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Sunday, April 07, 2013


Big game today. Win and it's a clean slate again and they can build toward a winning month.
I expect a Howard bomb.

Ah momentum in baseball. The most ridiculous of all the sports.

Crazy shift again on this line. Phils opened at -150 and now up to -120 or -125.

Alot of money early is going against the Phils.

I had to take the Royals today at +130 for a small wager even though I don't like betting against Hamels at CBP.

Reigning CY winner RA Dickey is getting hammered in his 2nd start.

5-0 already after 1.

Howard and Dom bombs today.

I really want to keep an eye on the Tigers/Yankees game while watching the Phils today, but man, I can't stand Ernie Johnson announcing baseball games. Probably the worst play-by-play baseball announcer I've ever heard.

Steven S getting smacked around too. 2-0 reds already

I guess no Frandsen start today. Agreed with posters last night that I thought he earned it, especially with M. Young doing little.

So much for all those great match-ups today.
Is Dickey pitching in Tor today? Does a knuckleball play worse in a dome or does it not matter?

gobaystarts - I always thought the conventional wisdom is that the knuckleballer doesn't play as well in a dome because you have much lower humidity & it doesn't move quite as much.

Verlander not looking Ace-esque today, either.

So far, this day of aces is not working out as it's supposed to.

Nice change-up by Hamels.

That fly ball that Cole just threw to Howard scared me for a second. I really thought it was going to be 20 feet over Ryan's head.

Cole's control was a bit off that inning, so it's nice that he was able to still have a quick inning.

He'll find it as the game goes on.

A studly 1st.

The Little Piece is on. Send him.

Revere's best friend: the BAbip Fairy.

Hit balls hard and run fast and good things happen.

Love Revere going first to third on a ball that barely leaves the IF.

Speed kills.

Let's hit him early, Chase!

Phillies getting some good luck early.

Shields has no feel for his off-speed stuff.

Need to make these base-runners count before he finds it.

Man, the BAbip Fairy is absolutely loving us today!

BABIP fairy indeed. I'll take it.

Rollins played that perfect and gave himself a chance to get back or get to third.

The Man

Facing Ryan Howard is usually a good way to get a feel for your offspeed stuff.

Nice work Howard.

Howard didn't see one strike in that AB. Just kept swinging. Ugh.

Couldn't have asked for a more pathetic AB from Howard there. Shields didn't throw him a strike.

Michael Young, professional hitter.

Professional hit right there.

Awful AB by Howard. I don't understand why he starts his swing on every pitch. Why leave it to an ump to decide if you went?
Nice work Young getting the run in.

Be a good time for Brown to get one of those hits with a RISP...hell with a runner on base.

Whomever received Ryan Howard's bats from spring training. Could you please send them back. He looks lost with out them.

Scott Palmer


So Dom can produce. Whew.

Man, Brown SMOKED that ball.

M. Young has an RBI, Dom got a hit w/ runners on base ... who are these people?!

Brown hits a lot of balls hard. Nice swing there.

Glad to see them make him pay for some early bad luck. Stake Hamels to a 3-0 lead (or more) against this lineup and it should be game over.

What can brown do for you? If I hear wheels say loosey goosey one more time. I am going to put my radio on.

I'd love a 4 spot this inning.

Good job by Kratz. Got the run home.

You guys think we score again this game?

Jack, with Carrera at the plate, I'm not sure the scoring is done. :)

Nevermind, they're done.

Revere is pretty jealous of the power Carrera just showed .

Carrera is not a slap hitter.

Can't ask for a much better start to a game than that. Even so, I'd like the Phils to keep piling on. You know, just in case.

If Durbin's coming in later, we'll need at least a 7 run lead.

Brown made that routine catch look terrifying.

I love the kids offense. God is the defense scary.

Hamels with 14 strikes, 12 balls so far. Gotta throw more strikes.


Solid Defense. Love to see it.

I already like Carrera better than Mayberry and Nix.

Rollins did not look convinced when Brown called for that ball.

Dickey getting killed today. 7 ER in 4 innings of work.

Why not Carrera, I'm sure he can make a bunch of outs at the plate just like NixBerry. At least he can run & catch.

Hamels is falling behind too many hitters.

Shields has a rep for doing this - struggling in the first inning/second inning and then locking in for the rest of the game.

Glad the Phils got 4 early.

I hate to ruin the love and point out that Carerra onl had to dive because he got a wrong jump on the ball. Mayberry likely would've caught that jogging in.

But he did make it more fun for the fans, which I appreciate.

We all saw the replay. Zeke screwed it up then recovered.

Jack, I'm sure no one suddenly has illusions that Carrera is some great player. Just a fun catch to watch.

I hereby reinstate my request for an official sarcasm font.

Dom looking good.

Well placed bunt. No hate for Howard there.

Put that bunt in the perfect.

Cole's initial hesitation meant he had no chance of beating the hitter to 1st base, which guaranteed the hit.

Getting the batted ball luck on both sides.

Get this turd off my TV!!

Carrera should bunt to Billy Butler next time up, probably Revere too.

Come on Hamels, throw from friggin strikes.

Tight zone today as well.

35 pitches, 18 strikes. Not good.

Our starters haven't been incredibly efficient this year.

Hamels fastball command is kind of crappy again today.

Need an out here with Butler on deck.

First time this season Kratz has went out to the mound this season?

Yeah, this game feels like a loss -- 4-run lead notwithstanding.

People asked what baseball could do to reduce the rise in strikeouts.

They could instruct umps to call a tighter zone, for one thing.

All dunks today.

Luckily, Cole has 7 years on his contract to figure it all out.

Can we bring in Lee?

What happens when you walk guys and fall behind everyone. Can't survive for long.

We forgot. It's day time.

That's why Hamels sucks today.

Is it me, or does Butler look like a RH version of Matt Stairs?

I'll take it.

MG, Hamels is also getting squeezed.

I predict someone is going to have a confrontation with the home plate umpire today.

Boy is Butler a load.

Too bad Adams threw 24 pitches last night. Wonder if he'll be available in the 8th today, because they'll need him.

Jeff Samardzija making short work of the atlanta lineup

Hamels isn't getting squeezed. He's been missing all game by a lot.

Starters don't appear thrilled with Kratz thus far this season.

Fatalotti: So Hamels can only pitch at night, provided it's not his first start of the season at home, or on the road ...

Complex fellow.

Ok, could've been worse.

The control needs to show up, pronto, for Cole.

I wonder if Hamels will take a "passive aggressive shot at Kratz" in the post-game. Hopefully MG will be all over the coverage of that drama for us.

I'm curious as to how the catcher is responsible for a failure to locate pitches.

Time to get those runs back.

Jeff Samardzija: 8 strikeouts through 3 innings against the Braves -- only without the 5 runs allowed.

God, I love Chase Utley.

It's so nice to have a healthy Utley back. Even at 33, he's still one of the best 2B in the league.

Let's hope he stays healthy this year.

Cole having command trouble.....HE MUST BE HURT!

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