryan Braun shows why it's best to be a power hitter during a slump.

5 for his last 32, but 4 of those 5 hits are HRs, and he has 5 walks, as well. Which means that he's not getting hits, but he still has a line of .156/.313/.531.

Must be nice to have an OPS of .844 in a "slump".

MG, I agree. My next post disappeared in cyberspace where I posted the OPS of the Phils LF and CF.

Here it is:

OTOH, in CF and LF, the Phillies are sporting OPS of .211/.253/.239 and .218/.283/.345, respectively.

I'm actually amazed at how well the Braves are playing, given the fact that their CF is raking at .164/.250/.311, 68 PA and their RF is raking at .121/.261/.259, 69 PA.

Yes, BL, Dom Brown is, thus far, outperforming Jason Heyward, and Ben Revere is getting on base at a higher rate than BJ Upton.

The worst of all possible worlds. I don't get ESPN, and TMac and Sarge are on radio.

Well 9 innings of TMac on the radio tonight. Kills my desire to listen to the entire game on the radio.

9 innings of TMac and Sarge?!


Sarge's key to the game:

- Keep Beltran in the ball park

- KK pitch like he normally does against the Reds (then he corrected himself and said Cards)

His lack of preparation for games is as embarrassing as Joe Morgan used to be.

Hey, Stantonis posting a line of .188/.316/.229.

I wonder if the Phils could nab him if Loria sells low? :)

Good luck mg! I really don't listen to what rube says anymore. All he says anymore is horseshit.

I'm watching this game on Mute, no radio. The ESPN crew isn't bad, but they simply don't watch enough Phillies baseball to know what they're talking about.

Kendrick's due for a real crapper, too.

The continual forcing of tmac down the fans throats continues.

This organization has done so much over the last 5-10 years to change the perception of the franchise, yet they cling to this universally loathed buffoon. It is seriously one of lifes greatest mysteries, along with why I cant find a plain entenmanns danish ring anymore and how Keith Richards is still alive.

Hope the BP is ready tonight.

No radio where I am, stuck listening to ESPN. Looking like another steaming crap on a cold field in progress.

If KK won't get that call of that fastball tailing over the outside corner, he's screwed tonight.

Just a thousand pitch first inning for KK. No big deal.

Fatalotti: That's OK. The mighty Phillies offense is here to pick him up!

The bigger problem is STL scored a run. Not sure this offense is capable of scoring 2 runs to win.

ump looks tight tonight...until that last call vs jroll

Great discipline Jimmy. Foot and a half inside.

A leadoff triple may be one of the more exciting hits in baseball.

Tripple!!! After working a long at bat!

NEPP - that's a pretty SSS on Pettibone.

Amazing how working the count can pay off.

And as i type that, he actually puts the correct swing on a ball.

Jake Westbrook is an awful pitcher.

John Mayberry, by taking that walk, will find a pink slip in his locker tomorrow morning.

Wow, two full counts and a walk. Can 't imagine throwing out there tonight in the cold.

C'mon Chase...Be The Man!!!

Who are these guys, and what have they done with the Productive Phillies?

Just awful

Utley w/ an RBI single? bittel just kicked his dog.

I retract my steaming crap comment. Time for a big inning! And hopefully several more.

Come on Howard. Make me a believer (that you're not actually a corpse, a la Weekend at Bernies).

I thought Kruk made a good point about Jimmy - He didn't try to pull the ball but went with the pitch.

We tied it!

there's your stinkin' ER, jake.

Howard will put a stop to this nonsense in short order.

Wonder if a completely healthy Howard is able to drive that out.

Mayberry walked for the 6th time in 2012 in his 115 Plate Appearance.

Just walked for the 6th time in his 40th PA in 2013.

Warning track power!

Oh brother.

Wow...offensive explosion for this team...

Chase forget there was only 1 out?

A sac fly!

Kruk's right again, that Howard when he's doing well stays back longer on the pitch.

Wait, another brain fart by Chase?

Wow, WTF did Utley just do there?? That was awful!

Well, it's nice to have that run, but it's depressing that we're paying 25 million to a guy who now has more sac flies than HRs this year.

Well the Phils got 2 that inning at least.

bittel just apologized to his dog. Utley screws up, & all is well w/ the world.

Maybe Utley needs to get his eyes checked. That's two egregious misreads in two days.

What did he do last night? Didn't watch the game.

wow....yesterday utley gets caught cheating on a groundball, and now he gets caught cheating on a bloop that he thought would drop?

Fata - Check the gif on We Should Be GMs.

OK, time for KK to have a quick inning (I hope).

I have a hard time believing KK and Westbrook are going to last long with this ump. Not giving him corners at all.

GBrett, can you explain it to me? That gif is going way too fast. Kind of got a little sick trying ti figure out what was happening.

This is hilarious:

Bob Brookover ‏@brookob 2m
Utley shows good hustle by going second to home on the second out of the inning. #doubleplay

So is this:

Dan Roche ‏@RochesRWinners 4m
All of this began with a 9-pitch AB by JRoll, which, until tonight, we filed behind the Tooth Fairy and Sasquatch. #BelieveItOrNot

No excuse for Utley to forget how many outs there are. "Professional Hitter" going for 12 games in a row tonight.

fatal: he tried to get a jump on a groundball up the middle that ended up going towards the hole instead. Led to about 3 more runs instead of a 3rd out.

Fata, Utley broke to his right as the ball was hit just to his left. So he misread the ground ball and broke the wrong direction.

Ruiz getting second X ray???

What's that, hook? That would be just peachy, to have Ruiz out for longer. Since Kratz is doing such a great job and all.

Utley screwed up, eh Dave? Which is how you'd describe it if anyone other than the golden child did that, right? Just a little screw-up. Could happen to anybody. Or anyone twice in two nights.

His nuts hurt from the all the huggin, bro. Go easy on them.

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