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Saturday, April 06, 2013


Thanks for the picture of George Brett, GTown!

Have no fear, Lannan is here.

Anyone know why the XM feed was way behind the live feed?

Did you guys know Ben Revere is hitting .378 to start the season?

Sorry, that's his OPS. Whoops.

The Rockies are getting Harang and plan on dfa'ing him...phillies.

No problem! It was very cool to see them both on the field together. Unfortunately, that was also probably the high point of the afternoon. But hey, at least the weather was much nicer than anticipated. *shrugs*

I don't know if this was mentioned in the last 2 threads but I've never seen it suggested.

One possibility is that Horst and Valdes are reverting to their norms, both real and projected (in the case of Horst). Neither of these guys is considered much of a player by most scouts. They definitely shocked to the upside last season. But what if that was an unrepeatable fluke?

Durbin also had a very good season in 2012. But Durbin was bad in 2 of his previous 3 seasons. What if he reverts to that form?

Clout: "What if he reverts to that form?"

What if? You're looking at it.

Durbin is a classic Phillies nostalgia signing, as were Polanco & Thome. Of course the one player to whom they probably should have given a second look (Lohse) was of no interest. Instead we get a pitcher who's most notable Major League accomplishment is throwing at guys who are now his teammates. It's a great plan, & I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

The Phillies will be opposed by Luis Mendoza

... & roughly 2/3 of their own roster.

Jack: I'm not ready to make conclusions after 4 games. But facts are facts and he's 35 and has had bad seasons 2 of past 3 years. So it's a real possibility. If Durbin is done and Horst and Valdes revert to their talent level, the bullpen, which was bad last year, could cost them a playoff spot even with the big guys healthy.

Clout: "But facts are facts and he's 35 and has had bad seasons 2 of past 3 years."

Which is why many of us thought it made no sense at all to sign Durbin and give him a guaranteed spot in the bullpen, especially knowing your manager trusts "experience" over everything.

"Durbin is a classic Phillies nostalgia signing, as were Polanco & Thome."

Yep. Those nostalgia moves have like a 99% failure rate in my lifetime. The Phillies ought to just write it into their corporate bylaws that they are prohibited from acquiring anyone who used to play for them. Of course, that would have prevented them from signing Cliff Lee -- the one successful nostalgia signing I can think of. But, on the other hand, having the rule in place might have given them pause about trading him away in the first place.

Mendoza is as much a mediocrity as Lannan. For some reason, the Phils are pretty heavily favored in this game (-115 to -130). I guess because they are at home & Lannan is better known.

No inkling on who wins this game tonight. Neither pitcher is familiar to the other team & both throw a ton of offspeed stuff. The only thing that would really surprise is that it is a pitcher's duel where both guys pitch at least 6 IP and only give up 1-2 R.

I wouldn't mind seeing M. Young sit tonight for Galvis defense at 3B either. Young has been making really weak contact at the plate & been shaky in the field as expected. Not a favorable matchup (Mendoza's best pitch is a slider) either for him.

I'm sure Cholly will have him penciled in at 3B in the 5-hole.

Jack: Don't forget "reputation"!

b_a_p: I don't consider Cliff Lee a nostalgia signing, I consider it a tacit admission of having screwed the baked poodle, & attempting to make amends.

"I don't consider Cliff Lee a nostalgia signing, I consider it a tacit admission of having screwed the baked poodle, & attempting to make amends."

I'll buy that.

Gtown Dave: "Don't forget "reputation"!"

This is mind-boggling to me, as well. It's not like Durbin is Trevor Hoffman at the end of his career, a guy whose reputation is one of the best relievers ever, but whose performance doesn't stand up to that.

Durbin's "reputation" is as a classic fungible middle reliever. Like, that's what he is and what he always has been. Even at his best here, he was the 4th guy in the bullpen (behind Lidge, Madson, and Romero). I doubt most casual fans would ever have heard of him, except maybe to vaguely remember his name from the 2008 WS, but wouldn't actually be able to place where they knew it from.

What "reputation" would make you think he was the guy for a big spot in the game? Amazing.

Phillies facing this guy?

I didn't know he became a baseball player.

It'll be sweet irony if Lannan goes 7 innings of one-run ball tonight.

Cholly's Iron Clad Rule #17: "The backup catcher shall catch the #5 starter". (Yes,I know it is nite game before day game.)

Yes, it's absolutely possible, and very likely that last year was fluky performances for Horst and Valdes, but reverting to your career norms doesn't mean that you pitch abnormally badly to "make up" for pitching abnormally well at some earlier point.

Now, if you think Valdes is actually a ~14 ERA pitcher and Horst actually an ~11 ERA pitcher, then it stands to reason that they aren't THIS bad. And we don't need them to be as good as they were last year. Valdes had a 2.9 ERA last year; Horst a 1.15 ERA. No one, and I hope especially our FO, expected them to repeat such numbers. They didn't pitch like middle relievers last year...they pitched like back-end options.

Now, if you don't think Valdes and Horst are capable of succeeding at this level, that's fair enough. But if you think they can, then it stands to reason that they aren't nearly as bad as they've been so far this season.

Also, a point not made: if you need your 4-7th relievers in your bullpen to replicate sub 3 ERAs for you to win, you didn't build your team correctly.

Looks like the new guys are going to # the game threads. I like things orderly.

2nd time I've seen it this season, but the umpires seem to be more willing this year to ask fro help on a close play.

Bases loaded, no outs, and Al Albuquerque just gave up a smash line drive, that was caught out of the air by Fielder, and Fielder ran to the bag and stepped on it before Vernon Wells got back to 1st base.

The 1st base ump called Wells safe, but he was clearly out. Umps got together and overturned the call. Maybe it's just coincidence that I've seen this a few times early in this season, but hopefully it's a trend of the umpires swallowing their pride and asking for help when they make a call on a play in which they didn't have best perspective.

Someone in the earlier thread reference Shane Victorino talking about Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, and commented that rivalries come from the media and fans rather than the players, or else Youk wouldn't be playing for the Yankees.

I was thinking about the Jackie Robinson film, which I want to see, and recalling that he retired rather than be traded to the Giants. Different era. That's rivalry.

Victorino is probably right especially since FA. Individual players may not like one another very much but it is hard to dislike another team given the large roster turnovers every 3-4 years.

Good to see Chad Durbin is still riding his 4 great months to start the 2008 season in UC's eyes.

"reverting to your career norms doesn't mean that you pitch abnormally badly to "make up" for pitching abnormally well at some earlier point."

I'm not actually certain this is true. Yes, I know when you flip a coin, the previous outcomes have no bearing on the outcome.

But career norms are not a measure of absolute linear ability -- they are measures of performance over a some extended time a career. Peaks will correspond to valleys to some extend over a long enough time period, won't they?

MM looks good striking out in an Iron Pigs uni. Can't believe my $15. cable is allowing me to watch both LV and Phils tonite. Ruf gets priority in my house, Phils on radio.

To think that the Beerleaguer Moronacracy thought that signing Lannan {would|wouldn't} be a good signing.

Ruf with a great diving catch!

I look forward to Revere getting hot because he is painful to watch when he isn't.

Ruf with a great diving catch!

Posted by: Conway Twitty | Saturday, April 06, 2013 at 07:15 PM

If he was a good outfielder he would've made the play coasting.

anyone else having issues with is working for me. Try it on Google Chrome. It seems to work better with Chrome than with other browsers.

M. Young with first hit of the game. Somebody tell me, by the way, why Mayberry is playing against a RHP again tonight...even if Brown gets on, RFD will be sure to hit into a DP.

thanks for the ruf stuff, conway.

Which browser might I employ to make the Phillies appear competent?

I was thinking the same thing Allen. Though he's gotten a full count?

"Which browser might I employ to make the Phillies appear competent?"

One which allows you to do time travel.

Had to restart my laptop...I always use Chrome anyway.

And a walk! Now lets see if Quintero can Hit kratz out of a job...

mendoza is doing some serious landscraping out there.

"Somebody tell me, by the way, why Mayberry is playing against a RHP again tonight."

If I were to defend Cholly's decision in a court of law, Exhibit A to my case would be a picture of Laynce Nix.

There really is no nixberry platoon.

Well, looks like I reverse-jinxed Mayberry onto first base; too bad we have No-Hit Humberto coming up now.

There really is no nixberry platoon.

Anyone even vaguely familiar w/ Charlie knew as much would prove the case. He'll shuffle back & forth between the two for awhile, & eventually pick a favorite. The man is entirely incapable of running a platoon, which makes the extra roster slot a waste.

Thank god we didn't have a double super secert platoon with brown!

This game looks eerily similar to yesterday's only without the 4 early runs from the Phillies.

If Mayberry is the "starting" RF for this team, they really are expecting Depn young to be their savior.

Ben Revere, not slapping that ball to first base.

This is going to be a long year.

J-Roll a heck of a leadoff hitter. Nice job working that walk.

Putting on my armchair psychologist hat for a moment, I think that Amaro fully intends to give Young a chance to be the rightfielder.

The reason is simple: Young is a good player according to his standards for evaluating players, and so if Young can be successful after being discarded by the rest of the league, this will validate his philosophy.

I simply dont get why they dont leadoff with Rollins.

NEPP: Because Revere is faster. And everyone knows your fastest player has to be your leadoff hitter. Duh.

J-Roll is going to be the perfect leadoff hitter right up until Charlie decides to move him up, at which point neither the 1 nor the 2 hole will produce anything.

The "slow" Rollins easily steals 2B...his 3rd in 5 games now.

The Revere Lead Off Project isn't going so well.

Maybe go with Rollins/Brown 1/2 until Revere gets his swing straigthend out.

He was safe.

Damn! Very good play by Tejada.

That's a hell of a play from Tejada, a guy I did not think would be starting in the major leagues in 2013.

How much are you going to miss Utley once he's no longer a Phillie?

Damn, I love his effort on every single play.

Also, looked pretty close to me.

NEPP: Revere must bat either 1st or 2nd, same as Rollins. Brown hitting 2nd makes too much sense. It will never happen.

There goes the perfect game.

Way to go, Utley. You blew Lannan's Perfect Game.

Also, Young stinks.

Yeah, that part I won't miss very much at all.

WTF?!? Damn Chase.

Rollins is slow getting to first, NEPP. Haven't you heard?

He stole third the other day on a 3-1 count with two outs. A pitch later the batter walked.

This was a valuable steal however.

Lack of concentration there, uncharacteristic Chase

The Michael Young experience is just thrilling.

Oh okay...Utley was smartly trying to setup a DP there but Young screws him on the next play with a bad throw.

So that error is really on M. Young.

OR made an out. Can't remember.

Lannan is getting a lot of ground balls. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

I like Lannan...him and Revere were good moves by Rube...if they hadnt gone cheap across the board, those would have been great secondary moves to allow a Swisher signing.

But they just went cheap instead.

Whoever proposed Galvis starting on days Lannan starts, I think I'm starting to agree with.

Jimmy has such a good arm. He's a very good SS.

Rollins still has a case you were wondering.

Lannan's outpitched Mendoza so far. Just has nothing to show for it.

Is M. Young going to hit more hard balls in fair play than I count on my two hands this month? He's wearing out the infield grass.

Jimmy is the best SS in franchise history by a significant margin. He's miles better than Bowa in every facet of the game. I assume he'd be a better manager than Bowa too...given that the bar there is set pretty low.

I have a feeling that Rollins/Utley will be the Trammell/Whitaker of their generation when it comes to the Hall of Fame.

Bowa is better at getting absurdly angry and then screaming.

Is it safe to say that Howard's ST has not carried over to the regular season?

I still think there ought to be a scoring option for mental errors. Kendrick got charged for two runs which were caused by Rollins' fielding mistake.

Lannan's looked really good so far and been spotting that nice changeup he had in spring.

Where Cholly has to watch him though closely is the 3rd time in the order which hopefully doesn't happen until the top of the 6th. Cholly should consider having the bullpen warmed up & ready to go if Lannan has a bit of a longer inning next inning.

Unless its Adams coming in, they're probably better off having Lannan stay in.

That was a pretty pathetic inning. Howard looks like he might be one of those funks. Swinging at a lot of crap early out of the swing & as a result hitting his share of weak ground balls.

Teams just aren't going to throw him 4-seam fastballs and unless he lays off stuff I wouldn't give him a 4-seam fastball the entire night if possible.

Whitaker going 1 and out in the Hall voting with just 2.9% of the vote in 2001 is and was a travesty.

But Sandberg gets in easily because he's a great guy?

Just ridiculous.

Dear Ryan, they shift the way you hit it. Try hitting it the other way.

There's the Lannan that I know.....

Must have thought it was Utley...

33 LOB

6-32 (.188) w/ RISP

Come'on Lannan. Don't lose it now.


Don't give Failceour a 2-2 fastball here. Give him a changeup away.

Wheels falling off in 3...2...1...


This was completely predictable.

Lannan only missed his spot with that changeup by nearly a foot and at least 6 inches from the corner. Terrible pitch.

Our 5th starter is keeping us in a game through 4.1 IP...he's not an Ace nor should he be expected to pitch like one just because the offense sucks.

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