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Thursday, April 04, 2013


The reverse platoon persists!

Medlen is a righty.

He means Laird/Gattis

Laird hits righty, too, though.

Fine, ruin my fun why don't you.

I guess it's not supposed to rain

Yea, what Jack said.

Sorry PB, maybe Medlen will switch it up and go southpaw tonight.

Where there's clouds, there's rain.

Of is that smoke/fire?

I've got my metaphors all mixed up tonight.

I'm just waiting on a prediction from BAPstradamus so I can decide how much of the game I am watching tonight.

Yeah, I'm not sure BAP got enough credit for accurately predicting Doc's 3.1 IP, 5 ER line last night.

That was pretty impressive.

Whoa Brown IS in RF tonight. Guess after watching JMJ toss that bowling ball they figured its best to have Browns arm out there.

Corn: I believe that's a typo. Every other beat guy on Twitter has Nix in RF & Brown still in LF.

Oh, good. Moving Brown around already. Nice.

Nevermind, then.

GTown (from the last thread): well, I remember having conversations last year in an attempt to get you to say something specific you wanted them to do in the off-season. I don't remember you saying anything definitive. Maybe you can refresh my memory?

I mean, it should even be easier now than we know who signed where for what. Who would you have gotten in CF? Who would you have signed as a corner OF bat? Who would you have acquired to play 3B?


Diagnosed with nerve inflammation in his neck. Shut down for 48 hours. Sure to miss first start Monday, likely to hit DL.

Howard goes yard tonight.

"I'm not sure BAP got enough credit for accurately predicting Doc's 3.1 IP, 5 ER line last night."

I'm usually good for one uncanny prediction per year. Now that it's happened already, you may safely assume that everything I say for the rest of the season will be wrong. In that spirit, I'm calling a 6-inning, 4-run performance from Cliff Lee. And a Phillies loss, of course.

Been busy at work the last couple of days.

How's everyone holding up? Is Phlipper up on the Ben Franklin yet?

Anyone watching the Nats and Marlins. Redmond let Dunn face Werth, 3 run bomb. I guess he didn't know JDubz hurts LHPs.

They're the Marlins. It's the third game of the season. What have they got to lose (since they already lost all the games)?

BAP: Since you predict a loss every game, I'll go ahead and say you're likely to be wrong, oh, say, 75 times this season.

Werth and Harper make a pretty nice combination in the 2-3 spots of the lineup.


And here i thought they were coming to their senses.

pre-game on TCN w/ botallico and davis. rickie just made a good point about the relative lack of enthusiasm, especially compared with the braves. after gattis' hr they celebrated in the dugout like it was a ws game.

bullit: They were winning 4-0 and a guy had just hit his first career HR. Of course they were celebrating.

I always find that "they didn't play with any energy" crap to be that--crap. If you play well, you have a reason to be celebrating. Guys score runs and slap each other on the back, etc. When you lose 9-2, it's because you didn't have very many good plays to celebrate.

What are they supposed to do, be jumping up and down because they hit a single in the 8th inning?

This one is already feeling like a loss win.

i agree jack. it was a special occasion. and that was my poor example, not bo's.

C'mon sdphillie. A lifetime of following the Phillies should have taught you by now that the first win of the season will come from a complete game shutout by Kendrick or Lannan. Let's keep that optimism to a dull roar, k?

I wonder how long until Charlie goes to Quintero for a start.

I'm not sure exactly what Kratz has done to lock down everyday catcher status.

Im fairly certain the Phils win a game this season

would someone remind me how much it would have cost the phillies to obtain jupton?

Iceman: I'll have to go back through the threads at some point. One player I know I agitated for in the wake of the Revere & M. Young trades was Swisher. Waiting for D. Young to save the team is insane.

I think everyone agrees that the Phillies really wanted Justin Upton but they just didn't have the prospect package to get it done. The Dbacks weren't interested in what they had in the farm system. It really looks like it was going to take something like Cliff Lee and minor league talent.

WP: That's just too easy, you're going with as close to a sure thing as possible with those guys... dare I say, no-brainer?

Takes some balls to suggest that a guy with 3.2 RS/g backing him, especially when going up against a team that averages 8 a game.

kinda like 'waiting for gidot'.

One of my predictions for this season is that Medlen will be exposed. He's not that good.

Ben Revere, 0-1, groundout.

Shows how limited Manuel is that he think the only possible change he could make to the batting order is flip Rollins and Revere.

He's so neck deep in traditional thinking, it hamstrings the team.

Fatt, now that's not true at all!!! For instance, just tonight, he's already swapped Nix in for Mayberry. Now THAT is the kind of outside the box thinking that's gonna bring another parade down Broad Street.

That was the kind of lazy-ass play Upton is known for.

Go ahead, blame the lights. Slacker.

DJ should have had that.

I'm not sure how he missed that.

Meant BJ, not DJ.

Can't leg out those grounders because of all these Cheesecakes I've been eating!!

I'd just like to point out that this is one of those times when I realize, once again, just how short Jimmy Rollins is.

Freddie Freeman literally towers over him at 1st.

Howard w/ a hit! Contract: Validated!

Time for M Young to come through.

Don't worry, gobay. He's a professional hitter.

Prepare yourself folks. Michael Young might WALK!

Heads up play by Young James.

Head's up steal for Rollins. I like it.

I could have stolen that base :)

That's why Jimmy is such a great baserunner. Can't teach that.

Loaded for Little Brown!
Expose this fraud.

Dom is a bust if he can't get these guys in.

I'd love for Brown to rip a gapper right here.

gobay: thanks for the jupton info.

What a bum.

Delmon Young would've come through there.


Dom's clutch hitting remains abysmal.

Somewhere, in an alternate reality, Dom Brown hasn't been a continual disappointment.

That was still a good ab by Brown. In the past he would've given up the ab after starting 0-2. He battled back though,fouled a couple off, and worked the count even.

If Lee pitches, they'll get to Medlin in time

As much as I love Dom's plate discipline, I'd like to see him get a big hit every once in a while.

Call me crazy.

Prediction: Like Halladay and Hamels before him, Lee will run up a high pitch count early.

Dom's been getting hits the last two games, there's just been no one on base.

Scott Barry alert …

History in the making!

Lee is only 26 outs from a perfect game!

Does Justin Upton hit another first inning HR?

I'm sure someone will disprove this, but it always seems like this team leaves a ton of RISP in April every year. I remember his first year here Manuel was on radio talking about some historic RISP futility streak they were on, saying that there was nothing he could do to help except 'pray.' I remember it well because that was the first indication that he was a little slow.


-Jack's first draft

Dubee apparently is trying a new approach to pitching this year. He specifically instructed all our pitchers to let the opposing hitters get ahead in the count so they'll get overconfident.

Erik said that's for you, BAP.

Another rally. Get runs this time.

Smart. Pitching around Lee to get to Revere.

Medlen's been missing high all night. Revere needs to be patient.

Medlin ain't long for this game

Well, we know it won't be a grand slam.

Our minor league teams are down by a combined score of 11-0 right now. They have 4 errors already -- 2 by Roman Quinn.

Am I crazy to think that Lee may end up having more RBI than Revere this year? Look at him work that count!

Small ball!

Meh. Better than nothing.

Thank goodness Uggla's a poor 2B.

Come on Jimmy, just give me a 3-run HR, please. I can't stand this singles and ground balls crap.

"...but it always seems like this team leaves a ton of RISP in April every year..."

The only issue I take with this comment is that "in April" portion.

Steals second on the first available pitch. Love that

Anyone who had Revere to "drive in the run that gives the Phils the first lead of the year," give yourself a pat on the back.

For the first 2/3 of that Revere AB, he was on pace to have the worst AB in major league history.

BAP, he took two of the worst swings I've ever seen.

Anyone remember when Todd Pratt took a roid-fueled rip at a breaking ball and literally fell on his ass?

All Utley does is drive in Runs. When he's not crippled.

Ok 2 runs so far. Need the Big Man to get a big hit.
Medlin is a fraud.

Just got here. What'd I miss? Turning on Gameday now.

Hey gobay, what are your thoughts on Kris Medlen?


Another 7 or so runs, and I'll feel pretty good about this early lead.

I'm shocked that Kratz even tried to score on that fly ball -- let alone that he made it.

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